Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lost Phone

Guys I know this is a weird post but I lost my phone and it has a bunch of your guys numbers on it.
Needless to say I have shitty phone company... in fact i don't know of a good one and despite having all of my info stored on some master server of their's they won't let me have access to it.

Pretty crazy huh.
I mean did you know all of your contacts with names and text messages are being stored on your phone company's database to sell back to you in situations like mine?

Totally fucked up!

If you do have my number, I probably don't have yours now.
Can you text it to me with your name and I will put it into my new phone.

Also I have got an assistant now...
I want to expand all the great info that is coming my way now.
If you email him your Name and Email Address and number to
I will send you out a sample of the new product I am working on.

That is it for now... as for stacks and emails, I will get to all of them in the next few days.
But please if you have my 714 number text me your contact info, even if I talked to you today, because I have lost all my contact info.



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Leaving Honolulu....

It is still Xmas eve on Hawaii.

Tomorrow I get back on track with my long list of emails and Routine Stacks.
It will be good to be back home for a bit.

But I must say that Hawaii has always been my home.
And one day I will be back there again.

Sinn has extended his visit and it will be interesting to see what happens form here on with him.
For the last couple of days both of us have been having amazing experiences with Tyler Durden.

It is very rare that I meet someone and say, 'that person is someway I can learn from', but that was what I felt in the last few days I spent with Tyler.

It really was an interesting time.
Sinn and I both felt the tension within us easy. It seemed after every night with TD we both calmed and felt content in the silence.
Tyler is one of the only PUA legends I have met that is completely comfortable in his own skin.
He is also one of the only teachers out there that is comfortable in his own skin... (that's the sad part)

And I think from now on it is clear how I want to teach and how I want to implement game.

Sinn will be staying around and traveling with Tyler more...
I wish I could stay, but I got to get back home with my family for the holidays.
I think there are really going to be some changes coming.
In fact I know it.

Just two weeks ago CJ and I started talking a change, the folks in Austin started talking, then Boston and SoCal.
But it was when I met with Tyler 4 nights ago I knew that things were going to manifest.

It will also be good to see Future again who will be hanging out with us in the beginning of the New Year.

Once again sory to the guys who have emailed me.
I will get back on it tomorrow!

And I will crack out the remainder of my stacks.
But one thing is for certain I am filled with a new life here.

Thanks for reading


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tyler Durden

Now I know I have a lot of emails to get to.
I promised myself I wouldn't post until I got to them.
But tonight there is an exception.

Over a year ago I took a Boot Camp in Scottsdale, AZ
and it changed my life.
I met Sinn, Captain Jack, and Tenmagnet.

It changed my life.

I then was taken under CJ's wing,
I got good at game.
I then was taken under Sinn's wing.
I got better at game.

I started working with Future, Trance, Shaft, CJ, and Sinn
and I learned how to teach.

The more I taught the more I learned about myself.
The more I worked with with these guys the more I started to realize how much what we were teaching and learning from each other.
I got lays...yeah.
But I started to learn how to live.

In the past few months of going out and working with students, meeting people in the lairs, the more I realized how I could be a better teacher.
I started to learn, and still am learning, how much working with students and helping them in their lives changed my life.
Just in working with guys like Captain Jack, Sinn, Fidelio, and Shaft I realized how much you have to have a solid ground to stand on before you can give your experience to others get where they want to go.

I have worked with about 120 people in the past 3 weeks and for those people you know I don't ever want to think of myself as a Guru.
I don't know what makes one, but I have never really cared about being one.
I think that anyone who has that perspective separates themselves for being able to teach anyone how to have that triangle of Inner Game, Lifestyle and Skill Set.

So today I am in Hawaii and had dinner with Tyler Durden and his friend HeadOn.
And tonight I had another turning point in my journey through all this.
Here was a guy who has come full circle.
Where as so many of us get caught up in game and almost remain little kids, so to speak, Tyler D has become an adult.

Here is the thing guys.
It is really hard to say right now in how much just those few hours with him has enlightened my perspectives in all of this, but I feel that I have made a friend for life.
But what I now know is that I am going to put myself out there full fledged.
This blog is going to be more of a tool for guys who want this thing to get it.

As you know CJ and I are working on something, and after the holidays pass we'll be on it. Sinn too.
But now more than ever I have seen things in myself to empower to full commit to the guys who want to put it out there.

There is already a long list of those guys...
Kings, Dante, Clear, Boom, Doc, Finn, J. Galt, Mayson, Xander, Surefire, Mask, Invictus, Nice Guy, Big Bear, theGoat, Jelly .... and it goes on and on.

This blog is going to take off.
TD has totally made another change happen.
He is the only guy who I have met in a while of doing this that has that triangle filled.
While everyone else was acting like a little kid, he grew up.

And tonight I feel like that night I drove the long drive home from my Boot Camp in Scottsdale over a year ago.
I have this new revelation... now where do I go with it.

We'll see where it takes me.

Thursday, December 20, 2007



So here I am, back home...
In Hawaii.
Well Honolulu actually.
Haven't yet met up with Sinn, but it is a great time to see old friends.

Right now I have traveled about 6000 miles in 5 days.
I am super busy. I know I have gotten many emails and please...just hang with me I will get back to you.

The funny thing is that I went Friday from Fort Worth to Austin.
Met with my good friends down there, Clear, Dante, BoomDude, and Finn.
Saturday night went to Boston.
Man what an AWESOME city.
Hate to say it, but I didn't go out. Gave a talk at the Lair and they have quite possibly one of the best lairs I have been to.
I also did a live Routine Stack consult with Surefire.
Doc Holiday was a big help Wake Effect.
And good to finally meet some of the folks I have built relationships with over phone and email.
You know who you are!

But the Mon, Wake Effect drops me off at the airport.
The weather has cleared and there should be no delays.
The airport is crowned as fuck. I sit down next to a really attractive and sophisticated girl. Actually I am a wimp and sit down one seat away. Within a minute another guy sits in between but begins conversation with both of us.
As soon as the girl opens her mouth I can tell she has got balls. We will call this girl Captain Femme Fatale.

Nothing much really, but we are both on our way to Boston and our flight is already late.
They keep making announcements as to the estimated departure time.
They announce..they announce
they Cancel the flight.

In any case, I will post the LR about this because it is too bad ass not to. But it ended up that we spent the whole day and night together getting back to Austin, and if anybody allows me to run that much isolated comfort on I will lay em.
Even if she is a former Army Captain, Feminist, MIT student,. I got to say, she has been one of the smartest women and toughest women I have met in a while.
She had me crash at her place since we got back to Austin so late and I couldn't meet up with Dante, Clear and WonderWoman.

But it was for the best. That is the second Airplane Lay I have gotten in a month.
And this girl was beyond quality.

Actually the reason why I bring her up is because her ability to reframe was unbelievable. It actually gave me huge insight on how to elicit frames and the difference between comfort frames and attraction frames.
How they should interact with one another and how to use social bait or emotions to stimulate the.

It truly prepared me for the SoCal Lair talk!

And man that was a great talk.
I would like to thank everyone for coming and I am glad that everybody seemed to get a lot out of it.
Sexual Chocolate gets mad props as well as Johnny Wolf for helping organize it.
At this talk it was great because I got to meet about 15 or so guys who I had worked with over the phone and email. As I always say we only know the tip of the ice berg on all of this stuff, let's get better at it together.
The only way I learned was from CJ and Sinn taking me under their wing.
The only way Future had his breakthroughs was because Sinn took him under his wing too.
Now that is not to say we don't work our asses off, but let's do it.
Any of the 100 or so people I have worked with in Austin, Boston, and SoCal in the past week know that the ways in which we are changing game is pretty much revolutionary!
Let's get a dialog going, drop our fucking egos and do this!

Which brings me to my...


So one thing in me being a teacher of this stuff I can never think I am better than anyone else.
I can never put myself on some sort of deity level in game.
Mainly because if I am to teach this and get money for it, it is my belief that ANYONE can do this. And it is my JOB to make that happen!
Anyone who has worked with me knows this.
Everyone of my students is good.
In fact every single one of my students that I have personally trained are better than a lot of instructors who get paid for this.

Now look, there is no doubt in my mind that I am an excellent teacher.
I have worked with people from 19 to 60 and from so may different backgrounds.
There is no doubt that I am good at this.
I can game. I can be up there with the top of them.
I have done that. One thing that I always looked up to CJ for was because he was the embodiment of INNER GAME, LIFESTYLE, and SKILL SET.

In the past week what I have seen out of other people instructing this thing is pathetic. Just being around the lairs and hear how some of these guys have been teaching and treating other is total bullshit.
Whether it is being an asshole to other instructors on a Boot Camp, or it is Belittling them because you think you're better than them, or bragging to students about how amazing your game is.

First off I have been out with the best of em.
It would be hard to say who is the best PUA, but of the guys I hear stimulating this sort of mentality they don't come close to Sinn, Captain Jack, Future or Myself.

It is not the way to teach guys. Get it straight. Let's work together on this stuff.
Just take a look at Dallas.
There is a reason why there are so many big name instructors there that have nothing to do with the Lair. But yet we worked amongst ourselves to get good at all this stuff. There are multiple PU company Instructors that have nothing to do with the Lair, but talk amongst each other.

There is a reason why ever time I meet with Future or Sinn or CJ or Shaft that we bounce back ideas and applications.
There is a reason why the stuff we teach is so efficient. And there is a reason why everyone I have taught lives the LIFE that they want and doesn't need to get off on putting other folks down to establish themselves.

But it is totally bullshit.
And the only reason why I can teach this stuff is because anyone can do it.
That is my job.

Anyone who has seen me speak knows how advanced and detailed my stuff is. Anyone who has seem me work has seem my ability to adapt and make game work for anyone.
Anyone who has seen me game knows I am really fucking good.
But anyone who has worked with me knows that I don't make that my job to show someone that, it is my job to get them to do that.

Questions Comments email me...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Boston Lair/SoCal Lair

So I wanted to thank everybody who attended the Boston Lair talk on Sun night!
And thanks for the dinner guys!

The talk was really great, sort of an advanced subject in terms of using body language to elicit Attraction Triggers, Comfort Triggers, and Seduction Triggers.
It is too bad Mentalist and 2HM weren't there, when I met with them in Dallas we talked at length about these sorts of aspects of social psychology and finally I think I have it down.

Pretty much how I game now is purely based on using body language to built attravtion and even bait into attraction, comfort and seduction.
Pretty hard thing to write about. But step one would be to start reading how social theory has developed. Not necessarily NLP, but more so on legitimate and studied works.

That's where the Mentalist and 2HM as well as Shaft come in.
It should be good to see what 2hm thinks of the Austin scene, when he goes down there with me next month.

But hey guys, probably the best product I have for people at all levels is the Routine Stack!
Look if you are in Southern Ca on Tues you should have a good excuse as to why you are not coming to the Lair Talk there.
It is purely based on the methodology on how I custom build these things.
In Boston I built two stacks while there, and Doc Holiday helped me out in establishing some of the more in depth frames in one of the stacks I built. Both guys were literally amazed at how the frames and DHVs all worked with each other.

So if you are in SD, OC, or LA sign up HERE
For SoCal Lair Sign Up HERE

It will be awesome!

I am not sure what Sexual Chocolate has set up after that but I am sure it will be fun.

Check out the attraction forums to see about the Previous Lair Talks I have done in the past


And here are some reviews for my Stacks!

Stack Review!

And after that I will be working the BC in Honolulu!

Look guys I want to meet everyone out there!
So show up, and we will all work this stuff out together!



Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shipping up to Boston!

So guys,
I am on my way to Boston on lay over right now.
Tomorrow night is really going to rock.
I got a lair talk that I believe is already filled to capacity on the use of
sub communication to build attraction, comfort and seduction.

This is actually something that I have always been into as far as gaming in concerned, but lately it is pretty much how I game.

As you may know that I have been super busy lately but I know that I need to start posting on all this.
In Las Vegas, every night of the BC I got laid and on the plane back to Boston I got and HJ and later closed her a day later.

All I got to say is that if you are not incorporating how you sub communicate, and how you can elicit sexuality and other leveraging aspect of game, you are wasting a lot of time with your game.
It is a true art though.
It is a tough thing to get down and build calibration towards.

But for those of you in Boston can't wait to meet you!

And for on Tues the 18th of Dec I will be in Orange County Ca to give a SoCal lair talk that still has space available.
For SoCal Lair Sign Up HERE

In the SoCal talk (thanks Sexual Chocolate)
I will be talking about how to build a routine stack. This has been a popular product of mine and have never really broken down publicly how to replicate it.
So definitely if you are in the area come and hear the talk.
You will also get to meet a few of the guys who have had a stack built for them and see what they might have to say about how it has helped them in game, and how different of a take it is from normal styles of game.

How to see you folks on either coast...
Then I will be off to Hawaii, which will always be my home.
Sorry Hau'nani
I am taking up your island.



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sitting Down with Captain Jack

As you guys know probably one of the biggest influences in game for myself has been Captain Jack.

So this last weekend Shaft, Fidelio and I were down in Austin with the whole crew down there.
Man it was a great time, and it really looks like some new stuff is going to be coming out from those guys there.

I mean I talked with Students of TMM, Asian Playboy, Don Savage, and guys that I have worked with and everybody there is on the level.
I talked with Pyro, one of the MODs of their lair and he told me that a lot of instructors always give compliments on how their layer is run.

But one thing that Shaft and Fidelio brought up to me was that what made everything work in Dallas was the influence of Captain Jack.
When I first got into game you may remember that CJ was at my Boot Camp in Scottsdale AZ.
Then I went back home to Dallas and He was there.
It is a funny thing because right from the start I learned CJ's game. I never thought it was different than anyone else's.
At first I watched him, then he actually showed me how it was done.

Little did I know at the time, how different he was at game.
I mean I knew he was easy going in comparison to the other TMM guys I had met, and peacocked in a very subtle way, but I really didn't see the difference.
When I started getting lays, they were usually SNLs. Or at least more than normal.
Also the other thing about CJ ad everyone in Dallas will tell you this, is he is super nice.
There is no massive ego that separates him form the rest of the guys learning out there.

Now there are good PUAs all over, but what made my experience different was that I had a PUA around me that was so different and creative that just sitting around and talking to him made you good. And I don't know anyone else who has had that sort of impact consistently.
For instance it Shaft, Sinn, Fidelio, Twitchy, myself have all had tremendous insight from just hanging out with the guy.
Now also we have all gone out and winged with him, but when one of the best PUAs in the world finds CJ one of his best wings out there I think there is something to be said about Captain Jack's influence on not just myself but the community he has cultivated.

So the other day I sat down with CJ, and one of the things that I have to always keep in mind is that the guy should be credited with so much of my game. He is pretty much one of the few PUAs that I feel I am so far away from in terms of game. The other being Sinn.
But we all really do learn from each other.
So when we were talking he started to fill me in on a lot of what he was doing now.
Most of it is setting up his other businesses. The man is a fucking tycoon.
But he was translating his social dynamics to what has been going on in his business and that was how he was having so much success.
He was telling me that success was something that was never defined by what was put in front of you, but what did with what was in front of you.

He went on to explain how when he first started at this thing he had no one to wing with.
There was nobody.
I have to say it really is an interesting thing when someone who really truly displays the Triangle of Inner Game, Lifestyle, and Skill Set, starts to to show his emotional side.

He told me, he did his Boot Camp with Savoy and Mystery and went out and bought all the peacocking stuff. Got the raised shoes and hit the clubs. He actually started out of town to not be recognized. He was newly divorced and had two kids to support. It was a new starting point in his life.

One of the things I always looked up to in Captain Jack was that from the time I have known him he has always made it a point to have his house clean before he set out on the external side of life...including his game.

But he went out and failed. He went out and got blown out set after set.
He studied the material over and over again. He researched aspects of human society, culture and went deep into psychology.
He still didn't see success. He got numbers and make outs here and there, but nothing.

I don't know if you guys know what that is like to sign up for something give it your all and still not get the results that you expected.
He hooked up with the Dallas Meet Up board and made some connections there.
There he found some people to go out with, but even they were reluctant to wing with him.
I am serious, the stories of his early Dallas days are still talked about here.
He talks about the time when two of his friends and wings ditched him at the club!

But what happened was CJ started to reconstruct the game.
As he has always said, it is not inspiration which changes people, it is desperation!
And he was desperate. He started to combine what he had learned from reading social psychology and evolutionary biology and reworked things a bit.
this went on for over a year.

For an year and a half CJ gamed with splotches of success until he started to notice a pattern.
He started reworking ideas on, 'future event projections', 'grounding along with DHVs', using 'frames as pivots to other frames', trying to 'qualify with body language and pacing'.
Some stuff worked and other stuff didn't. But the patterns in how he worked started to show a clearer path.

So he decided to start taking some guys under his wing.
Then they were able to replicate it.
Then he met Sinn.
He helped out on a few Boot Camps and the second one he did, he met me.

At first I just watched him.
And after about 3 or 4 months he started showing me little things here and there.
I started to get real good. And real consistent. He showed me more things.
He then recommended me to Sinn and Sinn started showing ways of game that he learned.
Then Sinn moved to Dallas and the scene exploded.
I mean it blew up!
That's where you started seeing guys come into full bloom, like Shaft, myself, Twitchy and Fidelio.
It was something that was not necessarily people getting lessons, it was more of an exchange of ideas, people interpreting things, translating them.
Future started coming down and adding to the exchange.

In any case when I look back at how I got good at this stuff, I really had a lot of foundations to set my roots in.

So this week when I came back form Austin and talked with CJ I told him how Austin is blowing up like Dallas.
He then told me he wanted to start teaching again.
He has been familiar with my routine stacks which are the most definitive applications to his theories and told me...
"You know what Sinn and I have been doing? So let's all put something together and spread the word."

Keep your eyes peeled guys, the PUA world is about to get turned upside down.
What we are gong to put out there is going to be the definition of the new style of game.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Again in Austin

So it has been another great weekend here in Austin.
I am stating to know this town better than Dallas now.

It is really amazing to see how great of a town this has become.
With the amazing group of PUAs here KingsFull, Clear, Finn McCool, Dante, BoomDude, and so on I could easily see how this whole town could do what Captain Jack did for Dallas.

Speaking of which it looks like later on this week there could be something special coming up that CJ and I have been putting together that could turn the industry upside down.
But we'll have to wait and see, but from what I can tell now it is some pretty amazing stuff.

This weekend Shaft, Juice, Double D and Fidelio came down from the Dallas crew.
One of the cool things about doing any sort of PUA training in Austin is that there is a long list of resources here to choose from.
Last night when I was pulling a two set a PUA who I had never met, but emailed before opened us. I could tell he was working Asian Playboy's style of game and he had mentioned his name, so I asked him, do you know APB, and he stuttered a bit and then got what was going on. It was a fun coincidence.
He left the set and we went off to meet back up with Kings, Dante, Shaft and Fidelio.

In any case it is good to see the momentum build in a town, and good to see how effective my stacks have gotten.
The coolest part is that of everyone who has bought a stack from me in Austin they all got results within a week. Clear got laid the first night he had it, Kings has got some of the best attraction club game I have seen in while, and Finn laid this 9/10 within a week of having it.
It is a good feeling.

The funny thing is that again, us Dallas guys were sitting there wondering why did this never happen in Dallas.
I got good solely from being around Captain Jack and Sinn who are by far the two best PUAs that I know, and yet the Mojo lair has its politics.
It will be good to see him finally gone at the begining of the year nd hopefully Dallas will have somewhat of a functioning lair for guy to have good resources to use. Hopefully Vector, and Twitchy who have been a friends of mine for a while now will clean up the mess so folks like Brad P, Sinn, CJ, APB, and the long list of PUAs Mojo has pissed off will come back and be able to speak in Dallas again. Perhaps instead of posting a thread about me on your board you folks on the lair are more than welcome to email me, .
I have never had a beef with anyone form the lair and neither has anyone else I know. We have all just had our problems with Mojo. And no I don't want for him to buy me a beer, because he might attack me like he did to APB (inside joke).
The funny thing is that he doesn't even remember me... but that figures, his undeserved pompous attitude has taken him to where he needs to be... and soon that will be gone!

In any case I love teaching and I love to create an atmosphere where PUAs can learn and grow from. Everyone who knows me knows that. Anyone who has emailed me should know that.

As for now I am out. I have got to wrap up my day here and can't wait to get back to Dallas and go over the plans for the next couple of weeks with Sinn.

We got a pretty awesome Lair Talk coming up in Boston Dec 16th, on how body language and sub communication can elicit attraction, comfort, seduction and frames.
And then on Dec 18th there will be a SoCal Lair talk on how to create a Custom Routine Stack!
For SoCal Lair Sign Up HERE

These events should be open to the lairs, but if you can't find contact info on it contact me on how to get the info on the event.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some Ideas for the Future

Yo yo!
So I would like to thank all of you who have been in contact with me.
It really does help me to instruction-wise to get to know everyone and see where everybody is coming from in terms of PU.

One of the things I want to start doing is setting up another way to make ways of communicating easier for all of us to get all the info we can get.
At this point in my experience there are a pretty large number of people who I have talked with or met through teaching or lair talks as to where we could really start to build some of that long needed personal touch to the community.
I love teaching and working with new guys.
Whenever I go to a city I have visited in the past there is always a good network of people I enjoy meeting.
Those of you who have emailed me, know that I reply to pretty much everyone.
But at this point they can start to back up.

I would be curious to hear about what you guys feel has been missing in the PU community as far as instructors, lairs and PU companies are missing.
It would be my goal to hear what you guys think about how something new could get started where we could really communicate freely...
Students and Instructors.
I think there are a lot of opportunities that we are missing out on in terms of evolving some of this stuff.

Also if you would like to set up a lair talk in your city, I would love to try and make that happen.
Shoot me an Email!

So please email me with any ideas that you might have on how we can keep up a good dialog between all of us, and still maintaining a quality I can manage!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


So I have gotten some emails about frames and stack info. Actually like quite a few.

Just to check in I am in Austin again and am amazed at the community out here.
Lots of dedicated guys. Really impressive.
And in actuality I will be out there quite bit in the next few months.
I would like to do another lair talk there as well.
The funny thing is that when I do lair talks people generally find them beneficial.

In fact those of you in Boston and SoCal, I will be speaking there shortly.
Boston Dec 16th (thanks Doc Holiday)
SoCal Dec 18th (thanks Sexual Chocolate)

But what is funny to me is in Dallas the fine Lair people there would not grace us with their support to do a talk (thanks Dallas Mojo). The odd thing is that at the talk, yes we are there to show what out company has to offer, but in reality there is about 15 mins of that and an Hour and 45mins of working personally with the people attending.
And better yet when we asked about it to speak it wasn't just me, it was Sinn, Captain Jack and Me. And FOR FREE!
That is almost like a disservice to your community of PUAs to play into the bullshit PUA politics. It sucks that PUAs that have actual experience in the Game like Asian Playboy, Sinn, Captain Jack, Shaft, and the rest of em aren't yet seen fit to the high standards to the Mojo.

But how's that for a rant.

In any case, pretty much everywhere I go I end up meeting some of the greatest people!
There are friends from all over that I have connected with and stayed in contact with that make me love what I do.

But now that I got that out of my system I would liek to get a bit more into the ideas of using frames in terms of pick up.

As in my previous post, I mentioned that I am by all means no authority on framing, and I think that there are far too many people who claim to be. I also would like to say that I have the belief that I don't have THEE definitive system on framing, nor do I think that having that mentality is a good one, considering there is still so much to be learned from game.

But the structure I use is one that is set up like
Establish frame, Empower with Cold Read and then qualify them to it.

I was on the phone with Priest the other day and he was asking about his stack that i had put together for him.
If you don't know Priest then I wonder if you are in the PUA community. But if you are ever in his town, he has an awesome couch to crash on!
But he asked me about this idea, and I told him, 'it is in your tack man!'
And he said I know, but can you go over the structure a bit for me so that I can figure out how to apply it in other stories I integrate into my stack. (that is one of the really cool things about the stack is that you basically get this really thorough stack with tons of explanations in it and you have the model for adding and augmenting it. It really is a tool for the long term.

In any case I gave him an example like this...

"You know how psychics use clod reading techniques to get people to lower their guard a bit. Well you are kind of doing the same thing. So working a force frame is a cold read, but it is a weak one if left alone. So if you are in conversation with a girl and you say,
'You know just form talking to you right now, I can tell you're a really... kind of are a wild one at heart.'
That is great but only takes a step forward if you sell it a bit more with a more elaborate cold read like,
'But like check it out, I can actually tell just because when I was growing up my best friend was actually a girl down the street who reminds me of you. Her name was Jill. Now I am the last person to generalize, but you know what I mean, when you meet people and you just have, like a feeling about it right away. And with you, I can tell that is it like those... insecurities that you keep from the people you meet that never let that side you out in the open.'
So right there what I have done is shot out a bunch of cold reads, mixed in with some grounding and other little highlights that allows the subject to attach something to, and not only empowered a frame, but also laid a few more that should be good to build compliance.
And then make them qualify themselves to it...
'So what is like the craziest thing you've done?'
And so there you have done a frame, mixed with a cold read to give it some momentum, and then made her qualify herself to it."

One of the most powerful things frame-wise you can do is to build multiple frames in a set, have them represent different sides to her, then bring them together. But if you can play them off of her just right then you can get her to actually defend the frame you put on her.
And actually have her decide that she wants to fight to carry that frame's identity pver the other frames which actually are empowering it.
I know it sounds confusing, but take a look at how psychics and stage magicians all the way to politicians work.
I think one of the things never brought up in terms of pick up,
is oue absolute need to embrace a belief. That is our human weakness.
The larger our population gets and the more superficial we live, the more we need to believe in things we can't explain. Them more we need to be lead, and what leads is the belief.

any questions or comments, I would love to hear...

Friday, November 30, 2007



Structures of frames and why they work… via el topo…

This is something we all talk about, and it is broken down many times; however it is hardly ever thorough.
I doubt my explanation will do what I seem to understand, but it is at least an attempt to try and give more credence to the theory of frames.

First off one thing needs to be made clear, social sciences are theoretical.
Proofs are far from our reach. There are so many variables it is hard to maintain an absolute. Many ideas that are packaged as absolutes are really no more than a pseudo science.
That being said, in order to truly give something your all, you have to believe in it.
I believe that use of frames can very much define a social interaction. But I also believe that there is more than just what I put into the conversation or situation that does the work.
That being said, there is enough diversity in my use of them that shows a consistent result, and there is enough consistency in what I do that shows a consistent result to put myself out there.

Sound good???
Well hopefully.

First off what is a frame.
For myself it was a word I heard first thrown around but I never heard a definition. Within the context of how people talked about it, I started to define it.
I then learned that it is used and may very well have had its birth in the development of NLP.
Who knows, but how I define it may be different for you, so here it is…

I believe a frame is, the boundaries of how a social situation is conducted.

It is what defines the social interaction. So for instance if a frame is to be a ‘teacher frame’ it does not merely bring up time and time again that ‘I am a teacher’ but it defines that I am the teacher.
This is something that is mistaken time and time again, in terms of sexual frames.
People think sexual framing is something in which you bring up sex and somehow that ‘frames’ it.
This is not the case; a sexual frame defines the interaction as sexual. And the more creative a person is they will frame the situation as how the roles they define are played out.

So there are lots of ways to establish frames. What I will talk about here is how I do it in terms of dialogue.

What I say is by far not the only way it is a way.

Also my use of frames has no hypnotic tone to it. I think the best way to integrate frames is to actually speak like you are having a real conversation and never trying to be a stage hypnotist.
Mainly I would say that most people are more than willing to accept the frames you give them, because they have accepted them before. You don’t need to ‘induce’ them using mystical hypnotic technique. Be normal in it. Talk like you would with a friend.

But first off I define the interaction by making the idea I am getting across possible.
So most of you probably want an example…
So something like this,
“One of the things about being human is you can have two parts to yourself, you have that part that tells you that you’re gonna do it, you’re gonna give it your all, everything is going to be in order. Then you have that other side where you just want to say fuck it, just let is land where it is gong to. The thing is we’re all human, we have all sorts of ways of doing everything, but we all do everything the same.”

So in this I am not putting much out there in terms of influencing someone. But I am putting something out there that almost anyone can relate with and agree to on pretty much every aspect of their life.

So I am starting with a belief. It is a pretty easy one. It is something like, we have two sides to us, and no matter how much we try and make one dominant the other one shows itself. This may have some truth to it, but essentially it is a cold read that more than anything takes advantage of our social and cultural voids that are trying to desperately relate with people than maintaining a healthy identity. But that is a topic for later.

But cold reads can be used creatively to elicit frames.

So once that is in place I have to root that idea to the way or ways I want to take it.
I believe that if you have a frame you really want to bring to full fury you should build up a couple of them and then have them gain momentum of each other.

So let’s say next I start to build one that after that can be related to the initial frame. It is one that gives an identity to the vague human aspect I pointed out before.

So I make that identity have to do with being manic depressive, and impulsive. So for example…

“It is funny because when you were talking back there it made me think about my friend Jamie. Not that I am saying this about you, but it just sort of popped into my mind. But the thing is that for the longest time…I have known him since he was growing up, he always acted so impulsively. Actually both of us would get involved with crazy stuff but he would take it too far. I mean you know what I am talking about, right? Like for me I was someone who was always so on the edge, but I always managed to never go off the wrong side. Or if I did, I didn’t stay there long, but you always have a friend, or someone you know, that just goes for it… all the way.
But you know what I actually envy that at times, I wish I had that sort of crazy flurry and when I do it usually brings out the best in me, if I don’t let it out of control.”

Ok, so this is now another cold read that pretty much everyone can relate with and within it they are actively deciding to fall on a certain side of things. That is all intentional. I really am being super vague and I am really being specifically general. Psychics do it all the time. But here I am laying the groundwork for a type of behavior for them to act upon.
Also if you haven’t guessed, the manic/impulsive behavior is one that I don’t recommend. But it is more to get an idea of how they interact, and how you should build your frames.

So next I give them and actual frame to fit into that is empowered by this above foundation.

“ One of the things I notice when talking to you, is that your eyes wonder, and you know what that means right?”

Here, again the vagueness in combination with the above foundation should bait them into qualify themselves to either defend themselves or accept and define what that means.
This is important, you want them to do only one of those two things or even both. If they ask, ‘what you mean by that’ then string them along. Get them to jump through that hoop. Make them decide which one they are.
Then thing with framing is that you need to have them decide and actively accept the frame to be placed on them. They need to own it. It is your job to define it.

So let’s say they say, they don’t know what you’re talking about, but they are a good person and their eyes shifting was just them worrying about a friend.

So you say to that,
“No big deal, I am not saying you’re crazy, Jesus chill… I am just saying I can see that side of you. Just for a second.”

Let’s say they say something like that you were right about them, that are impulsive because their eyes move around a lot and they are embarrassed.

Then you say,
“No big deal, I totally understand, I didn’t mean to make you blush. Your secret is safe with me.”

Either way the idea is tat you define and understand that part of them.
So now you need to define it more. Let’s say you want to make that manic/impulsive state have actions of a certain type. Let’s say you want to make it have a theft style of action. So you need to give it more of a definition. You need to integrate a story to have it find a new home.

So you say,

“You know when you’re a kid and you have these feelings of wanting something rally bad. Like when you’re older they still come up, but not like when you’re young. But when you’re young you feel it more because there is no social inhibition to feel the way you feel. Like feeling is natural, and boundaries to feelings aren’t.
But when I was a six, I was in the store with my mother and she said she wouldn’t buy me a twix bar, and I wanted a twix bar. And I knew it was wrong, but I took the twix bar. In fact I really didn’t think there was anything wrong with me taking it, but as soon as the clerk saw me and caught me I knew it was wrong. But it was just that social pressure which made me feel so bad.
Like you know what I mean right… I am not some compulsive thief here…but I am sure you can relate to that in some way?
But that wanting and taking of the twix bar really had nothing to do with him, or really my mother. I mean, I didn’t know then, but he probably got some shitty wage and whether or not I took the bar his job wasn’t going to be lost. But it is that part of society that I don’t get. I don’t think stealing is alright, but killing that child-like feeling is tragic.”

So that is quite a long story, but you can shorten it.
Then you want to define it al little more on a larger level. This can all be unnecessary, but one of the reasons I am putting it in there, is because the more you can make a person feel a frame the more they will be willing to feel it where you want them to feel it.

“Like sometimes, when I am feeling dull and that urge or that ambition that just needs to get out I do something totally crazy. Like you know what I mean, we get all caught up in life and we don’t want our dreams to die. We may not be able to live them now, but we still want to pump some life into them.
So I do something crazy, like the other day at this bar I was at this guy totally drunk, and we were all sitting down, it was one of those kind of places. Anyway he was talking and talking to this girl next to him, he had just ordered a drink and put it down. My drink was practically empty and a beer. His was some mixed drink. But as he was talking I just switched his out his drink with mine. You know just little playful things.
But when he went for his drink he was completely baffled as to what happened. I got up and moved before hand. Come on let’s move over there, I can’t stand in one place too long.”

Now you have attached the idea of being mischievous to a feeling, and then that feeling an action. That action builds compliance and it will get the frame to cycle.
The more you build frames and attach them to one another them more convincing and powerful they get.

That is all for now. Let me know if this helps

Now it is your job to show how you can use these ideas in terms of PU… but be creative, that is how we uncover new ground!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Delusional Thoughts from the Morning

So it is again late night early morning and I am up again writing.
So I will take a break and write on my blog.

I actually just got done watching a movie. A fairly good one.
And it made me think about how I got involved in all of this stuff.
I have always been fascinated with people and humanity.
And it has always been apparent to me as to how us humans always seem to try and figure it all out.
And we never can quite get it.
You can never take the human out of us.
You can never gain the consistence we all seem to satisfy us.

There is a poet I know by the name of Anthony Douglas, who pointed out to me a while back that the only thing that we could count on about humanity is change.

He would say that people can do all sorts of things.
And anybody can do anything. We think that we are incapable of certain actions or very capable of others, but the more you live, them more you realize how similar we are to the people we think we are so far apart form.

If we limit ourselves and see each other as too separate then there is no game, there is no connection.

Believe it or not, this is something that the Ca Pimp has always seemed to point out to me.
One of the things about how that guy interacts in person is he truly tries to connect with everyone.
It is very different than other people I know who are good at this.
But there is something to be said for that.
If you go out and you try and connect to the world and show yourself and have your house in order then that is how you should build your attraction.

I think there is great merit in how we in the PU community have found to generate attraction, but often times we over look how simple it can be as well.

This is why when I teach I encourage everyone to learn the basics of a system, get that down.
Go out and push yourself through it. and when it starts to internalize do what my friend Good Carb says to do is be 'liquid'.
Take your life and let it out smoothly in a social interaction and let it come to you.

Now I am fascinated in the idea of social engineering, but at the same time I realize that there is a longer road than just a set of routines.
We need to learn to show our lifestyle to the world out there, and that is the way to getting the women in your life you want.

In any case, it is cold and I need to get back to work!



Monday, November 26, 2007

It is late and I am talking crazy...

Right now it is 4:34 in the morning and I am taking a break from writing some of my great customer's routine stacks.

I need a break.

So I went outside and hung out in my yard for a bit.
Everything is so quiet at these times. It is beautiful and great.
It really is a funny thing, because this whole pick up thing is always such a journey. And really all of your life should be that way.
Tonight I met up with Fidelio, Shaft and Sinn.

One of the things that has always bugged me about the Pick Up community is how cartoonish everyone is portrayed. You can see it even in the book The Game, it is like everybody is this fictional character. And the thing is that game is bullshit if you can't be yourself.

Whenever I meet someone that is looking for advice they always seem to ask me about how they can mimic these people like Mystery, Sinn, Savoy, Captain Jack and whoever else, and I want to tell them...
'Yeah at first you have got to change. You have got to humble yourself and do what we know works. We have a method that we teach.
But then when you get good you need to show yourself in that way.'

You see the thing is that it is Skill Set, Lifestyle and Inner Game. So you have got to cultivate all those things to get this thing down.

The thing is that whoever I meet, it is almost a disservice to being human if I don't see people as just who they are.
Sinn is very human, he is good at what he does, one of the best int he world, but he is human.
With guys like Captain Jack and Shaft, you almost can't help but see how human they are.

But with all of our internet identities and such it is hard to see that.
People see these LRs and what we write about, but not us as tangible beings.
Don't get me wrong, I think all of us love what we are doing. It is what we do.
But that is just my point,
to be good at this thing, you have to be yourself and be your best self.
You need to be so comfortable in your own skin that you can show everybody.

May be had to believe but one of the more normal people I have met in this whole thing has been the Ca Pimp.
And one of the things in how amazing his game is, is based on how comfortable he is with his expression of self.

But in order to really convey to the world that you are someone who is attractive is that you need to have an identity and a lifestyle that portrays that. This does not mean that you need to have an identity that is full of shit, it means that you need to be the best at whatever you do.
If that is someone who is responsible for disposing of barf bags on an airplane then you need to do it with pride.
Your outlook needs to change first, then you can start learning to show yourself to the world.

One guy I know, KingsFull, works his ass off at game. And he is getting really good.
Actually there are a lot of guys getting there in Austin, Clear, Dante, and about 5 other's whose names escape me at this waining hour.
But one of the things KingsFull told me the other day, was that his career was being put too far on the back burner right now because of his dedication to game.
And he told me that if his lifestyle wasn't in order he couldn't game from the right place.

And when he told me that, it made me realize how good he is going to be at this thing.
Because what it is all about is that your roots need to be there.
If they're not, you'll just be floating away, filling an empty cup.
Your game won't be coming form you, and then what is it worth?

Just a thought.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I wonder....

This actually occurred to me while sitting at a restaurant in Miami with the Highlander.
And last night in Austin it came up again...
There is the question of, can you get any girl????

Well... theoretically, YES.
But we are still humans. 

The thing is with this, is that we can get many girls.  
If I move into a town within a week I can get a girlfriend.  There is no problem with that.
But the problem with getting every girl is that even though we are PUAs we are still humans.
And really who would want to get every girl?  Then gaming would be no fun. 
There does need to be a challenge. 
This is why I believe you need to be well rounded to be an instructor in this stuff.

To be a PUA, you just need to be one that works for the kind of women you want. 

But I always hate it when people come up to you and ask you,
"Go pick her up, I want to see...."
This is total Bullshit.  Mainly because I would just be playing flash game with her.

I would just be getting attraction with her. 
And I like sex, so attraction really is over rated. 
You need it, but you really don't need much of it to move on. 

But as I was sitting with the Highlander aka Drunken Ninja, and we were talking about this. 
If really with all the knowledge we have and if we were able to not be nervous and calibrate alright, we pretty much could game any girl.  It would be too easy.
I mean the stuff works so well.  Especially doing things like integrating frames, cold reads, and properly baiting through sub-communication.  

Some of the stuff I have been learning with the CaPimp is really unreal. 
But if I could pull that stuff off consistently then I would be unstoppable.    
So that is why inner game is so important.  If you have no inner game, and a lifestyle to cultivate that, then it doesn't matter how much info you know, you have no game.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Awesome Possum!

So it has been a while and I have been deluged with the world of Pick Up!

But lot's of cool stories guys.
I am in Austin right now and have been bouncing all over the place.
Last wee I gave a Lair talk down here, and I think there will be another one down here soon.

Dec 16th I will be in Boston for their Lair, doing a talk concerning body language, and to answer any questions the dudes have up there.
Doc Holiday has been very instrumental in setting that up.
Also it is tentative, but on Dec 19th I may be doing and LA/OC Lair Talk where Sexual Chocolate and gang are trying to work out!

Somewhere in there I would like to see Chicago, where Vapor has done his fair share in getting me a slot, but I have been the lazy one on that end.

Some pretty cool stories though.
Sinn, Levo, Shaft and some others just got back from Vegas.
Really good time there.

I got some pretty wicked stories, but Levo may top mine. I will leave you to decide.
Haven't written my LRs yet but they are coming.
And one is some serious badassness.
Shaft would be proud, but I will have to wait on that.

One of the new things that a lot of us are workign on is how to escalate with only things like cadence of speech (tonality is in there too), body language, and as always frames.
We are literally getting results like lays within an hour.
Sinn and I have seen CJ do it many times, but now Shaft, and Myself have gotten some consistency to it.

When I was in Vegas last I talked at length to the Ca Pimp about it.
Once I get this sort of method down he says we will have a competition.
I have been out with him in the field and he can pull it off in minutes. I know the videos have a few things in his advantage... isolation, social pressure, preselecting more pliable targets.
But in field he is pretty damn good too.
This aspect of game is supreme!
I have been noticing that once you get a really tight comfort game, you can start baiting for comfort right away.

Anyone who has seen me, has seen me do this.
It is right away.
But within that comfort baiting I am constantly stimulation attraction.
Now take that idea and throw seduction in at the same time, working all three off each other, and that is where I am going with it.

In any case, just checking in.
I have a few LRs to post and some other stuff.

Take care and you know my email

Thursday, November 8, 2007

theREDstack Testimonial

Ok so this is something that was really awesome to see!

Now as you may know that I have been doing this routine stack thing for people.
Yeah I never stop talking about it.
But you know what, when you stay up all night everyday of the week typing these things for people you'd be pretty proud of them too!

So the thing with them is that they are super complex.
They work facts about your life into a segue of frames and DHVs.
It takes the thinking out of game.
They are also about 30 mins of straight dialog.

You can read other reviews form them here
Attraction Forum Reviews
And if you have general questions about them that you would like a response to publicly or read what other people are asking about them do so here
Review Request to Custom Routine Stacks

or you can always email me direct at

So last weekend there were two students who I did them for.
I worked their routine stacks live, because they flew me down to Austin. Always an option folks.
But the awesome thing was that later that night I hung out with them.
So we went out, and the guys were anxious to try out their new material.

I had originally worked with KingsFull at a Scottsdale Boot Camp in July.
Clear I had not yet met.
As it turns out, the use of the stack got him his first SNL.

Here is a post he put up about how His Game has just Exploded into PUA supremacy!

Here is CLEAR's Post- (in the Bold print)

Last night El Topo came down to austin to go over our routine stacks he made us in person. This resulted in my first SNL

What is amazing about the stack is that I truly believe the stories and frames it contains. For instance it talks about:
How I'm really into women that are intelligent and classy, but fun and social (force qualification)
How US culture is superficial and in some way backwards compared to european culture
How women are expected to exude sexuality.. but aren't expected to even think a sexual thought (to which they agree and start to be sexually framed)

At no point during the stack do I feel like I'm doing anything unnatural or "gamey"

When I'm in set now I feel like I'm a magnet (no pun intended on tenmag). When I start talking about a trip to europe and how the girls I'm opening remind me of them the affect is truly amazing. I watch girls go from interested.. to a state that seems like they are in a trance.

What is different is that I'm talking 100% of the time now. They try to get words in here and there (desperately trying to qualify themselves), but for the most part with this stack I am projecting such a strong frame that women cannot resist being sucked in. Before I was running stock-like attraction material and it was more of an exchange. This would work sometimes to get a girl.. usually when we had a lot in common.. now I realize that having them talk is BAD. You need to control everything in the beginning of a set and the more you control the discussion - the stronger your frame is - the more attracted they are.

I feel as though my game has come full circle. I feel like after 8 months of starting my journey I'm back where I started -- trying to start a normal conversation with women -- but without the journey.. without going out peacocked with leapard print shirts, without getting blown out in every mannar possible, without spending hours with girls just to get weak dead numbers, without running weird gamey routines -- I wouldn't be able to seduce a women by using a normal conversation. I wouldn't know how to push women away and pull them back in with Kino. I wouldn't know how to tease and disqualify myself when they have a bitch shield.

I've finally hit that point where I know I'm going to get there. I know my game is going to get to where I want it to be. I only wish I didn't have to wait until wednesday to go out again!

A routine stack from El Topo is well worth his modest price.

The thing is here guys, is that these are so personalized to fit your game that you can just sit there and be yourself, but jsut do it in a way where you almost effortlessly DHV yourself, build frames, and cultivate Attraction while doing so.
They are extremely powerful.

At first they may actually shock you, because they are so different than your typical game which is based on presenting antics and a distortion of your true identity. Here you are yourself and you are shining out to the world!

Any questions on this stuff just ask...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

One Year in the Game

Yo yo!

So it has been a few weeks over a year that I have been in the Game.
Late Oct of 2006 I took my TMM Bootcamp, and obviously it changed my life.
I remember it vividly.

It is all laid out in my post "MY STORY"

At my BC I had Sinn, Tenmagnet, and Captain Jack.
Little did I know how much those three would come to influence my life.

after the BC in Scottsdale, AZ I went back to DFW.
I drove, for those of you who don't know the story.
I did it straight which really isn't that bad, but i had no money and had to get back to work.

I remember how elated I was afterwards, which is one of the reasons why I make it such a point to stay in contact with all the students I have taught.
If I can change someone's life as much as those guy's changed mine I would die a happy man.
And anyone who has worked with me, I hope that shows.

But how I really learned that was after my BC I came to know the Dallas scene, as far as PU goes.
I remember my first night out, I ran into Captain Jack. Actually I went to a place he recommended to me at BC.
The guy was a god at our BC and he talked to me and told me to open a few set, gave me feedback, and it was there that I realized at how nice some of these guys were.

So I kept at it.
I must say that if it weren't for Tribulus I would probably be out of it.
He also lived in DFW and took a TMM BC. He went out a lot.
For 3 months, he and I hit the streets pretty hardcore.

We wrecked a lot of rooms to say the least.

Then I met Kino Master. He was great beause he always encouraged me. His advice was always really spot on and I always followed it.

After about 4 or 5 months Captain Jack hit me up.
I had gotten about a lay a month and he told me to come out with him.
We really didn't do much.
At this time my game was starting to internalize and I more or less wanted to pick his brain.
I mean the guy is unbelievably good.
I watch some PUAs and think to myself, 'I can pull that off...' but with CJ, he never ceases to amaze me.
I honestly think I can never catch him.

He may take it easy for a few months, but when he is back on, it is disturbing as to how good the guy is.

But I went out with CJ about 4 nights in a row. That alone changed my game completely.
I watched him, asked him a few questions and then tried it.

It was fucking amazing.

CJ told Sinn about me, and when Sinn called for me to help at a BC I went for it.
There was one days notice.
I got on a plane and went to Vegas.

It was a really awesome BC.
I finally got to see Sinn on a different level. When he taught me again, he was like a god. And in all honesty he is one of, if not thee, best PUAs in the world.
But this time I got to go and work for him.
I really got to see the unbelievable limitlessness to his genius. I have met many academics and it would be safe to say that Sinn is one of the smartest people I know.
I got to pick up on more advanced stuff he was doing.
And then my game started to explode.

It was then BC after BC with me, I really enjoyed working with the students and they enjoyed me.
So Sinn brought me back more and more.

But then Sinn moved to Dallas.
It was then Sinn and Captain Jack who I had at my door step. this was really amazing because just watching those two you can get good.
Just reading their blogs you can get good.
The more I get out there and meet other people who teach this stuff, the more I realize how fortunate I was to have those guys around me.

At first I just thought that this was how other PUAs were when they got good, but the constant flow of evolution to their game is really unmatched.

And I have met a ton of PUAs.

Shortly after that I met Trance who I love winging with, Future who i also love winging with and working for, and a whole bunch of other dudes.

In fact it was at a BC that Tenmagnet, Trance and myself worked, was where I met Braddock. He was a student, and we were like...why it this guy taking this????
And what do you know a few months later he's coaching, then he's an Instructor!

But it wasn't till I worked a BC in LA that I realized how much I loved doing this stuff.
I got to work with a bunch of students and this time I really bonded to them.
There were 12 there and I stay in contact with just about all of them.
But it was the first time, where multiple student came to me with really challenging and diverse backgrounds and this time, I came out of there with a feeling that I changed their lives.
And it was after that, where I decided that I was going to give this thing my full effort.

You see, one of the things about me and what makes me good at teaching is that I love working with people. I always have.
And again, anyone who has worked with me has seen this.

To really give someone your all, and to pass on all the knowledge and application you know is how I teach. And to me, when you see someone actually be the person they wanted to be, there is an irreplaceable joy that make working at this stuff worth it.

Now aside form all that I like psychology, sociology and fucking. But what I have noticed, in people coming for help in terms of PU, it is mostly guys, who just want to live the life they feel they deserve.

In any case, guys always ask me how I was able to get good so fast.
And to that I say i am still learning, but I had a lot of help, and I have a passion for it.

I think by now, everybody knows I answer all my email
so hit me up. Also if you want me to come do a Lair talk anywhere let me know!

I am doing a bunch of Lair talks soon.
One in Austin next week, and in Boston in a few weeks.

Also Chicago is coming up somewhere too.

Sinn and I will be in my home state Hawaii right before Xmas.
This Boot Camp is going to be good.
Come hang loose with us there and sign UP!

It will be an amazing time!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Nashville then Laziness

Hey so it has been a few days since anything worth while has been put up here.
Sorry for that.

I have really had an amazing couple of weeks and I don't think it is going to stop there.

Last week I was in Nashville and gave a pretty awesome Lair talk there.
It really went over well, and I got to meet a lot of really cool guys out there.
One thing I like about the talks is that you really get to spread the word to a lot of guys out there.
Usually there is a topic, but it pretty much turns into a Q and A, which is fine by me.
The guys always seem to get a lot out of it.

But Nashville was really amazing because I was there for their Halloween Party.
It was like the whole city came out to visit.
I got to hang with some of the guys from the Lair, and some other guys who I had worked with at a TMM Boot Camp a while back.

JShine actually put me up for the time I was there. He and JohnnyAmog had attended a BC with me in Chicago.
JohnnyAmog is a musician/engineer and had his buddy WonderBoy come in from North Carolina.
I actually hung out with WonderBoy on two occasions and he's a great guy.
Game-wise the guy could be lethal, he just doesn't know it yet.

I also met a Dark, who is a really great guy. This guy has one of the coolest jobs in Nashville and I really would like to meet up with him next time I am in town.
The night of the Lair talk,
Lore and Chaos took me out, and they are two young new PUAs who are actually the new breed I see coming out.
They are guys who are mixing technique, balls, and brains into this thing.
It makes the best mix.
You have always got to be thinking in this thing.
As for Lore, it has been a while since I have had a conversation like that in a while.
You can really dominate at this thing if you apply all that intellect to this stuff.

And then there is GoodCarb.
This guy is good.
He reminds me of a more overt Captain Jack. His calibration is spot on and despite what the other dudes say, he uses pretty solid game.
The key to game is to make it not look like you're gaming.

As for all of that,
I ended up pulling at the Halloween party actually getting a port a potty pull, which would have been a great LR to post about, but low and behold, it all got fucked up.
Logistics and a few other obstacles found their way to me.

It was a good adventure though.
Always is, trying to get an SNL always takes you to places you never would have guessed.

But then I made it back home.

Here is the thing though guys.
If you want me to come do a Lair talk in your town hit me up.
Just ask me.
It is the best deal in town.

In any case then I made it to Vegas for two days, and then back to Texas.
This last weekend I spent with Kings Full and Clear in Austin.
A great time...
But believe it or not I actually like Atlanta and Nashville over Austin in terms of game.
But it was a great time, and Clear and I both got SNLs.

There is a whole bunch of stuff I am going to post here. Lots to catch up on.


Friday, November 2, 2007

On the Road

Hey Guys,
Been super busy with a lot of stuff in the works...
Not a lot of time right now, but just wanted to pop in.

I am on my way to Austin for some real work, and I will get to posting about my great time in Nashville, Home of
JShine, JonnyAmog, Lore, Chaos, GoodCarb, Dark and more, but for now I got to run.

Also this week, there is an interesting California Pimp story.

In any case, lots of new stuff.
Can't wait to post about it.
But for now, just saying Hi!

And keep those lair talks coming!



Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This is more or less just some boredom rant that I have on my head right now.
I have been working non-stop on the ever growing list of routine stacks I have right now.
So I watched a movie.
I am a big fan of movies, and it is rare that you can really find a good one these days.

But in any case it made me think about game, considering that's all I have been doing for the past few months.

It made me think of the ideas of cognitive dissonance that Shaft has been talking about.
It also made me think of Sinn's ideas on polarity.
But really when it all comes down to it in my head, it all come to society and the everlasting dysfunction of that.

So there's man and woman, there is good and evil and there is everything in between.
But one of the reasons for us categorizing everything is because we have to. We have really complex brains and really simple brains all at the same time.

There is not much to them. If you were to look at us a biological beings we really aren't that successful. So each of us has these aspects to them.
The dark side and the light side. And the same goes for the male and female sexes.
Not just in the whole yin and yang of it. But in the whole decision making process.
There are people who may decide to do something out right and that makes sense. But I wonder how much the drive or decision itself is really important.
I wonder what the other factors there are. And I wonder how much those other factors really define how people do what they do.

You see the whole stimulation for this was watching a movie.
It is called 'Paradise Now' and is probably one of the best visually narrated movies I have seen in a while. Funny, it is not from America...none of the good ones are these days.

But this stuff was all circling in my head anyway. The movie just triggered it. It has a Palestinian view point and has to do with how they should handle the occupation. It goes over the two sides of violence and non-violence. However the character that devotedly believes in violence ultimately turns. The one who doubts it has the most trouble with the idea.
This make total sense and religion constantly takes advantage of our psychology in this aspect.
The temptation is what gives it power, and it is those who are tempted are the ones who keep it going. It is not the ones who just have faith, it is the ones who's faith is constantly challenged.

And that is how game works...
The more I am out there meeting other PUAs the more I realize the differences in people's game.
The is a definite difference in the Dallas school of game. One thing you'll notice right away with it, is that it can be replicated to any life. I think I have been pretty consistent in displaying that.
It doesn't rely on false identities, and more so brings out the person then some fake magician, DJ, actor or whatever.
Also it is way more layered and complex then just being cocky and spitting out routines.
Those of you who have gotten your routine stacks hopefully will agree with me on that.
But the main thing is that all women, want the same things that we want.

And that is quite possible one of the most important things to it.
All women want sex, possibly more than men.
They just don't want it in the way that men usually assume.
But I think an important part in the gaming of women with this idea in mind is to play upon that duality.
That is how the KFP works, that is how Hot/Cold Text messaging works and that is how the decision making of sex works with women.
There is the framing part, but where some people follow I don't think compliance ladders are the only thing necessary for this. Nor do I think it is a stepping back.
It is an actual stimulation of the opposite. It is a stimulation of the moral or logical side that has been really left outside of game until recently.
And by this we still stay outside of ever stimulating the slut identity.

But it would be something like this in the set...

You have begun heavy sexual frame, that she has accepted. You're at the point where you are grounding your normal identity, and you tell her...
in a sexual tonality...
"if you keep looking at me like that you're gonna give me bad thoughts"
then you pull back and use normal guy tonality.
Then you get into a story right away talking about how you have to work early in the morning, and you have got to not have one of those crazy nights and how those crazy nights are passed you.

This is actually straight out of the Double D/Shaft play book.
No to do this it is like Ballet (again a Shaft term). It is a constant dance. It is not just one or two things here and there game has got to flow.

You have got to tempt the girl and regulate her. Build your compliance through the gates of sin and grace and she will have to decide.
And as religion again has taught us, nobody decides grace. That's why we forgive!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Atlanta to Fort Worth

Yo yo!
So I am finally back home from Atlanta and had a great time there.
While I was there I got to do some pretty cool things in a city that I had not yet seen.
I had been in and out of Athens, Ga, but this was my first time in Atlanta.
It was a great time and a great place for pick up.

Didn't get laid, but you can't win em all.
One thing easy women open there and the ration of women to men is in our favor.

One of the best things about the place is that the PUA community there is big and growing.
When I was out there my buddy LEVO set up a Lair talk.
It was great to meet all those other guys out there making it happen.
It was also the first time I had gotten to meet Levo.
Tenmagnet, Sexual Chocolate and a few others had told me about him Coaching on Boot Camps but I finally met him.
So for all you dudes out there in Atlanta hit him up.
His knowledge of actual game and how to be creative with it, is good.
There are a lot of instructors out there that have natural game, with a little bit of PUA in them. But it is rare that you can find an instructor that works more strategy than situation.

We had a great night out on Sat night,
where we dominated a couple bridal showers getting a collection of undergarments, make outs and hand-jobs.
Whenever I am in Vegas, it is non-stop bridal shower. I hate those fucking groups of bitches constantly teasing dudes. So this time I went in and said,
'Alright so you're the group of girls, who is going to be fucking with guys all night, but not putting out...who wants to bet me I can stick this though my dick?' (while holding up a straw)

It was that, that led to a whole slew of drunken Southern events that you got to love.
Tip #1- Seeing dick, makes chick freak out. They will always make fun of you for it, but them walk away and they will beg for it!
Tip #2- Bridal Showers are easy targets, because they have power, but if you break their frame they are easy to send into a frenzy.
Tip #3- If you know Seance then get him to pierce your dick then you can chip the girls teeth while they give you a BJ in the bathroom.

Anyway, aside form that I did a Lair Talk Sun night where I got to meet a lot of the ever growing Atlanta PUA population.
It was super cool, and i saw a lot of good guys there.

Next week I will be in Nashville and J-shine has set something up there for me to speak at Fri night. So if you dudes are in Nashville Fri night, hit me up and it will be great to meet you.

Then I will be back to Vegas, where I am meeting up with the California Pimp to celebrate Halloween!
It will be a family function, so no Lair Talk in Vegas!



Friday, October 19, 2007

What You Can Expect in a 1 on 1

The Red stack in full effect!
David Cross actually stole this from my video collection when
he was at my house last summer

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

FAQ How Do I get the Girl in My Social Circle!

This Question gets asked all the time.
It is hard to give a simple routine for it and really it is sensitive to the group and the style of the PUA.
But here is what one guys asked me and just the day before a guy on a Phone Consultation asked me about it too.

So here is his question, followed by my response...

El topo,
Basically I need advice on how to go from casual friends w/ a girl in my social circle to becoming sexual/dating her.
I've known her for a while, prior to when I got into this stuff. We party together/have phone conversations from time to time, I'd say I'm in a fair amount of comfort, but I want it to be framed as relationship comfort not like 'were just friends' comfort.
She has a boyfriend, although last time she was at my house we had a huge party she was holding my hand for a while. I assume that's just for attention but who knows. She also randomly mentions him in conversations like 'oh I'm at my bf's house'. So I can assume if she really wanted me she wouldn't mention him at all.
If I had to guess on what to do, I'd say I need to just have sexual conversations with her and frame it as like I'm actually into her, not just a buddy.
I would appreciate your input on the general model of how to turn this casual friend into sex .
I guess it would also be a bf destroyer too...
Thanks so much for your time!

My response...

Man that's a good question.

One thing about this to know is that she most likely has attraction for you.
Girls are like that. It doesn't mean she secretly desires to have you put the moves on you, but I am sure her mind has entertained it.
But mainly she feels comfortable with you as a friend.
Women like to have guys on the side to fulfill their bullshit entourage as well as speak in the language of Jealousy.
A lot of this is unintentional by her, but my main point in this is to show...


I have definitely done that a few times, and I have failed at it a few times.
I haven't met you so it is hard for me to say how you could pull it off with your personality.

This sort of thing goes back to framing. and BAITING her into attraction.
Now 'framing' is what defines the social interaction.
With a friend you have got to do it with a smooth transition.
Also I don't know how aggressive you are personality-wise.
If you are the best thing you could do is say this...

"You know X, this is gonna sound weird but I would be lying if I didn't say anything to you. But in the time I have known you and in getting to know you more I have become really attracted to you. And at the same time, I know you have a guy around and being friends is more important to me. But I just had to say something because it deserved to be out there."

She will react to this in confusion and instability.
Now in this she will immediately chose to distance herself from you.
So you have got to be the ALPHA and be the one to CONTROL her STATE (very important)
So as soon as she tries to say..
"Oh, I am sorry I am with Captain Zero"
You have to interrupt her and say,
"Hey, don't answer. Look I am your friend and don't need a reply. I just had to let you know, but this doesn't change anything, so stop freaking out... give me a hug."

So you see how that works?
Let me break it down...

-You go direct which has ultimate alpha-ness, but it puts you at a point of weakness
-But you also show willingness to walk away (an attraction switch) by not being needy. You're saying is boldly like a statement, that you like her, but you're not telling her to make her your girlfriend, you're telling her she needs to know because you think it. It is respect and if she has a problem with it, then she is not a friend.
-Then because you know if she jumps in your arms things will be cool, but I can bet that she will react in trying to push you away. She probably does feel these things towards you, but when a girl is in a bind or anyone really they react in immediate safety. And in this situation, you're the threat.
-So you then work some of my psychological magic (Invictus you should like this one), you do a take away.
She will react right away and then you tell her not to. You tell her not to answer and you say you're her friend and hug her.

This will so cultivate in her head major attraction.
You should not worry about calling her, because it will work itself in her head.
You will have done a major sneak attack in her brain.

Don't seek her out, and don't try and call her.
Let it come around to you. Every time you see her, act normal and be her friend, but her BF's friend. Be Alpha, by not reacting. Maintain the frame, and lead in every social interaction with her.

If you show weakness in this, you will creep her out, if you show confidence she will comply and maintain the frame for you.

Now let's say you don't have the balls for that...
But then you need to run jealousy threads and work your attraction game through the attraction switches.
Main ones...
-Protector of loved ones
-Pre-Selected by women
-Leader of men

Now how you do that is not by a routine here and there, it has to be instilled in you.

But here is some help with that.
Construct your DHV stories to have jealousy plot lines and sexually frame.

(with friends)
"Man the other night me and Becky (a real girl everyone knows) where hanging out and she got so fucking drunk.
So and so and I were at BAR Z and so was Becky, so we started doing shots and after a while she got really wasted, and so I knew I had to stop and look after her.
There were these frat guys there and they kept trying to talk to her, and you know it is no big deal... I know women like to get some just as much as guys, I judge NOT! But she's like one of my better looking friends and
I know Becky pretty well and I know she wouldn't want to have a bunch of meat heads all over her.
So I took her by the out to get some fresh air outside, and it was like one of those moments you know...
I mean i could see it in her eyes.
I knew it could be a trouble night for her.
So I called her friend Crystal and waited for her to pick her up.
It is like one of those things where you're drunk and lonely but it is always a weird thing waking up next to somebody in the morning that you don't really know.
Like who, hasn't done that???"

There will be a bullshit reply from friends, men and women...

"Ok you're all full of shit. It is totally cool, I mean I would like to say that this sort of thing has happened to me all the time, but one thing I will say is when it has, I actually really respect it. Nothing big, about it, I just realize sometimes you have got to live life and when weird things come up, it is better to make the best of them and see them as experiences rather than consequences."

Again I really don't know what you're all about. but take that information and come up with something that fit that general outline.



Monday, October 15, 2007

The RED Stack FAQ

Hey Folks,

I have gotten a huge amount of emails regarding the customized routine stacks I do.
So here is kind of the thing with them.

They are custom routines that go form open to close.
They are personalized to fit your life and to make you (not some BS facade) look attractive.
I work in about 6-8 routines per stack.
It is about 30 mins of material.
And it is designed to have your frames and comfort all built in.
Your transitions are explained and put right into the stack.

Before I do the stack I have you call me and fill out a profile of yourself.
This is my foundation for building it
Then after the stack is done, we talk on the phone again and go over delivery and how you can work the stack to your advantage.

There is a post form last month called The RED Stack ( ), where I really break it down well.
The thing is that I the stack is new routines, that are based on your life.
You get to be yourself and show the best parts about you, while following a concrete seduction model.

If you're interested in getting one done, they take about a week
so just email me and we'll get started!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kung Fu Penis Testimonial!

With only one day of it being posted already I have heard success stories.
So why don't I use this opportunity to advertise myself a bit more.

Hit me up over email if you want to know more about framing and the pace of routine stacking.
This is the cheapest and easiest way to build up calibration.
The more you can go from open to close the better you'll develop a social calibration.
For instance, all the instructors I know don't need to listen to students in a set. They are so calibrated that they can watch from a far and tell you everything that went right and wrong. We can do that, because we have been in so many that have gone from open to close.
Thus the routine stack! If you work a consistent stack you can work the same material over and over again and develop a sense of how similarly and differently people react to it.
Plus the material is all different. It has a completely different approach and the routines have not been used. Also they are made to fit your life.

Thanks and here is a story from the Kung Fu Penis Chronicles.
This guy is a student of mine from a Boot Camp a few months back...

I had to write this to you now while it's fresh in my head.
Just a day

after I had read your post on Kung Fu penis, and just 4 hours after I added
this girl to msn that I met last week at the bar I ended up banging her with

I had a get together for drinks tonight with this girl after she

suggested it over msn. I knew it was super on because of her eagerness to
find out what I was doing tonight, and because she was accepting the sexual
framing I was doing over msn (Me: "You and me doing tequila shots is just a
recipe for disaster and nakedness." Her: "haha I like that idea. I'm not
going to lie.").
Attraction was there, and I didn't think Comfort was totally

After drinks we came back here. Some cuddling on the couch, some

movie watching, some making out. Then it came time to escalate. I grabbed
her tits under her shirt, I rubbed her through her jeans, she rubbed me
through mine, but when I went for the hand down her pants she pushed my hand
As familiar a situation as this was for me, I've never been able to

change a girl's mind on letting me down her pants on the same night that she's
decided not to.
So I start using what I could remember from your post. I rarely talk during
sex/foreplay, but when I do it's usually me whispering for her to go deeper or
So I touch my dick, ask her what I'm doing right now. Ask her

several times, but she just keeps saying "touching my crotch". So I tell her
that she's gotten me hard, and what is she doing to me (to which she always
responds "But I didn't do anything.").
I tell her that she must be soaking wet

to which she giggles and smiles. She suggests we move to the bedroom. Asks
me what I want to do. I tell her that I want her to make me cum.
She gets me

naked, gets herself naked.
Begs for me to fuck her. I do for a bit, but I

want to push it further and try to get anal using the way you wrote about.
stop fucking her and try to make out with her a bit, but she goes straight to
ripping the condom off and giving me head - unexpected but awesome
While she's giving me head I quote you; telling her to "make

that cock cum." After a bit more of this I stop and go with your next line -

"I need your ass to cum". When she didn't object to this I thought that it

was only because she didn't understand what I meant, but after some finger-ass
action and her trying to guide me into her chocolate covered starfish I knew
she got the memo. We stopped after a minute or so because it was too painful
for her (lube was applied to no help), and then resumed vaginal fucking until
I let it rip over her face.

Conclusion: The main things about this interaction that surprised me were

After her pushing my hand away earlier when I tried to go down her pants, we
ended up banging;
This girl was willing to do anal with a guy she's only

spent 4 hours with in total previous, and it's not like she's an anal fiend
either - according to her she's only done it once before when she was drunk;
Just like you said - she seemed determined to make me cum in any way I

suggested to her. She let me do anything I suggested or attempted.
Even though our first "date" mostly involved sex (and not even great sex -

I never gave her an orgasm, let alone finger her for more than 10 seconds),
she was still all hugs and kisses afterwards and saying how she hopes we get
to hang out again. It didn't even seem like we connected on any emotional
level, or that I offered her any reason to become invested in me.

Like holy fuck, I guess the long and short of it is that I used methods
you talked about in your post (even Pimp Slim's line about her thinking about
how huge my cock was); I didn't even do them perfectly, but I still managed on
this one night to blow through any LMR she might've had, got her to respond
and participate in the sexual narration I was doing, and even allow me to fuck
her in the ass after I threw the idea out there.

This shit was deep and I couldn't believe what I was capable of when

I actually tried it - kind of like how any guy can't believe what they're
capable of when they try MM on girls in bars.
I have a movie date with a different one tomorrow which will hopefully be
another chance to practice KFpenis. Although carrying on several
relationships at the same time in this small town may be difficult even if I'm
not going out with any of the girls exclusively. Any suggestions on how I
could tell each of the girls that I'm currently involved with other girls, and
not looking for an exclusive relationship?


I figure pimps have been around in small towns. But yes, small populations are hard to deal with.
Again, back to Captain Jack, although Dallas is a huge city Captain Jack got a good number of his SNLs out of the same bar. His identity was the guy that fucked all the girls.
I believe you can do this in a small town, and I remember at Boot Camp Sinn told you to move.
If I were to give you advice here it would really be theoretical.
But I think you can pull it off. You just need to make it clear, you are not looking to settle down.
You need to emote the idea that you are a 100% bachelor.
I think that this being your first experience with the KFP, I am happy it went so well.
It does not always go that smoothly. So just know sometimes you'll have to fight for it more.
But once you get the girl hooked on it, they will literally do anything.