Thursday, January 31, 2008



Hey guys I am about to get on a plane headed to teach in the Caribbean this week.
It should be an amazing experience!
This week is Carnival and there should be a lot of fun coming my way.

Man this past month has been GREAT!
I am way backed up now! I don't know how much longer I can honestly manage the work load.

I will be putting up a few posts this week that will really start to have an impact on things out there for you guys.
First there is the PodCast going out!
So get on that list out there and I get it in your hands! (also the up coming schedule I have of guys to appear on this thing is goign to be awesome, so stay tuned)

Also there is a lot out there in the community about NEW material.
I am not talking about routines.
I am talking about game in general.

It really seems that every single one of my guys that I have worked with gets immediate results.
I am not talking about getting attention from girls and a few phone numbers, I am talking about SNLs, Bathroom Pulls, guys who were Virgins that are now getting laid, I am talking about results.
I am talking about they're goals for why they hired me are getting fulfilled.

I have worked with quite a few guys at this point and I don't know another instructor out there that has this kind of diverse success.
So what I want to do is put some of the stuff I am teaching out there to the guys reading this blog to field test.
This is another reason to get on that podcast list.

And the last thing will be to show a schedule of the lairs I will be speaking at this month and next. If I am coming to your city, or near by, come out and I am sure you will love every minute of it.

And as you know email me anytime!

And to get on that PodCast list

You'll be seeing some pretty cool stuff out there really soon!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lair Talks and PODCASTs

So guys,
I know it has been a long time since I've posted and I would like to
thank everybody who emailed me wondering what was going on.

As you may be able to see, there have been a lot of changes happening
in the community, and I am feeling them as much as anybody.

In the past month I would like to thank all the guys I have worked
with, especially you lair guys. Your awesome.
There were 50 plus people at the Austin lair talk to see me speak, 50
plus people in Dallas, and around 30 at Harvard... with just 2 DAYs

I really enjoy these talks. They give me the chance to get out there
and meet guys who... well, frankly, I feel like Im in this thing with,
side by side. Improving it, innovating it, and learning more and more
about myself, each other, and how the undercurrents of how
interactions work, along the way.

I've decided I love these so much, Im throwing up this goal.


So this is my proposal to the lairs out there...
I know people don't go out and speak to them ever. Guys in the
community that have got something to say just dont put themselves out

It is sad thing.

My goal for the next few months is to speak at as many Lairs as possible!
But here is how I want to do it.
I will speak at 2 Lairs a month in the USA for FREE!
I will take care of all the expenses outside of the meeting room rental.
I will fly myself out there, I will get the hotel room, and anybody
who has seen me speak knows I make the time worth it. I lay out my
structure, and techniques.

As I have said over and over again, this thing needs more community.
So let's get talking and make it all work.

Now, its first come, first serve. So... if the first 2 for the month
fill up, I would be more than happy to speak at your lair, but I would
need transportation and a hotel room for that one.

But guys, we need to start communicating more and more, exposing
ourselves to other ideas. There is a lot of stuff out there going in
closed circles and none of it is going anywhere.

And in the spirit of getting information out there, Im starting something new.


I am going to start doing Podcasts with some of the people I have met
while traveling around the community. 30 to 60 minute interviews, with
Lair leaders, and some of my students.

This is going to be amazing. My first one is coming out this WEEK,
and for now, its free. And for now, its free to anyone who shoots me
an email at to ask for it.

What I plan to do with all of this is to start posting audio peices of
my Lair Talks, Specific Topics covered in my Workshops, and interviews
with a long list of guys who have something to say in the community.

Here is what you guys have got to do to get the first free podcast.
This is all new to me, but Im trying to get organized... not my strong
suit. :) Not to mention, my list of PUA contacts is getting so
large, that Im verging on getting my gmail account to some limit that
would shut it down if I sent a multi-recipient email out there.
Bummer, cuz I love gmail!

Anyone who sends me an email at, will get on my
first come first serve list, and get this, and any new podcasts, ASAP.

Guys I am going to go all out in the next 3 months, I hope to meet you
in a city near you! Contact me asap, lets make it happen!

So again, just shoot me an email at in order to
get on my list, so I can send you the first podcast. Its a good one

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Collecting Dust

Hey Guys,

I know it has been a while since I have put anything up here,
but with all of us there are always changes.

First off I would like to thank all the guys in Austin who showed up. It looks like there are about 3 other Lair talks being set up, but the dates are not set in stone so I will refrain from posting them. And if you want me in your town speaking is easy and I love it!

Just shoot me and email

As you know I get a lot of email.
And as you know I have always put myself out there to the community. It has alway been super important for me to see where every guy is coming from and work to get them there.

For the next few months I have got to step back a little while things run their course. I will still keep my blog up and always fill it with all the information that is helpful, but I am not going to be as active in teaching as I have been.
I will still be answering emails as always.
But if there is one thing that everybody should understand, is that my life needs to come first if I am going to be in a place where I can help people out.

Another thing I get from doing these talks is that I see how much of a need there is in the community for a guys to have this be a COMMUNITY. It seems that what has been driving the community has been ego and narcissism.
There needs to be more progression and less repackaging the same old thing.

So guys as I said there has been a lot happening and just wanted to check in with you.
Hit me up anytime and keep it coming.
Let's all work towards something that can make us stronger.



Friday, January 4, 2008

Lair Talk in Austin

Hey guys Saturday Night I will be in Austin doing another Lair Talk in Austin.

Guys I am totally pumped.
The changes that have been going on in the community are totally amazing.
I really can't mention specifics right now, but the PUA community is goign to get a whole lot
bigger and more dynamic in the next few months.

Tonight I sat down with Printer, Fidelio and Shaft and a bunch of things were laid out on the table. I will have to say again, that now more than ever I am totally committed to giving this my all and have absolutely NOTHING holding me back.

Hopefully I will see you in Austin and soon I will hopefully make it out to your area!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The New Year

So it is the new year and everybody wants to make all these resolutions,
and I can't say I am exempt from it.

Last night I went and looked over all of my posts since I started doing the PU thing.

Even though I always try and remember what it was like to start out at this thing,
it is always such and enlightening thing to read what I wrote less than a year ago about all this stuff.

My goals for last year were to be able to travel around and have women in every city I stopped in.
I have more than achieved that goal. And I didn't even mean to.

I can't help but think how much I have changed and how much the people around me have changed.
The other night I was with Fidelio and he was breaking it all down in only a way Fidelio can.
He was telling me how it doesn't matter how you look at it, this whole thing is about personal change.

Weather you like it or not you're going to have to change if you decide to walk this road.
Yes you can get good at picking up women, and you can get good with cultivating a lifestyle that promotes that, but you have to get good at life too.

The only thing that is a bit different with someone studying PU is that you enter the personal development at a different angle. They start with Skill Set.

I don't know if anybody is keeping up with Sinn and CJ's blog, but you can't help but notice the changes those guys are going through. That is the amazing thing about all this stuff.
You start in, you make friends, and then you all grow up together.

This year I am going to be pushing it even harder!
If there is anybody out there that has a Lair I want to speak at it! I want to meet every guy out there that has the same drive and ambition that I had.
You know the email

Look guys, I know you have been emailing me, but there are some changes coming in the industry and it is going to be awesome. Keep posted, because this year is going to take off for anyone who wants it!