Friday, June 6, 2008

Boston Night Two

So Sinn and I are getting done with our first night of
Boot Camp in Boston.

Fucking awesome City!
I have been working with the Day Game Master Doc Holiday for a while,
But tonight Saffron and Entropy were our Coaches and these guys are fucking Amazing!

Sinn and are are sitting in our hotel wondering where these guys have been all this time.
The crazy thing is that we have literally worked with the BEST in this field and we can't stop talking about how much these guys have impressed us.

Saffron has been Asian Playboy Student and Alumni for a long time...and I can't say enough good things about APB... but man tonight Saffron shined! One of the best guys out there.

Entropy I have worked with a bit in the past, but I wish there were more guys out there that could do what he does. As a teacher he is so Fing good, and as a PUA he is better than most instructors out there.

And as you know Doc, I almost talk about too much.

In the next few days we will be recording Podcasts with this trio. I know I got to get the rest of CJ and myself up there on my list for you guys to listen to, but hopefully there will be some really featured stuff from these guys in the next few weeks.

Dante is coming up to Boston on Tues, and man... if the Goat and Dante hook up with Doc, Entropy and Saffron it will be THEE best group of guys the community has seen in a while.

I will post more in detail, but right now I am just fucking excited!

With any questions how to get a hold of these guys, just hit me up!

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