Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to get a number on your Lunch Break

So this last week was pretty much completely nuts.
I spent way too much time with the OTM guys.

It is funny when there are guys who have over 400 lays a piece asking you for advice.
Pretty much what happens is Algasm and I watch them and they watch us.

Soco and Jtime were both out with us too for a few nights as well.

The last night Algasm and I were out we ran into a student who is part of Sinn's 12 months to mastery program. We took him out for the last night with the OTM guys.
It was crazy and I really don't know how those OTM guys do it...I literally think the 2 of them are what every MPUA wishes they were.

One thing that I have found to be really easy lately is Hired Guns. My friend AAEddy in Las Vegas is pretty damn good with the Hired Guns as well. AAEddy is pretty damn good at a lot of shit to be honest.
AAEddy and the Student whom we will call Vagabond went out again for more adventures the next night too.
He was also out with us for the event, so I thought, ‘You know what I go out to eat pretty much 3 times a week, and I can pretty much get a number.’
All the girls in my social circle or ones I have had relationships with I all met through them being a waitresses or stripper.

In any case, making game work for you it is pretty simple.
Here is what you need,
You need some ways of showing you are Dominant
You need some ways of creating an attractive Lifestyle
You need some things to Talk About
You need to know how to handle Logistics

Now there are tons and tons of ways to make this happen but here is a simple thing you can do. This is how I get a quick number from a waitress…the rest is up to you.

GET ON THE LIST cause the audio from all of these will be going out to my list this month.

Go to your nearest restaurant and get lunch 2 times this week, go around 1pm if you can so that you are there during an off peak time.
Be a normal guy, no need to act all cocky and full of shit. A cool hair cut or designer clothes may help, but I do just fine with wrinkled and stained shirts.
I think it is only important to convey what YOU are the BEST!
Ask to be sat in a section where there is a certain girl you might like is working. (you now it is normal to request a server at a restaurant, remember, they are there to serve you.)

Sit down, order your drink.
Then ask her this...
"What is your name? I had you as a server once, so I had to request you this time."
(If they say their name ask them again anyway. let her reply, and let her go back to work. The thing is that with a waitress, you need to let her work, talk to her when she has time. If she can't stay and talk, let her go and talk to her when she comes back.)
"So when you get a moment, there has been this thing that has been bugging me...
have you ever had a long term relationship?"
(She will say yes)
"Well, it is kind of a touchy thing to bring up, but you know how when you're dating someone you have really good sex at first, but then it dies off? Well my buddy is experiencing this right now, and I was trying to explain this phenomenon to him, and he didn't get it. But why do you think this happens?
You know what, I can already tell that this was too much of a question for you..."
(give her that last push so she pushes back at you, and let her go back to work)

"Ok but seriously I bet with most people you go out with, you're totally that girl that bores your boyfriend....that's because you always date assholes"

(she will push back on this, now you have to swoop in and define it)

"What I mean is that you really attract the wrong type of guy. You are really attractive and come off as confident, but the guys that get in your life can really treat you bad. That is cause I bet once you actually commit to a guy you're very different around them and they take advantage of that."
(she should hook on this cold read, but remember, delivery is key on the cold reads)

"You know what I have always liked about girls like that women like you just need to be set free in the right ways. Like most men don't know how to treat you in the right ways. You need to be led in the right directions....but seriously what is something about you that you really like about yourself, or what you find is the most attractive thing about you."
(You need a little bit of a grounding qualifier to make this cold read stick, after she answers do this)

"You know before you go I can tell we need to talk more...go finish your tables and come right back"
(you want to be the one dismissing her, rather than her needing to leave. This isn't to be an ass or hold frame, it has a little to do with that. But it just makes things easier.)

"So when I was (tell something about yourself that is very brief, like started working where you work) it really made me realize how much I could change so many times with my life. The things which is cool about you is that I think you get what I mean. We should talk more...I like you, give me your number."

If you want to hear a bunch of Audio where I do this time and time again. Make sure you GET ON THE LIST this month! There will be a shit load of audio of this.


Anonymous said...

This is the most devastatingly effective piece of the stack...

"You need to be led in the right directions...."

Golden. That activates her Feminine core and melts her resistances away.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to test this out over the next couple of weeks.

I'll let you know how it goes.

The Coldplayer said...

Concor with c.j. I can feel that statement even though I'm a guy.

Richard Brian Penn said...

This is a great piece of your routine stack puzzle. I think this could be easily used in any bar in the English speaking world! Thanks for sharing - RBP

Shaman said...

Wait, 400 lays a piece? You're saying these MMA guys had over 400 lays a piece, no knowledge of the community, just as naturals? Were these mostly from girls that actually followed MMA and were sort of groupies or just chicks they met out?

El Topo said...

Yeah Shaman,
I would hate to say it, but these guys got most of their lays without the community.
I will say that one of the does have a Stack and speaks of it highly.

Most MMA guys have HORRIBLE game, but these guys are badass.
Perhaps one day I will explain it more at length, but they will probably do a podcast with me soon, and we can talk about it then.

Erika said...

Over 400 blows my mind :-)

Anyhoo, I like cold reads when the guy actually cares about the answer to the question. Cold reads are great for creating connection because the girl connects more deeply with herself and her own sexuality when she answers a question like that. Here she is going about her daily routine and suddenly someone is asking her to look inside and go deeper. As the guy who is asking a question like that, you immediately stand out in a sea of automatons.

Erika from

Shaman said...

I think the power of cold reads are SEVERELY underestimated currently in the community, and I'm not talking about "mini cold reads" that are like 1 sentence and take 20 seconds to do with a chick, I'm talking about doing a full-on cold read lasting 10-20 minutes, like what a psychic would do during a session.