Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lair Talks and PODCASTs

So guys,
I know it has been a long time since I've posted and I would like to
thank everybody who emailed me wondering what was going on.

As you may be able to see, there have been a lot of changes happening
in the community, and I am feeling them as much as anybody.

In the past month I would like to thank all the guys I have worked
with, especially you lair guys. Your awesome.
There were 50 plus people at the Austin lair talk to see me speak, 50
plus people in Dallas, and around 30 at Harvard... with just 2 DAYs

I really enjoy these talks. They give me the chance to get out there
and meet guys who... well, frankly, I feel like Im in this thing with,
side by side. Improving it, innovating it, and learning more and more
about myself, each other, and how the undercurrents of how
interactions work, along the way.

I've decided I love these so much, Im throwing up this goal.


So this is my proposal to the lairs out there...
I know people don't go out and speak to them ever. Guys in the
community that have got something to say just dont put themselves out

It is sad thing.

My goal for the next few months is to speak at as many Lairs as possible!
But here is how I want to do it.
I will speak at 2 Lairs a month in the USA for FREE!
I will take care of all the expenses outside of the meeting room rental.
I will fly myself out there, I will get the hotel room, and anybody
who has seen me speak knows I make the time worth it. I lay out my
structure, and techniques.

As I have said over and over again, this thing needs more community.
So let's get talking and make it all work.

Now, its first come, first serve. So... if the first 2 for the month
fill up, I would be more than happy to speak at your lair, but I would
need transportation and a hotel room for that one.

But guys, we need to start communicating more and more, exposing
ourselves to other ideas. There is a lot of stuff out there going in
closed circles and none of it is going anywhere.

And in the spirit of getting information out there, Im starting something new.


I am going to start doing Podcasts with some of the people I have met
while traveling around the community. 30 to 60 minute interviews, with
Lair leaders, and some of my students.

This is going to be amazing. My first one is coming out this WEEK,
and for now, its free. And for now, its free to anyone who shoots me
an email at to ask for it.

What I plan to do with all of this is to start posting audio peices of
my Lair Talks, Specific Topics covered in my Workshops, and interviews
with a long list of guys who have something to say in the community.

Here is what you guys have got to do to get the first free podcast.
This is all new to me, but Im trying to get organized... not my strong
suit. :) Not to mention, my list of PUA contacts is getting so
large, that Im verging on getting my gmail account to some limit that
would shut it down if I sent a multi-recipient email out there.
Bummer, cuz I love gmail!

Anyone who sends me an email at, will get on my
first come first serve list, and get this, and any new podcasts, ASAP.

Guys I am going to go all out in the next 3 months, I hope to meet you
in a city near you! Contact me asap, lets make it happen!

So again, just shoot me an email at in order to
get on my list, so I can send you the first podcast. Its a good one


Maysin said...

Anyone who reads this and wonders if this would be good for the lair needs to not think twice. El Topo came to Boston and honestly I would tell you that our lair has not stopped talking about it! In fact he has come back for his second talk and he is just a HUGE inspiration because he is so damn approachable with this stuff.

The fact that he is putting himself out there for FREE shows that he cares about the community and please take advantage of this opportunity cause I am sure it won't be around forever.

Seriously ET you rock thanks so much for coming to Boston cause we all learned so much from you!

Synth said...

I took a bootcamp led by Sinn, March '07, and ET was just getting his feet wet back then. He attended as an assistant. We've been in touch on and off since then and he's given me a huge amount of support and influence. He's made A LOT of time for me (and he didn't know me from a hole in the wall!). I don't know that I'd still be in the community had it not been for his support. (There's been many a Monday when I've thought, "It ain't worth it; I'm gonna quit.")

Yeah, Maysin, I have to agree that he cares. He really puts himself out there for the guys; the community. You guys in Boston were really lucky to get a taste of ET!

We're trying to get him up to Denver to speak. I know everyone that attends will benefit. I'll admit, I'm proud of many of the guys that are active in the lair, so I want ET to meet them. But, I also want them to benefit from ET's energy and knowledge... immense knowledge.

I'm willing to bet that after ET speaks that we'll have a tighter knit group. I know he'll make a number of new friends!

If anybody can get this guy up to their lair to talk and you're hesitant... don't be. He'll deliver.

Yeah, I know, this sounds like a sales brochure; like one of the many sales e-mails you get from all these "seduction" companies.

ET's the real thing, though.

~ Synth

The Asian Playboy said...

Would love to have you on my PUA Radio show. We hold it regularly on Wednesday if you're interested in the near future.

My guy's at