Friday, October 19, 2007

What You Can Expect in a 1 on 1

The Red stack in full effect!
David Cross actually stole this from my video collection when
he was at my house last summer


don said...

this is fucking hilarious..

"Hi im john, do you guys work around here?"

To girl 1:"Do you guys all live around here?"

To girl 1:"So what do you do?"
To girl 2:"So what do you do?"
To girl 3:"So what do you do?"

thats classic..

Priest said...

Dude I'm still wiping tears from eyes!

"John is doing very well..."

"The girl in the middle is the best choice - 'cause she's stupid!'"


Kiko said...

oh man thats just too funny

Steve said...

I wish it was that simple!