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Let the FREE Audio come on IN! NEW BLOG and WEBSITE!

Hey guys,

So this Blog is transferring over to my new fancy Website!!!!

As I have said I have said, I have a TON of Audio and Video that I have been trying to organize...
It is like over 100 hours of Audio and about 20 hours of Video.
Anyone can help me with this, let me know.

But for now I will say this Thurs night I am going to start blasting my list with a lot of the Audio...
It is all badass FREE content. There is no Sales ladder or any bullshit like that.

The first one actually has to do with a friend of mine, Raj NYC, talking about a quick Day Game cold read ladder. It all gets broken down fro you to go out and apply right away!

On a separate note, I just got off a super long chat over Skype (and I don't chat) with a guy named Kid44. He runs a company called Pick Up Asia.
I have talked with him a little bit before, but not much. His students have always raved about him and one of the guys that used to work with him is a pretty good friend of mine.
the chat actually had to do with a lot about integrity in the community.

I would actually like to write about it more in the future. Maybe tomorrow when I have more time. the two of us come at this from some different angles but we both agree that the community gets abused like a motherfucker. This is about CHANGE guys, about EMPOWERMENT.

It is important to know what you want and it is important to be guided in that direction.
What I am offering in my teachings is not just how to get you laid...and I can show you that. My student history is proof of that. But what I am showing you, is how to live your life in a better way. To learn to know what you want, and get it in a healthy and empowering way. This is how I get the results I get and this is how I develop myself.

Remember I learn just as much from you, so stay in contact as my site moves over to

My email is still and make sure you GET ON MY LIST to get the TON of FREE Audio coming your way...starting THURS!

One last thing...
Those interviews today, along with my personal path, and as well as the discussions I have had with a lot of instructors and students lately make me want to post about this. It is a little bit separate from Pick Up, but it has been a big part of my life.
In fact Doc Holiday told me last week that he was dropping out of the community and I said...'that is great, you shoudl go out and explore the country and see and meet all the people in the US and in the world'.

Now I hope you realize that I know Doc is a GREAT teacher and I was always encouraging for him to teach more and more. He has a talent for it. But also, life is NOT business and it is hard to find the balance of that (for myself daily) especially when you're 21. If you know him shoot him an email and wish him well...he is still a badass, and has an amazing life in front of him.

So this brings me to something I never really have talked about in my writing, but it sheds a huge light on the approach that I take in terms of teaching.

3 and a half years ago, I drove around the USA, interviewing over 70 people about American Culture. This was all inspired by 2 things, the book Ishmael (by Daniel Quinn) and a report by Robert Watson about human impact on the world.
I met all sorts of people, it was amazing.
It is a lot of footage (over 100 hours) and I will need to bombard YouTube with it at some point.

I asked these 6 questions to a ton of people....acedemics, conservatives, liberals, revolutionaries, communists, political celebrities, random civilians, criminals, scientists, and homeless folks....

-What is American Culture?
-What do you like about it?
-What do you dislike?
-How would you change those things?
-Where do you see us in 50 years?
-What gives you hope?

I had leaning views walking into it. I came out of it though with a different opinion. What I realized is how similar everyone is, and how we fill ourselves with bullshit to mask a lot of unhappiness.
One thing Kid44 and I were talking about was pretty much that...there is such an insecurity with people these days that we end up working for things that we don't want...probably because we don't know what we want.

We shape lives where what we live for has nothing to do with who we are and the potential we can be.

By far what impacted me the most were the interviews with average people and the homeless people. I was excited to talk to some of the authors I had read and I was excited to talk to some of the scientists, but I learned more from the people that put things simply.

In any case, here is a clip (from another documentary) of Daniel Quinn (who I became friends with in the process and who inspired me to do all this).

A lot of what we fill our lives with is bullshit to serve our fears and inhibitions. I am guilty of it too, but the community has a lot more of it than we acknowledge.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back from Vegas, my Students RULE!

So I have just gotten back from Mehow's Super Conference and a few 1-on-1's in Vegas.

Obviously if you are on my list you know of (Hammer) my student's success in Las Vegas-if not CLICK HERE to read the LR.
It is an Awesome LR....long and funny...and very true, from what I remember seeing.

But something else crazy happened,
You always hear me talking about Algasm, but my Friend RED showed up in LAS VEGAS on Mon.

In Nov RED hired me for a 1-on-1 in Austin, TX.

RED and I go way back, RED actually has one of the first 10 stacks I ever made...
RED has had sometime to hone the skills I taught him and add some stuff too.

I don't know many people that can keep up with Algasm's sexuality, but RED can.
So last night we were all in Vegas...
We met up with RED late in the night.
Here's what went down,

1st set
2 Israel Girls...Israelis are cake for me now. Push them sexually, they respond to the challenge. RED doesn't hook so he bails, and I am on my 7th night out in a row, so I go with him.

2nd set
And English girl we pull in as we sit against the wall (I know boring, but sitting against a wall actually gets you laid). RED is going in and out with her, but she is definitely sexually responsive. She leaves, but I run her down and Isolate her. I spike her up, and leave her to go meet up with RED and Algasm again.

3erd set
I missed this one, when I was with the English chick. But she came back around, I guess RED hooked her in and let her go...I assume to game later.

4th set
We pull in a girl, who is with her friend. I can tell also she is sexually responsive RED can too...she bounces in-between all three of us, RED, Algasm and me, then RED pulls her slightly to the side. Her friend starts talking to Algasm and I. In about 2 mins, RED turns to us and says...'Bye'
The girl and her friend talk for about 30 seconds, and RED pulls the girl.

I occupy the friend for about 2 mins and then she leaves to find RED's woman.

So we were at the club for prob 30mins, and RED pulled this girl after 3 to 5 mins after the opening.

All I have to say is WTF!
People get laid quick, and a lot of us have, but Both RED and Hammer getting lays in under 15mins....all I have to say is GO SEXUAL!

There is no doubt, my students would kick most PUA Instructor's ASSES!

I will write more about the Super Con...but I will leave you with this!
Hypnotica is the real deal!

and a song from the Double L Archives!

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The Road to my INNER GAME

I sent this article out to my list last week, and I wanted to share it with the blog readers too!
If you want more info like this GET ON THE LIST
(upper right hand corner of the Blog)

I titled it as The Ultimate INNER GAME Solution, and I believe it is...but there are many ways to INNER GAME... If anything it is my Experience. It doesn't matter what roads you take, it matters where you end up!

Your mind needs to be CLEAR and this is how I do it. This is how I cultivate a Supreme Lifestyle where nothing gets in my way....
Bad Economy, Shit with Women, pretty much whatever troubles come my puts all things in perspective and allows me always to take a step forward rather than sit in my own ego going nowhere.

It is long, but I didn't want to break it up.

Give it a good read and if you need help with any of it, just ask...



Part 1 - Managing Unmanageability

I am not sure how well you guys know me, but one thing about me is that I could always be a little bit more organized. Other than teaching Pick Up I work with others in terms of addictions.

I have done this before way back in the day, but for the past 9 months I have been again. It keeps me level headed.
As you may have noticed the PUA Lifestyle is pretty crazy and hectic.
It is consumed with Superficiality and it is completely Obsessed with Value and Status. Also it deals with Sex and Manipulation, which are 2 things that can easily sweep someone off their feet into a whirlwind of bullshit. It doesn't have to be any of these things, it can actually be so much more.

From my experience these sorts of things really don't bring too much peace of mind in the long run. I have seen so many people (including myself) spin into complete disorder with this kind of lifestyle.
I know you hear me talking about Sexualizing Game and Cold Reads and Framing (don't get me wrong, these things are important) but in reality let's not forget that the reason why all of us got into this was to in someway improve ourselves. Getting the women we want in our lives should be a side effect of the lifestyle we manifest.

When I am working with people who are in need of help outside of Pick Up, I do it all volunteer. I put a lot of time into it as well. It works both ways, it helps me more than it helps them at times. There is a lot of cross over with it and with Self-Improvement.
So here are 5 things I do to help me and help others maintain a good headspace. You could easily say if I do not do these things, I pretty much don't function properly, and my life becomes completely unmanageable. It may not make sense to you, but try it. If you want to know more about this in terms of Inner Game email me ( I feel that the best way to work on these types of changes in your life, it is best to work directly with someone.

1-Stay Humble-
One thing that has always been around since society is someway for man to express humility. Religion is a common example of this. I have never been religious. I actually like learning about religions and think they have a lot to offer, but I have never followed one.
What I find to be the most important part of all this is humility. It really doesn't matter how you do this, but there is a sense of relief that comes to me when I learn to let go of things and not try and always be the BEST. I can only do what I do best.
I remember when I was 20 years old and pretty much questioning about everything someone was telling me about god.

I told him, "I don't believe in god"
He said, "You don't have to believe in god, but know there are things more powerful than yourself. Just like right now talking to you right now the 2 of us are a power greater than ourselves as an individual, that is good enough."

I have carried this around since then. This is the fundamental of my working with people, it is even an aspect of when I am talking to a girl in set. I tell her that for me talking to her is an experience that I believe is a power greater than myself. I truly believe that seeing your experiences on a daily basis as being a part of a bigger picture, you being just a small player in the over all events always keeps my head in check.

2-Taking a Personal Inventory-
This is something that I find to be one of the hardest things.
I find this hard to do with Business, in Game and I find this hard to do with myself.
The funny thing is that when I do this, I actually feel free.
My Aunt used to tell me over and over,
"being balanced didn't mean that you give hot and cold equal time in your day. It means that you get in a place that works and maintain it."
I guess you could say the goal is an even keel.
One of the reasons how I get so out of balance is by not taking a look at the roots I have set in the ground.
I do this in kind of simple way, I take a look at what is making me mad in life. I
n doing that, I pretty much make a list of things I am angry about, I also write down why I am angry, what part of me it effects and then my part in it.
What I see in doing this, is a pattern of actions that I have taken that helped me build this instability. From there I can access what I need to change.
I will say that the real relief comes from actually taking a healthy and honest look at myself. Taking a look at the relationships I have built, for better or worse, taking a look at the problems right in front of me, and taking a look at how these things repeat over and over in my life, shows me the changes that need to be made for me to made personal progress.
It is not a pragmatic solution, it really is an emotional solution. Whenever I do something like this, my 'Inner Game' is at its best.
I see me for who I am and I am not afraid to show it, proud to be all that I am, good and bad.

3-Spend Good Times with Good Friends-
This is in some ways the most normal thing, but it is also one of the hardest things that for us in this day and age. When I was younger, my ego was pretty off the charts.
I worked in many artistic fields and constantly pressured myself to be the best.
I can actually say that I was, in the eyes of my audiences, and I lived for this. I am not sure if I ever believed it. When people would call me a perfectionist, I would argue with them back saying, "A perfectionist, makes things perfect. I keep trying because it is NEVER perfect"

I have a few people who I look up to but one person who I look up to in terms of business and that is my friend Vince who lives on Maui. He looks like he's a homeless guy, but he is one of the best business men I know. Has a good life, lives how he wants to live and is successful in all the ways he has ever wanted to be.

I asked him one day after working my ass off on this one project,
'why do people need to be so social, why don't they do what they need to do and not waste so much time caring about what other people think?'
(like I said I was pretty obsessive about being competitive and I was pretty naïve... still am. But I was super anti-social, and only worked)

Vince said,
'It is because we need to have friends, if you don't have friends and socialize you can't be happy, let alone get good at the things you want to get good at. It is built in our brains.'

Now I thought this was interesting, I always thought of Vince and somewhat of a curmudgeon, but later on I realized that he had very close relations with all sorts of interesting people. It went anywhere from deranged homeless people, to other millionaires who would constantly ask him for advice.
It was in that I realized this is so very true...
Who you are friends with and how you are friends with them makes you just as much as what you do.

Within the PUA community this can be hard.
First off you are trying to build social circles, you are socializing on steroids with women with the goal in mind either, a number, qualification, day 2s or sex, and also the community can be pretty superficial too.
So keep in mind, this is about self-improvement! We are supposed to be better people. I agree you might need to try things a little less human and more mechanical at first, but the goal should be to be yourself but in a better way. You need to be able to, take certain techniques and translate them to yourself.

It can be very hard to do this in the PUA community, because you are judged for how well you implement superficiality, and not what you like to do.
So what I had to learn how to do in the community was to make better friends. I don't know if this is true for many instructors out there, but I have made some really close friends in the PUA community.
In fact, I have made friends that have proven to do literally anything for me. They have saved my ass over and over again.

How this happened, was because it wasn't ever all business when I hung out with them, I always opened my door. Even if you have an open door and someone comes in and takes a shit on your feet (has happened many times) it is better than closing people out and living in fear.
I see the people who have their doors closed and they are some of the loneliest people and yet they teach social dynamics.
One of my best friends told me last night after meeting a PUA Guru-
"I think 95% of the PUAs are smoke in mirrors...
I have lost faith in the community, I think it's a bunch or losers scamming even bigger losers out of money. No offense..."
Sadly I can see what he is talking about and if you get to meet a lot of the people out there teaching this stuff, I think that you will actually see how Instructors are very responsible for building this image.

Why not make your learning process in Pick Up surrounded by good people and stop facilitating some sort of douche bag mentality, of I am better than you ?

4-Make Good with Those you have Wronged-
This is quite possibly the hardest thing for many people. This is pretty much the hardest thing for me to do. However, let me put it in a different perspective...
We are trying to be Dominant Leaders, a leader doesn't need to be constantly validated by what other people think. A leader doesn't need to lead by empowering fear or desperation, a leader can (and in my mind should) lead by making things best for people.

I have done a shit load of fucked up things in my life, I mean you have no idea...
When people gossip online about me, the funny thing is that they are full of shit about what they are bringing up, but things that I have really done in the past are way worse.
By all means, I am not bragging about this. I am saying that there is a lot of bullshit that I used to carry around with me. In fact there is still a lot of bullshit. So how do I get rid of it?

But what does a person who is dominant with their lives do about this, they release the tensions they have built in their lives. One thing I am NOT saying is that, one shouldn't be cathartic about this in any way. They also should not kiss everyone's ass, but what i am saying,is in every interaction where I have been wronged, I usually had a part in it.
In fact when I was 17 my girlfriend was sexually assaulted in literally the worst way. This would definitely put us both on the victim side of things. I didn't really have to make good with anyone in terms of this who wronged me, but because I held on to it, and kept that resentment it came out in so many other ways.
My part in it that I had to make good with, was with her, and myself.

I will say for myself I am always nervous when I focus on clearing up the wreckage of the past, but after each one I realize how much my ego holds me back from being in the present.
Just focus on one at a time, perhaps one a week, or even one a month.
Whether you stole a million dollars or an hour of sleep from someone, it is a great way of living. This I definitely think you should do with the consultation of someone else, it makes it easier.

5-Work With Others-
This is one thing that almost everyone says to me after they have done a training session with me, "I wanna tech this stuff". I think that most people's motives are more along the lines of helping people rather than being the part of some bizarre social hierarchy of PUAness.

However, at some point everyone seems to forget this. They get some skills and after that they can stay or go in the community. I think that if you are going to stay in the community, there is no point in having an ego. It really isn't that cool...come on...

As I have pointed out again and again, it is good to have an ego, but it is not good to be egotistical.

We have a huge community of guys who want to get better at talking to women and improving themselves, and everybody works against each other more than coming together.

When I entered the community, I thought it was weird at how bizarrely catty the people who ran it were. All they did was talk shit on each other, and brag about getting laid.
The funny thing was that the people teaching in that community then were saying things about female psychology and how women do this and do that, and you have to somehow regulate them.

After being in the community and teaching in it for 2 years now, I have noticed that PUAs are actually more of those 'effeminate' qualities than ANY woman I have met.

This mentality among other ones spun off to this idea where people thought being the bigger asshole to the next guy or girl was the way it worked.
The truth of the mater is that there are many ways to game, but they all have a ton on commonalities. Somehow the 'Community' has allowed the businesses define it, whatever it is... 'Natural Vs Canned, Direct Vs Indirect, Sexual Vs Non Sexual'...and so on...
If you have something to offer, then help someone out who can use your help. I obviously charge fro what I do, but I make sure that I give the ABSOLUTE value in what I teach. I always Speak at Lairs for FREE and do a ton of FREE Phone consults. When I Speak at a Lair I usually offer a FREE night out with me to the 5 newest guys. I never hold anything back either, I give you my all!
Giving back is important! Work with others.

Any questions on how I more specifically do these things, email me.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Roadwarrior

I am not sure if you watched Professional Wrestling and you remember Hawk an Animal (actually is I recall there was a third way back when), but this is a different kind of Road Warrior.

About 2 years ago I heard of this guy that Taught Pick Up and lived in his Van, touring around the country with bands and taking pictures. I remember the guys telling me were kind of making fun of him...

I told them, "You know I have done the same thing and I actually miss it'.
(I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma that I got with 8miles on it that now has 265,000 miles on it.
I have toured with it playing music, driven to Guatemala while living in my truck in Mexico and I have driven through at least 40 states with it, either playing music, doing photography or working on the road. I recommend it to everyone. I didn't start doing it till I was 26, it is cheap, and probably a reason why I am good at Pick Up, cause when your car breaks down in Appalachia and you need help, you make it happen. Although I envy my friends in bands who started doing it when they were 16...those motherfuckers.
You have to learn to make friends fast. In 15 days in Europe I went there knowing no one and paid only one night for a place to sleep, every other day I made a friend to crash with.

I have also train hopped and hitchhiked, but driving across America is an Amazing experience. I will also say this, living out of your truck in Mexico is a lot easier than you would think, all you people who would think it to be dangerous, I would say if you have a little bit of experience and common sense you will do fine.
I was never ripped off or had any problems there. I avoided a few of them, but Mexico is a pretty awesome country.)

In any case, I kept hearing about this guy and finally I met him when I gave a Lair Talk in Austin.
The guy came up to me (not knowing who he was) and was talking about how he had gamed all over and traveled,

I said, 'what is your name'
He said 'Jason'
I said 'no your PUA name'
He said, 'GoneSavage'

I said, 'Holy Shit, you're Gone Savage? We shoudl talk man...'

Now being GoneSavage the hippie vagabond he is we pretty much never talked. I continued teaching pick up, and he continued living the life, music, photography, the road, and women...

When I say Women you have to realize GS is pretty much a 6-12 New Lay a month guy, and he lived out of a Van. His game is interesting too, he is pretty much the only guy, I have seen take Speed Seduction and make it work. But he is beyond good at Pick Up but more importantly he lives life.

Another funny story is he knows DJ Fuji and last Sept. Fuji told me while eating at a restaurant...

'You know GS would eat other people's food'

I said, "I do that"

Fuji said, "No, he would eat food that was leftover off of other people's plates, not his friends"

I said, (having just gotten back from backpacking around Europe-Mexico and the Caribbean are WAY better by the way. Sadly I will not be biking through Cambodia and Vietnam with Village Dog, in March, but next time my man) "I did the same thing when I was just in Europe. And when you are on the road you eat what you can. the sad part is that the amount of food that we waste is pathetic, it is horrible that we throw so much away."

Fuji said, "You're crazy man"

Anyway check out
GoneSavages Blog, he just started posting on it... as Shaft told me...
"It is Awesome, he basically drives around the country photographs bands and sleeps with a bunch of women..."
GoneSavage's Blog
(on a side note, anyone who hasn't seen how amazing the USA is, drive through it, I have driven across the country over 6 times and countless times on short trips within it. The people all around the world are amazing, but in the US they are too. You can do it on $50 a day, and with that budget you can buy your own food...)

Here is GS' post that I like...maybe because he mentions me...

Lustful Sex vs Obligatory Sex: Which Do You Want?

By GoneSavage

I’ve seen a few articles popping up recently like Will the Recession End Gold Digging” and “Market for Romance Goes from Bullish to Sheepish: Are Guys with Less to Spend Less of a Catch?”

Let me tell you where all this is headed and why you are far ahead in the game of life just by finding the community – and taking steps toward improving yourself – than the guy who buys into the wine-and-dine provider model.

Here's the reality. Being comfortable and sexual with women is the primary skill you need in life. Making money (for your own livelihood), is secondary. I'm usually not so hierarchical. I think skills with women and pursuing your purpose in life should be of equal importance. But when talking about the specific monetization aspect of pursuing your purpose, you have to put ability with women on top of that.

Let’s look at a quote from a guy interviewed in the article above, he says this:

"One of the first questions is: 'What do you do? You own your own company? How many people work for you? Are you working at home or do you go to an office?' They are literally sizing you up." And, he said, he doesn't blame them -- especially if the girl is beautiful. "They can afford to be picky."

This guy carries the erroneous belief that money is the only way to attract a woman. The more he buys into this, and the more he shows off (if and when he has money) the more he is going to be seen as an easy target for manipulative women. After he’s wined-and-dined, chased-and-impressed, and otherwise deferred to her, she may have sex with him. But understand something: This is obligatory sex and not lustful sex.

When a guy like that loses his job, he suddenly has an identity crisis. He’s confused, frustrated, and convinced he has no value. His identity is based on the superficial results he gets from shallow women.

So this is my first point. As the article says, the recession is forcing people toward “looking for more creative ways to attract partners.” One result is that guys are going to turn toward the internet for solutions. And the community is going to get even larger and more publicized.

You guys got in early. You’ve already developed character, confidence, and charm. You’re far ahead of the pack with introspection and self-actualization. If you’ve gone as far as developing empathy, moral disposition, and are comfortable with your own sexuality (specifically) and the female sexuality (in general), you are drastically ahead of the masses. Congratulations.

So now my second point: Obligatory sex is what you get when you entertain her and impress her. Lustful sex comes from raw, mutual attraction and arousal.

When a woman has sex out of obligation she does not respect you. If she does not respect you, she will not be sexually fulfilled. She will be frustrated. These women make poor lovers. They fake orgasms, fantasize about other men, flirt with other men, deceptively have sex with other men, and constantly “test” you for weakness. How erotic and romantic is that?

Now, the easiest way to contrast lustful sex with obligatory sex is to point out guys that wine-and-dine. “But I found the community, and I know not to do that. I don’t buy girls drinks or dinner or anything.” But also understand this:

Entertaining, amusing, impressing, babysitting, chasing, courting, wooing, deferring to her expectations, consciously displaying your higher value, and convincing her of your status OFTEN can only lead to obligatory sex and not lustful sex.

Think about it. You’re still playing the social conditioning game.

I watched a product by the masters of social (not sexual) dynamics and it said “Women have sex to cement a moment or to blow off steam.” Hmm. I get it. What they want you to take away is this: “Guys, it’s just sex – it’s not a big deal to her, so it shouldn’t be to you.” Still, I remember this bothering me and I couldn’t quite figure out why.

What about women (and men) that have sex because of lust, desire, arousal, impulse, urge, craving, longing, yearning, carnal delight, rapture, ecstasy, joy, bliss, pleasure, satisfaction, and just because it feels great?

Don’t get me wrong. You’ve got to be positive, social, and good-humored. You’ve got to make friends and have a social life. But often the social game leads to merely getting attention that may lead to “no big deal” passionless sex. She thinks you’re cool and “sexworthy” and, hell, why not cement a moment with you? You’re pleasant and funny; why not blow off some steam with you?

This is sex from a place of obligation, not compulsion. There may be attraction, but not arousal. There may be casual pleasure, but not deep satisfaction. It’s all a subtly that neither you nor she may ever realize.

El Topo puts it this way: “What women find attractive about men can vary in specific physical qualities, but men who understand women’s sexuality are more attractive than any ‘attraction switch’.”

I concur, but I think it’s really three things wrapped in one: A man who is comfortable with his own sexuality, understands a woman’s sexuality, and has no problem talking openly and candidly about sex is a very attractive man. This is the guy that deeply arouses a woman and enjoys the passionate nuances of lustful sex.

That’s my biggest point here. Simultaneously appreciating and conveying sexuality will get you further with the opposite sex than anything else, including money and superficial social skills. Guys, this is how men and women have amazing, meaningful sex. This is how men and women have relationships based on mutual pursuit, mutual desire, and mutual gratification.

It’s also this realization that’s going to save the community from negative portrayal.

Take the manipulation out of your quest for satisfaction, and take yourself out of a game based on manipulation. Cultivate empathy, respect, reciprocity, and pursue women that want mutually gratifying lustful sex.

The way I see it, the community will thrive when we hone our focus.

My role is to help people (both men and women) understand sexuality, attain lustful sex, and maintain healthy relationships (both short-lived and long-term) based on lust, honesty, and reciprocity.

Isn't that what you really want?

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Change is up to You-

So I got this comment on my blog from an old school PUA GoneSavage (GS) the other day...
He lives in Austin and I had met him at a Lair talk there over a year ago.

This started a flurry of emails back an forth. I will write more on him later,
but his emails made me think a lot about how the community in general.
There is one thing when you hear some good rehashed self-help from people and then when you hear it from people who have some real life experience.
GS has some major life experience...

I think that what is going to start happening here in the community is the full-of-shitness of most of the people out there is going to start taking a turn.
It is not about living a life where on the surface you look good and you're dead inside, it is about being YOURSELF in the BEST way.

The Change is up to YOU, for the past year and a half I have dedicated this blog to putting out whatever FREE information I can pump out there.
Yet there are tons and tons of people out there that still haven't taken that first step and committed themselves to it.

For instance I will go to Lair Talks across the country and it happens all the time, people will come up to me and they will say,
"I love your blog, I have read the whole thing"
but still they will ask me questions asking me about opening and transitioning.
I always answer their question, but it makes me think I write about that stuff a lot on my blog.

Don' t get me wrong, I love meeting people and I love teaching people who want to learn.

What is frustrating to me is that so many people in the community find it with this hope in their eye with the inspiration to change and they buy the Magic Pill, the Silver Bullet, the bullshit ebook, you sign up for a Workshop with some fuck-off kid that you're supposed to look up to, you do everything that he says, and still you are left in the community with the same things unfulfilled as when you came in. You can open and hook sets, but after a while the glitter fades.... a little bit unfulfilled is still unfulfilled.


There are a lot of reasons why, you can blame the Instructors you can Blame the products, You can Blame the Companies... but when it comes down to it you're the only one who can be responsible for YOUR RESULTS.
You have got to take action!
The information is out there and available. You can find it FREE online. The problem is that most of it is bullshit, and a lot of it conflicts.

What you need to do is start on a consistent Plan of Action.

From my experience the people who get results are people who act. This is not people who read every game article that they can, it is not the people who buy every product out there, change come for those who take ACTION!

Everyone I know out there has been at a tipping point, you can be at one now...
if you're ready, make sure that you are ON THE LIST.
This weekend my Audio Page will be up and running with some Immediate Resources that you can put to use right away.

What I am more excited about other than just the audio, is the amount of New and Free information I am going to be putting out this month.

If you seriously want a path to Change your LIFE and not make Excuses for who you are today, then stay in contact...GET ON MY LIST
As you know the answer is never far away, you just have to learn to walk in a different direction.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

theREDstack 3 Payment Plan

This is to get you started on theREDstack 3 PAYMENT Plan.
theREDstack is a 6-8 week plan where I work with you Personally to Personalize Game just for you!

It is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to Learn Game.
Only 6 guys a Month will be admitted into this program. Lock in Your Spot Below!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 Things you NEED to Know to Blast into Rapport

Just like they always said their were ‘Attraction Switches’, I never knew why they never said their were ‘Comfort’ or ‘Seduction’ Switches?

One thing I will say is in the last version of theREDstack (going off the market in the next few weeks) I include Comfort and Seduction switches in there.

So for now I will give you some of the ways to get into comfort right when you’re stuck in a rut.

We’ve all been there… the conversation goes stale, you see here losing attention, you start getting reactive and soon enough, she has to ‘go to the bathroom’.
You’re left thinking… ‘what did id do wrong, what could I have done different? I had her and then I lost her.

So at moments like these, there are a bunch of things you can do.
What I am going to go over, is how you BLAST into Rapport.

I would recommend being on my LIST so that you can get more information about this as well.

Let’s first go over some psychology-
No one really knows why certain elements of attraction are irresistible to our minds, but they are!
Things like Bait, and things like Compliance work so consistently is can be frightening.

Other than that, there are certain Psychological themes that are also IRRESISTIBLE to people out there, but geared towards Rapport/Comfort.

The Themes can be continuous using tactics from theREDstack, but for now let’s keep it simple with these-

-One’s Personality
-One’s Personal Identity
-One’s Sexuality
-One’s Passions
-One’s Family life

Alright so you might be thinking, ‘this is nothing new’ but keep reading…
I will show you how to turn these into conversational pieces that will completely rework your interactions so that they will go from meet to bedroom in NEXT to NO TIME!

So let’s start with someone’s Personality-
No matter how confident someone may be, or how much they show that they are proud of who they are their Personality is left completely up to interpretation to the world they interact with.
You can use Negs/Teases to their personality by saying-
‘You know what I can tell you’re trouble, any girl that is that quick to judge I don’t know if I can talk to, besides, I bet you got better secrets than me to keep hidden…’
See this neg/tease actually brings up some frames too, notice if you can see how that works and you’ll be 2 steps ahead.

Now let’s explore one’s Personal Identity-
This is something so deep within us pretty much everyone will react to it. People fight wars over stuff like this. One’s Personal Identity is something which is way beyond what we could ever ask for. So you have got to be careful with it, this stuff is like dynamite!
So what we can do is use a Qualifier to bring up their Personal Identity, now when I mean Qualify I am meaning to challenge them-
“So I hate to interrupt you, but you looked like you were kind of out of it, are you someone who is never happy with what they end up with?”
The really important thing will come when you actually follow up with this qualifier, but more on that in a second.

Now for one of the real big ones…Sexual Identity.
This is everyone’s favorite and the one that everyone is afraid of.
I am sure you have issues about sex, that make you feel unworthy, women do too…all of them, especially the better looking ones, more on that later.
So when we are stuck, what we can say is…
“Ok you are totally a girl that, has trouble keeping a guy occupied, I mean people think you’re attractive, but once they actually are intimate with you things go south…”
This of course is alluding sex, they will definitely get it. But be careful, they are going to react, the goal is not to break them down, but to reframe them! Your next step is for you to define them sexually.

One’s Passions have always been a topic for people out there.
What people are passionate about is huge in how they can be influenced.

Just think if you have a conversation with someone and in 5 mins of knowing them you have their passions alligned with their sexual identity...this is what theREDstack does. Then what theREDstack does is it turns those passions into being the perfect match for you.

For now, here is step 1
Let me show you a new take on an old qualifier…
“If there was one thing in the world that you could do without any fear of failure, what would it be?”
(they think for a moment, and before they can really answer, you interrupt)
“Ok I can tell already, you are really someone that is a bad question to bring that up to cause you think way too much, but the reason why that is, is cause you have a lot of different thing you’re passionate about right?”

So you are kind of double hooking here. You are also beginning to frame here. You can frame even harder if you want.

One’s Family is something that I used to use for getting to comfort with pretty much every one, and I still do. I do this cause it WORKS!
Everyone has a family (good or bad) that defines them, but let’s start with a pretty cool little cold read ladder…
“You know what I can tell you are a girl that can start a lot of things that you don’t finish, you know how I know that right?”
(answer or comply)
“Cause you are used to getting too many things your way, that means you have father issues…”
(pretty much every girl does, she might argue, but it will be rare and if she does you can just say, “No, I know, but it is your confidence that I makes me say that”)
“So don’t tell me you have some hidden tattoo somewhere??? No but really I can tell you can like a lot of attention, but it just has to be given right…”

This has cold reads leading up to a definition. These are the best kinds.
Pretty much the definition at the end is the effective ingredient at the end.

In any case, that’s all for now!

If you like what you see, make sure you’re on my list and if you need theREDstack there are only a few days left!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

theREDstack Full Payment

This is to get you started on theREDstack Full PAYMENT Plan.

theREDstack is a 6-8 week plan where I work with you Personally to Personalize Game just for you!

It is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to Learn Game.
Only 6 guys a Month will be admitted into this program. Lock in Your Spot Below!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some ineffable commentary…

So the other night Shaft told me to see the Wrestler.
He told me that is was what is going to happen to all the PUA instructors once they stop being cool.
I still haven’t seen it, but I swear to it... I will.
I watched the trailer though and since when did Darren Aronofsky make movies that weren’t all pretentious??? The Wrestler actually seems normal and good... we'll see.

One thing that keeps coming up in the PUA marketing engine is Lifestyle.

Knowing a lot of the PUAs who teach out there, I know VERY few that have a good lifestyle. Pretty much what PUAs that I know are good at it getting women, some not even good at that.
Funny story…
I had a 1-on-1 last weekend and the guy who I did it with personally knows pretty much everyone out there who teaches. He told me over and over again that the only people who he didn’t consider full of shit were Sinn, Brad P and myself. I might add a name or two to that list, but I would agree with that.

That being said, most PUAs completely suck at living life if not ALL. But they are REALLY good at faking it.

I can be included in that category for sure. But that is why people change right?

So what I have to say about lifestyle is this…
Do what you LOVE and be what you want!
I have pretty much always done that with my life. Sometimes it has worked and sometimes it hasn’t but I will say this, I don’t really know many PUAs out there that live a life like mine, they all try and fake it.

I remember a few months back when one of my friends was telling me about the 4 hour work week and how if he made all this money and set up his business he would just play music all day.
I told him that if all he wanted to do was play guitar, then he should play guitar, and worry about the business stuff to make it possible to play guitar.

He disagreed…

In another movie they said something like this-
Making money is easy if all you want to do is make money.

I don’t teach to make money, I do it cause I like working with people.
Live life guys, stop living in bullshit.

You wanna have a good lifestyle?
Surround yourself with people you love and things that you love, don’t waste time with bullshit, that’s no fun.

More and More everyone in this culture is desperately trying to be a man, and every woman a woman….but they all fall short, and want quick fixes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Shit

So busy busy month and I swear to god there are some awesome changes coming to this bog and what I put out there.

For now I wanted to dump my mind out on the World Wide Web...

First off I wanted to comment on this one girl with a blog comments on my blog
It is always good shit. She made a 400 Blows reference, if she means the Truffaut film that completely turned the film world upside down in 1959 then that would make her even cooler. My favorite part of that movie is when the guy asks Antoine Doinel which hand, and then as he gets slapped, he is completely nonreactive as if the abuse is just something normal in his life. In some ways you could start film history with that movie, although I think the movies before it should never be overlooked

Second- Anyone who has gotten a stack with the past 2 months and anyone who is waiting for a stack I want to hear from you. Email me. ASAP

Third- It is good to be back in Dallas. I actually missed hanging out with all my stripper friends there. There is noting like having a small harem to come home to. Although more and more I am turning into that picture with Charles Bukowski with women lying around him. Kind of lazy...don't get stagnant...go out there and get is an adventure. Plus for the most part Bukowski was more monogamous than people led on to.

Forth-I just spent about 2 hours looking for this video on YouTube only to find it was removed, but I did find it on something else. It is a song by the Walkmen but it is on the In Bruges soundtrack, which if you like theatre style dialog it is a great movie. Who knew...what's his name can actually act...

The Walkmen- Brandy Alexander

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to get a number on your Lunch Break

So this last week was pretty much completely nuts.
I spent way too much time with the OTM guys.

It is funny when there are guys who have over 400 lays a piece asking you for advice.
Pretty much what happens is Algasm and I watch them and they watch us.

Soco and Jtime were both out with us too for a few nights as well.

The last night Algasm and I were out we ran into a student who is part of Sinn's 12 months to mastery program. We took him out for the last night with the OTM guys.
It was crazy and I really don't know how those OTM guys do it...I literally think the 2 of them are what every MPUA wishes they were.

One thing that I have found to be really easy lately is Hired Guns. My friend AAEddy in Las Vegas is pretty damn good with the Hired Guns as well. AAEddy is pretty damn good at a lot of shit to be honest.
AAEddy and the Student whom we will call Vagabond went out again for more adventures the next night too.
He was also out with us for the event, so I thought, ‘You know what I go out to eat pretty much 3 times a week, and I can pretty much get a number.’
All the girls in my social circle or ones I have had relationships with I all met through them being a waitresses or stripper.

In any case, making game work for you it is pretty simple.
Here is what you need,
You need some ways of showing you are Dominant
You need some ways of creating an attractive Lifestyle
You need some things to Talk About
You need to know how to handle Logistics

Now there are tons and tons of ways to make this happen but here is a simple thing you can do. This is how I get a quick number from a waitress…the rest is up to you.

GET ON THE LIST cause the audio from all of these will be going out to my list this month.

Go to your nearest restaurant and get lunch 2 times this week, go around 1pm if you can so that you are there during an off peak time.
Be a normal guy, no need to act all cocky and full of shit. A cool hair cut or designer clothes may help, but I do just fine with wrinkled and stained shirts.
I think it is only important to convey what YOU are the BEST!
Ask to be sat in a section where there is a certain girl you might like is working. (you now it is normal to request a server at a restaurant, remember, they are there to serve you.)

Sit down, order your drink.
Then ask her this...
"What is your name? I had you as a server once, so I had to request you this time."
(If they say their name ask them again anyway. let her reply, and let her go back to work. The thing is that with a waitress, you need to let her work, talk to her when she has time. If she can't stay and talk, let her go and talk to her when she comes back.)
"So when you get a moment, there has been this thing that has been bugging me...
have you ever had a long term relationship?"
(She will say yes)
"Well, it is kind of a touchy thing to bring up, but you know how when you're dating someone you have really good sex at first, but then it dies off? Well my buddy is experiencing this right now, and I was trying to explain this phenomenon to him, and he didn't get it. But why do you think this happens?
You know what, I can already tell that this was too much of a question for you..."
(give her that last push so she pushes back at you, and let her go back to work)

"Ok but seriously I bet with most people you go out with, you're totally that girl that bores your boyfriend....that's because you always date assholes"

(she will push back on this, now you have to swoop in and define it)

"What I mean is that you really attract the wrong type of guy. You are really attractive and come off as confident, but the guys that get in your life can really treat you bad. That is cause I bet once you actually commit to a guy you're very different around them and they take advantage of that."
(she should hook on this cold read, but remember, delivery is key on the cold reads)

"You know what I have always liked about girls like that women like you just need to be set free in the right ways. Like most men don't know how to treat you in the right ways. You need to be led in the right directions....but seriously what is something about you that you really like about yourself, or what you find is the most attractive thing about you."
(You need a little bit of a grounding qualifier to make this cold read stick, after she answers do this)

"You know before you go I can tell we need to talk more...go finish your tables and come right back"
(you want to be the one dismissing her, rather than her needing to leave. This isn't to be an ass or hold frame, it has a little to do with that. But it just makes things easier.)

"So when I was (tell something about yourself that is very brief, like started working where you work) it really made me realize how much I could change so many times with my life. The things which is cool about you is that I think you get what I mean. We should talk more...I like you, give me your number."

If you want to hear a bunch of Audio where I do this time and time again. Make sure you GET ON THE LIST this month! There will be a shit load of audio of this.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some News and going back to Vegas for UFC 94

So it has been a while...
hospital runs and working too much...

Swagger and my friend in the Caribbean almost got their wish...
I find it funny that someone in another country actually has a bounty on my head.
Kinda like status! My death is worth money to's that for a DHV?

But last weekend I went to the hospital...pretty fun stuff, I always like the hospital.
Everything is all good, I am still alive...for now.
It is funny cause, I can get pissed off about all sorts of stuff throughout the day, but when it comes to life or death I really don't mind too much.

I have already been there done that, and if I am going to live, I'd might as well do it well.
If not, well someone has got to set the man upstairs straight...I imagine I can give it a shot.

I have been off the internet for about a week and I have come to realize how hard it may be to call everyone of you guys on the phone.
What happens is that I call the guys and I end up talking to them for an hour and a half and then I still have another 100 people on the list.
So here is what I am going to do...
I am going to start scheduling the calls in blocks of 5 people.
I will send another email out this week about how to get on those calls.

Also I am going to start having 2 of my friends (Free Spirit, and Shift) scheduling some upcoming conference calls for theREDstack. If you have a stack I am going to be doing a month of Conference Calls limited to 5 people about the Stacks.
I will be mailing out the information for all this on my Get On IT!

Also I am going to do a Conference call this weekend with a few Surprise guests!

As for now, I am headed to Vegas to go to UFC 94, afterwards Me and Scotty from, along with Soco, Jtime and Algasim will be throwing one of the biggest after parties in Vegas this weekend at the Wynn...
Everyone will be there!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks for the Conference Call! Some new Audio Coming OUT!

Hey Guys,

Conference call was GREAT!
Everybody on the Call I will be giving a personal call to this WEEK!

In other news we are going to be doing another Conference Call when I am in Vegas on Jan 29th.
This one will be awesome, and will be voiced mainly around Sexuality Early on in Set.


I have Audio of Last Week's conference call and I also have Audio of a Bad Ass Lair I did on SAT.

All this Audio is going out to my List in the NEXT 30 days!

In the meantime Captain Jack has been winning to me about how he can't approach...he gives me all these excuses about how he hasn't done his Voodoo New age techniques to give him the proper mental game to start Opening again.

We all want to see Captain Jack be good again and not some KJ...
As we all say, when he is ON he is HANDS DOWN the BEST PUA we have all seen.
But sitting on his ass writing, he is just a guy with some good information.

I will say this, maybe if he actually listened to what I teach he might have the balls to get out in the Field Again.

So Starting Feb 1st were are going to battle again.
Another Lay War...
I am gonna kick his ass for all of you to read about.

I will be recording all of the audio on my sets, I offered it to him and he replied...
"Dude, no props, I can't have you around me with a camera dangling around your neck like a perverted Jimmy Olsen"

I don't think I have EVER opened a Set with a Camera Around my Neck...
I seriously don't think I have.
I have done a shit load of that pre-game.

But I can be a Perverted Jimmy Olsen.
All I got to say is let's see if CJ will record the audio of his sets....
We'll see if he actually gets off his ass and goes out to game.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Conference Call 7pm Eastern TIME

The Conference Call is tonight
7pm Eastern Time

If you are not ON THE LIST, GET ON THE LIST!

Those of you already on the list should have all the details.
If you still want to be on the call I will be sending out the info again in a few hours.

Just log in your name and email in the box on the upper right hand corner!

Talk to you tonight!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vegas Audio and Video

Just a reminder about the Conference Call on Thurs with Jtime, Negatron and myself.

Read on if you want to know why you NEED to GET ON THE LIST now!

Alright guys I got some of the most insane Video and Audio from Vegas,
And even better, I got some totally fucking insane Audio from being off the plane after just 2 hours back home LAST NIGHT.

So I get home from Vegas, send out a mass text saying,
"I think of you when I masturbate"
(by the way, that gets a pretty consistent response, and it is good. Try it)
Pretty much every girl responds that I haven't closed.
The harshest response I got was 'That's original" to which I responded... "Don't worry baby it was a mass text you haven't made it to the 'original' status yet".

In any case, one of my Stripper friends texts back.
I go back and forth (could look in my phone, but it was literally 2 to 3 exchanges and nothing special).

She calls me...
I record the Booty Call, she's cool with it.
Drive to her place, start the audio...
You'll have to wait and see where I stop the audio...

But I still say Strippers and Porn girls SUCK in bed. I like sex, but not shitty sex.

So yeah sign up for my list. All my Strip Club Audio is being Edited as we speak Over 12 hours in Last month alone. This includes Pulls, Bounces, and in the Club dealing with their attitudes and all the other fun stuff.
Vegas and Last night's A/V gets edited this weekend. The Vegas Audio/Video is badass, and last nights is even better than that.

Also in Vegas there were a few interviews we did with some women about Sex and Relationships that I think you guys will like.


Also Jtime, Negatron and I are Conference Calling on Thurs. If you want to be on that call it is FREE for those on the List.
And Jtime and Negatron actually get laid and have their lives in order unlike most of these guys out there...

I just listened to this PODCAST of an instructor talking about going Sexual....what a fucking Pussy!
If you guys know who I mean tell him to get on my list, cause from what it sounds like I am not seeing it. What I got in store for you guys will Blow Pretty much anyone, any other PUA I know out of the Water.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Some Words of Wisdom

This is like one of those things that you might get in one of those mass emails that we all know and love- but it is still good...and from a very good friend of mine.

Guys, let's sign up for that list!
Some important info is going out this week.
We have some really cool FREE and Interactive things this next month that you will want to be a part of!

But for now, here is what my buddy Rick has to say...

The thirst for love, the thirst for desires these are the root of suffering of your innermost feeling, if you want to extinguish this suffering, you should start by lowering or reduce these desires.
The practitioner should not seek after material enjoyment, but in the basic needs of living, these needs should be harmonized. For example: we shouldn't be gluttonous about eating, but this doesn't mean not eating at all, and we shouldn't be too fond of sleeping, but this doesn't mean not resting at all.

All things you will find, your heart can become attached to. These things then immediately become the master, and you are their slave because they manipulate you. Therefore the wise person can lay down all things, and not become attached to these things. He may use all things, but is not used by all things. Only then can he be the host, in other words he is the genuine master, and is not the slave. Most living things see satisfying their desires and doing things enjoyable as happiness; But Buddha see enlightenment as happiness.

Chasing after the sense of joy is just the same as getting excitement from an addicting drug, you might gain a short high but hidden is the endless damage. So the wise person does not get suck into the joy of sense.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's and my friend Nate

So this last month I am really not sure if I broke any records, but if I didn’t I came close. Pretty out of it lately and there has been lots of action.
In fact I told Shaft the other about a week ago I could probably break a record with lays this month. He at first agreed and then he went on to say,

“Who cares about that stuff. Look, if you hadn’t hooked up with CJ and Sinn you would not have not be in the community. You would have taken a bootcamp gotten what you wanted and lived whatever life. But you met CJ and you made it to be an excellent teacher, and you are better at helping people than most, but who cares about what the community thinks. Why prove yourself to it. Live a good life instead, but who cares about how many girls you fuck."

This made sense to me….
It is not that I don’t really care what the community thinks. And for those of you who know me, I am one of the few people out there who freely gives his time at lairs and whatever other venues there are out there. I like the idea of a community, but in order to be a good teacher I can not have the community shape me.
Nor can I expect the community to be shaped my me. The way I want to add to it is by helping who I can help and looking for whoever comes my way being a teacher to me.

So this brings me to my next issue.
In 7 days I got 4 new lays. I got them all within 7 days and I think I could have gotten a 5th last night, but life got in the way. So maybe after tonight it will be 5 new lay in 8 days. Pretty good.
2 of these girls are very hot. They are both Strippers and they both sucked in bed.
For me at least.
One was a hired gun, who also sucked in bed and the other approached me, she was good in bed. The frustrating thing is that I can usually make the girls that are bad in bed good, but I no longer want to put forth the effort. And this is why I am writing this. I have always like sex, but more sex isn't always the answer.

Back to the lays though.... I guess you could say (as Soco brags about) I close more than I open. All 4 of these girls opened me.
Either way it was a pretty good week, even month, actually a pretty good last couple of months. This has more to do with Inner Game than technique though. I have built up a life style I like and I have been doing the things that I the life so to speak. Captain Jack actually has a big rant about this.

But the more lays, don’t bring happiness. It is the happiness that brings more attraction. It is my sense of happiness with self that brings attraction. What pick up taught me, was just how to present all this in the best way.

Anyway, next week
I am going to the AVNs next week, I am shooting a bunch of models, and testing a shit load of models, some of them in Playboy, but really who the fuck cares.
One thing I know about models is they pretty much always suck in bed.
My point in this, is that I smoked ass this week.
In fact so have many of my friends. Jtime and Algasim both.
Sinn has too, the other night, when I was with the Israeli he was with a very unSinn-esque hottie. I guess he has laid a bunch of models lately too. She was more my type than his.
But I will say if we want to have a competition of models, I would think that it would be hard to beat me, since I kind of have a social circle of them.
Also in cold approach all I have to do is tell them what my next shoots are and it is a matter of logistics at that point.

Jtime and Negatron have helped me with, is living a good life. One of the things that I like about Soco, is what he does is make a lifestyle that he likes. There are a lot of women in his social circle, but that is the life he wants. I think the myth that we all buy into in this community is that we think that those MPUAs we all look up to have this amazing life.
So yesterday I was pretty out of it. I have actually closed a Stripper, then because the sex was so shitty, I called the Israeli to pick me up and had sex with her again.
How’s that for fucked up…
I got a ride home from the Israeli, she is for the most part a very nice woman, and has her shit together. Why she likes me so much I don’t know. But she has pretty much talked me into moving to Israel, telling me that Israeli women would love me.

I get home and my friend Nate calls me. Nate tells me he finally hooked up with this girl he has like for a long time. Nate is not a PUA, but knows what I do.
I tell him about my situation and he says,

“You know that one girl you brought down that one time, she was good for you.”

Nate has known me for my whole life pretty much.

“She is just your type. But you’re like this kid that got a new toy and now that toy has gotten old. You know you can get all these women and now you’re at the point where you’re bored with it. Getting another new toy doesn’t really work.”

I agree with him on this. In fact every PUA I know that is honest with me goes through a phase where they get really good, then they plateau. They will suck for months even, and then they get their mojo back. It is all an inner game thing really. The PUA community usually answers this by getting more ass, or trying to. Now I will offer a different answer.
But Nate is right, I gained nothing from having sex with all those strippers. I gained nothing from KFPing them. I only gain something from them if I like the life I am living.
Nate goes on…

“You need to use your superpowers for good not evil, why don’t you focus on stability and less ego. There is nothing wrong with getting laid, and there is nothing wrong with getting laid a lot, but if you are doing it to make you happy then that is bullshit. Happiness comes from detachment not attachment. Right now your identity is completely wrapped up in the Pick Up Community. When you started in it, it was fun to be able to meet and fuck all these women who you never thought you could. Then you were able to, and you got bored with it. You met some girls you liked, you pissed them off by being an instructor in it, or you had too many going at one time.
Then you started meeting all these people who were living good lives who you taught, and you changed. Since Oct you are getting laid like crazy again. Who cares, you have a ton to offer the world, I know you, use the super powers for good not evil.”

This is the thing with Nate…he is a wise man. I know a lot of wise men, and am very fortunate to have them in my life.
I always like it when I have someone in front of me who gives good advice. I always want to milk more out of them.
So Nate went on, and this is where I think everyone can benefit from this all.
He said,

“Look when you look at certain religions they have all these metaphors for being happy or unhappy. But one idea I always liked, was that if you were someone who had a broken spirit your whole life would revolve around dysfunction. That is all it could do. That dysfunction would manifest itself in many ways, none that would show your spirit is fucked. You might have bad people in your life, be in debt, have shit relationships, be a victim to the world.
But really you got to fix yourself first. Fixing yourself has nothing to do with what you have, it has to do with what you do. In your case, you are part of this world where how much you get laid gets you money. Now your motives are completely different from when you started this who journey. Like I said at first you just wanted to meet good women. Now you want to make money and prove yourself over and over again to who?
The thing is, because you have done it so much you have manifested a pattern in it. You know how to solve that pattern. And you know that pattern has nothing to do with women, that is how it is showing itself. But that is where you will have to start.”

In any case, this is what I have always liked about the people in my life.
In the Community and out of the Community, I have managed to build good relationships with people and have some pretty amazing moments to guide my way.