Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Insights from theREDstack

Setting your Roots and Building Frames

If you have frames being built, it is always something good to have something that can root it, and have it grow.

Here is the deal,
In my pick up,
I want to stimulate emotion. Now because I have stimulated it in someone, I in a sense have control over that. But once you have stimulated someone emotionally building an identity around it, you want that to keep going. From that moment on you need to be the one leading their emotional states.
But your goal at first is to get her to comply and feel something pretty intense. Once you get that emotional surge you can turn that emotion into something else and merge it with other emotions. So when you want someone’s emotions to follow your lead, you can have that foundation to build off of.

One example of this is to do, is try and get someone to think back to childhood and get something from there.
For example-

You know earlier today I was cleaning out my house (room, car, whatever) and I came upon this old painting that my friend had done for me in Hawaii. It is one of those things that I always forget I have, then you see it and it totally makes you think of a certain moment. And it is like so real it always surprises me. You know what I mean?

Like sometimes I will be walking around and I will catch the fragrance of something and it will immediately bring me back to my childhood, and even if I tried to remember those things it could not be that vivid.
You’ve felt something like that right?

So when I saw this painting it brought me back to that time in my life where I first realized what I was going to do with my life. Like in that one moment I felt that ambition, that drive that passion, that freedom that was going to take me to where I needed to be. I knew I was going to be there.
It is like when you’re a little kid and you want something really bad and you feel it with every part of your body.
I love it when thing like that happen, because it reminds me of the things that made me.
Sometimes I get so caught up in work and the end result I forget how all the best things in my life came to me by letting go and just turning it over. And starting to see life whatever comes my way a part of the path, rather than an obstacle.

And really you can go anywhere from here. Let’s say you grew up religious and now you’re not, but you want to bring in a story about how you’ve walked a road where you’ve brought together your present and your past to define you. And you’re not ashamed to talk about your religious up bringing and how it shaped you.

You can say something like this…

You know when I was cleaning up my house today I noticed this old book my father gave me, and he was a preacher. But my family has a whole line of preachers… and that’s what I wanted to be.

And in this book it was like one of those things where for that split second you are taken back in time. It is like I can see and hear and smell everything and it is there forever… and then its gone.

Just in an instant all that happens. It is like I am that little kid in Texas having the wind blow by me in a field on that open land, underneath the big sky.

I mean… you probably have something like that right?
But I love it when that happens, cause it reminds me of who I am. I mean I used to be ashamed of being raised so religious, because I broke from it and you go through that rebellion phase to justify my change in beliefs.

But now, I take it for what it is, it is a part of me. And that’s how life should be.
It is like, when you fuck up, it may hurt, you may screw yourself over but those black eyes and scares are the beauty we forget to look at. And they’re the most important things in life usually.
All the great things in my life came from desperation not inspiration. In fact one thing that I remembered when I saw that book today was, my father telling me,
‘(your name), people always told me God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, but I disagree. He gives you more than you can handle, so you can turn it over to him.

Okay, so you might be thinking these are great comfort stories, and they are, but they are more than that…

One they set the root. They are so hooking emotionally that she will grab onto some part.
They are building a foundation to define emotions, and how they work in your interaction with your target. This is why during the story you always should state (not ask) ‘you know what I mean’, ‘you have felt that before’ little statements to force investment and they are also what I call (conveniently taken from Juggler) check-in statements. They are a good way of breaking up conversation to allow it to continue and they also build compliance towards your target investing in the conversation.

So let’s take that story and give it a solid frame. We have all the emotional set up and the compliance, now we are going to give that emotion an identity that works for a more efficient game. You just got done talking about things that had to do with vulnerability.
Let’s put that into a frame on non-judgment and sexual openness.
I will pick up from the last few lines above.

It is like, when you fuck up, it may hurt, you may screw yourself over but those black eyes and scares are the beauty we forget to look at. And they’re the most important things in life usually.
All the great things in my life came from desperation not inspiration. In fact one thing that I remembered when I saw that book today was, my father telling me,
‘(your name), people always told me God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, but I disagree. He gives you more than you can handle, so you can turn it over to him.


But one of those things, and I am not trying to say anything weird or put you on the spot here, but you have probably had crazy stuff had happen in your life. And for women things are so different than with men. Women’s issues in our society are so exploitive.
Like in terms of sex…

Women communicate sexually so much more then men actually. They just do it all different. But when people point it out or how it is advertised in the media it is totally misrepresented almost like it is not even a human thing, but a commodity.

Like when was the last time you really actually felt like a ‘woman’ when you were with someone you were dating?

I mean people today just don’t know how to let those things that we feel, even towards one another, just happen and release. They hold on to them and people get jealous and resentful, and we bring the worst parts out of what could have been a beautiful experience.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Workshops and Dates

Hey Guys,

Fort eh next few months Sinn and I will be doing a few Workshops and Lair Talks in
Austin- May 2-4
Las Vegas- May 30-June 1 (workshop only)
Boston- June 6-8
Detroit- June 13-15

In Las Vegas it will be a special workshop that will be announced in more detail in the next few days... pretty cool though.

Austin, Boston and Detroit will have three programs

Getting Started in Game (Sinn and El Topo)

Getting Started in Game- $1500 - Sinn/El Topo (limited to 8 Students)

First Day (Fri) 1 Hour Seminar breaking down the basics of what we need to see that evening to properly shape your game, and 3 hours in Field.

Second Day (Sat day into Sat night) 5 hour seminar with 3 hours in Field
The seminar on Sat will completely nail down the new models of Attraction, Comfort and Seduction, giving an absolute structure to your game.
You will walk out of there equip for the night with a complete Attraction Arsenal. In field that evening you'll be opening and should have all the basics down for you to open and transition into relaxed rapport with your targets. This is the definitive coarse on everything you will need to know to Get Started in Game!

Austin- Getting Started in Game May 2 and 3

Boston- Getting Started in Game June 6 and 7

Detroit- Getting Started in Game June 13 and 14
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theREDstack Workshop (El Topo)

theREDstack Seminar- $750 El Topo (Limited to 10 Students)

We have all heard about theREDstacks and now here is your opportunity learn how it works. See the design the El Topo formulated so that he could literally get results in EVERY TYPE of Student.

What makes the stack work like no other product out there? It takes parts of Your Life and turns it into Gold. You will learn to properly DHV yourself, you will learn how to frame to elicit a Sub Personality, you will learn how to tactically run your comfort game into a defining tool of game. While simply telling a story about your life (while being honest), imagine if you could build irresistible attraction leading your target right where you want her.

Well worth the 5 hours, you will walkout of the room with another Veil of the Matrix Revealed.
Who knew that all those things you never thought to be seductive just had to be re voiced in a way for you to have any girl melt in your hand.

Austin- theREDstack Workshop
May 4
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Boston- theREDstack Workshop
June 8

Detroit theREDstack Workshop June 15
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Same Night Lay's Course (Sinn)
sign up here

Same Night Lays- $950 Sinn (unlimited attendance)
This is the course that blew everyone away. Over a year in the making Sinn's SNL Course will teach you not only the techniques but also the mentality to master how to meet and close a girl in the Same Night! This was once thought to be a myth in the community until Sinn and Captain Jack turned it into a repeatable technique. Learn to achieve lays that come as quick as 30mins, learn the proper frame escalation...SNLs are a series of Steps and Experience in Field, not some luck of the draw community Myth.
Even if SNLs are not your goal, this idea of efficient game is the BEST way to game, taking all the unnecessary elements and throwing them out.
Dominate your game knowing,
what to do, how to talk to women, how to frame, and how handle the logistics, all in a 5 hour Seminar!

email any questions to or

Friday, April 25, 2008

The PUA Sanctuary

One more thing here guys

There is a new Forum that Sinn and I will start posting on Regularly as well as many other top notch guys.
It is brand new.

Also I will be previewing a lot of theREDstack routines on the Lounge part of the board in the next month.
So get on the forum and start some BUZZ!!!!


And it is 100% Free!!!

Mini Personalized BootCamps!

BootCamp Special!
Dallas July 11th-13th, 2008
and Austin August 8th-10th, 2008

theREDstack Limited Release

Insights From theREDstack

Hey guys,

In the next few weeks there will be some changes to theREDstack.
So I am going to start releasing some of the theory and routines behind it on my blog.
For the some of the Routines sing up for my personal email list here

One of the things Captain Jack, Sinn, Fidelio, Shaft and the rest of us in Dallas are down with sharing our info. If we hold stuff back than we're not coming up with new stuff.

In fact Captain Jack and I did a one and a half hour Podcast coming out with his entire breakdown of frames on it. It will be out in the next week or so for anyone on our lists.
Sing up at .

But so in the next week I am going to start releasing parts of theREDstack and how it works online on my blog.
This is not releasing anyone's personalized stacks, but the theories behind the routines and frames and subpersonalities that they are eliciting.
Everyone on my personal email list
will get the a few of the routines.

So here is step one, this is just a short write up about the Style of my Stacks and How we Developed them in Dallas. Not a lot, but in the next 3 days I will post more up here...

A bit about the style-

It has always been my belief that after I had gotten decent at transitioning to comfort in more traditional models, that getting through attraction was a lot easier than people in the community make it.

There is always a ton of attraction material in the community but very little material concerning comfort and almost none concerning seduction.

I think that is because attraction sells, and the people who pioneered the community wanted attention with women more than anything else.
An example of this is to take a look at their canned routines.
There is literally 20 times more attraction routines than Comfort ones. And even less in terms of Seduction.

If the game is played in Comfort then it looks like there isn’t much to be played. A lot of false Identities, and a lot of making things like Social Value, being over played. I am not saying those things don’t work… they DO! But they are not the only way to game, and in many cases, they are not that efficient.

For myself I will say that at first attraction was awesome. It was such a good and empowering feeling. I remember how liberating it felt to know I could go up to and talk to any girl I wanted to. This doesn’t mean that I was impervious to Approach Anxiety, it just meant that I knew it could be done, and I knew that the system worked.

But after about 3 months of really getting out there I had a ton of phone numbers, and a ton of make outs and only a few lays. And just like with learning solid approach the make outs and numbers were exhilarating at first but too many of them went nowhere.

I then started working directly more with Captain Jack and seeing how he just talked to women for 15mins to an Hour and sure enough he would be walking out of the club with him.
There were hardly ever make outs, there were hardly ever numbers exchanged, and later I learned that often times names weren’t even exchanged.

He had always talked about frames and he had always talked about not using DHV stories.
I didn’t think much of it, but after a few months I started trying to figure out something that would work for me in terms of a similar system.

Now most people when they talk about frames they are talking about something different than what we are referring to.
What we are talking about is defining the social interaction. What Shaft calls ‘setting the stage’.

It would be as if we are putting on a play, hiring a set designer, costume designer, and so on. Now we have to get the actors to play the roles in the way we want them to. If you get really good, your script writes their script.
One thing that some great directors are known for is that they are masters of setting up the right scenarios to allow their actors to act in, rather than blatantly direct the actors.
What we are trying to create here in the dynamic is to set the parameters to the social interaction.
Now this is done in a few different ways. Sometimes we do it using an attitude of playfulness, sometimes an attitude of emotion, sometimes through an attitude of seduction…

But this how we do it verbally.
Remember Game is played with your Body Language, Tonality, Expressions and many other things…
What you say is super important, but generally it is something that people read and memorize and negate some of the other dynamics of game.

Limited to 10 theREDstack Special!

July Specials theREDstack
Order your Attraction Stack Today!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Squeeze My Lemon

So this fucking song has been sampled to death but this is the best version

My friends in Trinidad actually like the one with Machel Montano, but this one is much better.
Every time I hear the sample I can't help but think of Playing with Chocolate City and trying to pick up BIG women during Carnival.
But also last time I was there I learned that old time favorites like
Girl Farm, and how this video in particular was said to be so hot that you could smell the chick pussies from off the screen...maybe I need th HD version.
Another funny thing was they say their is more Sperm spilt over Shakira there than there is water consumed...

And my favorite line was... 'the 3 Fs...Find, Fuck, and Forget'
Later corrected by a female nonetheless as...'the 4 Fs...Find, Fool, Fuck, and Forget'

But this chick is dead so that makes her cool by default...

Just think, if the original lead singer of No Doubt didn't die and the Keyboardist did't bring in his little sister the would be no Gwen...

Just think is the Lead singer of Joy Division didn't tie a Piano Chord around his neck then wait for the block of Ice to melt underneath his feet (a true suicidal champion) there would be no New Order...

If Sid didn't make getting fucked up constantly a career then Steve Jones wouldn't have a show on that radio station in LA...

And let's not forget John Denver.... it was for the best.

So here is to this chick... I like her song

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jesus Christ !!!!

It has been a while!

So here is the deal...sorry for not posting in a while.
Also sorry if I haven't gotten back to you via email either.
I have been up to all sorts of crazy shit in the past month and all sorts of no good.
The last thing I was doing was updating my blog and checking all my emails.
One thing is for certain is that I have a few new hobbies of late.

I will start putting them up on my blog for you guys to also enjoy.

The first is this one...
Porn For the Blind
Fidelio and I really dove headfirst into this one when we were in Nashville last weekend.
Definitely let me know what you guys think of this one.

There are also some new Lair talks that Sinn and I will be doing in this next 2 months.
It looks like we will be in
Boston, Detroit, North Carolina, Austin and maybe Orlando again.

As always stay in touch guys...
Even if I am a bit out of the loop

Monday, April 7, 2008

Under 21 convention Programs

theREDstack Seminar Orlando July 27th 5pm

Day Game with Doc Holiday (featuring El Topo and Entropy)
July 27th

El Topo and Entropy's Stacking and Social Circle Game
July 28th

Both Doc's Day Game and El Topo and Entropy's Workshops
July 27th and July 28th

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Houston Correction!

Sorry guys the Houston Event with Sinn and I will be on Sat, not Fri!
So see you guys in a couple of days!
Sign up here!

It will be bad ASS!



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On The Road

So here I am again in the Caribbean, hopefully I will be back soon.

But one of the things that I wanted to get out there was some of the new things I have been working on with Sinn.

At the time we are really going out hardcore spreading the word at the different Lairs.
Next week we will be in Houston (I just did a talk there a month or so back) but this time we will be doing a series of workshops.
The easiest thing to attend will be the Lair talk.

It is Fri March 4th and if you are interested in it sign up here
It will be 2 hours with and Inner Game talk by Sinn and a Talk on Body Language and DHVing by me.

I will be in touch soon and post a bunch in the next few days.