Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Inspirational Moment

So this is my mantra for today.
Watch it and you will achieve confidence, or a laugh...

Other than that, I have been traveling and telling the people I meet and talk with what I do for a living.
Pretty much everyone says, that teaching pick up is in someway negative, but they are all curious and want to know more.
So I tell them about it.
Then they say it is not so bad. Even the women.

So an interesting point came up...
I was trying out some new openers.
My favorite which I make work all too often is some variation of this...

"Hey Guys, I was just in the bathroom and this guy was standing behind me at the urinal and told me this freaky thing, I am not sure if it was a joke or he was serious.
He said, 'What's all tied up and doesn't want to have sex with me... the 4 year old in my trunk' then he started laughing and I ran out of the bathroom." I usually touch them and say, "I didn't even wash my hands".

Or I will go with my new favorite direct opener,
"I think of you when I masturbate"

And you guys probably think I am joking, I am not!

But as I was saying, an observation was made when demoing my skills for one of my new found friends (a female).
Afterwards she told me, 'that is stupid, if you wanted a real challenge why don't you just go up and try and have a normal conversation with someone rather than try and pull off some crazy way of creeping them out? Like just be really real and honest with them right off the bat'

My response was, 'you're right'.

I think 'game' is a lot simpler than we end up making it.
I have always pushed the envelope and maybe that is a part of my personality, but the end goal is to be yourself in the best possible way, not some freak that doesn't know how to be YOU.
We use routines and structure to internalize an attractive way to communicate, not to become something we are not.

That being said, I still like shocking people... just the main lesson from all of this is, if you want to use these skills to get the women you want in your life, you don't need to be some odd ball in order for them to give you interest. You just need to learn to be yourself in all the RIGHT ways.

Sadly (or maybe not so sadly) I have plenty of ill-humor and shocking behavior I get a kick out of.

Till next time...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lair Talks, theREDstack and Greeting from Munich

I have a few workshops and Lair Talks coming up that I wanted to invite you all to...
if you’re in the area of course.
Atlanta and Los Angeles

One of the things that has been bugging me for the past few weeks and one of the things that has been keeping me from posting in the past few weeks is that I want my teaching to be coming from the right place.

I am not sure what the perception is of the Gurus in the Community is, but from what my friend Dante in Austin told me it struck a chord. He told me

‘Why would I want to continue with this whole PUA thing when I have met all the top people and they are all unhappy’

Sadly that is the truth from my experience too.
If you stay in the community you are forced to change in many ways. At first you change obvious thing about yourself. Many of them superficial.
But later you need to change things about yourself or else you morph into this bazaaro monster PUA that live a life of fantasy and distortion.
Last year at this time, I was very much caught up in the new found skills of racking up lays left and right. It was like I couldn’t get enough of them.

This year is has had much more to do with internal changes to have and use these skills to teach and enlighten people through their own lives and mine.

We all enter this community via desperation, but what shoudl maintain us here shoudl be Inspiration and growth.
I have always been a person that thrived off of working with people.
That is why I love teaching and that is what always seems to be the answer when there are almost too many options in front of me.
If I wasn't so damn good at working with people and gratifying I would have been out of this community long long ago.
One thing I have always said when I started teaching this stuff, is that the end goal is that you guys can come back and teach me something. The community needs to be a community.
The politics of the community is something I know all too well. The last thing that the PUA community needs is more of that bullshit on the political end.
Fortunately part of all this has come true for me.
In the past few months I have gone through major changes and those all came to me through my former students. It hasn't been just one or two but a collaboration of them.
This is a fellowship and I am thankful for having it in front of me. And quite frankly I am sick of Gurus being such asshole, there is no point to it and it has done nothing but divide things more than anything, leaving people who want to learn with empty hands adn a whole lot of shit talking.

I have some of the best friends across the world. My current trip though Europe is showing me how many people I know, mainly form outside the community, around the world that I am close with.
I will say this though, I have met some of the most trusted people I have ever met, some of the most genuine, some of my best friends all through the PUA community.
I am thankful for it all.
I have always wanted to give back, and that is why I love doing what I do...
So on to the lair talks...

So for September I will be in Atlanta for 2 weekends.
I will be teaching both weekends
I am doing a Lair Talk on Mon Sept 15th with Jtime in Atlanta. Jtime has been someone who I sync up on many levels, but his experience in counseling is where I look up to him completely. I too have a background with that, and he is the first person in the community who I agree with Inner Game stuff on.
So on Sept 15th in Atlanta we are having a FREE INNER GAME WORKSHOP.

This will not be a bunch of Bullshit about visualizing and affirming, it will be a true workshop where we give you tools to achieve long term Confidence and Assertion towards self and inner peace.

Then on September 18th, Thurs, I will be doing theREDstack Seminar in Atlanta. Anyone who has every bought a Stack from me or been to an different Stack seminar can attend for FREE, however, I will only customize stacks for those who are attending for the first time!

Through Oct. 31st, 2008 I am allowing anyone who has gotten a Stack from me or attended a Stack workshop to come for FREE. You must email me in advanced to let me know how big of a room I need to get.

Then on Oct 5th, 2008 I will be doing theREDstack Seminar in Los Angeles.
There are a lot of guys who have stacks in LA, some which have stacks from other people that surprisingly identical to mine….
Those who have stacks form me, can attend for FREE as well.
I am planning to do a Lair talk that weekend for LA and OC as well!

There is a whole bunch of new stuff to the stacks and the New Version is out there and much more structured and complex. It is totally thorough as well. So much that I want anyone who has an old stack to do a consult with me and have the updates emailed out to them. Gotta wait till I get back from Europe for that though.

The thing with theREDstack is that it is very complex but the results it gets are really unmatched. But mainly the key to the stack is that is comes from you. There is nothing which comes close to the results and customization it bring.

You don’t have to be full of shit about who you are to get fast attraction and to get fast seduction.
And although many have tried to copy my stacks, that is pretty hard, and even super Gurus haven’t been able to figure out how to repeat what I do writing wise.
So if you are interested in a stack or attending one of the seminars, email myself
or Fidelio
It will be worth your while!

And as always,
Email me anytime….
Right now I am in Munich and hope to see the Hawk soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Traveling and Insights on Insights...

The past couple days have been really Amazing.
It is always a good thing when you are wandering around.
Your mind opens up on a whole new level.
Plus I hate just traveling to teach, there is absolutely no real absorbing of the city. It is hard to relax and have the city come in and reach inside your brain...
Sometimes teaching a jam packed schedule gets overwhelming, and the city passes you by.

And I will say that, traveling and meeting other PUAs on the way can be hard to make times sync, but it still gives you the experience where you can feel free. One thing important in life is maintaining freedom.
I have always fought for this.
Something that the community does not push enough is the key of freedom.
Not by nature, but how the community is set up is to forego your freedoms of self and has them conform to a different identity.
The best advice I have ever gotten about finding the right people in your life was when I was young, and now I give it today.

“Do what you want and love in your life, and the right people will be in it.”

The key is that you live your life with meaning, you should live your life with Purpose, Passion and Pride, hence the whole Lifestyle thing.
You do that and those alone are more than any ‘Attraction Switch’ you would need.

I think the recipe for getting the lifestyle that you want and attracting the women you want in your life is this…

-Do what you Love consistently.
Even if it for just 5mins a day, do it everyday, eventually have that happen more and more. Purpose and Passions are defined by you not what society thinks. So live them, without worrying about how it affects your PUA identity. (this I could go into more detail, later Purpose and Passion are a pretty huge topic, and can sound vague although we all have them)

-Learn to Properly Ground yourself.
Instead of thinking of them as DHVs or ways to gain Value, think of reworking all of your life’s experiences even if you see them as DLVs they can all be turned into stories that can make you look attractive. Your grounding story is the story of your life, so there is a lot to talk about. When you learn to do that instead of having a shit ton of routines that only generate attraction with no attachment to you, you can build attraction while tying it to you. This is key.

-Learn to Frame.
Framing it the ultimate Game tool. You hear it all the time, but if you tie this into your Grounding then you can accomplish a lot of ground. What framing is, is building an Identity for yourself and the other person, while also defining the relationship. Have that lead by your Purpose, Passions and Identity and you can really have impact with it.

-Implement your Pride.
Igor Stravinsky (Composer, sometime conductor, sometimes crazed artist, and probably some other things that I am leaving out) says in the Poetics of Music, that in order to create you can’t be egotistical, but you have to have an ego.
This is really an aspect of Dominance. If you are dominant and know how to handle logistics you can work ‘game’ on all levels.
So if you have Pride in what you do, in how you express yourself, how you open, how you ground yourself, how you interact in its entirety that will override any story that has ‘attraction switches’ in it. The problem with those stories is they gain attention alone. Attention is good, but you also need to have there be something grounding it to you. In all the people I have worked with, people naturally have attraction built into their lives, and they don’t’ know it.

If you have those things coming first in your game, then all the other stuff will follow. Routines and structure are important for consistency, but hey are only training wheels for us to be ourselves in the BEST possible way.

In all of what I do, theREDstack, my Boot Camps, my 1-on-1s, theMentor Program, whatever it is, I am developing these things in you.
That is why I have always gotten results, that is why I end up having my students teaching me more than I teach them, that is why I love teaching and that is why I am on the road right now, seeing Europe and seeing anyone who wants to meet up.

Today, hopefully the Amsterdam crowd comes out, and then we are off to France and Germany.

When I get back to the States I will be giving a free lair talk and workshop in Atlanta with Jtime.
It will be an intensive workshop towards Inner Game, and it will be something that anyone interested in true Change in their life should attend. Plus it is for FREE.
It will be on Sept 15th in Atlanta.

Plus I will make a more specific announcement for this and the lair talk, but anyone who has a gotten a stack from me, I want to have a phone consult with (even if it was from last year) and there are updates to it that I am going to post online and would like to personally email you.
The consults and the stack bonuses will be good through Oct 31st, 2008.

Talk to you all soon.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tomorrow the Reading Fest

So there are a lot of guys who I want to meet in England,
If you have a stack from me and are in Europe I would want to meet up.

Also my friend G who I am playing with is in a band that was playing here with Wilhelm Scream.
I figured that would piss off Cowboy in Florida.

In any case, if you are in London in the next 2 days hit me up

I am recording a bunch of audio while I am here that I will be posting on my blog.
There is always more to say, but for now I am going out somewhere in London...
still not sure just following the lead of the guys.

Tomorrow we are backstage at the Reading Fest, but I wish I was playing it...
I have been out of the scene for a while, but I am pretty amazed at the contacts I still have in the music scene. I wish the PUA scene actually had that sort of fellowship to it...maybe one day.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Touring Europe

So I have been out of the loop for the past month.
There are a lot of things I want to write about, but hopefully I still have an audience to write to!

I will be in Europe from today till Sept 7th playing music
We will be in Germany, France, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and England and probably some more places...
If anyone wants to meet up, I am down for it.

Shoot me an email
and I will do my best to sync up a time to hang.
I will be on tour playing music so i will not be the cleanest person out there, but I never really am!

In any case, I am off and will be posting from the road when I get there.
Should be good!