Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lost Phone

Guys I know this is a weird post but I lost my phone and it has a bunch of your guys numbers on it.
Needless to say I have shitty phone company... in fact i don't know of a good one and despite having all of my info stored on some master server of their's they won't let me have access to it.

Pretty crazy huh.
I mean did you know all of your contacts with names and text messages are being stored on your phone company's database to sell back to you in situations like mine?

Totally fucked up!

If you do have my number, I probably don't have yours now.
Can you text it to me with your name and I will put it into my new phone.

Also I have got an assistant now...
I want to expand all the great info that is coming my way now.
If you email him your Name and Email Address and number to
I will send you out a sample of the new product I am working on.

That is it for now... as for stacks and emails, I will get to all of them in the next few days.
But please if you have my 714 number text me your contact info, even if I talked to you today, because I have lost all my contact info.



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Leaving Honolulu....

It is still Xmas eve on Hawaii.

Tomorrow I get back on track with my long list of emails and Routine Stacks.
It will be good to be back home for a bit.

But I must say that Hawaii has always been my home.
And one day I will be back there again.

Sinn has extended his visit and it will be interesting to see what happens form here on with him.
For the last couple of days both of us have been having amazing experiences with Tyler Durden.

It is very rare that I meet someone and say, 'that person is someway I can learn from', but that was what I felt in the last few days I spent with Tyler.

It really was an interesting time.
Sinn and I both felt the tension within us easy. It seemed after every night with TD we both calmed and felt content in the silence.
Tyler is one of the only PUA legends I have met that is completely comfortable in his own skin.
He is also one of the only teachers out there that is comfortable in his own skin... (that's the sad part)

And I think from now on it is clear how I want to teach and how I want to implement game.

Sinn will be staying around and traveling with Tyler more...
I wish I could stay, but I got to get back home with my family for the holidays.
I think there are really going to be some changes coming.
In fact I know it.

Just two weeks ago CJ and I started talking a change, the folks in Austin started talking, then Boston and SoCal.
But it was when I met with Tyler 4 nights ago I knew that things were going to manifest.

It will also be good to see Future again who will be hanging out with us in the beginning of the New Year.

Once again sory to the guys who have emailed me.
I will get back on it tomorrow!

And I will crack out the remainder of my stacks.
But one thing is for certain I am filled with a new life here.

Thanks for reading


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tyler Durden

Now I know I have a lot of emails to get to.
I promised myself I wouldn't post until I got to them.
But tonight there is an exception.

Over a year ago I took a Boot Camp in Scottsdale, AZ
and it changed my life.
I met Sinn, Captain Jack, and Tenmagnet.

It changed my life.

I then was taken under CJ's wing,
I got good at game.
I then was taken under Sinn's wing.
I got better at game.

I started working with Future, Trance, Shaft, CJ, and Sinn
and I learned how to teach.

The more I taught the more I learned about myself.
The more I worked with with these guys the more I started to realize how much what we were teaching and learning from each other.
I got lays...yeah.
But I started to learn how to live.

In the past few months of going out and working with students, meeting people in the lairs, the more I realized how I could be a better teacher.
I started to learn, and still am learning, how much working with students and helping them in their lives changed my life.
Just in working with guys like Captain Jack, Sinn, Fidelio, and Shaft I realized how much you have to have a solid ground to stand on before you can give your experience to others get where they want to go.

I have worked with about 120 people in the past 3 weeks and for those people you know I don't ever want to think of myself as a Guru.
I don't know what makes one, but I have never really cared about being one.
I think that anyone who has that perspective separates themselves for being able to teach anyone how to have that triangle of Inner Game, Lifestyle and Skill Set.

So today I am in Hawaii and had dinner with Tyler Durden and his friend HeadOn.
And tonight I had another turning point in my journey through all this.
Here was a guy who has come full circle.
Where as so many of us get caught up in game and almost remain little kids, so to speak, Tyler D has become an adult.

Here is the thing guys.
It is really hard to say right now in how much just those few hours with him has enlightened my perspectives in all of this, but I feel that I have made a friend for life.
But what I now know is that I am going to put myself out there full fledged.
This blog is going to be more of a tool for guys who want this thing to get it.

As you know CJ and I are working on something, and after the holidays pass we'll be on it. Sinn too.
But now more than ever I have seen things in myself to empower to full commit to the guys who want to put it out there.

There is already a long list of those guys...
Kings, Dante, Clear, Boom, Doc, Finn, J. Galt, Mayson, Xander, Surefire, Mask, Invictus, Nice Guy, Big Bear, theGoat, Jelly .... and it goes on and on.

This blog is going to take off.
TD has totally made another change happen.
He is the only guy who I have met in a while of doing this that has that triangle filled.
While everyone else was acting like a little kid, he grew up.

And tonight I feel like that night I drove the long drive home from my Boot Camp in Scottsdale over a year ago.
I have this new revelation... now where do I go with it.

We'll see where it takes me.

Thursday, December 20, 2007



So here I am, back home...
In Hawaii.
Well Honolulu actually.
Haven't yet met up with Sinn, but it is a great time to see old friends.

Right now I have traveled about 6000 miles in 5 days.
I am super busy. I know I have gotten many emails and please...just hang with me I will get back to you.

The funny thing is that I went Friday from Fort Worth to Austin.
Met with my good friends down there, Clear, Dante, BoomDude, and Finn.
Saturday night went to Boston.
Man what an AWESOME city.
Hate to say it, but I didn't go out. Gave a talk at the Lair and they have quite possibly one of the best lairs I have been to.
I also did a live Routine Stack consult with Surefire.
Doc Holiday was a big help Wake Effect.
And good to finally meet some of the folks I have built relationships with over phone and email.
You know who you are!

But the Mon, Wake Effect drops me off at the airport.
The weather has cleared and there should be no delays.
The airport is crowned as fuck. I sit down next to a really attractive and sophisticated girl. Actually I am a wimp and sit down one seat away. Within a minute another guy sits in between but begins conversation with both of us.
As soon as the girl opens her mouth I can tell she has got balls. We will call this girl Captain Femme Fatale.

Nothing much really, but we are both on our way to Boston and our flight is already late.
They keep making announcements as to the estimated departure time.
They announce..they announce
they Cancel the flight.

In any case, I will post the LR about this because it is too bad ass not to. But it ended up that we spent the whole day and night together getting back to Austin, and if anybody allows me to run that much isolated comfort on I will lay em.
Even if she is a former Army Captain, Feminist, MIT student,. I got to say, she has been one of the smartest women and toughest women I have met in a while.
She had me crash at her place since we got back to Austin so late and I couldn't meet up with Dante, Clear and WonderWoman.

But it was for the best. That is the second Airplane Lay I have gotten in a month.
And this girl was beyond quality.

Actually the reason why I bring her up is because her ability to reframe was unbelievable. It actually gave me huge insight on how to elicit frames and the difference between comfort frames and attraction frames.
How they should interact with one another and how to use social bait or emotions to stimulate the.

It truly prepared me for the SoCal Lair talk!

And man that was a great talk.
I would like to thank everyone for coming and I am glad that everybody seemed to get a lot out of it.
Sexual Chocolate gets mad props as well as Johnny Wolf for helping organize it.
At this talk it was great because I got to meet about 15 or so guys who I had worked with over the phone and email. As I always say we only know the tip of the ice berg on all of this stuff, let's get better at it together.
The only way I learned was from CJ and Sinn taking me under their wing.
The only way Future had his breakthroughs was because Sinn took him under his wing too.
Now that is not to say we don't work our asses off, but let's do it.
Any of the 100 or so people I have worked with in Austin, Boston, and SoCal in the past week know that the ways in which we are changing game is pretty much revolutionary!
Let's get a dialog going, drop our fucking egos and do this!

Which brings me to my...


So one thing in me being a teacher of this stuff I can never think I am better than anyone else.
I can never put myself on some sort of deity level in game.
Mainly because if I am to teach this and get money for it, it is my belief that ANYONE can do this. And it is my JOB to make that happen!
Anyone who has worked with me knows this.
Everyone of my students is good.
In fact every single one of my students that I have personally trained are better than a lot of instructors who get paid for this.

Now look, there is no doubt in my mind that I am an excellent teacher.
I have worked with people from 19 to 60 and from so may different backgrounds.
There is no doubt that I am good at this.
I can game. I can be up there with the top of them.
I have done that. One thing that I always looked up to CJ for was because he was the embodiment of INNER GAME, LIFESTYLE, and SKILL SET.

In the past week what I have seen out of other people instructing this thing is pathetic. Just being around the lairs and hear how some of these guys have been teaching and treating other is total bullshit.
Whether it is being an asshole to other instructors on a Boot Camp, or it is Belittling them because you think you're better than them, or bragging to students about how amazing your game is.

First off I have been out with the best of em.
It would be hard to say who is the best PUA, but of the guys I hear stimulating this sort of mentality they don't come close to Sinn, Captain Jack, Future or Myself.

It is not the way to teach guys. Get it straight. Let's work together on this stuff.
Just take a look at Dallas.
There is a reason why there are so many big name instructors there that have nothing to do with the Lair. But yet we worked amongst ourselves to get good at all this stuff. There are multiple PU company Instructors that have nothing to do with the Lair, but talk amongst each other.

There is a reason why ever time I meet with Future or Sinn or CJ or Shaft that we bounce back ideas and applications.
There is a reason why the stuff we teach is so efficient. And there is a reason why everyone I have taught lives the LIFE that they want and doesn't need to get off on putting other folks down to establish themselves.

But it is totally bullshit.
And the only reason why I can teach this stuff is because anyone can do it.
That is my job.

Anyone who has seen me speak knows how advanced and detailed my stuff is. Anyone who has seem me work has seem my ability to adapt and make game work for anyone.
Anyone who has seen me game knows I am really fucking good.
But anyone who has worked with me knows that I don't make that my job to show someone that, it is my job to get them to do that.

Questions Comments email me...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Boston Lair/SoCal Lair

So I wanted to thank everybody who attended the Boston Lair talk on Sun night!
And thanks for the dinner guys!

The talk was really great, sort of an advanced subject in terms of using body language to elicit Attraction Triggers, Comfort Triggers, and Seduction Triggers.
It is too bad Mentalist and 2HM weren't there, when I met with them in Dallas we talked at length about these sorts of aspects of social psychology and finally I think I have it down.

Pretty much how I game now is purely based on using body language to built attravtion and even bait into attraction, comfort and seduction.
Pretty hard thing to write about. But step one would be to start reading how social theory has developed. Not necessarily NLP, but more so on legitimate and studied works.

That's where the Mentalist and 2HM as well as Shaft come in.
It should be good to see what 2hm thinks of the Austin scene, when he goes down there with me next month.

But hey guys, probably the best product I have for people at all levels is the Routine Stack!
Look if you are in Southern Ca on Tues you should have a good excuse as to why you are not coming to the Lair Talk there.
It is purely based on the methodology on how I custom build these things.
In Boston I built two stacks while there, and Doc Holiday helped me out in establishing some of the more in depth frames in one of the stacks I built. Both guys were literally amazed at how the frames and DHVs all worked with each other.

So if you are in SD, OC, or LA sign up HERE
For SoCal Lair Sign Up HERE

It will be awesome!

I am not sure what Sexual Chocolate has set up after that but I am sure it will be fun.

Check out the attraction forums to see about the Previous Lair Talks I have done in the past


And here are some reviews for my Stacks!

Stack Review!

And after that I will be working the BC in Honolulu!

Look guys I want to meet everyone out there!
So show up, and we will all work this stuff out together!



Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shipping up to Boston!

So guys,
I am on my way to Boston on lay over right now.
Tomorrow night is really going to rock.
I got a lair talk that I believe is already filled to capacity on the use of
sub communication to build attraction, comfort and seduction.

This is actually something that I have always been into as far as gaming in concerned, but lately it is pretty much how I game.

As you may know that I have been super busy lately but I know that I need to start posting on all this.
In Las Vegas, every night of the BC I got laid and on the plane back to Boston I got and HJ and later closed her a day later.

All I got to say is that if you are not incorporating how you sub communicate, and how you can elicit sexuality and other leveraging aspect of game, you are wasting a lot of time with your game.
It is a true art though.
It is a tough thing to get down and build calibration towards.

But for those of you in Boston can't wait to meet you!

And for on Tues the 18th of Dec I will be in Orange County Ca to give a SoCal lair talk that still has space available.
For SoCal Lair Sign Up HERE

In the SoCal talk (thanks Sexual Chocolate)
I will be talking about how to build a routine stack. This has been a popular product of mine and have never really broken down publicly how to replicate it.
So definitely if you are in the area come and hear the talk.
You will also get to meet a few of the guys who have had a stack built for them and see what they might have to say about how it has helped them in game, and how different of a take it is from normal styles of game.

How to see you folks on either coast...
Then I will be off to Hawaii, which will always be my home.
Sorry Hau'nani
I am taking up your island.



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sitting Down with Captain Jack

As you guys know probably one of the biggest influences in game for myself has been Captain Jack.

So this last weekend Shaft, Fidelio and I were down in Austin with the whole crew down there.
Man it was a great time, and it really looks like some new stuff is going to be coming out from those guys there.

I mean I talked with Students of TMM, Asian Playboy, Don Savage, and guys that I have worked with and everybody there is on the level.
I talked with Pyro, one of the MODs of their lair and he told me that a lot of instructors always give compliments on how their layer is run.

But one thing that Shaft and Fidelio brought up to me was that what made everything work in Dallas was the influence of Captain Jack.
When I first got into game you may remember that CJ was at my Boot Camp in Scottsdale AZ.
Then I went back home to Dallas and He was there.
It is a funny thing because right from the start I learned CJ's game. I never thought it was different than anyone else's.
At first I watched him, then he actually showed me how it was done.

Little did I know at the time, how different he was at game.
I mean I knew he was easy going in comparison to the other TMM guys I had met, and peacocked in a very subtle way, but I really didn't see the difference.
When I started getting lays, they were usually SNLs. Or at least more than normal.
Also the other thing about CJ ad everyone in Dallas will tell you this, is he is super nice.
There is no massive ego that separates him form the rest of the guys learning out there.

Now there are good PUAs all over, but what made my experience different was that I had a PUA around me that was so different and creative that just sitting around and talking to him made you good. And I don't know anyone else who has had that sort of impact consistently.
For instance it Shaft, Sinn, Fidelio, Twitchy, myself have all had tremendous insight from just hanging out with the guy.
Now also we have all gone out and winged with him, but when one of the best PUAs in the world finds CJ one of his best wings out there I think there is something to be said about Captain Jack's influence on not just myself but the community he has cultivated.

So the other day I sat down with CJ, and one of the things that I have to always keep in mind is that the guy should be credited with so much of my game. He is pretty much one of the few PUAs that I feel I am so far away from in terms of game. The other being Sinn.
But we all really do learn from each other.
So when we were talking he started to fill me in on a lot of what he was doing now.
Most of it is setting up his other businesses. The man is a fucking tycoon.
But he was translating his social dynamics to what has been going on in his business and that was how he was having so much success.
He was telling me that success was something that was never defined by what was put in front of you, but what did with what was in front of you.

He went on to explain how when he first started at this thing he had no one to wing with.
There was nobody.
I have to say it really is an interesting thing when someone who really truly displays the Triangle of Inner Game, Lifestyle, and Skill Set, starts to to show his emotional side.

He told me, he did his Boot Camp with Savoy and Mystery and went out and bought all the peacocking stuff. Got the raised shoes and hit the clubs. He actually started out of town to not be recognized. He was newly divorced and had two kids to support. It was a new starting point in his life.

One of the things I always looked up to in Captain Jack was that from the time I have known him he has always made it a point to have his house clean before he set out on the external side of life...including his game.

But he went out and failed. He went out and got blown out set after set.
He studied the material over and over again. He researched aspects of human society, culture and went deep into psychology.
He still didn't see success. He got numbers and make outs here and there, but nothing.

I don't know if you guys know what that is like to sign up for something give it your all and still not get the results that you expected.
He hooked up with the Dallas Meet Up board and made some connections there.
There he found some people to go out with, but even they were reluctant to wing with him.
I am serious, the stories of his early Dallas days are still talked about here.
He talks about the time when two of his friends and wings ditched him at the club!

But what happened was CJ started to reconstruct the game.
As he has always said, it is not inspiration which changes people, it is desperation!
And he was desperate. He started to combine what he had learned from reading social psychology and evolutionary biology and reworked things a bit.
this went on for over a year.

For an year and a half CJ gamed with splotches of success until he started to notice a pattern.
He started reworking ideas on, 'future event projections', 'grounding along with DHVs', using 'frames as pivots to other frames', trying to 'qualify with body language and pacing'.
Some stuff worked and other stuff didn't. But the patterns in how he worked started to show a clearer path.

So he decided to start taking some guys under his wing.
Then they were able to replicate it.
Then he met Sinn.
He helped out on a few Boot Camps and the second one he did, he met me.

At first I just watched him.
And after about 3 or 4 months he started showing me little things here and there.
I started to get real good. And real consistent. He showed me more things.
He then recommended me to Sinn and Sinn started showing ways of game that he learned.
Then Sinn moved to Dallas and the scene exploded.
I mean it blew up!
That's where you started seeing guys come into full bloom, like Shaft, myself, Twitchy and Fidelio.
It was something that was not necessarily people getting lessons, it was more of an exchange of ideas, people interpreting things, translating them.
Future started coming down and adding to the exchange.

In any case when I look back at how I got good at this stuff, I really had a lot of foundations to set my roots in.

So this week when I came back form Austin and talked with CJ I told him how Austin is blowing up like Dallas.
He then told me he wanted to start teaching again.
He has been familiar with my routine stacks which are the most definitive applications to his theories and told me...
"You know what Sinn and I have been doing? So let's all put something together and spread the word."

Keep your eyes peeled guys, the PUA world is about to get turned upside down.
What we are gong to put out there is going to be the definition of the new style of game.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Again in Austin

So it has been another great weekend here in Austin.
I am stating to know this town better than Dallas now.

It is really amazing to see how great of a town this has become.
With the amazing group of PUAs here KingsFull, Clear, Finn McCool, Dante, BoomDude, and so on I could easily see how this whole town could do what Captain Jack did for Dallas.

Speaking of which it looks like later on this week there could be something special coming up that CJ and I have been putting together that could turn the industry upside down.
But we'll have to wait and see, but from what I can tell now it is some pretty amazing stuff.

This weekend Shaft, Juice, Double D and Fidelio came down from the Dallas crew.
One of the cool things about doing any sort of PUA training in Austin is that there is a long list of resources here to choose from.
Last night when I was pulling a two set a PUA who I had never met, but emailed before opened us. I could tell he was working Asian Playboy's style of game and he had mentioned his name, so I asked him, do you know APB, and he stuttered a bit and then got what was going on. It was a fun coincidence.
He left the set and we went off to meet back up with Kings, Dante, Shaft and Fidelio.

In any case it is good to see the momentum build in a town, and good to see how effective my stacks have gotten.
The coolest part is that of everyone who has bought a stack from me in Austin they all got results within a week. Clear got laid the first night he had it, Kings has got some of the best attraction club game I have seen in while, and Finn laid this 9/10 within a week of having it.
It is a good feeling.

The funny thing is that again, us Dallas guys were sitting there wondering why did this never happen in Dallas.
I got good solely from being around Captain Jack and Sinn who are by far the two best PUAs that I know, and yet the Mojo lair has its politics.
It will be good to see him finally gone at the begining of the year nd hopefully Dallas will have somewhat of a functioning lair for guy to have good resources to use. Hopefully Vector, and Twitchy who have been a friends of mine for a while now will clean up the mess so folks like Brad P, Sinn, CJ, APB, and the long list of PUAs Mojo has pissed off will come back and be able to speak in Dallas again. Perhaps instead of posting a thread about me on your board you folks on the lair are more than welcome to email me, .
I have never had a beef with anyone form the lair and neither has anyone else I know. We have all just had our problems with Mojo. And no I don't want for him to buy me a beer, because he might attack me like he did to APB (inside joke).
The funny thing is that he doesn't even remember me... but that figures, his undeserved pompous attitude has taken him to where he needs to be... and soon that will be gone!

In any case I love teaching and I love to create an atmosphere where PUAs can learn and grow from. Everyone who knows me knows that. Anyone who has emailed me should know that.

As for now I am out. I have got to wrap up my day here and can't wait to get back to Dallas and go over the plans for the next couple of weeks with Sinn.

We got a pretty awesome Lair Talk coming up in Boston Dec 16th, on how body language and sub communication can elicit attraction, comfort, seduction and frames.
And then on Dec 18th there will be a SoCal Lair talk on how to create a Custom Routine Stack!
For SoCal Lair Sign Up HERE

These events should be open to the lairs, but if you can't find contact info on it contact me on how to get the info on the event.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some Ideas for the Future

Yo yo!
So I would like to thank all of you who have been in contact with me.
It really does help me to instruction-wise to get to know everyone and see where everybody is coming from in terms of PU.

One of the things I want to start doing is setting up another way to make ways of communicating easier for all of us to get all the info we can get.
At this point in my experience there are a pretty large number of people who I have talked with or met through teaching or lair talks as to where we could really start to build some of that long needed personal touch to the community.
I love teaching and working with new guys.
Whenever I go to a city I have visited in the past there is always a good network of people I enjoy meeting.
Those of you who have emailed me, know that I reply to pretty much everyone.
But at this point they can start to back up.

I would be curious to hear about what you guys feel has been missing in the PU community as far as instructors, lairs and PU companies are missing.
It would be my goal to hear what you guys think about how something new could get started where we could really communicate freely...
Students and Instructors.
I think there are a lot of opportunities that we are missing out on in terms of evolving some of this stuff.

Also if you would like to set up a lair talk in your city, I would love to try and make that happen.
Shoot me an Email!

So please email me with any ideas that you might have on how we can keep up a good dialog between all of us, and still maintaining a quality I can manage!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


So I have gotten some emails about frames and stack info. Actually like quite a few.

Just to check in I am in Austin again and am amazed at the community out here.
Lots of dedicated guys. Really impressive.
And in actuality I will be out there quite bit in the next few months.
I would like to do another lair talk there as well.
The funny thing is that when I do lair talks people generally find them beneficial.

In fact those of you in Boston and SoCal, I will be speaking there shortly.
Boston Dec 16th (thanks Doc Holiday)
SoCal Dec 18th (thanks Sexual Chocolate)

But what is funny to me is in Dallas the fine Lair people there would not grace us with their support to do a talk (thanks Dallas Mojo). The odd thing is that at the talk, yes we are there to show what out company has to offer, but in reality there is about 15 mins of that and an Hour and 45mins of working personally with the people attending.
And better yet when we asked about it to speak it wasn't just me, it was Sinn, Captain Jack and Me. And FOR FREE!
That is almost like a disservice to your community of PUAs to play into the bullshit PUA politics. It sucks that PUAs that have actual experience in the Game like Asian Playboy, Sinn, Captain Jack, Shaft, and the rest of em aren't yet seen fit to the high standards to the Mojo.

But how's that for a rant.

In any case, pretty much everywhere I go I end up meeting some of the greatest people!
There are friends from all over that I have connected with and stayed in contact with that make me love what I do.

But now that I got that out of my system I would liek to get a bit more into the ideas of using frames in terms of pick up.

As in my previous post, I mentioned that I am by all means no authority on framing, and I think that there are far too many people who claim to be. I also would like to say that I have the belief that I don't have THEE definitive system on framing, nor do I think that having that mentality is a good one, considering there is still so much to be learned from game.

But the structure I use is one that is set up like
Establish frame, Empower with Cold Read and then qualify them to it.

I was on the phone with Priest the other day and he was asking about his stack that i had put together for him.
If you don't know Priest then I wonder if you are in the PUA community. But if you are ever in his town, he has an awesome couch to crash on!
But he asked me about this idea, and I told him, 'it is in your tack man!'
And he said I know, but can you go over the structure a bit for me so that I can figure out how to apply it in other stories I integrate into my stack. (that is one of the really cool things about the stack is that you basically get this really thorough stack with tons of explanations in it and you have the model for adding and augmenting it. It really is a tool for the long term.

In any case I gave him an example like this...

"You know how psychics use clod reading techniques to get people to lower their guard a bit. Well you are kind of doing the same thing. So working a force frame is a cold read, but it is a weak one if left alone. So if you are in conversation with a girl and you say,
'You know just form talking to you right now, I can tell you're a really... kind of are a wild one at heart.'
That is great but only takes a step forward if you sell it a bit more with a more elaborate cold read like,
'But like check it out, I can actually tell just because when I was growing up my best friend was actually a girl down the street who reminds me of you. Her name was Jill. Now I am the last person to generalize, but you know what I mean, when you meet people and you just have, like a feeling about it right away. And with you, I can tell that is it like those... insecurities that you keep from the people you meet that never let that side you out in the open.'
So right there what I have done is shot out a bunch of cold reads, mixed in with some grounding and other little highlights that allows the subject to attach something to, and not only empowered a frame, but also laid a few more that should be good to build compliance.
And then make them qualify themselves to it...
'So what is like the craziest thing you've done?'
And so there you have done a frame, mixed with a cold read to give it some momentum, and then made her qualify herself to it."

One of the most powerful things frame-wise you can do is to build multiple frames in a set, have them represent different sides to her, then bring them together. But if you can play them off of her just right then you can get her to actually defend the frame you put on her.
And actually have her decide that she wants to fight to carry that frame's identity pver the other frames which actually are empowering it.
I know it sounds confusing, but take a look at how psychics and stage magicians all the way to politicians work.
I think one of the things never brought up in terms of pick up,
is oue absolute need to embrace a belief. That is our human weakness.
The larger our population gets and the more superficial we live, the more we need to believe in things we can't explain. Them more we need to be lead, and what leads is the belief.

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