Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog Comments from Swagger!

These are some comments I got on my last post...
Not sure where they are coming from but they are posted on the De Profundis Post.
I have also listed them below.

I wonder where this anger comes from, but since whoever 'Swagger' is, addressed them to me and my blog, I will use my blog to address this person.

ohh have u noticed Sinn took u off my favorites, sorry Sinn don't have ur back! why don't u go back to fucking ur fatties :))

That stack ur selling is going nowhere, especially with everyone going natural :)) and also incredibliy long posts don't make you look like Tyler especially with 0 content.

The stacks are selling quite well. I get anywhere from 6-10 a month. to me that is pretty impressive since I only have a blog.
In the 100 plus I have done I have had 2 refunds, in which both people are now happy with what I offer.
If you have a stack and don't like it, contact me and I will make it work for you, I always do.

Anyone who has worked with me knows that I teach game more natural than 'natural game' teachers. Everyone who works with me doesn't learn a method they have to conform to, but I take parts of their lives and turn it into something that works unbelievable efficient. There is no doubt I get results better than most people who teach.

You brought up Tyler and I will say this...
His blog is awesome and he is one of the few people who teaches this stuff that I really look up to on all levels.

As for Sinn he is one of my best friends, and will be. Not sure if I know you, or you know Sinn and I, but drama within the PUA industry is pretty lame. I would think we are supposed to be men, and man up instead of generating superficial gossip.
I am one of the most accessible and hands on teachers out there. I meet and speak with anyone who asks...yeah yeah yeah, I only have a blog, but I actually do tons of lair talks and work with people for free in the lairs all the time.
What people do pay for with me is more than worth it, cause I get massive results.

As for the fatties, again I am not sure what you're talking about, but I have been with women of all shapes and sizes in my journey through PUAness. I think that is is pretty undeniable that I have pulled off some pretty amazing stuff with beautiful women and with some not so beautiful. Every instructor I know has the same situation too, they have probably slept with amazing women and some not so amazing.

I think anyone who has had a lot of women in their life has been with some not so appealing women.
But I will say this, the women that are in my life now are the best women I have ever had in my life. They are awesome in so many ways. I have nothing but abundance of people in general who are amazing people. That is what I got into this for and that is what I got.
Now I teach just that.. pretty amazing life dude. I am more than thankful for it.

As for the content in my blog, there is a lot man. Sorry about this post, but since it is addressed to you, maybe you will appreciate the attention.
I haven't read every PUA blog out there, but man, mine has a lot of applicable information on it.
I even think that writing about my last experience where I was in Austin saying good-bye to a close friend has content in it...if anything it helped me to write it.

Not sure who you are but I hope you get over whatever anger you have got going man. I truly wish you the best and hopefully one day we can help each other. That is what the community is about, right?
Send me an email or give me a call if you need to.

Also you can come see me at the upcoming lair talks I will be doing, and we can talk there.

Regardless I wish you well, and I am not one to judge or hold grudges, so hit me up anytime.


Sinn said...

Umm... You should check your facts and my blog "swagger".

ET and I are beyond cool, despite the lame attempts of several other people to create bullshit rumors to the contrary.

You should also check your facts about his stuff as it's some of the best in the scene.

Good luck with your attitude and hand creme. You'll need both.


Nektar said...

The results your students get speaks for itself. There have been a decent amount of guys who have gotten a REDstack or taken the REDstack seminar down here in Orlando, and the reviews are all positive.

You know you’re getting popular when you start getting enemies and critics ;-]

Keep up the good work.

The Eternal Cowboy said...

El Topo is a punk. He'll beat your ass swagger.

TR said...

I whole heartedly agree with nektar on this. I just finished a 1on1 with ET this past weekend, and it was a life CHANGING experience. Not only did that mother fucker hook every hot chick in the venues we attended (he did a shit load of demo sets), but he showed me that there are pickup teachers who actually give a fuck about their students. Swagger -- you really should get your facts straight before running your mouth.

maranda said...

hey swagger, you are crazy!
i recently came back from a 3 months vacation in australia, before going there i was smart enough to go to REDStack seminar in austin. I had an awesome time in australia, i made tons of friends and laid some of the best looking girls i've seen. the stack won't do everything for you, attitude and big balls are also of a big need.
i am totally honest here, i don't need to kiss ass or anything; as i probably never gonna see topo again. I am selling my shit and moving to sydney.

Cameleon said...

ET is an ace guy, he was up for meeting me twice in England, even though I couldn't make it on both occassions before he headed home but his kindness was in it!

ET has his own style and unique look, he's not Tyler, he's ET. Don't compare. He's ace as what his does, and he has his fans. :D


Cameleon said...

Another thing, everyone wants to be liked, and it's the hate we get from people , that makes us question our soul, open new eyes about ourself and change us for the better. You've become better simply addressing it, glad your not hating but embracing.


swagger said...

enough said!


mmapua said...

you know what, the one that's doing the hating gets hurt more than the one that's hated on.
besides it seems to me like this is some kid anyway, forget about him.

trinitrish said...

Just read your response. Well done bitch.

M said...

Not a surprise. Don't you use the same cut and paste "routine stack" formula Sinn?