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El Topo Text Game Part 2

Text Game Part 2

So now we get how to open a text and one popular way to initiate a text dialog.
So let’s describe a few things around that.

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The reason why Hot Cold works so well, is because it is an element of Push Pull. I would like to do a post on changes made to models of game, but there are a lot of posts I would like to do…getting to it is the real feat! But surely I will get to it!

The reason why Push Pull is such an important part of game it because it is something that pretty much every human and animal is responsive to. It is almost like people can’t help but do it.
Now you can’t say something like ‘Hey, you sweet cunt whore, how’s your day going?’ that may piss some people off (but if you make it work…let me know). But what you want to do with each aspect of Hot Cold/Push Pull is get them to invest a little bit in it.

How we get people to invest is through Qualification, Baiting, Framing, Compliance, Dominance and Logistics.

So those are the things we are going to talk about in terms of text.
And again, I would like to do a post on my teaching method of breaking down your Tools of Game along with How to Implement those Tools, but again it will probably be a few weeks on that. It I could write as fast as I could think then my blog would be a goddamn encyclopedia! Should have taken a typing class!

So the important thing with text to think of is that it is only a small part of game. So your goals in text are to do a few things.
I always like to Bring out-
-A Subpersonality in it, and it is great for that.
-It is a good use of to begin Force Framing
-It is a great Calibration Tool
-Logistically I want to engage someone with some compliance, usually accepting roles or doing small tasks.
-Build Investment emotionally (now it is important to know text probably isn’t the tool to engage serious emotions, but more reactive and surface level ones. You need an orchestration of complete game to have it effect deep rooted emotions)
-And Logistically I want to set up a time to meet, with all those frames and subpersonalities to bring to the table.

So with that in mind, instead of saying, ‘You sweet cunt whore, how is your day going?’
You want to say things that your texts to follow some sort of path that will stimulate reaction to role into another text that will build a frame, to role into another one that will build compliance to your frame, that will role into one that will bait them into a subpersonality and all be fun and exciting to engage in.

You can hook a girl very easily to be that guy that she has a text war with on a daily basis. During debriefing I always ask women when they started to know they were going to sleep with me. If I have worked them through text they will always say something like, ‘I thought you were cool when we met (she might even say a little weird…hahahaha), but I really started to think about you in that way, when I would be at work thinking about what I was going to text you or when you were going to text me’.
So go figure, but it works, and even with text you can see yourself get sucked in with it too! Beware!

Using Bait in Text-

Although this is how to Bait using text, all of the ideas like Push Pull/Hot Cold, Baiting, Qualifying, Framing, Compliance, Dominance, and Logistics all kind fo work together. But in their subcategories I will mainly be highlighting the part which it is titled. In this case Baiting.

So the idea of Bait is a reactive one. It is something that is hardwired; people can’t help but respond to if done correctly.

So let’s start with some examples-

Shortly after the first few texts, maybe the second or third one in…

-‘So I am sitting in a waiting room, and I wonder if the people around me know what I am thinking about’

-‘Guess what I am thinking of right now, I just totally saw your twin and it set me off.’

-‘OMG the craziest thing just happened, I am totally in a weird head space right now’

-‘Even tho you like X wink, I still think you’re…well maybe not LOL’

-‘I am totally bored, don’t even TEMPT me with those thoughts! ☺’

-‘You have no what I just saw, you would totally LOVE it, in that sort of BAD girl sort of way…LOL!’

Ok so let’s take a look at these. Now some of them are doing a few things here.
The first one-
-‘So I am sitting in a waiting room, and I wonder if the people around me know what I am thinking about’
What you’re doing is trying to bait them into a simple question. One being, ‘where are you?’ or Two being, “What are you thinking about?’
For a while Sinn, Shaft and myself would always ask two questions, or give two things to respond to in our texts to calibrate. We don’t so much anymore, but it is a great tool to use. Now with either answer you can go somewhere.
But the one that shows she is more likely to quickly accept a frame over text is if she answers anything about what you are thinking. Reason why is because if she answers that she is curious about something that leaves a huge door open to.
An office space is pretty mundane, what someone thinks that might offend the ‘norm’ hanging out in the office can be something pretty interesting, well if you’re a PUA.

So if she says ‘Where are you?’ no big deal, you text back something like,
‘Trust me you don’t want to know, but these people are freaks! Totally your crowd ☺’
‘The funny thing is that, I am normally really into bizarro things, but I usually need a wing, next time I am bringing you! And you’ll never guess…’

So let’s take a look at a few more breakdowns…
-‘Guess what I am thinking of right now, I just totally saw your twin and it set me off.’
When I took my BC Sinn told me Future and him used the father text of this…’OMG I totally just saw your twin’ to calibrate how quickly a girl would reply. If she replied quick it meant you could begin with likely fruition on your text/phone journey.
So then we added a little more to it. Mainly because we wanted to see what she would reply too and our Bait was then more voiced to lead towards curiosity on what we are thinking. It may hook it may not. So in the first two texts a good thing to point out is asking two questions in the same text.
We will touch on that later.
But our Bait is always leading to a frame or subpersonality, or maybe even something else.

So it is best to get a response about ‘what you were thinking’ but you may get a response on the ‘twin’ part. The main thing is this will get a likely response. And you should probably use this text as a opener as well or the first text in a new exchange with someone you have been texting. It leads very well into some tactical conversations.

Replies to the twin part might be…
‘Yeah I was totally excited at first, but didn’t have that wicked side to here. LOL!’
‘And you should have SEEN the look on her face when I snuck up from behind, butt I think YOU could have handled it! HAHAHA!’

Replies to the thinking part might be…
‘All I got to say is….bad girl! LOL yikes!!!!’
‘I was actually REALLY disturbed! I knew I remembered you…stay HOTT!’

So you get the idea with that. This would go on forever if I were to breakdown all of them, so let’s go to the next Implementation of the Tool…

Qualification in Text-

This is one that you can open a text conversation with, but to really use qualification you want to use it a bit later in the exchange, but it can be fairly impactive within 2 or 3 texts in.
But first let’s talk about Qualification.
So Qualification is a get way to get a lot of things. Lot’s of people go on and on about it and it is something that many discussions can be had about it.
Most of those discussions show its use in gaining investment in the group.
There is a great Audio Program out there that has Sinn and Vision going over Qualification. Most people say it is one of the best Audio Products out there. It is something that has a long history and has evolved quite a bit.

But here are its uses-
-Gain Value and Compliance (throughout your set) towards Value. Build investment essentially, through a ladder of Qualifiers or establish your value, to make her feel the need to invest her Emotions or work up to your Value.
-Calibrate where you are at in set. So it was said many a times by Future in many Seminar rooms (probably many other people too, but I can still hear Future saying it in my head) ‘Qualification is the Gateway to Rapport. This is because is was a good way to know you could enter Comfort and also it was a good way to transition into a Comfort base story. The funny thing is that Qualification is now used in Comfort (little bit of a different twist, but definitely Qualification, and it is the total LMR buster in Seduction. Qualification is thee way to Blast through LMR and is one of the Roots to the KFP.
-And the most neglected use of Qualification is that is defines where you go next in Set!
It is what you need to show which way you are going, and in Text this is important!
What I mean is let’s say you are talking about eating Bats in the Amazon your DHV story (and let me tell you I can go on and on about how misused DHV stories are in the community), and you want to transition out of it.
You can Qualify with,
‘So what is something you have done that made you know what your passions were?’
With that you can then talk about your passions and hers and all that stuff. Good for building bonds and many, many other things.

But let’s say instead you talk about eating Bats in the Amazon and transition out with…
‘So what’s the craziest thing you have ever done?’
No this can go a little more sexual… both can but with this you are using Bait to take the set somewhere into a more racy territory.

Both Qualifiers are good, neither one is better, depends on where you are in the set and where you want to go. And the Qualifier tells you where to go. That to me is a pretty important use to negate. So USE IT!

Some examples of text for qualification might be…

Opening Text with a Qualifier-

-‘So what is your favorite Karaoke song! wink

-‘So wait, you always pick up guys, when they are DRUNK!’

Again opening with a qualifier is pretty weak use of a qualifier, but be creative and fun with it and it will work.

A few Texts in-
Think about if they fall into one of your Baiting texts you can empower it with your Qualifier.

-‘Jezz! You really do have a WILD side don’t you?’

-‘What kind of girl are you…really? I mean you didn’t really put that off when I met you, but go figure! LOL’

-‘So you are really starting to make me wonder, who taught you your text etiquette?’

-‘I am not sure if I really know about you yet… are you one of those girls that doesn’t always play nice…’
So you can see from this that the qualifiers really do have somewhat of a Baiting element to them too. They are also the beginnings to Frames, Compliance and bringing out that subpersonality.

Remember Qualification is a tool to progress on in the right direction!

And that will take us to….

Compliance through Text

Now here will probably be one of the more rich parts of the post, because it will map out how you need to text (the flow of text or the rhythm). Compliance does a few things…
But at its fundamental it brings out repetition in the target working in a certain direction.
Normally I bring up Framing before Compliance, but I will lead with compliance here to better describe Framing later.
Normally compliance is just thought of as getting a girl to do something for you. This alone is super effective. In fact I remember on a Workshop in Hawaii, Tyler Durden spent about 20mins describing to a student what Compliance was, and this opened my eyes to a larger field of it. Also Shaft can talk, and I mean talk about the importance of Compliance in all forms of Game.

But other than getting someone to do tasks, you can build a Qualification ladder with Compliance, you can build frames with Baiting someone by making them Compliant to your interaction with them, you can make someone fulfill a narrative that brings out a Subpersonality through Compliance. Basically you can use Compliance to get someone to follow your lead.
Compliance is the fucking shit, so see it as not just getting someone to fulfill actions, but also to be made to interact with you in a specific way that helps Frame them into your Subpersonality.

My example will be an exchange with breakdown of what I am attempting to do through Text. Here goes….

PUA- ‘You won’t believe what just happened! You should have BEEN HERE!’
Target- ‘?’
PUA- ‘Really that is ALL you can write ‘?’ I thought you spoke text…lol, are you sitting down?’
Target- ‘Yeah, I am at work, WHAT HAPPENED, is that better? ☺’
PUA- ‘This chick just totally went crazy at the store, I thought, I wish (target’s name) was here.’
Target- ‘I don’t know if I would have wanted too, what did she do?’
PUA- ‘Yeah, I am not sure if you would have laughed or joined in…’
Target- ‘That depends what it was she was doing’
PUA- ‘I still am not sure…either you’d be all over it or ur one of those PG 13 girls’
Target- ‘Wouldn’t you like to know?’
PUA- ‘That says it ALL right there! wink
Target- ‘OMG, you are totally crazy… You might not want to know! :p’
PUA- ‘ME totally Crazy! F U!’
Target- ‘YES! And F U too ☺’
PUA- ‘That is sweet, but now you’re are totally making me wonder and now U won’t want to know… ’
Target ‘You couldn’t even imagine’
PUA- ‘Seriously, I have to drive now, so take it easy on me, you wouldn’t want to cause an accident now would you???’
Target- ‘Accident? That might be fun, good thing I am not there! Lol!’
PUA- ‘So now I am totally bored, entertain me… are you at work?’
Target- ‘Yes’
PUA- ‘And what are you doing?’
Target- ‘I am sitting at my desk answering my boss’ emails’
PUA- ‘Woman… really, I though you spoke text…how are you going to make me crash with THAT!’
Target- ‘HA! I thought I was PG 13’
PUA- ‘Ahh, we proved that you only are when you’re at the club, but at work I know what REALLY goes on!’
Target- ‘So dirty?’
PUA- ‘Actually it is one of the worst places that my mind wanders, just think if I was at work, my imagination would be corrupted even MORE by U! wink
Target- ‘You are a trip, I think you’re corrupting me!’
PUA- ‘Good cause later I may need your help, I have a crazy meeting I have to attend ☹…’
Target- ‘HA! We will see…’
PUA- Stop with that ‘we will see’ crap, you’re totally my text BITCH! Lol!’
Target- ‘Ahhh Text BITCH… couldn’t you come up with something else.’
PUA- ‘Yeah but, text me BACK….BITCH! by the way I am almost back and still no crash…’
Target- ‘CRASH BITCH!’
PUA- ‘You’re supposed to make me do that in another way…come on GET TO WORK!’
Target- ‘You’re too much. I can’t handle you…’
PUA- ‘That is what I thought! Lol. No really, what are you doing later, I will need someone to perk me up in a few hours.’
Target- ‘Why are you asking I thought I was your BITCH! Hahaha!’
PUA- ‘Jezz UR having way too much fun, maybe I should give you a whip so you can step it up’
Target- ‘I like whips’
PUA- ‘And I do too, but I don’t use them, I prefer using my hand!’
Target- ‘Now that depends, when and where…’
PUA- ‘Really, I think that you know WHEN and WHERE, unless you’re really more creative than me… and then I don’t want to know’
Target- ‘ That’s right BITCH!’
PUA- ‘Look woman, talk all you want, but I will turn you inside and out’
Target- ‘I am waiting…’
PUA- ‘And be waiting with a wheelchair cause you might need it’
Target- ‘LOL!’

Ok so this is a pretty common exchange.
No what you see in the first part of this, is a lot of baiting toward sex using really fun attitude. Text game is all Attraction being used as a door to open up different parts of her. This particular girl was not biting at first but still going along with it. This always suck, but if she is at least somewhat entertaining your ideas you can still press on very lightly.
You always want her following your lead.
The whole time I am leading the interaction, and the whole time I am reframing her replies to what I want to see them as.
The more I can get her to follow my path of the narrative, the more I make her Compliant.
And the reason why I chose this exchange was because it took her a while to warm up and it was done without any breaks in the text, it all took place over one day.

So now I text saying, ‘BITCH I am bored TEXT BACK!’ and she does.
You can also see the slow escalation of her turning more towards me. Eventually she does but it wasn’t immediate. The thing is that once they walk through enough of your doors (along with it being a fun interaction) they will ultimately continue on.
Compliance is something that can build your whole foundation to game.

For now that is all…

Part 3 will be on Framing, Dominance, Logistics
And it will go over some of my buddies personal theories on Text cause you have heard enough of MINE!!!!

But really they are good. Guys like Shaft, Sinn, Fidelio and Captain Jack all have very unique was to text. Still doing a lot of the same types of things, like Qualifying and Baiting, using Frames and Compliance, but they do it in their own effective and Unique ways. They are for the most part available online, but you have got to give credit where credit is due!



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