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El Topo Text Game Part 2

Text Game Part 2

So now we get how to open a text and one popular way to initiate a text dialog.
So let’s describe a few things around that.

I you haven't read Part 1 of the Text Post go here! … art-1.html

Also find out more about Subpersonalitites in Shaft's Post as well, cause I refer to the idea quite a bit. … ities.html

The reason why Hot Cold works so well, is because it is an element of Push Pull. I would like to do a post on changes made to models of game, but there are a lot of posts I would like to do…getting to it is the real feat! But surely I will get to it!

The reason why Push Pull is such an important part of game it because it is something that pretty much every human and animal is responsive to. It is almost like people can’t help but do it.
Now you can’t say something like ‘Hey, you sweet cunt whore, how’s your day going?’ that may piss some people off (but if you make it work…let me know). But what you want to do with each aspect of Hot Cold/Push Pull is get them to invest a little bit in it.

How we get people to invest is through Qualification, Baiting, Framing, Compliance, Dominance and Logistics.

So those are the things we are going to talk about in terms of text.
And again, I would like to do a post on my teaching method of breaking down your Tools of Game along with How to Implement those Tools, but again it will probably be a few weeks on that. It I could write as fast as I could think then my blog would be a goddamn encyclopedia! Should have taken a typing class!

So the important thing with text to think of is that it is only a small part of game. So your goals in text are to do a few things.
I always like to Bring out-
-A Subpersonality in it, and it is great for that.
-It is a good use of to begin Force Framing
-It is a great Calibration Tool
-Logistically I want to engage someone with some compliance, usually accepting roles or doing small tasks.
-Build Investment emotionally (now it is important to know text probably isn’t the tool to engage serious emotions, but more reactive and surface level ones. You need an orchestration of complete game to have it effect deep rooted emotions)
-And Logistically I want to set up a time to meet, with all those frames and subpersonalities to bring to the table.

So with that in mind, instead of saying, ‘You sweet cunt whore, how is your day going?’
You want to say things that your texts to follow some sort of path that will stimulate reaction to role into another text that will build a frame, to role into another one that will build compliance to your frame, that will role into one that will bait them into a subpersonality and all be fun and exciting to engage in.

You can hook a girl very easily to be that guy that she has a text war with on a daily basis. During debriefing I always ask women when they started to know they were going to sleep with me. If I have worked them through text they will always say something like, ‘I thought you were cool when we met (she might even say a little weird…hahahaha), but I really started to think about you in that way, when I would be at work thinking about what I was going to text you or when you were going to text me’.
So go figure, but it works, and even with text you can see yourself get sucked in with it too! Beware!

Using Bait in Text-

Although this is how to Bait using text, all of the ideas like Push Pull/Hot Cold, Baiting, Qualifying, Framing, Compliance, Dominance, and Logistics all kind fo work together. But in their subcategories I will mainly be highlighting the part which it is titled. In this case Baiting.

So the idea of Bait is a reactive one. It is something that is hardwired; people can’t help but respond to if done correctly.

So let’s start with some examples-

Shortly after the first few texts, maybe the second or third one in…

-‘So I am sitting in a waiting room, and I wonder if the people around me know what I am thinking about’

-‘Guess what I am thinking of right now, I just totally saw your twin and it set me off.’

-‘OMG the craziest thing just happened, I am totally in a weird head space right now’

-‘Even tho you like X wink, I still think you’re…well maybe not LOL’

-‘I am totally bored, don’t even TEMPT me with those thoughts! ☺’

-‘You have no what I just saw, you would totally LOVE it, in that sort of BAD girl sort of way…LOL!’

Ok so let’s take a look at these. Now some of them are doing a few things here.
The first one-
-‘So I am sitting in a waiting room, and I wonder if the people around me know what I am thinking about’
What you’re doing is trying to bait them into a simple question. One being, ‘where are you?’ or Two being, “What are you thinking about?’
For a while Sinn, Shaft and myself would always ask two questions, or give two things to respond to in our texts to calibrate. We don’t so much anymore, but it is a great tool to use. Now with either answer you can go somewhere.
But the one that shows she is more likely to quickly accept a frame over text is if she answers anything about what you are thinking. Reason why is because if she answers that she is curious about something that leaves a huge door open to.
An office space is pretty mundane, what someone thinks that might offend the ‘norm’ hanging out in the office can be something pretty interesting, well if you’re a PUA.

So if she says ‘Where are you?’ no big deal, you text back something like,
‘Trust me you don’t want to know, but these people are freaks! Totally your crowd ☺’
‘The funny thing is that, I am normally really into bizarro things, but I usually need a wing, next time I am bringing you! And you’ll never guess…’

So let’s take a look at a few more breakdowns…
-‘Guess what I am thinking of right now, I just totally saw your twin and it set me off.’
When I took my BC Sinn told me Future and him used the father text of this…’OMG I totally just saw your twin’ to calibrate how quickly a girl would reply. If she replied quick it meant you could begin with likely fruition on your text/phone journey.
So then we added a little more to it. Mainly because we wanted to see what she would reply too and our Bait was then more voiced to lead towards curiosity on what we are thinking. It may hook it may not. So in the first two texts a good thing to point out is asking two questions in the same text.
We will touch on that later.
But our Bait is always leading to a frame or subpersonality, or maybe even something else.

So it is best to get a response about ‘what you were thinking’ but you may get a response on the ‘twin’ part. The main thing is this will get a likely response. And you should probably use this text as a opener as well or the first text in a new exchange with someone you have been texting. It leads very well into some tactical conversations.

Replies to the twin part might be…
‘Yeah I was totally excited at first, but didn’t have that wicked side to here. LOL!’
‘And you should have SEEN the look on her face when I snuck up from behind, butt I think YOU could have handled it! HAHAHA!’

Replies to the thinking part might be…
‘All I got to say is….bad girl! LOL yikes!!!!’
‘I was actually REALLY disturbed! I knew I remembered you…stay HOTT!’

So you get the idea with that. This would go on forever if I were to breakdown all of them, so let’s go to the next Implementation of the Tool…

Qualification in Text-

This is one that you can open a text conversation with, but to really use qualification you want to use it a bit later in the exchange, but it can be fairly impactive within 2 or 3 texts in.
But first let’s talk about Qualification.
So Qualification is a get way to get a lot of things. Lot’s of people go on and on about it and it is something that many discussions can be had about it.
Most of those discussions show its use in gaining investment in the group.
There is a great Audio Program out there that has Sinn and Vision going over Qualification. Most people say it is one of the best Audio Products out there. It is something that has a long history and has evolved quite a bit.

But here are its uses-
-Gain Value and Compliance (throughout your set) towards Value. Build investment essentially, through a ladder of Qualifiers or establish your value, to make her feel the need to invest her Emotions or work up to your Value.
-Calibrate where you are at in set. So it was said many a times by Future in many Seminar rooms (probably many other people too, but I can still hear Future saying it in my head) ‘Qualification is the Gateway to Rapport. This is because is was a good way to know you could enter Comfort and also it was a good way to transition into a Comfort base story. The funny thing is that Qualification is now used in Comfort (little bit of a different twist, but definitely Qualification, and it is the total LMR buster in Seduction. Qualification is thee way to Blast through LMR and is one of the Roots to the KFP.
-And the most neglected use of Qualification is that is defines where you go next in Set!
It is what you need to show which way you are going, and in Text this is important!
What I mean is let’s say you are talking about eating Bats in the Amazon your DHV story (and let me tell you I can go on and on about how misused DHV stories are in the community), and you want to transition out of it.
You can Qualify with,
‘So what is something you have done that made you know what your passions were?’
With that you can then talk about your passions and hers and all that stuff. Good for building bonds and many, many other things.

But let’s say instead you talk about eating Bats in the Amazon and transition out with…
‘So what’s the craziest thing you have ever done?’
No this can go a little more sexual… both can but with this you are using Bait to take the set somewhere into a more racy territory.

Both Qualifiers are good, neither one is better, depends on where you are in the set and where you want to go. And the Qualifier tells you where to go. That to me is a pretty important use to negate. So USE IT!

Some examples of text for qualification might be…

Opening Text with a Qualifier-

-‘So what is your favorite Karaoke song! wink

-‘So wait, you always pick up guys, when they are DRUNK!’

Again opening with a qualifier is pretty weak use of a qualifier, but be creative and fun with it and it will work.

A few Texts in-
Think about if they fall into one of your Baiting texts you can empower it with your Qualifier.

-‘Jezz! You really do have a WILD side don’t you?’

-‘What kind of girl are you…really? I mean you didn’t really put that off when I met you, but go figure! LOL’

-‘So you are really starting to make me wonder, who taught you your text etiquette?’

-‘I am not sure if I really know about you yet… are you one of those girls that doesn’t always play nice…’
So you can see from this that the qualifiers really do have somewhat of a Baiting element to them too. They are also the beginnings to Frames, Compliance and bringing out that subpersonality.

Remember Qualification is a tool to progress on in the right direction!

And that will take us to….

Compliance through Text

Now here will probably be one of the more rich parts of the post, because it will map out how you need to text (the flow of text or the rhythm). Compliance does a few things…
But at its fundamental it brings out repetition in the target working in a certain direction.
Normally I bring up Framing before Compliance, but I will lead with compliance here to better describe Framing later.
Normally compliance is just thought of as getting a girl to do something for you. This alone is super effective. In fact I remember on a Workshop in Hawaii, Tyler Durden spent about 20mins describing to a student what Compliance was, and this opened my eyes to a larger field of it. Also Shaft can talk, and I mean talk about the importance of Compliance in all forms of Game.

But other than getting someone to do tasks, you can build a Qualification ladder with Compliance, you can build frames with Baiting someone by making them Compliant to your interaction with them, you can make someone fulfill a narrative that brings out a Subpersonality through Compliance. Basically you can use Compliance to get someone to follow your lead.
Compliance is the fucking shit, so see it as not just getting someone to fulfill actions, but also to be made to interact with you in a specific way that helps Frame them into your Subpersonality.

My example will be an exchange with breakdown of what I am attempting to do through Text. Here goes….

PUA- ‘You won’t believe what just happened! You should have BEEN HERE!’
Target- ‘?’
PUA- ‘Really that is ALL you can write ‘?’ I thought you spoke text…lol, are you sitting down?’
Target- ‘Yeah, I am at work, WHAT HAPPENED, is that better? ☺’
PUA- ‘This chick just totally went crazy at the store, I thought, I wish (target’s name) was here.’
Target- ‘I don’t know if I would have wanted too, what did she do?’
PUA- ‘Yeah, I am not sure if you would have laughed or joined in…’
Target- ‘That depends what it was she was doing’
PUA- ‘I still am not sure…either you’d be all over it or ur one of those PG 13 girls’
Target- ‘Wouldn’t you like to know?’
PUA- ‘That says it ALL right there! wink
Target- ‘OMG, you are totally crazy… You might not want to know! :p’
PUA- ‘ME totally Crazy! F U!’
Target- ‘YES! And F U too ☺’
PUA- ‘That is sweet, but now you’re are totally making me wonder and now U won’t want to know… ’
Target ‘You couldn’t even imagine’
PUA- ‘Seriously, I have to drive now, so take it easy on me, you wouldn’t want to cause an accident now would you???’
Target- ‘Accident? That might be fun, good thing I am not there! Lol!’
PUA- ‘So now I am totally bored, entertain me… are you at work?’
Target- ‘Yes’
PUA- ‘And what are you doing?’
Target- ‘I am sitting at my desk answering my boss’ emails’
PUA- ‘Woman… really, I though you spoke text…how are you going to make me crash with THAT!’
Target- ‘HA! I thought I was PG 13’
PUA- ‘Ahh, we proved that you only are when you’re at the club, but at work I know what REALLY goes on!’
Target- ‘So dirty?’
PUA- ‘Actually it is one of the worst places that my mind wanders, just think if I was at work, my imagination would be corrupted even MORE by U! wink
Target- ‘You are a trip, I think you’re corrupting me!’
PUA- ‘Good cause later I may need your help, I have a crazy meeting I have to attend ☹…’
Target- ‘HA! We will see…’
PUA- Stop with that ‘we will see’ crap, you’re totally my text BITCH! Lol!’
Target- ‘Ahhh Text BITCH… couldn’t you come up with something else.’
PUA- ‘Yeah but, text me BACK….BITCH! by the way I am almost back and still no crash…’
Target- ‘CRASH BITCH!’
PUA- ‘You’re supposed to make me do that in another way…come on GET TO WORK!’
Target- ‘You’re too much. I can’t handle you…’
PUA- ‘That is what I thought! Lol. No really, what are you doing later, I will need someone to perk me up in a few hours.’
Target- ‘Why are you asking I thought I was your BITCH! Hahaha!’
PUA- ‘Jezz UR having way too much fun, maybe I should give you a whip so you can step it up’
Target- ‘I like whips’
PUA- ‘And I do too, but I don’t use them, I prefer using my hand!’
Target- ‘Now that depends, when and where…’
PUA- ‘Really, I think that you know WHEN and WHERE, unless you’re really more creative than me… and then I don’t want to know’
Target- ‘ That’s right BITCH!’
PUA- ‘Look woman, talk all you want, but I will turn you inside and out’
Target- ‘I am waiting…’
PUA- ‘And be waiting with a wheelchair cause you might need it’
Target- ‘LOL!’

Ok so this is a pretty common exchange.
No what you see in the first part of this, is a lot of baiting toward sex using really fun attitude. Text game is all Attraction being used as a door to open up different parts of her. This particular girl was not biting at first but still going along with it. This always suck, but if she is at least somewhat entertaining your ideas you can still press on very lightly.
You always want her following your lead.
The whole time I am leading the interaction, and the whole time I am reframing her replies to what I want to see them as.
The more I can get her to follow my path of the narrative, the more I make her Compliant.
And the reason why I chose this exchange was because it took her a while to warm up and it was done without any breaks in the text, it all took place over one day.

So now I text saying, ‘BITCH I am bored TEXT BACK!’ and she does.
You can also see the slow escalation of her turning more towards me. Eventually she does but it wasn’t immediate. The thing is that once they walk through enough of your doors (along with it being a fun interaction) they will ultimately continue on.
Compliance is something that can build your whole foundation to game.

For now that is all…

Part 3 will be on Framing, Dominance, Logistics
And it will go over some of my buddies personal theories on Text cause you have heard enough of MINE!!!!

But really they are good. Guys like Shaft, Sinn, Fidelio and Captain Jack all have very unique was to text. Still doing a lot of the same types of things, like Qualifying and Baiting, using Frames and Compliance, but they do it in their own effective and Unique ways. They are for the most part available online, but you have got to give credit where credit is due!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Dog-Mouthed Pussy

This is a story for that is not for the light hearted.
I swam through the furies of PUAness and this is where it brought me.
But you have got to take it where it leads you.

So this all took place over a period of some weeks. An adventure worth writing about nonetheless. It could be called Houston’s second skin… but the humidity there is really the second skin, but whatever…

So a few weeks back I was with my student and it was his first real night out gaming. It was getting late in the night and from set number one with him, he was doing super well.
I was impressed and at the end of the night he opened up a two set. He was in good with one of them and the other was getting leveraged away two other obstacles.

This is where it is one of those things that you actually kind of think in the back of your head, ‘do I go in and blow the guys out and wing or do I call it a night’.
I mean we had a really good night.
And you never know, the set could go good or it could go bad. If it went good I knew if it went well, we would have to pull em. It was something like 1:30am so I decided to go for it.

So I went in to wing. The guys played tug o war for a bit, but I have I have been there many times before. Wedge my way in acknowledge the guy, and before they can reply I back turn em slightly and move the girl away from them. After she has her back to them for about 30 seconds out of the corner of my eye I see them give that look like WTF and stroll over to watch me make their set work.
At one time I felt bad about this, but it has happened to me so many times before I learned this stuff, what can I say.
I remember one of my first pulls I actually stole from a guy and I was about to abandon the set, but Captain Jack happened to be there and told me to make it happen.
In a brief moment he told me, “You can be a guy that pulls and goes for the lay, or you can be the guy that opens and writes about not getting laid”.

So from then on I went for the lay.
And from then on I was never the guy that sat back and watched while another guy stole my girl. And never feeling that is worth it.

So I was working the set with the student who has heavy attraction, and my girl opens up instantly. She is from Hawaii too, so the rapport flows in easy. But with it this late, it has nothing to do with rapport, but quick framing and logistics.

Looking back, we probably could have gone quicker, and pulled to their place for an SNL, but instead we bounce to eat.
My girl starts working logistic with her friend. But my student doesn’t want to continue. He would rather call it a night, because tomorrow is going to be a long day.
The funny thing is that the girls were pretty religious and both teachers. This generally is a good mix. I am not sure why, but a long time ago, my old roommate, who was much older than I, told me teacher and fight attendants were the most promiscuous of all women. Not sure if it is true, but the stereotype hasn’t been proven wrong by me.

So we all kiss goodbye and call it a night.
My girl then gets the text

“What’s up sexy”
With the ‘drunk and lonely’ text. This is broken down in many of CJ’s LRs, but also it is broken down in Part 3 of my text message post.
She texts me back saying, “Yes????”
Me- “So are you in your bed yet”
Her-“Maybe, where are you”
Me-“Getting there…where are YOU?”
Her- “Home. It was night meeting you, what are you doing tomorrow?”
Me-“So you are in bed! What are you wearing…hahahhaha ☺!”
Her- “And wouldn’t you like to know? Jezz, you don’t quite!”
Me- “It was a joke, but now you are making me think dirty thoughts, and those don’t quit ;)”
Her- “Well tonight I am pampering myself, and you’re doing what? Goodnight ☺”

Man, those texts suck! But at least I got her going, That way I can always get it back.

The next morning I work with the students but don’t have time to meet up later that night with her, but there are more women out there, so I figure I will see how it pans out later.

In the meantime, I pretty much forget about her.
The thing is that she is Asian, and she is a pervert and so she doesn’t go out of my mind very far.
Later on that week she texts me.
She gets my email and emails me and initiates some times to meet up.
This is again where tight game and a quick close is better than getting yourself into a series of day2s and day 3s.

Now I am not opposed to dating, but if you’re just trying to get laid then they can get annoying.
But at least this girl has some allure to her.

She texts me pretty aggressively and again she is Asian and a Pervert. This counts as investment for me.

So by now we are about two weeks into it. A series of texts and a series of emails The emails take a completely different voice than the texts. Texts go for the sexual and revolve around more of a playful mentality and the emails are voiced much more around normal conversation with a little poetic DHVs.
This sort method makes sense to me.

You got to think about the rhythms of game, even while in set. One of the most effective ways to make your frames stick is to, use sexual frames mixed with DHVs that ground you in the most human way. What I saw CJ doing was he would frame sexually then tell a heart melter, conveying a feeling of a sexual urge then turning it into a very comfortable feeling toward him by telling a passive DHV about his life that carried a heart warming story. This sort of emotional rhythm is what inspired many conversations with Shaft and I, which then carried over how I worked theREDstack.

Anyway the main thing is that if you are maintaining communication with someone, this model holds true to work multiple aspects to someone’s emotions.
It is a delicate balance, but practice makes perfect.

So I head back down to Houston.
And really I am not sure if this girl is going to bite or not. That is the thing with too much texting defining the interaction, it makes things all hard to calibrate at first. You may have been very aggressive in your texts but you can’t go aggressive as soon as you meet her right away.

In any case, we meet.
We eat dinner, and she then opens the door a little bit. Normally you can bait for this shit but she starts talking about, how ‘dirty’ I am and how she didn’t think I would be that aggressive over my messages. So good, it sounds on.

I like this girl she handles all the things I am supposed to do, like logistics.

So after we are done eating, she says she wants to keep drink, and we go pick up beer. She has also rented a Movie, one that I know of and I am impressed, Lady Vengeance. It is a Korean Movie and I haven’t seen it, but it is pretty messed up… good twisted director.
What am I walking into?

I am always taken a back a little when I don’t have the act of hunting involved. It makes it too easy and kind of harder to game…mainly because at this point I am not gaming I am running out the clock.

So why wait around. We have gotten the beer and we are parked in a gas station next to some adult shop.
I go over the seat and start making out. I tell her, come on we have a movie to watch, and head to her place.

The funny thing is that she then starts this conversation that is very much something that I would bring up to sexually frame someone.
She starts telling me about how, she is really open minded and her upbringing taught her something totally different about things like sex.
How she is more turned on than most women (this is a cold read you can do, all women say this)
And then she carries on about how she doesn’t want a BF, because she can’t commit to anyone right now. And I am thinking that she took an SNL course or something.
In any case this is another part of a sexual cold read too, because she went on to explain that even though she can be sexually free, she never cheats when she is with someone.
So the cold read would be something like,
‘You can be really sexually free, but when you are with someone, you are super loyal, like you never cheat.’
You might want to add something at the end to maintain the frame of sexually free, like
‘but you really know how to feel something with someone and just jump when you have to’

So right now I am thinking, I need to start building up some tension here or else there is no more fun.
So I go with my standard narrative stuff of,
‘What are you doing to me?’
‘Why are you talking like that, you know what you’re doing to me?’
While touching my dick.

But like the typical Diva type that fits her “I am pampering myself” persona…she baits me back saying, ‘ohhh, I don’t know, what am I doing to you?’
While pulling back…

I hate women that do that shit back, actually I guess I really hate it when they just don’t get into that sexual frenzy type state!

So at that point I have just got to start taking this chick.
And I do.

I mount on top of her and grab her hair. I get more aggressive and tell her to stop playing games and put her hand on my cock.
We go to her bedroom and she says, she wants to take a shower first.

This girl likes to be chased…

So she goes in the shower and so I follow her.
I want that pussy, and I want that tight pussy.

I take her in the shower and put my hand on her pussy… it is pretty fat.
And those of you who know me I like my anatomy.
In a past life maybe I was a scientist or something, but like the late great Peter Sellars, ‘I like to watch!’

So I bend her over and look to see this Pink Chalice I have been waiting for
and this thing is not pretty.
No it is not one of those nice and neat Vaginas, it isn’t one that has tight lips and maybe some meat hanging out, it has one of the oddest shapes that I have seen. And not a shape that is at all something that makes me want to stick my dick in…but who can hold back now?

But the best way to describe this thing is to imagine two big dog tongues that are slapped against one another and their drooling mouth is venting out hot air.
Now it didn’t smell bad, but seriously WTF?
This thing was a Beast of a Pussy!
And it drooled like a beast too.

****Actually a side note here****
I remember watching this porn once and the girl in it was from Brazil.
I know girls that get wet, like dripping wet...
But this girl was not only so wet she was dripping all over the place, but she also had this bulldog looking pussy. It reminded me of this dog's mouth getting rammed while slobbering all over the place.

The funny thing is here I am looking at this thing, wondering if this was another one of god’s little jokes, and at the same time she is getting all riled up sexually.
She is saying things like,
‘Come on and fuck me baby’
‘Give it to me’
And I am thinking to myself, ‘really, give it to you, it might get eaten and I won’t get it back’
Usually these things she was saying would be great, and I am one who likes to talk dirty, but right now that seems like such a monotone thing to do.

But regardless I go for it.
And I will say that the hole itself was good, but jamming your cock in between two dead dog tongues is not really something to get you going.
If it weren’t for the dirty talk, I am not sure it I would have been able to go through with it.

It is one of those things where you just get it in there, look at her face and imagine there in something else down there.
The True Zen Warrior! Mind over matter…

It was one of those experiences where you walkout of an say, you know what maybe I should have taken a pass on that one…but then again
How often are you gonna see one of those again, I am glad I fucked it.
But fuck man, whoever is that lucky guy that gets to see that ‘committed’ side of her, I will loan him my belt sander.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

PUAsanctuary KFP and Text Game Part 2


I really want to start getting people on the and if you have taken a BC or gotten theREDstack with me you can get on the

I just posted my original Kung Fu Penis Post, so go there and check it out!
So I am going to post Part 2 of my Text Game post on the Sanctuary Forum and Lounge today.
In the next few days it will end up on my blog.

The is only a board I am a Moderator on, don't own it or anything like that. It has the BEST newbie board out there!

And all I have to say is the Part 2 of Text Game is better than Part 1. And Part 3 will also kick some ass!



Thursday, May 15, 2008

El Topo and Sinn's Up Coming Schedule

Hey Guys,

For the Month of June Sinn and myself will be hitting these cities
Doing Lair Talks and Seminars

Boston, MA June 6-8

Detroit, MI June 13-15
Charlotte, NC June 27-29

We Will be doing a
Lair Talk and Mini 2 Hour Workshop to start everything off on Fri Night
Getting Started in Game Seminar with Infield Portion (Sinn and El Topo)
Same Night Lay Seminar (Sinn)
theREDstack Seminar (El Topo)
In each of these cities.

Signing up is EASY!
The Lair Talk and Workshop $50 in Advanced $55 cash at the door-

Getting Started in Game $1500.00 (Seminar and Infield, over 2 days)
For Beginning to Intermediate guys that want to take things to the next level.
see description below

theREDstack Seminar $750.00 Seminar Only
see description below

Same Night Lays $950 Seminar Only
(Description Below)

Here are the descriptions of the programs-

Getting Started in Game (Sinn and El Topo)

Getting Started in Game- $1500 - Sinn/El Topo (limited to 10 Students)

Don't let the name fool you. This is a whole new approach to game. If you are a Beginner or Intermediate PUA this is the perfect course for you.
It will get you going in building a foundation for you to achieve all your dreams in terms of women.
A new style of teaching, an efficient and effective approach, Sinn and El Topo have put together something defining in this program.

First Day (Fri) 1 Hour Seminar breaking down the basics of what we need to see that evening to properly shape your game, and 3 hours in Field.

Second Day (Sat day into Sat night) 5 hour seminar with 3 hours in Field
The seminar on Sat will completely nail down the new models of Attraction, Comfort and Seduction, giving an absolute structure to your game.
You will walk out of there equip for the night with a complete Attraction Arsenal. In field that evening you'll be opening and should have all the basics down for you to open and transition into relaxed rapport with your targets. This is the definitive coarse on everything you will need to know to Get Started in Game!

theREDstack Workshop (El Topo)

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Well worth the 5 hours, you will walkout of the room with another Veil of the Matrix Revealed.
Who knew that all those things you never thought to be seductive just had to be re voiced in a way for you to have any girl melt in your hand.

Same Night Lays- $950 Sinn (unlimited attendance)
This is the course that blew everyone away. Over a year in the making Sinn's SNL Course will teach you not only the techniques but also the mentality to master how to meet and close a girl in the Same Night! This was once thought to be a myth in the community until Sinn and Captain Jack turned it into a repeatable technique. Learn to achieve lays that come as quick as 30mins, learn the proper frame escalation...SNLs are a series of Steps and Experience in Field, not some luck of the draw community Myth.
Even if SNLs are not your goal, this idea of efficient game is the BEST way to game, taking all the unnecessary elements and throwing them out.
Dominate your game knowing,
what to do, how to talk to women, how to frame, and how handle the logistics, all in a 5 hour Seminar!

email any questions to or

Text Message Game Part 1

The Text Game

This is one long post so I am breaking it down in a few parts.
I will get the rest of the posts up in the next few days.

Texting is something that about a year ago I realized the community didn’t have a lot of solid info on.

Now like all things, there is a lot of info on it, but not a lot of it I found was really useful.
There were some routines to get a response form someone, but none that built beyond that.
There are a lot of dynamics to text game, and I am known for the fairly aggressive style, but I practice a bunch of different forms and have friends who have a lot of different techniques on how to text as well. Hopefully this post will shed some light on that.

I will say that a lot of us actually game with text messaging as a pretty useful tool.
So it is a Tool of Game,
you can take a lot of short cuts with use of Text and IM, and then there are some other things that you can’t really make as effective in it. A good example would be, you can get very sexual with a girl over text in a fairly quickly, but you can’t really show too much of a human side with it either. You can’t penetrate deep 'comfort' emotions in text, you are mainly dealing with surface level emotions, hence the fantasy element.

Not the only way but a way to game.

What inspired this post was a few things.

The First was that someone texted a girl I had dated, “what’s up HOOKER!”. This text was kind of a joke that actually turned into many fruitful experiences, but the thing to point out about texting in such an offensive manner is not to belittle people, but to stimulate a response and have a then door to elicit sexuality.

The Second is that a few email blasts came into my email box saying that they had the Text Message Secrets. Now there is definitely good text material out there, but the series of texts they listed in this email (that was just released last week) was pathetic. I know the guys who wrote it, and they are super PUAs, but it once again opened my eyes to how some of the stuff put out there can be complete bullshit.

And the Third thing I would have to say is that I use text a lot, my friends use text a lot. We all do it a little different, but there is definitely a theoretical formula we follow.

So let’s begin here by saying Game is communication and orchestrating it to follow the direction that you want.
You are Socially Engineering interactions with people.
That includes it all, you can do this in a very Passive way that can be very influential, and you can do it in a Manipulative way. That is up to you. Game has been used and abused like a hooker’s pussy.

So the one thing to realize about any superficial communication is that is can fit a Fantasy World or can be given an Identity or Frame or Linked to a Subpersonality.
What I mean by superficial type of communication is communication that someone’s deeper emotions are not involved.
That includes Communication in any area of Attraction. And the more distanced it is from reality the better.

This way you bypass a lot of comfort and can get to seduction a lot faster than before. This is what Captain Jack did with frames, starting them early and then have him define an out come with less emotional investment. This is what I see when I read Brad P’s LRs (good product by the way), he would make his Attraction Game very Sexual, and made it fun allowing his targets to

So in person, face to face, that is the most ‘real’ you can get with someone. And it is harder to get them to accept a fantasy role in the early stages, or harder for them to accept a subpersonality role. However, the face to face meeting is what our over all goal, it is pretty hard to stick your dick in someone without this happening.

Over the phone, this is somewhat personal but much easier for someone to jump into a subpersonality or live out some extension of themselves. The main point here, is that because there is some detachment from interacting personally people will be more willing to step outside of their identity they convey when in public.

Over Email it can totally be done, but you have got to fish for it. You can’t immediately try and turn someone into a bleeding romantic, a sexually frustrated slut, or whatever your goal is. But you can get there pretty deep, pretty quick. In fact when I first started this was a big tool of mine. Very comfort based, and I still don’t know many people that have met someone for 10 mins and carried out an email conversation with them for a few weeks and then without talking over the phone was able to close them. This I did quite a bit last year consistently.

Over Chat or Text, what this post is about, is a really easy way to get someone to accept some passive role with you and very quickly build that momentum towards sex. The funny thing was that a lot of my friends in the community would not believe me when I would tell them about the texts that I would exchange with people. I would tell them about texts and they thought I was exaggerating. I thought this was a natural thing to do. It always made sense that you can be a totally freak over text.
I thought people did it all the time.

Then I met Levo and Doc Holiday and a few other people in the community that were doing stuff that I was doing. They were also being sexually aggressive in their Texts!
Also one of the books (Social Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman) I have always talked about as having pages and pages full of information relevant towards game mentioned a study about Instant Messenger Game.
If I wasn’t so lazy I would site the page it is on, but the general idea was that there were normal Teen/Young Adults that would have no leanings towards dysfunctional behavior, yet within minutes of Instant Messaging people they went sexual.

I just think that for guys like myself in the Community, we tend to over think how people can normally act. And escalation in Text can be normal. Now mix it with some strategy and you can make it one of your biggest weapons.

But was always doing this sort of thing naturally. I have always been some who could push things too far and recover so I did that in game and I did it in text too.

Although my PUA friends believed me in what I would text wanted to see proof. And they got it eventually.
I was with Sinn and Future in Chicago and we were finishing up workshop.
I started a text exchange with a girl and the value in this was that it was one long exchange. It didn’t happen over days, weeks, months, it went from me having her number sending a text and in an hour or so, she was masturbating (or so she said) while texting me back and forth.

The post is called “the Sexualized Text” I think I put it up in July or August of Last Year.

At this point people would constantly ask me about text, and when I was out they would ask me advice.
I would give it to them and sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn’t.
In fact one thing that Shaft says is that whenever he uses my texts, he gets no response. But what he started to point out was that there was a method to what I was doing.

Also at the time, Sinn and Future with their Break Through Comfort program had started adding a text aspect to it.
They would get girls in a whirlwind of “Hot Cold Texts”. And when we were looking at the consistencies in what we were all doing we were going “Hot Cold”

Now in this I want to breakdown a few different ways to Text.
There is stuff, I do, Sinn does, Captain Jack does, Shaft does, and little things I have picked up from other folks (PUAs and naturals).

There is a lot here, and it really is up to the other guys to breakdown their methods, I am just offering what I notice from observing these guys and how I have been able to replicate it.

Before we get to any sort of “Hot Cold”, we need to establish how we initiate the text.
It is not really an opener, but it contains the same sort of traits as an opener. Your initial text is supposed to stimulate attention back. It is supposed to elicit a response. It is not supposed to gain too much traction, mainly because it really can’t at that point. Like an opener it is just there to open communication.

You also need to realize that one of the best ways to text is text like a girl would. Careful placement of emoticons and capitalization work out well.

So here is the old standard that you can never really go wrong with when initialing text…

“Do you speak text … (name) ☺”

If you want you can be kind of quirky or funny with them, may sound stupid, but they work. Some quirkier ones might be…

“I just totally ate (or any other verb) the craziest thing, and in a really weird way it made me think of YOU! :P”

“I am sending you this text before I forget and tomorrow’s hangover kicks in, TEXT ME BACK WOMAN!”

“Right now I am in the bathroom, wondering if there is ever a beneficial way to write someone’s number on the wall. But it was awesome meeting you last night. :p”

“This is (insert name), text me something cool… ;P "

So now you have opened her up and where do you go from there?
Well what are your goals?
Are you trying to build a relationship with her? Are you trying to lay her as quick as possible? Are you trying to keep her around as a possible fuck buddy?
One thing that I am a big fan of, is that I will treat all the girls I pursue as SNLs. I want to go for the Lay as quick as possible. This is because it cuts out the completely unnecessary comfort that was once thought necessary in the community.
So what I am trying to do in my initial interactions is this-

-I am trying to split her personality. I want text to be a fantasy world with her.
-I want to gain compliance in the rhythm of how I am texting. For instance if I send texts that elicit an emotionally heated response, then I want to be the one cooling it down and turning it sexual.
-I want to get sexual. This is easier than you would think in text. I generally bait for it and it comes to the surface.
-I want them to facilitate a role, weather it is texting me back or performing some task that they are designated to they need to be dong something for me under my definition of them.
- I need to get them in an exchange that they can’t get out of. They emotionally isolate themselves with me through text, thus my interactions with them are a secret.

“Hot Cold”
This is kind of the original consistency we came up with, but it makes sense.
It is pure Attraction Game, and text is really Attraction Game that can be built into so many different realms. to sleep with you.

What this is, is simple. You send a text that carries one nice thing, and one teasing thing. This can go in further extremes, to something totally endearing and another totally repulsive. Like, “Just thinking about you ;)… would you get OUT of my HEAD!”
Why ‘Hot Cold’ works is because it gets a response and you are leading it. If you gain compliance over changing a anyone’s emotions you gain compliance over them. Humans are not logical, drama is a good thing when trying to speed along an interaction with women.
That is how Bait hook Reel Release and Push Pull work and this is push pull at its best. Here are a few examples of initial texts using “Hot Cold” in terms of an Opening Text… they do get better.
As you will see below, I have played around with putting the push before the pull and vise versa. No need to put that much thought in it. I give both examples. I think the lead out with the coldness may work better, but the main thing is that cat-like dynamic we are trying to portray.

“WTF I can’t believe you’re actually going home! I guess the after party will have to be going one without you”

“I am totally thinking about that (some detail about your interaction, like an odd article about their clothing)…You really shouldn’t tempt me creative minds can be trouble.”

“So today I totally ran into your twin! LOL! Except she was a good girl ☺!”

“You’re too much here…so what are up to tomorrow? ;P”

Now what is important here is not the examples specifically, but the nature of the dialogue. The two things at once, the beginnings of Hot Cold. The quicker you can become that guy she texts in her own world rather than that guy she texts that she politely responds to, if at all the better.

Escalating Hot Cold

Now one of the traps of any sort of Hot Cold interaction can be fucked up pretty easily.
It still works like a charm, but it can work like a charm in the wrong directions. So if you are using it to escalate than you need to know what direction you are going in. How it can go wrong is that is can add too much comfort and lead people towards relationships, and using Hot Cold to shape a relationship can be really out of control, cause if you play it how I do than you’ll frame the women to be totally dramatic.
So we want our Hot cold to go sexual and not emotional. To do that we need to start identifying their reactions and roles as sexual, this works out really well in text.

Here is a breakdown-
“Ok so you really think that!? Such a BAD girl…”
So the Cold (negative) part is “Ok so you really think that?” then the Hot (positive) part is “Such a BAD girl…”
Here her compliment is fitting her identity to be a positive one, but positive in a deviant way.
Now Game is something that is not really ‘making’ people do what they don’t want to do. Game is making the right situations come out and leading which way they grow. So we are not saying right off the bat, ‘you are a bad girl’. We are putting a very attractive stereotype out there and seeing if she accepts it. 8 out of 10 times she will.
Remember, we are just trying to help that sort of side come out of her.

So here are some examples of Text Exchanges Escalating Hot Cold-

PUA- “So I was just thinking…WTF did I do last night? Did I randomly text someone I shouldn’t have (don’t you hate that)…you came to mind ;) ”

Target- “LOL! No you’re safe here. No drunk texts.”

(So this is a weak response, but still a response. You want to actually get them invested, but it is your first text so no worries)

PUA- “So either you’re saving me from embarrassment or telling the truth. I like a girl that can keep a secret!”

Target- “I always tell the truth! So now you have got me wondering”

(this is a better response, she addressed both comments but still not too invested)

PUA- “Don’t press too hard WOMAN! Today has been totally crazy, I might SNAP!”

Target- “What? Snap???”

PUA- “Crazy stuff with a client of mine. But now it’s your job to make me feel better! But don’t get and crazy ideas I might not be able to handle it! ;)”

Target- “HA! ☺ Just what did you have in mind? I think I could give you a lot that you can’t handle. LOL”

PUA- “Now you’re giving me making me think of all sorts of crazy thoughts… ease up bad girl”

So what is happening here is using a hot cold dynamic to progress on in the exchange. One of the things here is that I am moving more towards a fantasy dynamic with the target and moving it to bring out a sexual subpersonality for them to fulfill.
But notice how the parts where I am saying things like, “don’t press too hard WOMAN! Today has been totally crazy, I might SNAP!”
I capitalize things like WOMAN! To get a bit of a rise out of her, and then I seed her to take on a position where I can give her a role to fulfill.

The next text I send then says, “but now it’s your job to make me feel better!”
This is something we will get into later, but it is something that Sinn does to gain compliance in a role in text to efficiently begin framing them, saves a lot of time in person with them.

The rest is still to come!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Doc's Guide to the First Date!

Hey guys,
This post has been up there for a few days under Doc Holiday's blog
One thing I will say about Doc is that he is not only a Bad Ass at this PUA stuff he rivals me
with his disturbed sense of humor...
and he is funny as fuck.

There are a bunch of dudes in Boston who are coming up with all sorts of new ideas in terms of Game and Lifestyle.

Sinn and I will be up there June 6th,7th and 8th to do a few workshops and we will be fortunate enough to have
Doc Holiday, Entropy and Saffron helping us out adding their expertise.
In fact those 3 are having a Boot Camp this weekend in Boston!
If you're in the are it is not to be missed.

But for now check out this article on Doc's Blog on the First Date. He truly is a Day Game master!



Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Small World- the HOOKER comes full circle

This is actually so funny that I had to post about it, and I am still laughing my ass off!

So I just got an email from one of my exes.
And for those of you who found my text stuff on my blog way back when you shoudl know the story.

One night at Bar X in TX, Captain Jack was texting a bunch of girls over beers, and so I said i would text a bunch of girls in my phone 'What's up HOOKER!'
I then got a huge response and used it as someway of getting a rise out of girls to maintain them into some fantasy land world of text.

So I just got this email from one of those Original Hookers I texted. She knows about the community bullshit and I am sure some of you out there know her.

But here is the email...

... this is toooooo funny I have to tell you!!
Do you happen to work with some guy named XXXXXX in XXXXXX? He had been emailing and texting non stop for the last week, and just now, he hit me up on text going:
"what's up HOOKER?" I texted back "haha...textin' El Topo style huh?" he goes "You know it" I said "know wat?" Him: "You want me hahahaha...." Me:"Do I now?" then he just stopped!! haha.... this is too funny! men with these pick up crap are everywhere out there!! TOO SAD!!!

The funny thing is that I just got mass emailed in one of those company news letters of some "text message secrets" featuring 2 instructors, and after looking it over, I realize why you might actually be better off texting "what's up HOOKER!"
There is some pretty bad Text advice out there.

I will try and make a post of how it works, with theory and examples in the future...
for now I am still LAUGHING!

And a note to the dude texting my EX, keep it going Brother!
Hit me up over email, you get a free phone consult!

This is actually Mentalist's answer to Text messaging!
Watch and learn!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Austin Review

Hey guys,
I just wanted to put this post up that was a Note from Sinn and My student.
We had a few mixing and matching in between programs, but this guys actually took all three things we had to offer.
His name is Jazzed and there is nothing like a student who absorbs everything you give him.
I think all 10 of the infield notes I gave him, he immediately executed.

Also I would like to thank
Dante, and theGoat for helping out as well.

This was one of my best Austin trips yet, and will post about it later, but I figure this review was worth posting.

friends in Boston, Detroit, Orlando and North Carolina make sure and sign up.
Boston is already almost full!


I have seen the future.

Having only been in the community since this past
December(when I had my amazing MM Boot-camp
experience!), I have worked very, very hard to improve
my Game.

I had spent hours practising routines, and researching
techniques with good success. But I never really
understood "how" they all worked? Certain techniques
always seemed like a bad fit for me?, and I struggled
at times with ideas I just didn't understand . . .that
was until this past weekend . . .

In Austin I got it!. . .Game is F-U-N!

Sinn (THE most fun guy to Game with), gave me alien
technology which immediately helped me in-field.

He also never left my side?. .I don't know how he does
it . . .lol. . .He was always there, diagnosing my
EVERY move in set. Without his help - I may never have
understood my true sticking points OR how to correct
them! Thanks bro!

I also worked with El Topo, and what he gave me was

He demonstrated in-field, how wrong my old thinking
was that Game was ALL about dominating sets and being
a spectacle of positive female attention!

He showed me how fast and deep people will connect
with you when you are a "real" person. He also had
some really creative ways to do this. These ideas
helped round out my game in a big way!

For anyone looking to go beyond a boot-camp and
actually internalize - HOW it all works, this seminar
is a for you! These concepts will allow you to better
perfect your own style and "flow".The result - WAY

I would also add that if possible, always take a
Boot-camp with other seminars. Since I took all three,
Sinn and El-Topo were able to custom fit the SNL and
Routine Stacking seminars to my exact style and
sticking points!Instead of just text book information
- they related it to REAL examples from the REAL sets
all weekend!

I now know the power of ongoing coaching and what it
can do for your Game! This is the next level!


PS:On this being a biased review. There was a BIG
negative. A 6ft 9 I may not have lost had it been
after my SNL seminar on Sunday!!! Straight torture

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Vegas Trip

So there we were in Vegas once again…
The fist time I ever worked with Sinn we were in Vegas and since then I don’t’ know how many times we have been there together since.

But this time it all really clicked. I mean first off we had one of the biggest breakthroughs with a student we have had. There is never anything like that, seeing a guy take huge leaps, going from not believing in himself to dominating and holding sets…
And that is the thing, I don’t even know if HE knows how good he was doing. But then again that is the mark of anyone who gets good with this thing, they never really know how good they are, they are always pushing it.
That is one of the things, Sinn, CJ and Future always told me, ‘the guys who think they are better than they are plateau, the guys who think they are worse than they are always get better. We can all be pretty hard on each other but none of us are as hard on each other as we are on ourselves.

Also The Cali Pimp and Pimp Z hung with us a few times. Pretty interesting stuff, those guys come from a completely different approach to all this stuff and it is always fun to mix the styles.

So this time it is night number one.
Our buddy 8 Rope previously known as Algasm, met up with us early in the evening.
He then merged us into a set that was giving him trouble.
It was one of those things that, Sinn and I noticed right away, how immediately sexual these girls were… and I don’t think we noticed enough.
But it was one of those things that I used to really find amazing whenever I watched CJ work. It always went so fucking fast. I don’t’ think of it much anymore, I forget how hard it was once for me. But basically I talked to the girl, within a few seconds said something about cumming on something (kind of in my general dialogue) and notice she was responsive. And from there you press on.
I mean both of us are pretty aggressive guys, and as the night would unfold we realized how much we could have press harder… the magnitude of debauchery these two had in em was pretty impressive. I guess when you’re married and you’re not getting enough, it must build in you or something.

So we bounce with the girls to another venue.
Where we started out was very quiet and the second location is loud. Sinn works his stuff with his target and I work with mine.
And here is the difference, if you haven’t noticed; Sinn brings a different feel to game than I. He is pressing hard while I work less aggressive physically and more so with my verbal stack based material.
In this case we both had them going, but as Sinn pointed out to me about an hour later, ‘why aren’t we pulling now’.
But it is on with the girls; they are working up all kinds of crazy shit in the venue.
The funny thing is, in all of this there is another girl with Hair down to her Ass who is corralled next to us. While Sinn is occupying both of the other targets, I open this girl asking for a lighter. I figure some sort of Jealousy wouldn’t hurt. It really never does, and as Captain Jack has time and time again said, it is almost a necessity for moving a set along fast.

And this is where all this stuff can kind of eludes me at times… Miss Long Ass Hair (who is REALLY fucking Hot) starts parading me around her friends; number closes me, and starts texting me as I go back into set with the original girls, who are pretty much ready to go at this point, so I have got to bail on Miss Long Ass Hair and go for what is already in the works. Now right now it seems pretty understandable with the Miss LAH, but later the story picks up… and I will explain here in a second.

So at this point Sinn leads the pull, in fact due to the amount of booze that is swimming in my brain I pretty much go through the motions at this point…

which includes walking through the casino,
getting in a cab, getting out of that cab,
walking through another casino,
getting in an elevator and walking to out room.

I am outside the room with one girl and Sinn is inside with the other.
At this point the girl I am outside with goes to the door to listen to her friend being fucked, no big deal. And all of a sudden she totally lights up, I mean she gets fucking primal. Now I am used to this, but in the hall of the hotel I am slapped sober for a second while she grabs me an starts pulling down my pants.
All I remember at that point was her sucking me off and me saying, ‘someone is walking this way’ and her saying ‘you fucking lying pussy, I want to see you cum’.
And so the kind man walking by did a double take and politely acted to ignore us.
There wasn’t much more than a smile that needed to be exchanged between him and I for him to know to just keep walking by.

This actually happened to me the first time I was in Vegas and fucked everything up.

The funny thing was, that the girl wanted to go inside and watch her friend and experience some sort of orgy amongst us. But by that time Sinn was done and I remember his girl had to go to the bathroom, while saying she needed to clean her ass.

Nice and neat… the two left right away…

So in the meantime, I check my phone to see that this fucking other girl has been constantly texting me. So I text back.
I call her, because I want more and she can’t get away from her friends…or whatever.
I go to crash out, and still she is texting…
7am, she calls, 9am she calls.

Now here is the weird thing with Miss LAH… I met her and probably talked to her for about 15 mins cumulative. Now I have done stuff like this before, but I ran some pretty heavy comfort while doing so. In this case none… only A game. I mean primarily, it was all for jealousy. Plus loud venue, and really hard to do anything outside of Touching and Body Language.
It is a common thing especially in Vegas, but really in any club, to meet someone that night and get them all worked up but then the next day when their head is completely clear to continue the exchange.
And actually she sends me nothing the next day. I call leave a VM, and hear nothing.

In the meantime, while waiting in the lobby the next day, Sinn opens up this set…actually they hit him up for a lighter and then it all began. I sat there groggy and eventually started talking to one of them. It was pretty clear in who he was gaming and it worked out perfect. He number closed, I number closed, we bail.
Work with our student and begin the flurry of texts to these girls. Now text as I always have said is a fantasyland. Even gaming in the club is a fantasyland. Anytime you are in an environment where you can introduce new ideas (in our case sexual) use that sort of thing as leverage.
So you get a girl’s number, text her immediately (well wait 20mins to 2 hours, but why wait?)
With these girls it went quick…
But a good example of trying to fish for sexuality in a text is to say something like…

“so where the are you guys?’
She Answers, (if it is something at all interesting) “now that is HOT, ;) … but really wait the fuck are you doing?”
(if it is something that is pretty dull and can really not be at all ‘hot’, then you say, “come on I thought you were more creative than that… So then what will you be doing? ;) ”

In any case, you want to set the field for them to entertain a type of role, very easily and comfortably.

Later on that night Sinn and I are at another Venue that has always been good to us, he opens up a set I occupy her disgusting piece of shit of a friend while trying not to vomit in my mouth. Both of them married too. I mean why wear the ring in Vegas… do you really think it repels anyone?
So we are at the bar and a 3 set has proximity so I see my way out.
I open them, and I am saved.
We move to a little further down the bar and…motherfucker… Sinn’s girl pulls me away and put me in front of her friend. Back to holding my stomach… everybody out there smile to mock me.

I talk to her while imagining the movie ‘the Silent Scream’ (I never went to catholic school but the movie is what I blame for a population of things- like the THING in front of me-walking the casinos of Vegas)
And this is where you are like… do I wing and be a friend or do I go back to the set with the actual Hot Girl in it?

So the actual Hot girl walks by, I say, ‘hey save me’, she says, ‘you don’t know that girl, but she pulled you away?’ and she pulls me away.

We stand out on the Casino floor and I use my amazing ability to talk about anywhere in the US, knowing all the roads and weird restaurants and bars along the way. Yes, playing music and living on the road will not only make your keen on dumpster diving, but also you will have stories…and a lot of them.

Sinn disappears with his girls and I really don’t give a shit cause I am gaming one of the hottest girls I have seen in a long while.
Now with this girl it all makes sense. I run my typical stuff… stories from my life…stories form her life using my normal pattern of
DHV/Ground, constantly Checking In, Cold Reading while Framing, and into Qualification, and at this point where I was once good at it, all the stacks I have written makes me better at it.
But as I said it makes sense with her, she is hooked…I have to worry about nothing other than Logistics, which are kind of weird.
1- She is leaving in the morning…..GOOD
2- She is with her Sister and her Brother in law….BAD
3- They are sharing a room….BAD
4- My hotel is the only hope, but kind of far….. SO SO
Her Sis and Hubby leave us alone and go back to their room.
I continue in Set.
More momentum gets built, I mean how much of a stage do you really have to set.
But here is the thing… I meet a lot of girls. I love meeting people, but in reality it is very rare when you actually meet someone you like. Now really that is the end goal in terms of the lifestyle you want to build. But then there is the other side…to it… Feeling before fucking is NEVER a good thing.
And by all means, I am in no mood to settle down with anyone, but it is still refreshing.
Also I have been using a lot of these sexual cold reads and it is fun to get them really deep with someone. One thing I will say
1- The community uses fairly weak cold reads, and can take it so much further
2- The more I use the sexual ones, and the deeper I get with them, the more I realize how unbelievably consistent they are.

Some Examples
1- I hate how that my friends will say, men like sex more than women, and it is total bullshit. I mean women like sex, just as much if not more (oldie but goodie)
2- I bet one of the things you hated most about the last guy you dated was that he never really satisfied you, like he never dominated you, or let you dominate him
3- One of the things about you is that you have always been really sensual as a person, but not everybody sees it. I mean even as a kid, you noticed people picked up on it so you actually kept a lot of that to yourself. So it is only when you are really comfortable with someone you will let that out, but most guys don’t get that about you.
4- So I bet one of the things with you is that you like to have people turned on by you? Like you may not actually do it, but you have always gotten off on someone wanting you.
5- There is a total difference between being fucked without attachment and feeling something with someone. And both have completely two different meanings to you.
6- You have always really liked sex, and like feeling that way with many people, you can be detached from it. But when you are with someone you are totally committed.
7- Just in the way you speak, I can tell that you want to just feel like a woman with someone…and no one has ever made you feel desired in that way.
8- I bet with you, and I don’t know what made me just think of this, is that you have always fantasized about having sex in at work or in some model home or something like that…

The thing with these are, that you it might be hard to come out and say these things, you need to weave them in. Then you have also got to turn them into frames…a post all onto itself.

So with enough of that, we eventually go to the elevator. I was just walking her over to it.
It opens I pull her inside. We make out and I am just trying to get her BT up.
The main thing here is that I have got her to accept such a frame and psychological state that I have got to start empowering that with her physical.
This is kind of the thing with the KFP.
It really begins with a compliance sort of narrative before you get to the physical.
Sinn pointed out to me someone on the boards knocking the KFP, but fuck them…it works. It works better than any other seduction thing I have heard. And the funny thing is, that for all the years that the community has been around what the fuck is there in terms of closing material?

So I build the compliance. I put her hand on my cock and ask her what she is touching, she is nervous about it (they pretty much always are the longer you work the set, the quicker it goes, as long as you have framed sexually, the more aggressive they will be with the narrative. You have given too much identity to that subpersonality.)
Then the logistics comes into play.
She is sharing a room with one bed with her sister and brother in law.
So she tells me we have to stop outside the room and explains the situation. I keep pushing (not always the best thing, sometimes you need to lead the easing of the interaction, thing Push Pull in terms of Seduction –another rant of mine for another post).
I easy up eventually, and we agree to be quiet.
I try to get her in the bathroom, but she won’t shut the door behind her.
I try and do it and her state starts to break.

Back to the narrative.
Back to the cock.
Back to the sexual push pull, but in very quiet whispered voices...kinda loses the drama of it all if you know what I mean?

Her sister wakes up, but still in the bed, and asks if she is in the room. She replies that she is.
At this point I am done fighting it. It is late and fuck it, I will get off in someway.
I could use it. But I am done trying, and I have a shit load of comfort that although she is leaving tomorrow at some point I will close it.

So back home to sleep.

To make a long story short here…
The next day Sinn and I meet up with the two girls we gamed in the lobby… easy close.
As always what is comes down to with some sets is logistics and being dominant. In the case of those two girls it all clicked. An interesting thing here, is it used to be thought with younger girls 23 and younger they gave more LMR. This is true if you run too solid of a game on them. But as the Ca Pimp told us, ‘No way brother, you just got to lead em quick into state, in a way they are always taking steps forward. They will follow your lead if you put it in front of them.’
The shitty thing was that this girl fucking squirted all over my fucking bed… kind of a cool novelty, but really not something that is fun to clean up.

And to tail out the story…and really I have no idea how this happened, but that day Miss Long Ass Hair got in a Text war that is still going.
That 3erd day in Vegas she sent me 76 texts, that were super fucking long and comfort heavy. I ran no comfort with this chick for the 15 mins I was with her. Again, her calling till 9am is kind of understandable, but the next day staying in that sort of flurry without having any rapport, is pretty weird.
I was sitting there with Sinn going WTF! She is telling me her travel plans what hotel she is staying in and that she will be alone…I mean now I am in good with all the comfort shit, but I don’t get how aggressively she started it.
We will see what happens with her.

The girl I didn’t close who was with her sister and brother in law I would expect that kind of text flurry because I ran that kind of game on her.
And I got it too. There will be more from both of them. And I think there will be something to post about soon.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

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