Thursday, July 5, 2007

theREDstack- In Field Application

theREDstack In Field Application-
2 days Discounted In Field (limited to 3 Students) - $1750
If you're interested in the Booster Program or the Total Package Program click on the Links.

This is Quite possibly the BEST deal in Town.
You will get 2 days of 8 hours in Field with myself and 2 other Students. This means that you will get a ton of Personal Attention and you will get 16 hours of it for $1750! Pretty much everyone that I know that gets amazing results. These are guys that are Attracting the women they want in their lives, being themselves. They don’t’ need to do anything special. They don’t’ need to dress up in crazy clothes or even go to clubs, they can walk around in any situation that they normally do and find, meet and attract who they want.

Here is what you will get in doing one of these weekends.

-For 2 days you will get 5 hours of In Field Work each day. This includes Daytime and Nighttime. It will be a Completely different approach to game. You will learn to make Venues work for you, learn how to game Bartenders, Waitresses, and whatever women you want. Each day you will also get 3 hours of Seminar time where I breakdown what would work best for you, and how to make your Stack work for you.

-You will get a Custom Approach to your Body Language- How you can use the way you stand and how you interact with a group to project sexuality. This may sound a little bit over the top, but literally every student of mine says that the Body Language stuff I show them is the most valuable part of their work with me.

-You will get a Custom In Field plan. If you want to Game in a Bar, Night Club, Street, Mall, or Online, we will map out an In Field plan for you, and we will work on it Live over the 2 days.


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