Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Atlanta to Fort Worth

Yo yo!
So I am finally back home from Atlanta and had a great time there.
While I was there I got to do some pretty cool things in a city that I had not yet seen.
I had been in and out of Athens, Ga, but this was my first time in Atlanta.
It was a great time and a great place for pick up.

Didn't get laid, but you can't win em all.
One thing is...how easy women open there and the ration of women to men is in our favor.

One of the best things about the place is that the PUA community there is big and growing.
When I was out there my buddy LEVO set up a Lair talk.
It was great to meet all those other guys out there making it happen.
It was also the first time I had gotten to meet Levo.
Tenmagnet, Sexual Chocolate and a few others had told me about him Coaching on Boot Camps but I finally met him.
So for all you dudes out there in Atlanta hit him up.
His knowledge of actual game and how to be creative with it, is good.
There are a lot of instructors out there that have natural game, with a little bit of PUA in them. But it is rare that you can find an instructor that works more strategy than situation.

We had a great night out on Sat night,
where we dominated a couple bridal showers getting a collection of undergarments, make outs and hand-jobs.
Whenever I am in Vegas, it is non-stop bridal shower. I hate those fucking groups of bitches constantly teasing dudes. So this time I went in and said,
'Alright so you're the group of girls, who is going to be fucking with guys all night, but not putting out...who wants to bet me I can stick this though my dick?' (while holding up a straw)

It was that, that led to a whole slew of drunken Southern events that you got to love.
Tip #1- Seeing dick, makes chick freak out. They will always make fun of you for it, but them walk away and they will beg for it!
Tip #2- Bridal Showers are easy targets, because they have power, but if you break their frame they are easy to send into a frenzy.
Tip #3- If you know Seance then get him to pierce your dick then you can chip the girls teeth while they give you a BJ in the bathroom.

Anyway, aside form that I did a Lair Talk Sun night where I got to meet a lot of the ever growing Atlanta PUA population.
It was super cool, and i saw a lot of good guys there.

Next week I will be in Nashville and J-shine has set something up there for me to speak at Fri night. So if you dudes are in Nashville Fri night, hit me up and it will be great to meet you.

Then I will be back to Vegas, where I am meeting up with the California Pimp to celebrate Halloween!
It will be a family function, so no Lair Talk in Vegas!




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