Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is what a Haole boy is...

On occasion people will tell me that Hawaii is a place where it is good to visit but bad to live there.
These are usually culturally unaware folks, they are always saying how they got their ass kind there by the angry locals.
I try and explain it would be like if people came to your country, town, home...whatever and told you how to live. It would piss you off. Those are usually the same people that bitch about Mexicans taking over the country and destroying the immensely rich culture of the USA.

Anyway I am with Lekarz right now from the Atlanta crew and he is from Hawaii too.
He showed me this video and we both thought....'what a fucking asshole' , this guy is deserved of one of my amazing music video remakes.
But for now this is what I always thought one version of a Haole is (there are many forms). Some care free mainland dude, that comes to the Island, takes what he likes, and thinks he give back while speaking all this love and peace shit while the local people deal with being left out of their own island. The best is when they start explaining what the meaning of "aloha" is.

I would love to see him driven out in a Cane fields. Lekarz says, notice how there are no Local guys in it, just the girls.

Anyway... how's that for some gratitude....hahahahaha!
If you want to read more about modern day Hawaii and some of its underbelly and also some of the cultural realities read the book
The Tattoo by Chris McKinney

But here's the Haole boy

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Get the meaning behind this title and you get a phone consult.
Sign up for my list and email me the answer.
This is an easy one....

2 Israeli men accompany back home this morning...
These are the kind of weird nights I have been having.
To me, I just sit back in awe of it all.

Not to bug you too much, but I have a whole shitload of audio and video over the past month. I will be releasing it to my list over the next few months. So sign up for it.

In the past few months I have done some serious house cleaning, and the lifestyle (as a result) is pretty awesome. Hopefully in the InnerGame phone call Jtime and Negatron will open some doors for other people too.
Sadly I don't know many other PUAs who have a lifestyle to talk about. They usually are the most full of shit people I know.
All these PUA instructor types brag about how they are actors and model agents...
The funny thing is I have actually photographed Playboy models, did last month and will again in Jan.
I am going to the AVNs next week, and have a pretty jam pack month to be honest.
The thing about it is that all doesn't mean shit if I don't have my inner peace.

To be honest Xmas sitting on the side of the road broken down after working with homeless folks, and before that getting my ass handed to me by some possessed lover was a lot better feeling than hanging with the 'need to be seen crowd'.

But back to how last night manifested...

3 days ago I was run through the ringer.
I am still healing from having sex with the devil.
the other day I took a shit and there was a finger nail in it.
I figure it is part of the process god makes you go through.
So then I went out and met with my student. Jtime and Soco have been doing something called Creep Game.
I have been doing it and finally it pans out. Actually in the Strip Clubs it works great.
Also I have been recording all my sets, this one too.

I am staring at her and her friends.
They approach eventually.
They ask me, 'what are you staring at'
I tell, 'is that all you can say'
They look puzzled...
They seem interested and so I tell them, 'look I can't talk now, I am working with a client but give me your number and we will talk later.'

The one girl who seemed the most interested is hesitant and then gives me her number. I say I am going to text message her now, and we can talk later.

I go back to work and the student is in set with these Israelis.

As it turns out, the girls that approached me were Israeli too. They end up all knowing each other.

So to make a long story short this girl calls, a lot.
She doesn't speak good English, she asks me all the personal questions right away...
'You have girlfriend?' NO
'You married, been married' NO NO
'Have kids' YES
'You like me' SURE
'No tell me, you know or not' THAT DEPENDS
'You meet me soon' SURE
'Americans talk sex, but don't do' YES I KNOW
'Ok, we talk later' SURE

So that seems easy enough....
Last night I was actually working with the Devil Girl, I told her about the Israeli girl, she told me to take pictures... like I said the Devil Girl and I have an interesting relationship.
the Devil Girl comes with me to meet up with the Israeli.
Devil Woman, drops me off and Israeli picks me up.

I get in the car with her.
We go to get some food and drinks.
Run into Sinn who is also on a date with a pretty hot girl. I thought to myself, this girl looks way too nice for Sinn's taste, then I saw she had big tits.
Ran into Shaft...
Then I did one of the funnier things...
She said, 'where are you going tonight?'
I told her that I was in such a hurry to see her that I just jumped into her car and I guess my friend just took off, so I guess, can i stay at your place tonight. I live like 30 miles away.

This is those Captain Jack things....'Oops I just happened to end up at your place."
I actually was really stranded with no place to is that for a motivator?
I wouldn't recommend doing it this way, but I would say that the important thing here is to set the stage that showing her that a sexual situation just happened.
She didn't do a slutty action by being the aggressor in taking you home.
This is a big thing. Women are held back sexually in terms of what people think of them. You need to diffuse the social element.
Figure out what people are afraid of and release that fear, they look to you for the next step.

In any case, I we go to her house.
She has 2 male roommates, I think interesting.
She say she never does anything like this.
I say, I know it is just a weird situation.

He roommates try and get me to go out with them. I stay with her.
I will say this...
It was good to be with a woman who didn't unleash hell upon your body. Just sex was good enough.

The funny thing is that I have a new found respect for Israeli women. They know how to be women, better than I can make them.

I am going to release some transcripts of this night and I actually have the approach to the pull all on Audio. It was about 2.5 hours to the close.
So GET ON THE LIST to hear the actual reenactment.


And Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

FREE Inner Game Conference Call #1 Jan 15th, 2009

Today is yet a different day.
I would like to touch on a few things in this write up.

Last night was a pretty amazing night. Hung out with Captain Jack again.
It made me think about how I had the opportunity to learn form him originally. He actually did most of his teaching with me for no cost. But i was willing to learn and pretty much did anything he told me. He is doing some Voodoo shit for the next few days.

But I am going to send the properly formatted CJ and ET Text message thread and there will be some new commentaries from CJ as well that we went over last night.

Other than that, last night was a really amazing night. Working int his field you can get way too caught up in Bullshit!
Game is pretty much learning to live a life you like with getting the women you like, but how it is taught is fucking retarded.
I think that everyday I am confronted with the reality of how insane it can be to work in this industry. What people believe influences women or people in general in the community is so bazaarly out there is a joke.
One thing CJ kept rambling on about last night was that in what he has seen people do in terms of game within the community is only a scratching of the surface. What both of us have witnessed in terms of other PUAs and Naturals is beyond what any company is selling out there. The things is that people need to come together on these ideas.
The community was almost born divided by big egos about nothing.
Please tell me what the biggest names in the PUA community have done new in the past year, let alone the past 2 years. It has been stagnant. And the capabilities os social dynamics whether it is to learn to stick your dick in everything that moves or learn to impact and touch people's lives there is so much more out there than what is revealed. What people carry these enormous egos about are complete crap. If you only knew what losers they were in real life, you would never give them money to teach you.

You have to be kind of crazy in order to progress ideas, as in my last post.
I am not sure what I learned from that in terms of game, but that story with that girl has actually taken an interesting turn. Although as when some girls find my blog, I always regret writing about them, I do think it helps the guys. That is not to say I do not help the women out there I meet, and some I sleep with. I love talking to people, that is what made me good at this. So I open myself up to everyone.

As you know I am the guy that writes theREDstacks. In writing theREDstacks I have had the opportunity to work with all sorts of people and really get to know them at a deeper level.

I have always loved this about teaching pick up. I have always loved the fact that, I could meet guys in this field that had so much interesting life experience.
In doing so, some turns in my life happened last year.
This main came from teaching Negatron and Jtime.
The two of them have actually had the biggest impact on my life in this past year.

Now there are also a few other guys who actually have been very instrumental too in and out of the community. The most interesting thing that how they helped me where in ways completely outside of talking to women. I guess you could categorize it as inner game or lifestyle.
In dong so we came up with exercises that helped us work on inner game while talking to women.
The funny thing is that I have had multiple life changes throughout my life. In reading people’s stack profiles there are so many people who have too.
Yet we would rather learn how to lie about our ‘social value’ in order to meet women.

So all that being said there are many things Inner Game wise that I want to give back to the community.
It is my belief that Inner Game should be taught for FREE.
Now I understand people paying for personal instruction but the best way I can offer this for free without stretching myself too thin is by having a FREE monthly Conference Call.

I want to do this call on Jan 15th, 2009. It is a Thurs.
Hopefully Jtime and a few of the other people who have helped me with this will be on it as well. We shall see.

The Conference Call will only be for people on my email LIST so GET on THE LIST!
I can also assure you that this will be coming at the whole idea of Inner Game from a different angle.
You will truly appreciate it.

Let’s stay in touch!

For now this is how I feel portrayed by Hot Water Music's cover of an Alkaline Trio song.
(have NO IDEA what the Panda is doing in this, but oh well)

Friday, December 26, 2008

This is what happens to Naughty Little Boys

Yeah tell me what quote that is from, who said it, what it is written on and when it was frist said to them and you get a free phone consult!
"this is what happens to naughty little boys"

Alright, so the Stripper Text is going out at 8:23pm Eastern.
The last 24 hours…actually 30 hours now…have been a trip.

I was going to include it in my email to my list, but what can I say…the list email is long enough.

Today Bart picked me up from my house and said…
“Dude, did you get in a fight?”

I tell him ‘no’ and explain the story I am about to tell you.

So the day started off kinda late. I woke up late, did my family stuff, which is always interesting.
Then I decided to hang out with one of the girls that I actually texted a picture of my shit to. She relied to the text saying, ‘how sweet’.
She was alone for Xmas and for the rest of the next 2 days I would be too.

I didn’t know her all that well but after we met up, it was freaky how much we actually had in common. She told me that she had thought about taking a shit and texting it back to me. So I was pretty whipped at that point.

I will also say that part of my life for the past few months has been pretty active in service for others, and later it turned up that she has been involved in some of the things I had done as well. Whoohohohaoaooa…breakthrough comfort. Future would be proud.

We actually go out and help some folks out that night who are spending Xmas Eve alone, then she wants to meet up with some friends.
In any case, the night ends up back at her place. I figured it would seems like an easy close, but she also seems pretty crazy, in a good way (so I think).

Watch a movie, begin hooking up. She is aggressive, I am thinking… ‘cool’.
She bites my lip…hard, I am thinking, ‘cool, she as something to prove, I can throw that shit back on her’.
I touch her pussy and she hits me in a good way…and I am thinking ‘alright, I will need to break this bitch’

Then her friends come by, I guess this is normal.
It is a girl, who is pretty hot, and a guy that is pretty lame, I am sure he thought the same as me. It was one of those moments when you seem how retarded people can be by how they act when their friends are around.

The friends leave, and we hook up again… now she is even more aggressive.
She bites more, I tell her to stop and she bites harder.
I am like WTF?

I cant pull away cause she is latched on my lip. So I go for the choke, and she is about to bit the shit off and then relaxes beginning to pass out.
She regains and smacks me.
So she wants to wrestle. That is no fun for her cause, I can wrestle, she goes back to the biting.
Within all this there is of course the dialog trying to tell her to stop.
But I am crazy so I continue.
Also many moons ago there was a time where I was pretty know in the S&M clubs. I actually used to go there when I was 18.

So this chick is fucking crazy. For real…
I suppose I should have known.

So to make a long story short, I power through.
We go on a marthon of action. And the longer it continues I realize, she wants me to beat her up. She wants the abuse.

Now I have been with girls who want some playful abuse, you could argue that this could be enjoyable for many women, but this girl wants me to hurt her and dominate her. She is going to hurt me until I fight back for real.
Well, I am not into that.
I am into a lot of shit, but beating someone into submission I am not.

It was one of those situations where, you are constantly fighting for dominance and unless I beat her down I will not get it.

So we fuck and fight, and then finally both of us give up. No one gets off.

We sleep, wake up and fuck again. This time less violent. She is unmarked and let me tell you, I am totally fucked up.
To make things make sense, in 1999 I was featured at an S&M club and I went home with my entire body was black from some deranged form of insanity. I mean like nails being hammered through dicks and shit like that….there is no lack of pain tolerance on my side,, but this was more bazaar than those experiences.

This was not enjoyable for her, it was almost like I was facilitating whatever demoralization she had gone through.
I left the situation that morning telling her that we obviously have a lot in common, but sex is no the best way fro us to communicate.

The things is that when you’re a PUA you come up with some skills, but you have got to use your Super Powers for good not evil.

Afterwards I met up with a friend and worked with people all day. It was a good feeling.
I have met people all over the world, from many different cultures and classes and it is always the poor poets that make the most sense.
So this lady who I happened to be working with was talking to some folk and she was rambling on and on, but I caught her saying…
“People always question what they are doing, but if ou find yourself in a rut all you can do is the next best thing. If you do the right thing, even when you are in a bad place, the right outcome actually has a chance of manifesting.”

I probably should have stepped out of the situation a lot earlier, but I stayed in for some egocentric bullshit. But I left the situation in a way that made me happy.
When I was driving home, 4 blocks from my house…
The Axle broke on my car…
Freak accident.

I made it to the side and for about 30 seconds I was pissed as a motherfucker.
I was thinking…
“This is fucking Xmas and I am this fucking close to my house and my car has this freak accident. My face is all bruised and cut up! Motherfucker! God I hate you!!!!
Why me why me why me….”
Then all of a sudden it cleared for me.
At that time the girl called me and I talked to her about her freaking out about everything for a little bit, then I said, “hey you know what I just had an accident and I am kind a stranded, can I call you back, but we are obviously meant to be some sort of friends. Let’s stop worrying about the sex stuff and talk about it all later.”
But it made me think…
We only get mad about the small stuff., when big stuff happens somehow reality forces us to be humble.
People in the PUA community live their lives based off of validation and other meaningless crap. It is not a competition; your goal is to be a better human not a better robot. You want to meet the people in your life that will truly bring you value.
Not the kind of value that gets you a certain car, house, or other artificial bullshit.
I teach stuff which is much more aggressive than most people. I teach thing that work as well, mainly because I look at the human in front of me. I don’t try and make them me, I try and make them the best them.
One thing I always want to make clear is that you want to be yourself, and not some manifestation of bullshit.
Value is what you have to offer the world and not what you take and hold in front of people’s faces. In how we socialize, there are ways of presenting yourself that, draw people in. Learn that, and then after that…
Learn to bring out the best in you.

In this past year there have been many times when I could have thought my life was complete shit. And there were times when I thought that.
But what makes you happy is not what people would like you to think. What makes you happy is detachment. It is when what happens outside of you doesn’t determine your serenity.
The more you expect out of people place or things, the more you are dependant on it.
And when something is missing you will be missing right along with it.
I see so many PUAs and PUA instructors that have zero sense of self. I would never want to sit in their shoes. Why someone would pay them is beyond me.

I waited for an hour for a tow truck.
I talked to a bunch of people on the phone, and when I finally got home my neighbor was like….
“What the fuck happened to you”

I laughed and told him.

I told him and he said, “Yeah you should probably stay away from that girl.”

We will see how insane I really am….

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I remember 3 or 4 years ago if you said Happy Holidays that meant you hated America, and wanted the USA to be taken over by Communists or something like that. Actually I think that was an election year…makes sense... stupid shit always comes out then.

Tomorrow night for XMAS my Stripper Text is going out. I will compare it with CJs work in the previous email. So if you are not on the List, GET ON IT! (upper right hand corner)

Also, I will have a little bit of a write up on Inner Game going out in the next few days, so sign up on that mofo!

Right now Jeff Buckley’s Version of Hallelujah is playing at this Starbucks, which makes me think of a few things. Way back when, when he jumped in that Mississippi with his clothes on high on H, his brother was crying his eyes out at Eral’s diner (now sadly closed) in Orange, Ca.
Back then nobody knew about Jeff. It sucked for his brother though.
But really it makes me think of how Leonard Cohen is quite possible the BEST songwriter of all time.

For now, I leave you in some Deep Thoughts
from the past couple of days…

All people are capable of massive change, I started working with others in areas outside of Pick Up more heavily and I have seen more in terms of people via personal growth in the past few weeks than in a long long time.
Even myself.

I told my friend that I thought our mutual friend Scotty was crazy.
He replied, ‘You know Scotty isn’t that crazy, you’re actually crazier than him.’
This made me a little bit afraid, but at the same time it made me happy.

It is reveled about in small circles that a few weeks ago, Soco SNLed a stripper completely outside of his Social Circle who was carrying a 9mm Berretta. So last night when I got in the car with this girl and she had to move her Shotgun and Rifle I felt included…
I texted Soco and he replied, ‘oh, just a hick not a badass….valiant effort though, ha’
Either way I am proud.

Funny enough later that night my Stripper friend told me about a photo
shoot she wanted to do with a gun and her getting married.

A girl told me that she had a dirty secret, that she like to watch guys pull their dicks out of her right when they are about to cum, and shoot it all over her. I wanted to get her to push back at me a little, so I told her that this was no big deal all women like this. Then she flipped out saying that this was not true and her girlfriends hate cum.
The truth is that all women like this phenomenon. But the other hand to it is, they all tell each other they don’t.
It is kind of like masturbation in High School. Everybody talks shit on it, but everybody does it. So what does this tell me….
A lot, be creative with that one. Mainly that sexual fantasies for both men and women is something people keep to themselves. This can be used to blast towards sex.

I had a girl I met a few days ago re-pierce my dick again and then we went out on a date, where she went nuts. She spit on me, slapped me, punched me. I thought this was funny, and she went home with me.

This month I walked away from more potential closes in a long time. If a girl wants to fuck you, and you deny her, she becomes your bitch. Interesting dynamic. I got this from Pimpology by Pimpin’ Ken. Also if you close too many girls in a Strip Club, things do not go well for you in that club, or it is harder to manage all the personalities and egos.

After I pulled a girl she told me all about her life and so I walked away from it. I felt bad for many reasons the next day, I called my ex girlfriend who is a spiritual leader type about it. She told me I have Karma that I need to clean up, and either I can do it now or it will keep coming later in life. Later that day I called my friend Kevin and he told me that Karma was the knock on the door that just keeps getting louder.
I told the girl last night that she was the knock on the door that keeps getting louder. She was like… WTF???? I think if I can keep my dick in my pants with her I will be good friends with her. The shitty thing is that when you deny a girl sexually, sex will be an issue for a long time.

There are way more hot chicks than cool chicks. Very little crossover. If you get a cool chick and she is not a 9 or a 10, who cares? You’re an idiot if that means anything to you. That means you care more about what a bunch of PUA geeks think than your personal well being. That’s healthy.

Due to my new clarity, there will be more Inner Game stuff coming out and some Free Conference Calls directly addressing this. Sure I want to sell, but that can never be my main motive for doing the things I do.

My Jewish friend in Atlanta just sent me the funniest text message…
Merry Christmas, we killed your Lord, see you at Easter!’

Speaking of text messages…
Last week I texted every girl in my phone I have not yet closed a picture of a shit I took with the title saying…
“this is how much I love you”
I theorize the ones that replied back, I will close no problem.
One I already have, the rest we will see.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

There is a New Twist towards things.

So in about 5 hours I am going to send this Text thing out.
It actually changed a bit.

Last night was a pretty insane night and I am going to send the info about that.
There are very few times when I am really humbled about things in terms of Game, and in terms of Inner Game.

There will still be a supremely bad ass text game thread on it.
This was a completely different style of Text Game, and I want to share it with you guys.
Like all things in Game people can get too idiosyncratic with things.
It is completely retarded. People do not branch out and explore new ideas.

The Atlanta crew apparently has some new stuff they have done in terms of Text Game, I guess Soco has been morphing it into shape, his stuff is always very dominant.
But the stuff I did last night was Amazing in how predictable it and calculated it was to set up a Pull.

Good stuff guys, kind of advanced but repeat it.

It will go out at 11pm Eastern.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Text Messages out SAT!

Hey Guys,

I was kind of hesitant against this because there was a lot of input from the Cold Reading stuff that I got.
The main thing that I got from that is that I shoudl probably write more about it.
But since more writing for me is not really feasible I am going to start doing the next best thing.

I am going to stat doing some Conference Calls that hit a few topics.
As said by many, many people I extend myself so far that I can not properly reach people.
I do Lair Talks,
I do Phone Calls, I teach Live, when visiting Lairs I take guys out for free, and then somewhere in between all of that I try and have a life.

In fact one thing that being in the Community taught me was that you need to take care of YOU first. In many ways I am learning that still.

So here is my solution to that!
Sign up on my List and Sat you will get the Text Messages that I have recently had.
Also in the next week or so I will put some Audio up of my latest interludes.
This will be pretty interesting...still not sure if I will put the samples up on the blog first, but probably will end up doing it. Much of it is with Strippers and Hired Guns.
I will also be planning on doing at least 1 Conference Call a month.
I would like to do more, but we will see what time allows.

I would like to focus the topics on Inner Game, Framing, Cold Reading, and whatever you guys give me feedback on.
(send it to

As for the guys who have bought theREDstack I would like to do one once a month with you guys.
I did a tester one with 3 guys the other day, and I think it went well.
It was pretty cool...
One guy was in England, another in Los Angeles, and another in Australia.

If you haven't met me I don't care if these calls are recorded, nor do I care if they are posted.
All the information is out there free, but who can teach it???
So hopefully this will give something back to the community.

All of this will be through my email list....

Monday, December 15, 2008

More of Mehow's Infield Insider Footage

Hey Guys,

Check it out more of Mehow's Infield Insider Footage.
You got to go to Mehow's Blog for it so CLICK HERE!

Check out Mehow, Sinn, Hypnotica and the rest of em. They are all great. But I guess I made the Top 8 or something like that....WHOAHAOAOAOAOAOOO!
On my breakdown, it is about very different stuff.
It is all about Body Language, which you really can't write about , and I explain pretty thoroughly in the interview. A lot of very new stuff that nobody really does or talks about.

It is much different than the first clip that was released.

The funny thing is that my buddy Dante was telling me to wash my hair before the interview cause he said I looked like a filthy beast, but in the video I look like I have a bad perm. hahaha!

And all I got to say is that had I been wearing my OTM clothing when I shot the Insider things would have been more FIERCE!

Cold Reading Post out Tonight

Hey guys just shamelessly promoting my list.
The post will on Cold Reading will go out late tonight and the Text Message stuff a little bit later in the week. Either Thurs or Fri.

One of the reasons for the list is because I am going to transfer the blog to my new site coming out next month.
I am still not sure if I will maintain this one, but I may kill it.
Either way I am going to start blogging to my list rather than using this thing once the new site comes into play.

There is some interesting stuff on the way, but isn't there always...

So sign up and stay in touch.
Not sure when I am going to transfer everything over, but the new site should have all the podcasts and media stuff on it.
Looks like a good one so far.

For now I will say I am always amazed at this man...
The founder of Shock and Awe!
A true man of tremendous oration and quick reactions.
I wonder if I can find the shoes on ebay...I would pay big bucks for that.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A little insight on Stripper Game

This is kind of a spur of the moment post but I was out with my buddy Bart the other night and pulled off some crazy shit.

Right now Shaft, Soco, Jtime and myself think Stripper game is easier than any other game.
I know that some people may think it is harder, but I couldn't disagree more.
I have mixed things that Shaft has come up with (his system is by far the most thorough and I don't want to make it sound like I know it inside and out, but i do have an understanding of it)
and I have mixed stuff that Soco has done. Soco's is more pimp style from what I understand. Both Soco and Shaft have spent a lot of time in clubs, and know their dynamic very well.
I also have a good friend of mine that has done over a decades worth of Business in relation to strip clubs and they know the business very well.

On Jtime's workshop with me he SNLd a stripper, and I was pretty surprised. At the time I hadn't really done much stripper game. Sinn and Shaft had given me some pointers and I had heard Sinn's Stripper and Hired Guns stuff.

First off, what Sinn is saying is right 100%.
I am just coming at it from a different angle.

Just like learning from Captain Jack is way different than learning from Mystery, Stripper Game and Hired Gun game has many different angles. That still means what Mystery came up with was right, there is just a completely different way.

I will say this, of all the girls in my life right now that I have met in the past 2 months are all either waitresses, strippers, or porn actresses (which I don't know if that is a good thing...but we will work on that later)

So the other night I pulled a 2 set that became an 8 set from a strip club that I had only been to once before a long time ago in a town very far far away. I met all these girl that night.
I also visited another club that night too and got what could be interpreted as a booty call from one of the strippers at the other club.
That Text Message one constant text so I will send it out to my list Next Week and post the breakdown on my blog.

Sign up on the Mailing list (the link is fixed)
and Later this week after the Cold Reading stuff it will go out.

I am not going to post an LR on the blog of it all just yet, but it has been a while since I have had such a crazy experience. I mean even in the community I have not had such a crazy experience with women in comparison to the past few nights.
And you guys know me I am a pretty fucked up dude, that is open towards some pretty crazy experimentation. But these girls impressed me.

So for now I will leave you with this...
And I write this for the learn purposes, many of my friends are Strippers and this isn't to go out and abuse their asses, but let's look at some facts as to how Stripper Game is hands down easier than any other game-

-They are Approaching you
They are approaching you, isn't that everyone's fear. Approach anxiety is everyone's excuse. You go there you sit. No you don't buy dances or spend money, I spend no money on them. That doesn't mean you can't, but at first it is a good idea not to. The only way I would spend money on them is for proofing out an entire club. This in completely unnecessary, but that is the only reason. In fact if you do befriend them or fuck them, they probably wouldn't ever want to take money from you.

-They are the ones trying sell you
So this is one of the more important things. You are not subservient to them, they are the ones asking permission to sit and talk you into buying them. That means you have ample time to talk to the real them and not the stripper version of them. If they are playing hard sell to you then qualify their ass. They are in your space you are their boss essentially. You don't need to run game, you need to say, 'look if you want me to buy a dance from you then you gotta do more than that, if you can't then run along, if not sit here and keep me company'.

-Society frowns upon their profession (join the club)
No who knows what is right and wrong... being a PUA is not really the most ingratiated job there is out there. But society looks down at what they do. This brings up a few things that are actually listed below, and adds a whole lot leverage for comfort. They don't want to be seen as bad, they want to be seen as normal. Now also they are seeking attention and are doing a fairly risky thing to seek attention, weather money is the motive of not, that action of seeking attention all the time effects you. That is also why so many PUA instructors are so fucked up cause they are constantly seeking attention and validation, but that is another story....hahahaha

-They are the ones seeking Attention from you using Sex
So this is influenced by what is listed above. They want attention more that actual sex, they want to be seen as sexually normal. The bullshit of sex is their job. All the commercialized slutty, assholish things associated with sex that women hate are what a stripper is trying to sell to you. Or that is at least what the club is trying to sell to you. Those are all things women hate as their identity sexually. So this being said you can talk about sex in a normal way, and when they so calculatingly bring up that they love slutty sex, you can easily say, 'actually I hate that sort of thing, I actually really like people being real during sex. In fact I see sex as something very personal. If you're only gonna act all stripper sexy then, go make your money with someone else, but if you're gonna talk to me be real'.

-Sex is something that is already a topic
I touch on this above, but yeah you can talk about all sorts of lewd sexual shit. They always try and top me, but that is pretty hard. There are only 2 women that I know who can keep up with me on the perv level, and believe me I am very attracted to them because of this. But most strippers are very open to all sorts of crazy sexual talk, where in a club this is harder. Just make sure your are dong so with fun and humor in mind. Don't be a fucking creep.

-They are competitive and their egos are easy to leverage
So they are always competitive. This is how they have to be. Look they have to deal with a bunch of perverts all day, and hustle their bodies. If they are competitive then they will qualify themselves very easily. You just need to challenge them a little. You need to tell them things like, 'wait a minute, is that one of your tricks, that doesn't work on me' they will come back and say, 'oh yeah will this work on you'. You can structure a ladder based on this.

-They want to feel normal
As I mentioned this above, they don't want to be seen as pieces on meat. They get paid really good money to be seen as pieces on meat, and treated that way (sometimes). So don't treat them like that, but DO break their frame. Don't let them be dominant over you, but make their work enjoyable and be the customer that isn't there to freak them out.

-They generally have a pretty interesting sense of humor about sex
Ok so they almost always have a fucked up sense of humor about sex.
This is good cause you can ask things like, 'what is the most fucked up sexual experience you have had' or 'have you ever messed up during sex and embarrassed yourself', or 'have you ever had sex with a guy that his dick was so big it made you totally regret the experience'....

The main thing here is that the idea that Stripper Game is harder than club game is the wrong way to look at things.
Go to a strip club, don't buy dances, go there and watch sports and hangout.
If you are remotely normal and dominant and confident they will be real in front of you.
There are a few things that you can do that implement dominance and hold your frame, but just remember they are there to sell you, you're their boss not them. Once that is established work your frames in, that fall into place all too easily in a strip club.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Brief but Triumphant Announcement...and some music

So for those interested in some of the Lessons I have been putting out there
I would recommend signing up to the podcast list in the corner...

Now yes I know the podcasts are in hibernation, however the new site is almost ready and they will all be available there.

Since the next Lesson I am putting out is on Cold Reading there are a few extra things I want to include to people on my list. The folks on my list will get the sexual cold reads, as well as a few more useful cold reads.

As for the title of this I only expect Cowboy to get it... but if you do then email me and I will give you a free phone consult... eltopoPUA@gmail

For now some music for my friends in Atlanta who had another Mystery Matador sighting...
They were at a strip club there last night and they were tying their tactics and tricks on some of our friends there. Needless to say, at this point the new 'advancements' in stripper game destroy whatever bullshit they are doing.
I have actually been doing quite a bit lately and Shaft has been showing me the ropes.
But in Atlanta Jtime and Soco are also revolutionizing stripper game as well.
So stay tuned cause we got something coming that will fuck up the game of the past.
Stripper game as I knew it before was laid out completely wrong and this new stuff is quicker and way more efficient and effective. It works in multiple styles...
If you want to social proof a club and be involved in those crazy after hours parties or if you just want to be a lone wolf in the club and pick the girls off.

So this song is for you guys

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mehow's Infield Insider

Here I am on the Insider...
Special thanks to the all knowing Genius DJ Fuji and the rest of the Mehow Crew...
The funny thing is that what is initially featured on the insider interview part we shot so far is completely different.
You should check it out at

I go over all this stuff on Body Language and how to gain Sexuality in completely different ways.
The great part about it, is that this is stuff you can't write about, you really have to see it.

We will talk more about all this later though....

For now have a good laugh...
I actually wish that the rest of this set was previewed so you could hear about their secret urination fantasies... It was a funny one.

Revelations- Revolutions- Evolutions Lesson 2

Lesson 2 – Applications and Initial
Steps for Seduction
Teases and Qualification

So with the last post, I got some emails about qualification.
There were more than a few people that were up in arms about me saying that Qualification was NOT always necessary for achieving rapport.
The truth is that Qualification can lead you to rapport, but I think it would be terribly naive to think that it is the only way to Rapport.
Qualification is a tool of attraction that is trying to make it possible to Transition to Rapport.

This lesson will be about turning your Teases and Negs to move towards seduction and help lay the foundation for seduction and to Qualify towards seduction.
The long-winded theoretical part will be at the bottom, examples first (again all for you MMAPUA)

Email me at
with whatever questions

Some Negs/Teases

Let’s start with some easy ones to elicit sex…
-Do you always treat shy church boys like this?
-You know, I bet you are one of those girls that totally gets off on intimidating guys.
-You have a really interesting face… the last girl I knew like that was always getting herself in trouble.
-I can tell you being quite and acting cute is just a front, I bet with your last boyfriend, you were a handful.
-I can tell just from talking to you I can be getting myself into trouble, it is girls like you that always bring out the worst in me.
-You’re gonna make me blush with those (comment on a characteristic of her) of yours, but I don’t want you to do something that might embarrass us here.

For those of you more brazen, you can get away with these pretty easily…just ask Algasim…
-You are one of those girls that is such a tease… I bet you totally pissed off your last guy you met… but you like that type of BS…
-You’re a girl that totally cheats…. No really it is totally cool, if you’re not satisfied, I can understand.
-If you keep talking that way I will have to make you squirt (or treat you like a women, or bend you over right now and take care of business)
-Hey I am just a shy boy, you don’t want to take advantage of me with your dirty mind.
-You’re totally the type of girl that can never live up to how she portrays herself.
-You’re one of those girls that can never get a guy off.
-You are totally one of those girls that gets intimidated by a guy who knows what they’re doing.
-I bet you are really insecure about yourself…like when you have sex do you have it with the lights on or off?
-You’re a really visual person, I bet you really like to watch…
-I bet you’re one of those girls with weird tits once you take off your bra.
-you’re one of those girls that attracts guys that are assholes, but the funny thing is that you’re still sexually frustrated.
-you’re one of those girls that really gets along with older/younger guys, but you actually don’t actually really feel like a woman.
-You’re one of those girls that is really beautiful, but you can’t keep someone attracted.

So with the teases you are really trying to get them to push back at you and assert some dominance over them. With the above the push back is set up to facilitate sexuality, and for them to accept a sexual role or stereotype.


Now we will move to the qualifiers. Qualifiers will do a few things here. If you look at some of the more aggressive negs and teases, you will notice that they actually have more to do with challenging their identity, this builds more investment, hence making rapport easier to take flight. So with the qualifiers you can really gain some ground. First start thinking of qualifiers as something that allows you to inflict Bait and allows you to lead a topic to talk about. In other words ask questions that lead into a leveraging conversation and have it make them work for their identity. Also there is an element of cold reading that comes into play here too.

Also this is not qualification like the normal hoop theory that DOES work, but it show how to lead with qualification. It is just a little bit of a different take on it all. You see Bait and Cold Reading are pretty good tools to keep in the arsenal too.

Here are some qualifiers that lead into some Bait or begin with some Bait.

End with Bait

So can I ask you something? What is something that you really don’t like about guys you’ve dated?
(doesn’t matter if she answers, continue on)
The thing is that guys these days don’t know how to lead anymore, I bet you are the type of girl that only attracts assholes?
You know what that means right….
(then you can answer with something like, ‘that means I can’t talk to you anymore…you have father issues…bla bla bla’)

What is something about you that you find really embarrassing?
(she answer or doesn’t)
You know what, I can tell that you should not ever play poker, I bet your hands get sweaty don’t they…
Yeah you’re no good for me. But here is the thing, I bet you really have a lot of trouble keeping guys…
Like you are totally someone who is really attractive, but you are always afraid of maintaining attraction.
(this will actually rock a girl’s world, she will really push back with this)

Begin with Bait
How old are you?
(she answers)
Awe, I can’t ask you this then, you’re too young/old, it will be too much for you.
(she will pull back and want you to ask her)
Ok so have you been in a pretty heavy relationship before?
One where it is more physical than emotional?
Ok so I can tell that even if you had been in one, you were actually someone who had to hold back in it, cause guys don’t make you feel comfortable enough to open up completely.

Who is one of your really close friends?
Ahh actually you can’t be trusted if you have a friend with a first name like that it is too plain/eccentric…wait what is your first name…we may have to clear things up.
Alright, so here is the deal… what is something that you makes you really happy?
So with me, I am actually someone who can’t stand being bored. I have always got to be doing something…
Don’t get all ADD on me and think you can relate.
I bet you are one of those girls where you actually pisses guys off cause you get distracted in the bedroom too…
Ok so you don’t?
So what is your strong point?

First lets clear things up….
What is Attraction?
Attraction is gaining interest towards you.

How does Attraction work?
Attraction works off being reactive. There is almost like a mechanical flow to it. You push someone in the right way and they push you back.
So you tease someone and they smile and defend themselves.
Attraction does not get you laid, but is necessary for the whole process of things.

What are Phases of Attraction?
Some people say it comes first, but Attraction is always happening. It never stops. It happen at the beginning of a set and it is happening in the ‘seduction’ phase too. For now just keep an open mind towards that. We will get to implementing Attraction while seducing. For now lets focus on attracting with some seduction.

What are some tools for Attraction?
Things that cause attraction are:
-Energy Level or State
-Multi-Threading and Fractionating
-Being Dismissive
-Holding Frame
-Utilization of Bait
-Push Pull
-State Compliance
-Interactive based Routines

So now lets look at Rapport in the same way

What is Rapport?
Rapport is when you are both on equal levels. It is when there is emotional investment on both sides and that is how you are interacting. It doesn’t need to be deep, but it could be as little as someone trying to explain themselves to you, or as much as someone desperately telling you about who they would live and die for. But anywhere within that is good.

How does Rapport work?
Rapport works off of emotions. This is where people share parts of themselves to each other. It still has reactions, but they are towards parts of someone’s identity. The easiest way to describe this is Attraction’s reactions are surface level and Rapport’s are something which actually means something to someone. This is why Qualification was used to get there. The funny thing is that in order to gain investment in someone we were initially told to lie about ourselves to gain investment. Qualification is not the only way to gain rapport, in fact it can be gained much easier through other veins.

What are Phases of Rapport?
If Attraction is always moving and helping things push forward than Rapport is really the constant. Rapport is always there, from the moment you approach a set you need to make them feel comfortable (that was one of the reasons for the False Time Constraint and Over the Shoulder, that was one of the reasons for being Indirect). Now at the beginning Attraction is cycling really fast, but what an artist needs to do is let it slow down when the target hooks on that. That is what calibration is for.
There are many forms this can take, but you can take, you can open with attraction and make it feel comfortable, you can open with sexuality and make it feel comfortable, you can piss someone off and make it feel comfortable, there are all sorts of ways to bring it to the table. Either way rapport is the point what controls the shift of it all…it is what controls the tipping point.

Ways to Implement Rapport
-Cold Reading
-Emotional Connection
-Telling a Secret
-Intimate Compliance
-Emotional Compliance
-Making Mistakes acting Nervous

The reason why Seduction can be a catalyst for Rapport is because to give someone a ‘sexual identity’ they become invested. If you are into using framing then you need to do that right from the start. Your frames should be built from the start.
So here is how to set some sexual identity frames with Teases and Qualifiers. You can say them pretty much right away. If you think you need a ladder, you can try that, but you don’t need it.
The main thing is you are using Attraction tools to build an identity so you are using Push Pull to get them to play to this identity.
That way your Rapport will be based off of seduction and you can start grounding to implement other nicer frames….


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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Delay, but you gotta love this Woman!

God could not make women this amazing... she gives me hope for the lord!
there is nothing like looking at her and seeing turkeys getting man handled and decapitated that really gets me off!
A true sex symbol of American politics while being baited with dangling meat in the background!

Lesson 2 will come tonight I promise!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to game with a little Magic!

If you want to know the real roots to game, you have got to start with the masters!
I know that companies have been built using this simple trick of the trade...

The next lesson comes Sat.
But for now, watch and learn how to take it to the next level....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Revelations- Revolutions- Evolutions

Lesson 1 - Beliefs
Steps for Seduction

So let’s start with some beliefs.
A lot of the things that I want to talk about in the next month or so have to do with Sexuality/Seduction and Inner Game.

So let’s start with some Seduction stuff.
Seduction starts with the belief that it is possible.
I learned that really from Sinn and CJ.
I really learned how far you could take it from CJ, plus I am kind of a pervert.
I took that and ran with it.
Now when I teach I instill that same belief in some of my students.
And it is now that some those students have evolved many of those beliefs and theories to new levels.

So here are some of the fundamental beliefs that are helpful…
-All people (men and women) like sex.
-Most men don’t know what women find sexually attractive about men.
-Most men don’t know what women like to be thought of in terms of their sexuality.
-Most people are uncomfortable about sex. Men and women both have sexual insecurities… and they shouldn’t be insecure!

So let’s put some perspective on those beliefs before we go into some applications.

-All people like sex-
So look guys, there is nothing to be afraid of, when you talk about sex or bring it up it is a relief for people, especially women.
To put it in perspective let’s look at another aspect of game…Most people will agree that touching is a good thing to do in set right away. Mainly because it can be a useful tool, but also so you won’t end up in rapport with someone and be thinking, ‘when do I touch her?’ You already have established that you are someone who touches so you can escalate easier. So it is the same with sex. You can talk about sex the sooner the better and you won’t have to worry about transitioning to it later. For those of you structure hounds, you should be kicking yourself for not doing this, or maybe you already do. You can be direct about it or you can be indirect about it, just bring it up.

-Most men don’t know what women find sexually attractive about men.-
You always hear people talk about Nancy Friday’s book or Soap Operas, to justify women as being ‘Sluts that want to get fucked’. I wouldn’t call women that have healthy and normal fantasies or imaginations ‘Sluts’. I actually think that the voicing of a sexualized woman as a ‘Slut’ an insecurity towards sex. Men that think women are ‘Sluts’ for having sexual fantasies are men that don’t understand women. That being said, what women find attractive about men can vary in specific physical qualities, but men that understand women’s sexuality is more attractive that any ‘attraction switch’. Women have fantasies, just like men. You allow a comfortable environment for women to enjoy those fantasies, and you will be irresistibly attractive.

-Most men don’t know what women like to be thought of in terms of their sexuality.-
So what do women like to be thought of in terms of sex…or do they like it at all?
Of course they do. Thinking of women as sluts is not the best direction to take.
Take a look at mythology (the Bible included), folktales, movies, you can even see it when women dress up, put on make-up, costume parties, you can see it in just the basics of how women interact, whether she is flirting with you or she is trying to get rid of you, if she is trying to sell you something, if she is trying to convince you, and if she is trying to dissuade you.
There are 3 identities/roles/tereotypes that you should be aware of and adopt to helping your understanding of women. They also help with Seduction…

1-Women love being tempting, alluring, seductive. Women love to be chased, luring you with their beauty. Women love communicating in ways that we can’t understand. They love being the vixen, they love being the seducer, they love being the temptress… Bait is implemented by women and is where most men are complete wimps for not taking the bait and manning up and approaching.

2- Women love being taken, dominated, led, made to feel like a women…this is why it can be attractive in itself for a man to approach a woman. But really this is how attraction works. It is the male female dynamic, the female attracts, and the man carries the dominant action and approaches. The woman shows she is attracted (I believe that is what some people may call ‘A2’) and the man sees that and is dominant (I am not sure if that is what some people call ‘A3’ because the ways laid out to carry out ‘A3’ are not really dominant). Seduction, just like Attraction has a man’s role and a woman’s role, be familiar with both.

3- Women love being the ground, the stability, the mother, the nurturer, the earth. Once the roles of Seduction are established they find a home with this identity. So that can mean a relationship, but also it can mean, if a women chooses to be sexually free and adventurous, then she needs to have stability within this. This is why in the SNL frame of her being an individual is important.
Women love the transformation. They love the idea and act of putting on their make-up turning into something beautiful for the night, but they love to take that make-up off and put that identity away to come back for another time. This is because they are the ground. You may then be able to see how the frame of being discreet or keeping a secret may come into play here.

-Most people are uncomfortable about sex. Men and women both have sexual insecurities… and they shouldn’t be insecure!-

This brings up a few things.

First there will be an interest towards sex. People will react towards it if brought up properly. Because of that it can be a tool of attraction.
Here is n example-
You take the idea of a neg/tease, that was there because is gained value in a fun and playful way and it gained leverage in an interaction. But why it worked was because that was how women would communicate. It was how women communicated in a club environment or amongst close friends. So put 2 and 2 together and you have an interesting topic and you implement sexuality in your teases. It allows the topic to easily take place. Next post will have some neg/teases towards sexuality and qualifiers as well. Those alone will make your sets catapult towards a more leveraging point.

Second, if people are insecure about sex and they shouldn’t be. Set those people free, do them a favor!
But also bringing it up the idea of sex will gain a form of dominance. Plus no guys really ever talk about it with women, even in relationships…especially in relationships. If they do, they usually talk about it in the wrong way. Men don’t know how to view women sexually. But if you do, you will be the talk of the town!

Third, if people are insecure about it, it becomes an emotional experience and so it elicits rapport. Sounds confusing…well attraction is a reaction that carries little investment in emotions. It gains compliance towards push pull. Rapport takes some form of investment, that is why one of the ways towards rapport is qualification-by all means you can get rapport a lot easier than using qualification.
And one ways to do that is use the topic of sex. Because people are insecure about it bringing up the topic and having them at all compliant with it they are investing. It will put you in some heavy rapport fast. There will also be examples in next post.

Those are all ideas that should build your frame work.

How to implement these ideas will be next.
In doing so I will bring up some of my former students, and friends in and out of the community that have evolved these ideas into applications.

You Know the Email

Friday, November 14, 2008

Define the Roles

This is one of the fundamentals that should happen in your interactions.
When you are talking to a Woman, you need to let it be known within the first few seconds that you are a sexual person. Or at the very least the idea should be established that men and women are sexual people. This is just a logistical thing that will have many things take care of themselves if you do it right. It is something that you can escalate upon, but it also helps you bypass a lot of Attraction stuff.

You need to define the roles of Male and Female in the interaction. It is not that males and females are friends, it is that males and females are sexually beings.

Women want to feel like Women, women want to feel Sexual, women want to feel Alluring, Seductive, Tempting, Powerful, Influential…they don’t want to feel like Sluts, Slaves, Powerless, Objects and all those other things that are associated with them in terms of sex. Women like sex and like to be sexy, so use that to your advantage.

The reason why this is important is because, if you don’t have this you will be stuck in some attraction phase that means nothing.

How game was laid out way back in the day was not to get laid, it was to get attention and then a side effect was, maybe to get laid. There are plenty of guys out there that still teach and do this. Seeing that most clients don’t want to learn to lie about their lives to learn to portray something they are not, I don’t teach how to do that. I teach how to be yourself and make that work. Also I can teach you how to get laid, and not just be some over dressed metro-sexual pest that can hold set. I would rather you be a man.

The best way to do this is right from the start of an interaction. This should be established from the approach.
When I teach I say there are 6 main tools of game that are consistent at any point of an interaction.

They are- Body Language, Facial Expressions, Tonality, How you Interact, Touching, What you Say.

We mainly focus on What you Say, which is often times the least important part of the dynamic.

So when we approach we mainly have Body Language, How we Interact, and touching be our main tools.
In the Day time Touching takes a backseat and What you Say moves up.

So the higher the stimuli the more Touching has a key roles in all of this.

Let’s breakdown a few things you can do that will establish that you are a sexual person when you approach in the night time.

1-Touch on the opener. If you approach front the front touch them on the shoulder or arm, and when you touch on the arm pull slightly and lean in, then rock out.
Now if you approach over the shoulder, you can actually get closer, and you can touch around the waist. This will come up later, but the waist is where you want to be touching.

2-Get Close. The idea of locking in is not there, so you can lean against something, it is there so you can show that you are comfortable and dominant in a social interaction. So when you break people’s space and get close to them you are also showing comfort and dominance but now it has more of a sexual over tone.

3-Around the Waist. This actually comes from Captain Jack, in fact defining the roles in general comes from Captain Jack. But al while ago, before CJ became the person we knew him as he said he looked at how women show they are attracted to men is they get closer to me, lean in and all of that. But one of the ways he could tells if they were sexually attracted, was if their hips or waist area was touching him. Now this is one of the first things I teach all my students and it cuts out a lot of that attraction bullshit. So grab around the waist and have their hips touch yours, or have their belly touch your hips. If you really want to take things quick get their belly to touch yours.

4-Learn to Push Pull into Seduction. Seduction and Attraction are extremely similar. In fact when Attraction was laid out they gave all this Evo Biology BS to justify it. 90% of it was BS, but if there is something hardwired in us it is Sex. So take the idea of Push Pull, it carries over to Seduction quite well. At the beginning of your sets your sets you need to build a push pull dynamic to all the things mentioned above. Get too close,, pull back and tease them, then come in grab around the waist and pull in, push away and give a compliment, then pull in and tease.

Although it seems light… probably one of the most useful things you can gain from this is waist to waist, hip to hip.

That will blow shit open.
Seduction starts early, and it starts by defining the roles.
More in a few days about things more relevant towards the daytime, and What you Say to define the roles.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happiness is a warm gun

For the past 4 months I have been doing things outside of pick up that have changed my life dramatically.
I have had the great opportunity to have great teachers come my way.
In fact many of them came about through teaching pick up.
Some of these people have been bums, porn producers/actors and actresses, film writers, doctors, lawyers and spiritual icons…some multiples of those things.
I have had the fortune in my relatively short time teaching to work with many students who have ended up teaching me.
Not only in terms of pick, but overwhelmingly so outside of pick up.

In fact I have remained light on the postings because of my intense work in these other fields.

A few things have come out of this actually accentuating my initial ideals towards teaching. Mainly having to do with losing the community’s ego and need for value, deconstruction of methods, and realizing that this is a journey towards overall improvement, not just seducing women. But believe me, there will be a lot coming up about seduction, seeing that no one ever writes about it.

Let me clearly state them, because this will become the general voicing of my blog at this point.

1-Pick Up, Dating Advice, Seduction, Social Dynamics…whatever you want to call it…is easy, and it can be learned by anyone. The ‘secrets’ are always simple, it is understanding them that can get confusing. Whether you want to lay a shit load of people (which can get old) or just want to socialize better, it is not as hard as we make it.

2-My knowledge and what I have to teach should be totally public. Information that I know and learn will be posted freely on my blog. Most ‘Seduction’ information is out there already, it is just a pain in the ass to find and put it all together, so I will freely put my stuff out there. Some people who teach disagree with this,; however, I do not. I believe in product, however, nothing will replace what I do as a teacher. Therefore, the information is free, my instruction and ability to customize and personally work with others is what is being paid for.

3-No one system has all the answers. This is true for anything. As my friend in Detroit (again a student who in many ways teaches me) told me earlier today, ‘Once you have learned a method, it is time to lose that method’. I found this true for myself in many phases. I actually first learned a method, was able to use it, and then after that was able to adapt in many other methods.
Afterwards this carried over to teaching; I began to teach and realized that there were so many different ways to teach each and every person. I really have to thank my students in this respect cause it was them who taught me how to adapt and be creative to come up with different translations to some fundamental principals. Again as my friend in Detroit told me today, ‘for something to be considered a principal, it must be able to work in all forums, not just particular to a method’.

4-There are no Gurus. This isn’t to say that there are not people who have anything to offer and are superior teachers. What it is saying is all people are pretty much equal. In all honesty, most people who are teachers in this, I wouldn’t want to be. Also what it takes to be a Guru, I don’t know, but I do know that I can not teach anyone if I think I am better than they are. If I were to ever think that, I couldn’t relate with them.

5- This is a Community. Sometimes I think it is the furthest thing from it. Regardless there are many aspects to it that we don’t’ come together on. I have had the good fortune to make money at teaching this. It has at times been hard and it has at other times been easy. But because I have benefited from it so much, I need to give back. This has always been my goal, but it got to the point where it was unmanageable. So the ways I will give back from this point on, will be through this blog, and lair talks. There may be some more things coming up, but for now that is it. Either way they will have the idea of community in mind.

6- My primary purpose in teaching this, is to help anyone who is willing. I have always gone out of my way for this, but it became unmanageable. Right now I am working on a way to do this within a functioning structure, where people can gain efficient access to what I offer. What I offer in terms of information shall be as accessible as possible.

Keep your eyes peeled, this should be a fairly active next few months.
There are many new revelations from the past few teaching experiences I have had. To put it in perspective, I have taught over 20 people live in the last 10 months, there are 9 of whom I will talk about at length in the next few posts who are better than me and better than most instructors. And when I say they are good it is not something like 4 lays here and there, I mean superior in terms of social circle, social proof, SNLs, Sexual Escalation, Lifestyle, and even being resiliently happy and getting the right people you want in your life.
Also there are a ton of people who are not my students I have met through talking with Lairs that are unbelievably good, whom I have learned a great deal from.
Some of these guys are so good, I wonder why people hire ‘Gurus’ to teach them, when the answers are right in front of them.
In fact all the information is out there for free online. There are really no secrets.
But there is something different with what I can achieve with my students. I get consistent results even though the students can be very different. I don’t know many teachers that are able to do that, which is a sad reality.
Again, the fundamentals are always the root. The principals are there, and they lessons will begin on this blog soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Basics of Sub Communications towards Seduction

So when we start out gaming we look online for all these different theories and exercises that will help us get the types of women we want in our life.
In fact there are tons of different and complex ways to look at it.

I always think that my take on it all is very simple but my students tell me it is complex…go figure.

As I mentioned in my last post I said I have been hanging out with a bunch of people that are crazily good.
As I saw Algasim pull again last night, when I as winging my buddy Ryan and I thought to myself… ‘fucking Algasim.’ As he walked off again in 20mins flat.
Later on I had to leverage my wit to get myself out of my winging situation by making friends with rock ‘n roll stars, mma icons and some of the most interesting hairdressers I have met.
Pretty interesting night to say the least. Tomorrow should actually be better, cause I am doing a photo shoot with quite possibly the most famous person I have ever had the opportunity to do one with. This time I will not actually be behind the lens.
If it all pans out, I will fill you it.

But something that I want to bring up here is to simplify things a little.
It again has to do with that fun phase of Seduction, but these are just a few pointers that will help you get the basics of sub communications down.
Something not enough people talk about, but something that more people should talk about.

So here are a few pointers that people ask me about…

First is Screening-
For you to get good with your own sub communications, you need to get good at reading other's.
People are critical over screening, but let’s define that a little bit more. Most of game is designed to fit a club, some in the day time, some for social circle, and others for whatever various forms. Those are all forms of screening.
So when you hear CJ, Sinn, myself or whoever else talk about screening this is what we mean (and actually I can only speak for myself, but I have been pretty tight with those guys, I think I will do it justice in speaking for all) …
Screening for us is looking at who is the most logistically approachable that fits our taste. When I say approach, it doesn’t mean just open, it mean open and take it to where we want it. That could be SNLing someone, that could mean finding a girl to date, or whatever your goals might be. What we look for while screening is reading the social dynamic. Who they are with, what are their personality traits, when is the best time to approach and what they will be receptive to.
I actually wish I talked to DJ Fuji more about this, because he would take this stuff and run with it animal style...but it is a good exercise to do. You have got to learn how to read the room. It is stupid to walk into all your situations blindly.
So what do you screen for?
Figure out what you want in Game, and look for ways to find that or bring that out of a person before you approach. But always be proactive and approach.

Second is use of Body Positioning-
Now people might call this locking in, but the main thing is that you are using where you are in the set to work for you. It will take care of a lot. If you can do that and keep talking you will have less of a probability of getting blown out.
So let’s take it form an angle of locking in…
Locking in means having the most socially comfortable and dominant position in the group. That usually means leaning back against something. But think of it in this way, think of it as you are shaping the space of the group.
You need to penetrate the shape of the group.
You need to open the group and not stand outside of that group you want to get inside of it, comfortably within the first 30 seconds and have the group reshape around you.
That is dominant and you should do it comfortably.
The key is that this should be your goal throughout the set. Even when you isolate, you need to need to define the space you are having with them. That is how you build compliance towards dominance and even logistics.

Third is Spatial Relevance-
Nobody ever talks about this, but let me tell you this, Spatial Relevance does more for you than routines can do. It will help with screening and it will help elicit emotions or states more than other things.
So what this means is that when you are in set stand closer to your target than what you might feel is normal. When you qualify stand very close to them holding eye contact (the next tip in this post) and ask the qualifier. At the end of the question when you are waiting for a reply you can rock back slightly to use your body language to have them lean into you when answering.
Something you should try to get a feel for this is one night open sets and stand too close, but standing at various angle.
Another night try standing too close, but being face to face with them.
Another night try standing a step farther away from them, at various angles.
Then another standing a step further away but face to face with them.
You shouldn’t only do one, you need to work them all as an orchestration, but standing close elicits sexuality right away in set. It is one of the first things you can do when entering a set to calibrate for responsiveness to sexuality.
Try this-
Enter a set and within 30 seconds, ask your target a qualifier something like, “I bet you’re the one in the group that gets out of trouble the most, I can tell from how you dress, it’s cute, that you work that angle. So let me ask you this, what are people’s first impression of you?”
While doing this go in at an angle fairly close to her while smiling and say this.
As soon as you say the ‘first impression’ part lean back at an angle as if you are looking out of the corner of your eye.
Play with this idea and it will bring out some amazing results.
It is actually opposite of what was traditionally taught but if I didn’t see Shaft do it so many times and have it turn into 15min pulls than I wouldn’t have tried it. It works and it is dominant too.

Fourth is Eye Contact-
So here is the deal with this, when you hold eye contact it is a dominant way of communicating. You don’t always want to have it, you do need to look away, but when someone is qualifying back to you, you should try holding it.
But here is the real money shot with eye contact, people will match your emotions you express with your face while holding eye contact.
Even like how I listed above, eye contact can be used in how you look at people too. Looking at someone out of the corner of your eye from an angle can elicit emotions that bait sexuality back to you. Don’t go out and try and only soul gaze, but try and use have someone match different emotions one night you go out, by only using eye contact and facial expressions.
Also when you open and someone shit tests you, try saying something as bland as, “what are you talking about?” while holding eye contact. They usually will submit.
In terms of eliciting sexuality in a conversation and going sexual early eye contact is super necessary. That is why Gunwitch and CJ always said when they were in set and a girl was talking they would be looking at them and imagining having sex with them. It works in a pretty efficient way.

The fifth tip I will give is Touching-
So with this we all think of escalating and some sort of touching routines.
Those are all good things, but here is what I say, get touching out of the way by doing it on the opener.
But the real thing is, just like with the above-mentioned forms of communication you can sub communicate a lot with them. So let’s think of the idea in terms of Push Pull, work touching in that way. But not just pulling someone in and pushing them away and pulling them back. That is right, but think of doing it at key points. When qualifying or eliciting sexuality with your face and tonality (something I may talk about in a different post but important) pull them in and then slightly push them away when you are done talking, then without 2 seconds passing pull them right back in and either continue with that feeling or talk about something else.
Mind you, you don’t have to be talking about anything sexual, you are communicating with your body, voice and how you are interacting. I am not saying you can’t bring up something sexual, but at first try it without bringing anything up and see how effective it is.

Here is an example that will tie a bunch of stuff in together, hopefully it reads well (much easier to show than write about),

You’re in close on them at an angle with your hand on the back of their elbow. You pull them in.
“So one of the things I noticed about you, is that you can be a really shy person when your friends aren’t around”
Turn slightly towards them while holding eye contact, build a smile as you deliver the next line, and pull her in more with your arm.
“Like I bet you are totally one of those girls that is timid about trying new things, but when you do you take it and run with it.”
Rock back not by moving away but by turning out and pushing her away. Then immediately pull her back and say,
“I am not sure what I can relate with more, but I always know when I jump good things can happen”
Lean back and let go of touching her and qualify.
“so what is something that you feel is the most spontaneous thing you have done?”
Don’t wait for her to answer, and take a step in pulling her in at the waist at the same time too saying in a joking manner,
“You don’t even need to answer that, I can see your wheels turning, I wouldn’t even want to be around you if all the lights went out in this place, cause I don’t know if I would be ready for it.”
You take a step back pushing her away lightly, then take a different angle and jump threads to something else.

But there you see how the compliance is built for touching and spatial relevance mixed in with qualification and framing all takes place. Try it and see what results you get.

And let me know how it goes!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Seduction Overrides All

So in the past few days, people have been searching for the ancient KFP post.
I have always said I would rewrite it, but my ideas on seduction have evolved since I posted that over a year ago. So I will leave you with this post which will at least get you talking about sex, and seeing an escalation to it.

In fact it couldn’t come at a better time. I have been hanging out with a bunch of PUAs all over from Atlanta to Dallas, to Austin, to San Diego, to Orange County, to LA, and now in Las Vegas, and the main difference in them all is whether or not they are comfortable with sex or not. The ones who are comfortable get 20min to 2 hour closes and the ones that aren’t don’t close nearly as much and quickly.

Aside for the amount and time that it takes for someone to close, what I feel the real issue is, that lack of sexual confidence men come in with. As one of the first things that is brought up in the community is, men don’t know how to be men. Men are not comfortable talking about sex or how to go all out with it.

In fact I know a lot of the biggest names in the community and I have been out there with many of them, and from what I have seen on this last trip is the guys that know how to express sexuality and are comfortable with it out lay any PUA. The PUA can be a Guru or not, but if you know some skill and how to be sexual, that build more attraction than talking to someone about getting into a fight with 10 of your friends over your ex girlfriend who is a stripper.

What is even more weird, is when you see your students who you taught a year ago or even a month ago be able to pull off a 20min lays in a club, like I saw Algasim do 2 nights ago in Vegas.
In San Diego there is Kamouflage, one of Mehow’s Instructors who I taught, but has also surpassed many of my teaching with his own, pull every night and bring a harem of undeniably 10s to the club with him. Kamouflage does what I teach in super high stimulus clubs and it is very much how I teach, but he does it on a whole new level.
It is also weird when my buddy Brando who I taught last year is doing the same thing.
Then there is Jtime and Soco in Atlanta who were able to pull 4 strippers from a club to their house in the same night. This does not happen even with the best PUAs focused on Stripper Game.
On my 1-on-1 with Jtime back a few months ago he SNLed a stripper on his first fucking night out. And Soco has only been in the game for the past 2 months.

But what is totally alien to me, is to see how nonsexual the community can be. That is the first style of game I learned. CJ showed me a different style. On ewhere you skip a lot of attraction, and one where you skip a lot of comfort. What CJ always told me was, that he never wanted to get attention, he wanted to get the women he wanted in his life.

I mean there are so many people in the community who are great at opening up large and difficult sets, but they don’t know how to be sexual. And the overriding theme that I notice in the guys I have run into on the road that are as good or better than Gurus is they are comfortable with being sexual.

One thing Algasim told me the other night was that one of the big changes in his game was when I told him that it was alright to tell a girl, ‘I am going to have to split you in two if you keep talking to me like that’. He told me, he always had pretty perverted mind, but he just didn’t know how to bring it up.

So one of the things about game is that you need to be sexually comfortable. Today in our society the image that the US puts off is that we are a sexually open society, but in reality we are sexually repressed. People would rather not talk about it, but sell it. It is something we all recognize but can’t address with ourselves personally. For the most part Sex s motivated by shame in the norm of our society.
This is actually the fundamental theme of Captain Jack’s SNL model, you’re not making sex a shameful act, you are making it something that is normal and liberating.

So when it comes to the working those quick lays, the idea of ‘Seduction’ has got to come early. This is why I told Algasim to tease with sexuality.

So if step one is building a belief that sex is not something that is alien and perverse and something that is comfortable and normal that is the first step.
So the beginnings of Seduction need to start n your Attraction Game.
How do we do that?
Well what makes attraction?
Being Dismissive, Teasing, Dominance, Multi-threading, Takeaways, Value, etc.

So how do we make them sexualized? Well, what I teach in theREDstack is to do this, take all the elements of Attraction and use them to ground and frame. Now to be fair, all you can really write about is dialog rather than all the other characteristics like Body Language, Tonality and Touching. So in this we will mainly talk about what you say, dialog.

Here is an Example:

You are the middle child in your family. You have an older brother and a younger sister.
Here is what I would give them as a neg or tease to help ground them.

“Look, that shit doesn’t work on me, I mean my little sister used to do the same thing when she would get nervous…maybe if we were related I might fall for it, but come on”

So that actually has a little bit of room to ground from and you could do much more.
But let’s figure out how to also add some sexuality to it.

“Look, that shit doesn’t work on me, I mean my little sister used to do the same thing when she would get nervous…but you’re only nervous cause you know I might have to spank you for that, but you’re probably one of those girls who would actually like that, so forget it.”

Now I realize some of you might be thinking, ‘How the fuck do I say that?’ and anybody who has hung out with me knows I say much worse than that. But here is a bit of a ladder you are can use to have sexuality go from polite to totally over the top, so you can safely feel that you can dip your feet in the water a bit.

The thing to know about this is that although this is a ladder it does not go one after the other. You will have to fill in the blanks yourself. So get some basic attraction stuff, and some grounding/framing stuff and go to town!
Or you can just get theREDstack and get it all done for you…

-OMG, I can’t believe you said that, but you know what… I can tell, especially with that hairstyle, that you were always one of those girls that had a really cute look to you, but I bet that kept you out of trouble.

-Now I know you like you hand in the cookie jar, but sometimes getting caught is what you were always looking for.

-Like I can tell with you that you always liked to get into trouble, it was always fun, but once you got caught that is when you would feel bad about it.

-That is the shitty thing about society, is people think about and perceive women in different ways. Like my friend Denise always say that men like sex more than women, and I couldn’t disagree with him more. I think that women like sex as much as men if not more.

-You know if you keep looking at me like that, (I am going to have to make a woman out of you- I am going to have to start hitting on you- I am going to have to take you over in that corner and press you up against the wall and take you right there)

-Here give me your hand (slap it). See with a girl like you that sort of thing feels good. You’re totally one of those girls that like to have her hair pulled and ass slapped, I bet your favorite position is from behind.

(a side note, notice that most of these are cold reads, one day I hope that people actually take advantage of how you can sexually cold read a person. Again a post I need to thoroughly write.)

-I bet you would be a lesbian, especially with your luck with men, if you didn’t like dick so much.

-I mean what was you first impression of me? Right off the top of your head…what was something that you actually noticed right away?
That is the funny thing, cause you are totally one of those visual girls that likes to watch how someone moves and interacts rather than what they are saying…at least when you first meet them. Like I bet when you talk to a guy you can actually figure out if he is good in bed before he even opens his mouth.

-I mean I know guys are really visual and they might be looking a girl up and down or something, but girls are just as visual but they just don’t show it how they look at someone like a guys does. Like I bet with your dirty mind you probably have thought about how big my dick is while we have been sitting here talking.

-I bet that you have really high sex drive…like you have friends that might be more promiscuous but the main thing is that is you are allowed/open to feel comfortable with someone you totally let loose. I bet sometimes you get so turned on that it is embarrassing how wet you get.
-I bet you can’t make me cum…I will totally turn you inside and out. You are one of those girls that doesn’t cum too easily, but I bet I will make you squirt.

Hope this helps