Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jesus Christ !!!!

It has been a while!

So here is the deal...sorry for not posting in a while.
Also sorry if I haven't gotten back to you via email either.
I have been up to all sorts of crazy shit in the past month and all sorts of no good.
The last thing I was doing was updating my blog and checking all my emails.
One thing is for certain is that I have a few new hobbies of late.

I will start putting them up on my blog for you guys to also enjoy.

The first is this one...
Porn For the Blind
Fidelio and I really dove headfirst into this one when we were in Nashville last weekend.
Definitely let me know what you guys think of this one.

There are also some new Lair talks that Sinn and I will be doing in this next 2 months.
It looks like we will be in
Boston, Detroit, North Carolina, Austin and maybe Orlando again.

As always stay in touch guys...
Even if I am a bit out of the loop

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