Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold Reading Post out Tonight

Hey guys just shamelessly promoting my list.
The post will on Cold Reading will go out late tonight and the Text Message stuff a little bit later in the week. Either Thurs or Fri.

One of the reasons for the list is because I am going to transfer the blog to my new site coming out next month.
I am still not sure if I will maintain this one, but I may kill it.
Either way I am going to start blogging to my list rather than using this thing once the new site comes into play.

There is some interesting stuff on the way, but isn't there always...

So sign up and stay in touch.
Not sure when I am going to transfer everything over, but the new site should have all the podcasts and media stuff on it.
Looks like a good one so far.

For now I will say I am always amazed at this man...
The founder of Shock and Awe!
A true man of tremendous oration and quick reactions.
I wonder if I can find the shoes on ebay...I would pay big bucks for that.


Marquis de Sade said...

That throw was probably meant for Terrell Owens.

free_spirit_69 said...

The Sexual Cold Readings, negs, baits, qualifier....are money. I've tried them with dramatic results, super fast sexual esculation for framing and comfortable moving really fast in set.

This is some super advance techniques/technology which I feel privaliged to have my hands on & test.

Damn the other mpuas are way behind you man.