Saturday, June 28, 2008

Phone Game!

So this is what you don't want to do when you get a number.
Click Here

Right now I am in Charlotte, NC. I am truly impressed by it. It is really an awesome city.
Last night was a pretty amazing going out. The town has an awesome vibe.
The main thing that makes a city for me now is if there is some aspect of culture.
Charlotte has street musicians, and fatty food on every corner and a good mix of culture.
Sadly, most cities are missing that these days.

But this phone call is great, it is the absolute wrong way to leave a message.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

theREDstack & New Podcast with Doc and Saffron

Hey Guys,
Here is a pretty funny Podcast with the dudes from Practical Pick Up.
Doc Holiday and Saffron!

If you don't read their blogs you should. Entropy is in one with Sinn, and Entropy and I were way too drunk to record anything in Detroit, but there will be an NEXT TIME!

Go HERE for the Podcast!

Hopefully you guys like the face lift to my blog, Thanks to Doc Holiday. There will be more to come with a reviews page and some other links to LRs and More Popular Writings.

I wrote this article last week, let me know what you think...
Also there will be Text Game Part 3 and some more of the Comfort Stuff I wrote about a few week ago coming up!

To all in North Carolina... see you there in a few days!


Building Routines from your Life

For the past 9 months I have developed a pretty popular product I in the community. I call it theREDstack. Whenever I go to lairs I give demonstrations of how to build them for yourself, which is kind of how this article came about. Now there is a lot to it, but one of the most impressive things that people comment to me on is how I turn mundane stories from people’s lives into something that can be used in game.

What theREDstack is basically you give me some information from your life, I will come up with a series of routines that will build you Attraction, Seduction in tandem, while making is all flow smoothly together. Usually about 90mins of material. You will hardly need any other routines after you have it.

Now mainly I write these articles because, although I took a Boot Camp, most of my game knowledge came from people showing me their ideas and adding a little creativity and application to it. The community taught me. Of course that was the community of Captain Jack, Sinn, Future, Shaft and Fidelio, but nonetheless I learned for free after my BC. So hopefully you can take away something from this and down the road show me a thing or two!

So if you like what you are reading please email me and find more information like this on my Blog-

So let’s start with what makes a DHV Story (Demonstration of Higher Value).

What a DHV Story is based on are the Attraction Switches.
There are a ton of them, and they should probably be re named but let’s take some of the ones I like to implement while working with people.

-Understanding Women’s Emotions
-Pre-selected by Women
-Being Dominant
-Wiling to Emote
-Protector of Loved Ones

These are just a few of the 15 or so of the Attraction Switches kicking around and I know those are different than the one’s normally mentioned but I really want to shed more light of things rather than say the same thing over and over again.

Now let’s see if we can take normal and average stuff from someone’s life and turn it into something that can work as a DHV.

How we will do this, is I will take common things from what people tell me, usually thinking they are DLVs (Demonstrations of Lower Value) and turn them into powerful stories.

Hopefully you will be able to come up with some of your own, after reading this.

-When I was growing up I had a very strong mother, that juggled cleaning the house, taking care of us kids but also taught us to cultivate our individual passions.
- My first real friend was a girl down the street, when I started school my new friends made fun of me for being friends with a girl and I never talked to her again.
-I work as a teacher in middle school.
- When I was young I remember how my dad, who only had me on the weekends, would work on cars. I would watch him, but it always made me sad that he would not actively show me. I think I actually annoyed him.
- I would walk my little sister to school everyday after she came home crying because some of the boys made fun of her.
- The first time I felt like I was grown up, was when my father and I got stuck on a fishing boat and I actually helped us get back to shore. He treated me differently after that and it was the first time I thought he was proud of me.
- I get insecure around women I am attracted to.
-My mom passed away when I was 18, and it is the single most experience that changed my life.
- My friend Ralph was separating from his wife and I helped them reconcile and they are still married to this day.

So those are typical things I hear during presentations and typical things that I get in people’s profiles when creating theREDstack for them. Here is a simple story that will Frames, Add Value and Lead the target in the right direction. And it will be based on the information above.

‘One of the things that I really love about meeting people is what you grab from people’s first impressions. For instance, when I was growing up I was pretty much raised by my mother, and so I have always had close friends that were women.

But one of the things that I can remember was that my first friend was a girl from down the street, and my dad left when I was 3 years old so my mother used to work quite a bit. So I would stay at one of the neighbor’s houses. They had a girl my age and pretty much from the age of 3 to 5 we were best friends.
It was such a different interaction in thinking back on it.
Mainly because the dynamic was different than how I ended up interacting with my guy friends, but we were so innocent too. There was nothing to fear because we had nothing to influence us.
And actually, when I started school things became totally screwed up. Right away, the guys in my kindergarten class made fun of me for being friends with a girl, and I never talked to her again. She tried to talk to me, but eventually gave up. And it will always be one of those things that I feel guilty about.

But, you know it is like the same thing now as it was then. The way men and women communicate in that same sort of way. Like things that happen between me and my girlfriends are always fun, but they are like a part of our own world. When you are with guys there is always social pressure that tries to influence you.
Like take sex for example, in how guys view it and how women view it. I always thought I was weird around my guy friends when I would bring this up but women always seemed to think this way. Women like to experience between people, and guys really only seem to care about getting off.

For me, I always hate bringing this up, but around really attractive people I can get intimidated. And to be honest you’re a really good looking woman, and I shouldn’t be afraid to say that, but those are the things that I think intimidate guys to act the way they do. I mean one thing I know from growing up with a sister and a mother around me all the time is women, like to be lead, but at the same time it has got to be done right.
Like what is something that you hated about the last guy you dated?

(she answers, doesn’t matter what she say you just continue on)

No, the thing about it is that guys don’t know how to be men anymore. Guys are pussies. Like I remember when I was 11 my sister, who is 2 years younger that me, got picked on by some guys on the way home from school. And I remember it made me so mad, that everyday for the rest of the year I walked with her hoping to see those guys. I never did see em, but that is what is missing from guys these days. They don’t get how to communicate with women. They don’t even realize that sometimes women want to be lead, and that being comfortable is more important than being pressured into anything. They don’t get that a simple action or bit of caring can change everything.

I bet you like to be totally wild, and you intimidate most guys who meet you, and when you date them, but if they allow you to be comfortable with them you can totally let loose, right?

So if you don’t mind me asking what do you do for work?

(she answers)

Wow, cool, I am a teacher.
You know that makes me think about how I came about doing what I do. I mean there are things that you do when you are a kid that kind of shape who and how you’re going to be right.
Like my dad would have me on the weekends and every chance I got I wanted to spend with him. I can remember sitting in the garage and watching him work on his car. That is pretty much all he did all the time.
I always wanted him to show me, but for the most part he was mostly annoyed by me being there. He wouldn’t let me mess up his tools so I would make up my own and sit there and teach myself how to fix cars.
I didn’t really know what I was doing but I would do it, just to imagine myself doing it.
And from that moment on I always knew I would be doing something where I would be helping people.

But like I said, it is part the job and part of how you grew up. Like because you work as a (X) you actually have a lot of the same things going on as me. Like my job has always made me really passionate and tenacious and with you because you work in (X) I can see the same things, but you actually do those things outside of your work. Like you are totally a girl that can step over the line, but like I said earlier, you just have to feel comfortable with someone first before you can let that wild side out.

It is actually a weird thing though, because there are 2 events in my life that really changed me. It is just like when you are a little kid and you could decide to go in one direction and the path you choose really defines a lot. Like I was saying with my first friend who was a girl. I will feel guilty about that anytime I think about it.

But there was this one time when I was with my father, and like I said I always wanted his attention and never felt like I got it. And when I was 16 we were fishing and we didn’t get back to shore before the sun went down. To make a long story short we both worked together to get back to shore. I could tell that it was one of the first times my dad was actually scared. And when we got back to shore I realized that, at that point he actually considered that I was grown up.
That moment changed my whole perspective and direction on things.
And then 2 years later my mother actually passed away.
It was one of those things that I will never forget. It changed me in so many ways, but one of the things it changed most about me was that, you need to live life in the moment and live it completely.
Sometimes you need to give your love to everyone, and other times you just need to have fun and not care about being careless.

Let me ask you something, you look like someone who could use a break, outside of all the bullshit. When was the last time you did something that truly defined you. Like I mean something totally crazy?

See that is the thing that is missing from peoples lives. I mean my best friend from childhood is my buddy Ralph. And him and his wife were having issues, and don’t get me wrong I would love to have my buddy around me at all times, drinking beer and watching sports, but he was screwing up a good thing. It was like they had all the relationship stuff down but no spontaneity. And that is something that all people want and need, especially women, but nobody will every really ask for.
And it was funny, but just that little bit, that little bit of surprise and romance where his wife needed to be swept of her feet and be taken to feel like a women, was all that was missing.

I mean I hate to bring this up, when I was just saying that your face kind of lit up… you’re sexually frustrated.'

To keep this short I don’t want to get into all the specific Frames happening here, but this is not just conversation. It is very structured, balancing emotion, Attraction and Introducing and defining Sexuality for them. When you think about it this is about 5-10 mins of material and in that short amount of time you can lead the conversation in a tactical direction.
And also you can have it from your life.

If you are interested in knowing about anymore of this stuff, hit me up. And hit me up about anything
Or read more on my blog
my Blog-



Thursday, June 19, 2008


So the past couple days have been busy.

I will get that comfort post up in the next few days.
I have actually been writing a shit load in the past few days.
My buddy the California Pimp has a few things that he is setting up that I have been helping him with at his which has a bit of a different take on pick up.

But really I wanted more to write about Shaft and Fidelio and the evolutions they are making in game.

I actually just got back from dinner with Shaft and every time I hangout with him, my mind is always totally cleared up. The guy is not only one of the smartest people I know, but has the best way of getting you to understand extremely complex things.
In fact that would be an understatement.

And Fidelio has been helping me for the past few months work on revisions to theREDstack. There are very few people that totally blow me away with their insights on things in terms of pick up but Fidelio is one of them.

In fact both Shaft and Fidelio helped me come up with a lot of the ideas for theREDstack, but it looks like within the next month I am going to have a completely updated way to write them.

Also I will be emailing everybody who already has one, so that they can get in on the updates.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with theREDstack, it is basically this,
You give me a short story of your life and I give you about an hour and a half of routines for you. They are all frame based and escalate smoothly into seduction. When I first started doing them out of the first 25 I did, 7 of those guys got SNLs within a week of getting their stack.

I stopped advertising for them in March to catch up on all of my orders and now I am completely caught up and have listened to a ton of feedback on them.

Right now I am in the process of redoing the structure of them with Fidelio. Shaft is as always super instrumental, but hopefully in the next month there will be some amazing changes to it.

But for now here is an excerpt from the article I wrote for Tripps PUA Forum

For the whole thing sign up with them and read the rest. But for now here is a sample.
And stay tuned because I will post the rest of it sometime next week!

So let’s start with what makes a DHV Story (Demonstration of Higher Value).

What a DHV Story is based on is the Attraction Switches.
There are a ton of them, and they should probably be re named but let’s take some of the ones I like to implement while working with people.

-Understanding Women’s Emotions
-Pre-selected by Women
-Being Dominant
-Wiling to Emote
-Protector of Loved Ones

These are just a few of the 15 or so of the Attraction Switches kicking around and I know those are different than the one’s normally mentioned but I really want to shed more light of things rather than say the same thing over and over again.

Now let’s see if we can take normal and average stuff from someone’s life and turn it into something that can work as a DHV.

How we will do this, is I will take common things from what people tell me, usually thinking they are DLVs (Demonstrations of Lower Value) and turn them into powerful stories.

Hopefully you will be able to come up with some of your own, after reading this.

-When I was growing up I had a very strong mother, that juggled cleaning the house, taking care of us kids but also taught us to cultivate our individual passions.
- My first real friend was a girl down the street, when I started school my new friends made fun of me for being friends with a girl and I never talked to her again.
-I work as a teacher in middle school.
- When I was young I remember how my dad, who only had me on the weekends, would work on cars. I would watch him, but it always made me sad that he would not actively show me. I think I actually annoyed him.
- I would walk my little sister to school everyday after she came home crying because some of the boys made fun of her.
- The first time I felt like I was grown up, was when my father and I got stuck on a fishing boat and I actually helped us get back to shore. He treated me differently after that and it was the first time I thought he was proud of me.
- I get insecure around women I am attracted to.
-My mom passed away when I was 18, and it is the single most experience that changed my life.
- My friend Ralph was separating from his wife and I helped them reconcile and they are still married to this day.

So those are typical things I hear during presentations and typical things that I get in people’s profiles when creating theREDstack for them. Here is a simple story that will Frames, Add Value and Lead the target in the right direction. And it will be based on the information above. (the story will come later folks, but to read in now go here
Tripps PUA Forum)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Horrible People

Let me revise this!
This is more of a funny joke than anything.

Detroit was Great, and Great people! Post more in Detail later..but for now...

This is a good summary of Detroit via Entropy and myself.

Friday, June 13, 2008

El Topo's Smooth Transitions to Comfort

So I am about to head up to Detroit for a Lair Talk and Workshop with Entropy from Boston.

Should be an awesome weekend, and should be a learning experience all around.
Doc, Saffron, Entropy and Myself are all going to trade One on One’s with each other.
And form now on anyone that I work with closely we will do the same thing.

In any case, there are also some new podcast coming out and some audio LRs (don’t let that fool you, it is more like us interviewing each other about certain LRs we have had).

But I wanted to write this mainly because my Gaming Towards a Life Style and My Text Message breakdown Posts have been popular.
This will shed some light on both of those topics as well as shed light on topics that are often ignored in the community.

So what made theREDstack such a popular product was that there is so little
information out there on comfort game.

When someone is new to the community or they take their first Boot Camp they will often say that they Have no Attraction Game, but once they are talking to a girl they are fine (assumed Comfort). But once they work on Attraction and get that down, Comfort then loses its familiarity.

Mainly because it has no structure.

But again let me know what you think,

If you are like MMAPUA and don’t want to read my ramblings on Theory then skip to the part listed as EXAMPLE way down at the bottom.

On Mon I will post the rest of this on the and the Lounge too.
But in this post I will show you how to establish Frames that smoothly lead you into Comfort.

So when we get to the Comfort Game there was very little ever written on it or taught in general about it.

Initially it was broken down into 3 parts, C1, C2 and C3.
I think that these were a good way to simplify things but even the breakdown of Attraction in this same way neglects a lot of the interactions.
Things like A1, A2 and A3 are generally consistent in interactions, but there is a lot more to it and a lot less than what is normally sold.
Attraction Game sells and feels good at first, but it really has very little to do with getting to know someone let alone sleeping with them, and if you’re into the normal disturbing interactions I work towards it is useless.

So the person that helped me understand Comfort the best is the genius Captain Jack.
What he did was cut out DHVs and start to use Frames. Also what I saw him to and what Shaft does was layer a rhythm of emotions and frames.

CJ would actually use his dossal style of Attraction just enough to begin the Rhythm of his framing.

So before I breakdown some examples, let’s go over a few things.

1-Why Comfort is important?

Comfort is not babysitting or just gaining rapport. It is not just time bridging and changing locations. It is not telling heart melters or even emotionally moving someone. It is not just framing someone, or eliciting a subpersonality…it is all those things and more. It is how you place them all together.

It is getting someone into Rapport (on an equal level to you, no need to gain more dominance, but rather maintain it) and moving the interaction where you want it to go.
The reason why it is important is because you can have your most amount of influence here. You can actually define your relationship to your target here, and that is what this thing called game is really all about.

2- What is Layering emotions and Frames?

What I saw CJ do, then Shaft do and myself do, was simple take the same idea of multi threading but instead use Frames and different emotional eliciting stories to have the Frames gain more validity and momentum.

So CJ might give off some fun sexual frame, and then transition immediately into a story about his life that brought out emotion (aka a Heart Melter)

An example would be Strawberry Field into the Electric Bill story.
I will give more examples later.

3- What are Subpersonalities and Why are they important?

Subpersonalities are one way of saying that people have dynamics within themselves that are consistent. Like everybody has a part of them that can go totally out of control, everyone has a part of them that can be angry, everyone has a part to them that likes o be innocent and again, if you’re me, everyone has a side to them that likes to have their sexual creativity pushed to their limits.
Sometimes they are referred to as roles.
Now the reason why they’re important is because they help build compliance in a frame you’re trying to instill in someone.

What is mean is that if you are telling a girl that she is a girl that doesn’t judge you want her to believe it. So if you can bring that out with a part of her personality for her to immediately act upon then you have not only built a belief in her that, that side of her exists, but also you have gotten her to exercise that muscle of compliance towards that action, and if you’re really good you can then define that action as some other frame you’re going for.

Again, I will give an example of all this a bit later.

4- How do I manage Comfort?

This is something that people always ask me. Actually they ask me, what if you don’t get into comfort that quick. Well you can achieve rapport right away, but you can’t necessarily hold it. Every set it different but you will always need to do what we call CYCLE Attraction.

Attraction is your tool to open up window so that you can go further in Set.
So you can use it to transition in Comfort, you can use it to introduce a Frame, you can use it to work your logistics, you can use it to bust through LMR. It is the main tool in the Kung Fu Penis.

But in going for Rapport as quickly as possible and keeping it moving in the direction you want it to go, you have to manage it. So you have to use Attraction to make it move in the right direction.
So now think of Attraction like an Attitude rather than a series of steps.
Attraction is what you use to maintain comfort.

And again I will include examples of how to make this work below.

So before we get to the examples let’s go over briefly how loose Comfort was laid out before.
C1 was to Isolate. That is true but there wasn’t nearly as much of a structure to it than there was laid out for attraction, which is such a small interaction of game (considering a timeline, Comfort was always the most predominant area).

C2 was to Possibly Kiss and to set up the Time Bridge.
This is true too but you don’t need to Time Bridge all the time, and you can Kiss earlier too. I think Kissing in the Venue you meet them at while working quick game sets off more ASD than anything.

C3 was the Day 2. Day 2s are good for a while I was on a steak that I never did them, but sometimes you just got to. But again there was a lack of real structure to them.

And don’t get me started on the Seduction Part. There is even less information on that, and I am not even sure why… cause I thought that was the end goal in all of this.
I thought that this was all about getting laid and although I know the founders in all of this did get laid, it was just that none of this was ever broken down in a way that could work for most guys. But the Seduction Phase is definitely something that people like myself, Sinn, CJ, and pretty much everyone we work with can breakdown.

So in order to give this some structure, let’s say I am coaching a guy on Routines that is a Computer Programmer that is from a Family where he is the Only Child, and lives in Chicago, but is from a small town in Indiana and didn’t move to a big city until after college. The guy I am coaching has a hobby of Reading Self Help Books.
Now all the guys need to do is have some balls and is willing to open and gain dominance in the set. What to say, I can post about, but all the Body Language, Tonality, Expressions, and How you interact in set I can’t really write about…for now at least.

So here is the stack I would give him…

(I have broken it up into Parts so That is will be easier to Breakdown later)
From Opener


Hey guys, do you think that people kissing in a bar is something that totally normal or kind of weird?

(they answer)

Well, it is crazy because the other night I was with my friend Nancy and we saw these two totally getting down like in the hallway to the bathroom. I mean even the bouncers were afraid to break em up.
Like I was at the point where I was ready to hand em the keys to my car and the condom in my pocket.

But seriously when I was with my ex we would be intimate but we never wanted to show off, we would actually be somewhere out of someone’s view.

Transition with

So how do you guys know each other?

(they answer, doesn’t matter what they say)

That is interesting because I was just reading in this book about people’s reactions to questions and it was saying how at your first impression with someone that actually can tell you more about someone than what they tell you 5 mins after you meet them. I mean I was an only child so I have always been really good at getting what I want.
Like with you I can tell that you lead the group, and how you interact with people you’re the one that will actually pave the way for you friends.
And you, I don’t know, but you’re more of the person everybody has fun with, like the last time someone hit on one of your friends you are always the one that give me the most trouble.

And you, you are just plain trouble. I would even want to get started with you.
You would totally be like my little sister if I had one.

No but it was funny because one of the things I was reading about there was this guy who went around asking people questions and depending on how they reacted he was able to find out who he would get along with best.

So actually come here for a second (mini isolate the target)
So let me ask you this,
And just the first thing that comes to your head.

What is the Craziest thing you’ve done?
No come on no need to blush, just the first thing that comes to mind…

(make her answer, and make it fun, this is not to qualify in the traditional sense. It is to gain compliance and to cold read)

Ok so really, that is it with you? Now I can already tell you seem pretty cool, either that or you’re a total dork, but I can tell you’re someone that I am probably going to end up knowing for a while. And because of that, I know you have done weirder shit than what you just said.

(If the group is still around then you can engage for just a second with this but only to keep them happy and back to more isolation with her)

So guys, she is totally the girl that you can’t trust with anything right…
Like she is always the big gossip, right?

(back to mini isolation before the girl remerges the group)

But actually it is a funny thing cause…actually what is a hobby of yours?
(she answers)
So you know how there are things that you do, like outside of hanging out with your friends that can shape you outlook on things. Like even when you are around certain people is can totally change your perspective?
And I have this friend Sheila and she is like one of the most beautiful people I know, but she is super insecure, and once she opens her mouth you pick up on it right away.
But with me most of my friends around me always say that when they hangout with me they feel comfortable in telling me anything.

Actually with you, and with just how you respond you’re that friend that probably can keep a secret better than any of them, mainly because you don’t judge people and your friend come at you with all sorts of crazy stuff. So if we do anything crazy tonight you’ll have to pinky swear with me not to tell anyone…


So here is one of the things with me. And it has always been a really big pet peeve.
I work with computers, and I always knew I would be in a field where I could use that creative side to me but also technical. The only problem is that most of the people I work with come at it from a completely different angle.
They work to work, rather than work to accent a certain part of themselves.
Actually what is it that you do for work?

(she answers)

That’s kind of cool, it is actually like the same thing with me. You have the same passions and can over the line at times but you don’t really do it around everyone. But when you are comfortable around people you actually have no problem showing it.
I would even say that you have a lot of friends but you only have 2 or 3 really good ones that actually get to see your wild side.

So really now, tell me the truth, what is something that is totally out of your element that people don’t get from you?

(she answers)

Ok so I am still not sure about you… you’ve totally inspired me I have got to give you this test. Come here.

(isolate some more, away form friends)

Ok so again just the first thing that comes to mind here.
My friend actually asked me this thing when I had just broken up with my ex so my answer would probably be different now.
So just the first one that comes to mind…
So pick a number between one and four.

Alright, you got it?

So what did you pick?

(here is how you read the answers…
first you start out by saying what you number was and it needs to be different than yours.
So you say…)

So when I did it I picked X
And like I said I was just out of a relationship and so X means that I was hesitant to show people what I was like all the time. Like I actually would rather go out with a group of people and than by myself. I would rather have people lead than be independent.

But you being a Y, that is a bit different. You are actually your best self when you acting on your own. And more than your friends you can be really aggressive, but more internally than anything. Like I said you have this total wild side when you are allowed to feel it.
Like I wouldn’t even want to see what kind of crazy shit you have got in you closet at home, there’s probably all these crazy trophies from your ex boyfriend. I could totally see you as the girl that could intimidate most guys you meet.

So right now we will break.
Here this is a good lead into establishing Comfort while building up all your frames and generating attraction while doing it.

I will post the Breakdowns on Monday with the rest of the stuff, showing how to build off of those Frames and do so with Subpersonalities and really making their emotions invested in to how you are defining your interaction with them

But you see game can work for anybody, you just have got to voice it in the right way!

And as alway, let me know what you think

Friday, June 6, 2008

Boston Night Two

So Sinn and I are getting done with our first night of
Boot Camp in Boston.

Fucking awesome City!
I have been working with the Day Game Master Doc Holiday for a while,
But tonight Saffron and Entropy were our Coaches and these guys are fucking Amazing!

Sinn and are are sitting in our hotel wondering where these guys have been all this time.
The crazy thing is that we have literally worked with the BEST in this field and we can't stop talking about how much these guys have impressed us.

Saffron has been Asian Playboy Student and Alumni for a long time...and I can't say enough good things about APB... but man tonight Saffron shined! One of the best guys out there.

Entropy I have worked with a bit in the past, but I wish there were more guys out there that could do what he does. As a teacher he is so Fing good, and as a PUA he is better than most instructors out there.

And as you know Doc, I almost talk about too much.

In the next few days we will be recording Podcasts with this trio. I know I got to get the rest of CJ and myself up there on my list for you guys to listen to, but hopefully there will be some really featured stuff from these guys in the next few weeks.

Dante is coming up to Boston on Tues, and man... if the Goat and Dante hook up with Doc, Entropy and Saffron it will be THEE best group of guys the community has seen in a while.

I will post more in detail, but right now I am just fucking excited!

With any questions how to get a hold of these guys, just hit me up!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boston Night One

So finally I am in Boston.
How could you not love it? Good food good people, good women... and it is a real city.
The Airport was against me today and there was delay after delay after cancellation till finally I made the fight in. Total of 16 hours dicking around eating over priced food.

Doc was supposed to pick me up and meet up with Entropy, but because I was stranded in the airport I had all this time to entertain myself through email and text.
I happened to email a girl that I hadn't talked to in a while, who I had met on a plane while leaving Boston and going to Austin.
I never posted the LR.
Probably should have, it was the second airplane lay I had gotten and it was a pretty interesting story.

In any case she is one of the most interesting people I have met in life. She is one of the few women who could easily kill me, and she is also a hardcore feminist, she has a long list of intense oddities to flavor her personality.

You should have seen me initially running theREDstack on her. In fact everyone who got a stack after I met her should thank her because she added a shit-load of insight because she found every hole that I had in it and exposed it. It was a long long road for that close...
Which was a delicate balance of logistics and framing. I would have abandoned the set, but we were stuck on a plane or in airports for 9 hours together.

In fact I was supposed to go to a Party with Dante that night we met and missed it to be stranded in several airports with her.

But anyway, last I talked to her was months ago. She was getting married, and I sent a few emails and it all died off.
But I emailed her while waiting in the airport waiting for my delayed flight, and the funny thing is that she emailed me right back saying that she lived in Boston now and could pick me up.

I thought it was weird, but oh well... let's see where it takes me.

Right from the start she is overly excited to have me come over and says that I can stay at her place and yadda yadda yadda.
Nothing about the fiancé .
You have to realize these sorts of logistics are really weird.
I don't have this happen often, and especially with someone I SNLed off a plane and then barely talked to.

So my plane gets in fucking late and she is still down to pick me up.

I still wanted to try and meet Doc and Entropy for dinner with her, but she was pretty insistant on going back to her house.
She said she had made food and still wanted to make some cookies.

I don't fucking get it man,
Pick up is by far one of the more interesting paths I have taken in life.

So we get to her house and she has conveniently left out that her fiancé is there.
So I am thinking weird but I will go along with it. And why not?
They have a nice place, a dog and they give me food and show me the guest room.

It is like there is no flirting going on whatsoever, but a super welcoming experience.
The thing is that in terms of pick up, these situations need to be broken down in terms of logistics. There is a girl I layed, months ago, have had very little communication with. She has picked me up at the airport, invited me into her house and has intentionally left out that her fiancé is there.
This would still point to she wants to fuck, or at least she is open to it.
What I mean by this is that she has very much allowed the situation to take place.
Anytime a girl allows the logistics to happen in terms of sex (going to a location where she is comfortable to have sex) it is not that she is consciously saying fuck me, but the odds go way up in terms of her being willing to fuck you.

So I decide to ride this out.

I eat, I eat cookies, and I talk about whatever intellectual bullshit they are into.
I put my stuff in the room they have made for me, and the fiancé comes in and tels me he has to go to his house.

And now it makes sense. He doesn't live there. They live separate.
she say she has to drive him home, but will be back.

I stay int he house eat more food and play with the dog.

In about 15 mins she returns and talks with me for a few mins, goes to my room and talks with me there while lying on the bed.

Again, logistics...

Seriously I don't get it. We fuck, not in their bed but the guest bed.
she says she has to sleep, gives me a key and tells me I can stay here for the weekend and to show up anytime.

In some ways i almost think that her fiancé knows that I fuck his soon to be wife and they have some weird sort of swinger relationship. This all too comfortable and easy.
But go figure, it is perfect too!
It is like shedding my light on June Cleaver's dark side.
That it all for now...

Hope you guys are coming to the Lair Talk/Workshop tomorrow in Boston!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boston Lair Talk and Workshop Locations

Hey Guys,

Those of you coming to the events this weekend with Sinn and I here is where to find us
Elephant & Castle Pub and Grill

It will be $50 if you Pay in Advanced (Click Here to Do that, and you can sign up for our other seminars too!)
And $55 at the door.

The Lair Talk/Workshop will be at 6pm and will go for about 2 and a half hours.
It will be covering Inner Game and Gaming towards a Lifestyle.
Also we will cover our other workshops that weekend!

See you in Boston!
Detroit is next week!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Gaming Towards a Lifestyle

I am really excited to be headed back to Boston.
Every time I go there it is a fucking blast…
By this time you should know that I have made some pretty great friends there, in and out of the community.

I mention Doc all the time (mainly because he rivals me in his disturbing nature….and I think that’s a good thing).

But also Saffron is a demon as well. For someone who gets bathroom pulls and stripper pulls as much as he does…you would never know it by the looks of him. I remember the first time I met him, I was thinking who is this Asian guy??? Then I saw him in action, seriously one of the best guys out there and also has a multi cultural approach.

And Entropy I have been always know for my reviews, but so is he. There are very few guys in the community that are great at game, but also great teachers. Entropy is both. Also he gets the actual lifestyle part of things which even less people have a grasp on…and that is kind of the point of this post.
But these are guys I am really looking forward to see. In fact they are all gong to be helping out on our workshops up there.
Interested in signing up email me or click HERE

It will be badass tearing it up with those guys in Boston!

One of the things I wanted this post to be about is the beginnings of what being a PUA is all about. As I mentioned in the above, is that there are very few PUAs that teach that are actually good at both things…teaching and being a PUA. And there are even less that can actually have a manageable lifestyle. When I got into this I had goals that I wanted to accomplish in when I first found the community online.

I read the game (actually I never finished it, but read enough to know that I wanted to learn what those guys knew), I looked online and found as much info as I could.

At the time I actually had a pretty cool lifestyle, I just wanted to get better at getting the women I would want in my life.
I played music, had toured the USA...been in every state other than Alsaka (and one day I will go there). I have had and still have Art Pieces on exhibit in Museums all over.
Worked as a Photographer in all sorts of capacities, and I had pretty much always had a girlfriend, but I was always in a relationship and I never really got the women that I had around me. They always approached me. In fact I go tin the Game when I was 29 and from 19 to 29 I was pretty much always in a relationship (usually very dysfunctional) and I had only been with 8 women. 3 of them were from relationships that I had been in, in those 10 years.

I wanted Freedom! Just the freedom to know that I could be an attractive guy that had the women I wanted in my life. I wanted to be able to go out to a bar and see a girl I found attractive and be able to fuck her…fuck I wanted to be able to go talk to her and not worry about what she would think or what to say! I wanted to be able to play a show and when a girl approached me, I would know what to do. I wanted to have 3somes, I wanted to have multiple girlfriends, I wanted to have adventure in all ways of man!
Now maybe I didn’t want that all the time, but since I knew it was possible I wanted to get it.

And product after product lead to nothing. All the product actually said the right stuff, but I just wasn’t committed to it. I didn’t believe it was possible for ME! I believed that it worked but I didn’t believe that I could pull it off. And for game all you really need is Belief and Balls!
So I took a Boot Camp.
And that changed everything. I saw people doing it, and I did it and got feedback from people who knew…. Sinn, CJ, Tenmagnet….

But let’s fast forward a bit here…

I started teaching this stuff after getting trained by Captain Jack and Sinn and I was committed to it. Now Game defined my lifestyle, I was someone who was constantly working on how to game better, how to teach better, and my lifestyle took a dip. Those things that made me good at first, like living as a photographer and artist and musician, helped me big time!
What had happened was that the way I learned, without getting to side tracked on specifics, was my Game defined my life. How I did in sets was what dictated my mood. Now I want to point out that Sinn has been saying this as well, I am not trying to steal his thunder here, but affirm it with my story of it.
But how many approaches, how many lays, how many SNLs was what dictated how I structured my Game, my Teaching, and my Life….
This was not my goal getting into this, nor my goal as a teacher.
And now I no longer had time for the things that once defined me… yes I had no game, but my passions propelling me is what once made my life. I always have worked with people in helping them out, but teaching Game was the best outlet for it. The only thing was, I became a great teacher (in fact one of the best hands down) but that was it. I no longer fulfilled those things which drove me before.

I remember when I realized I was going to start teaching full time I had to think to myself, ‘what do I need to do for myself to make this work’.
It wasn’t till I met Tyler Durden that I realized it was possible.

Since I started working with guys over the phone this past month on my Mentor Program (if you are interested in working on a Mentor Program with myself or some of my other PUA Compatriots then email me I noticed that there has to be a way to teach this stuff and incorporate a lifestyle. I mean build a lifestyle from the start of it. So I would like to start posting some of the things that I have been teaching to the guys I have been working with over the phone.

But one thing is for certain everyone is feeling weird about too much canned material, and not being able to DHV yourself in a way that is congruent from them.

So I wanted to past about how that can be done.
Now Captain Jack just did a post on DHVs and he is the master of them…probably because he doesn’t even use them in any way that is at all traditional. He actually says he doesn’t DHV.

But one of the things I saw him do was in set, aside from the opener, he never lied. He always spoke about his life.
Now if we are going for a LIFESTYLE then this is really the end goal in getting people to like you. Be yourself in the most ATTRACTIVE WAY!.

Now this is not saying to just go out and be a natural, what is saying is that you need to learn the Social Dynamics of what makes people work and start building that up until it can merge with your REAL life.

So here is the main model for how I shape theREDstacks that were so popular, before I stopped offering them.

You mix Grounding with DHVs.
And go light on the DHVs, no need to throw too many switches in them.

I also use Check Ins to allow my conversations to continue on.
This is a Juggler thing and is too often over looked.
What a Check In is, is something that allows you to continue talking.
Like a Neg or a Tease it allows you in Rapport to maintain a Dominant Frame in making them keep attention.

‘You know what I mean right?’
‘You know someone like that?’
‘I am sorry, what did you say you did for work again?’

The last one is not meant as a qualifier, but more to just perk up their interest to engage them a bit.

Then I work a Frame, laced with Cold Reads to empower them.

Afterwards I Qualify to determine the direction I want to take the conversation.
Qualifiers have many uses, but mainly to Gain Value, Calibrate Where you are in Set and to Lead into the Direction you want to go in.

An Example of all this is something like this…

‘So one of the things I always like about meeting new people is just knowing those little things that make people tick.
For instance for me I have always been someone that is really passionate and almost competitive with it.
And, you know how there are little things that you do each day that can sort of shape different parts of your personality.
So I have always been involved in computers…I know it sounds so typical, but really there is something about it that spawns that sort of childlike curiosity in me. I mean I can get really passionate with it. Like sometimes I can even step over the line with things.

But with you, what did you say you did for work again?
She answers
So like for you it is the same thing. You can have that passionate side too, but you don’t always show it.
But when you are with people that you are really comfortable that side can really come out of you. I bet you have, 2 or 3 really good friends that get to see that sort of wild side you have.

Let me ask you this… what is one thing that you totally hate when you are dating someone new?’

Ok, so let’s break this down…
The first bit is pure grounding, but in the direction of the frame you want to set, She has a Wild Side.

You talk about who you are and what you do and define it as something Passionate and allows you to Step over the Edge.
Now throughout is a Check In, here it is asking what is is she does for work.

It doesn’t matter what she does, works at a Café, works as a Librarian, or she is an Author, the Frame and Cold Read is the same.

The Frame is that she has those Same qualities and the Cold Read is that she doesn’t show it all the time, and she has 2 or 3 really good friends.

Then that other side is Framed again in saying that it makes her have a Wild Side.
You want to be talking to the ‘Wild Side’ part of the girl.

Then I want to go into another routine that is based more on me being a leader and understanding women (I may post this one later) so I Qualify by asking her about what she dislikes about when she dates someone new.’

I want to write more about Lifestyle and Gaming towards that.
Let me know what you think of this post and I will continue on with some things, based on your responses!

More later in the week…for now see you all in Boston!

And Email me anytime