Friday, January 4, 2008

Lair Talk in Austin

Hey guys Saturday Night I will be in Austin doing another Lair Talk in Austin.

Guys I am totally pumped.
The changes that have been going on in the community are totally amazing.
I really can't mention specifics right now, but the PUA community is goign to get a whole lot
bigger and more dynamic in the next few months.

Tonight I sat down with Printer, Fidelio and Shaft and a bunch of things were laid out on the table. I will have to say again, that now more than ever I am totally committed to giving this my all and have absolutely NOTHING holding me back.

Hopefully I will see you in Austin and soon I will hopefully make it out to your area!

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The Asian Playboy said...

For a perspective on how good a speaker and PUA El Topo is, some of my boys have posted a couple of glowing reviews so be sure to check him out when you have an opportunity like this!

Saffron from Boston Lair:

456 from SoCal Lair: