Friday, May 9, 2008

Doc's Guide to the First Date!

Hey guys,
This post has been up there for a few days under Doc Holiday's blog
One thing I will say about Doc is that he is not only a Bad Ass at this PUA stuff he rivals me
with his disturbed sense of humor...
and he is funny as fuck.

There are a bunch of dudes in Boston who are coming up with all sorts of new ideas in terms of Game and Lifestyle.

Sinn and I will be up there June 6th,7th and 8th to do a few workshops and we will be fortunate enough to have
Doc Holiday, Entropy and Saffron helping us out adding their expertise.
In fact those 3 are having a Boot Camp this weekend in Boston!
If you're in the are it is not to be missed.

But for now check out this article on Doc's Blog on the First Date. He truly is a Day Game master!



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