Saturday, October 6, 2007

Let's Clear Something up...

So fellas... it has been a long two weeks.
I have been teaching non-stop and this is my first day off in 10 days.
So when I get emails like this is sucks.

#1 I answer everyone's email
#2 I hold nothing back from my blog, if your read my blog you can get good. It is really hard but you can.
#3 Anything I get money for, I deserve. I work my ass off. Anybody who knows me in the community and anybody who I have taught knows I give it more than anyone.

So when I get an email like this it is kind of sad.

So we'll start with posting the initial email.

"Hey i have recently stumbled upon your blog via sinns and CJ's and i like the way you teach and explain and not just post LR's. keep it up!

I have a few questions, not about pickup specifics (i can get them anywhere) but certain things that will help me in a different way.

Firstly, from the day you made your first cold approach, how long was it before you had that feeling that you were able to go out and get laid with a quality woman? - Ive been at it 3 months and i have pulled 10 girls on seperate nights out but no lays yet (logistics, damn them or i would have had 2) and i have a plan to pull 10's consistantly within 3 years!

What is your success rate in terms of percentage of girls opened to girls you manage to lay? (if thats the goal?) Discounting warm up sets or general chit chat i would say my percentage is about 25% of girls opened to girls kissed!

Advice time

I have about 4 girls who i could have sex with at anytime.. trouble is i dont particulary like them much. Fuckable probably but they are about a 6/10 at best. I personally only like making an effort with girls who are hot enough to have a relationship with (whether i have one or not) so i am torn. On one hand i want to remain strict to myself and only have sex when i pull a girl who is hot enough for me.. however long that takes. This should keep me focused on my skillset and keep me opening or on the other hand have sex with these 4 girls and maybe il get a huge boost of sexual confidence that will help my game.. Hmm what do you think?

If you could answer these i would be very grateful.
Thanks for your time."

As I said, I was busy for a week. I stayed up till 6am after working a BC in Vegas to write this guy back. I actually felt terrible about not getting back to everybody in so long.
I literally get 10-15 emails a day. So I had a lot backed up.

Guys look, I am the nice guy here. As you may know a lot of instructors are not. But as you can read all over the internet I am the nice guy. And I am a really good teacher.
So I emailed him back the truth...
Pulling 10s consistently is a hard thing to do,
Pulling 10 girls in 3 months is great!
Sexual framing is the key to that and here is how you do it...
You build a routine stack that is calculated (one listed FOR FREE on my blog)
You learn how to frame and WHY it works (listed for FREE on MY blog, and CJ and Sinn's)
And maybe do a phone consultation.
I do these things for hire. That's how I make my money.
It will be a super good stack, and you will get into comfort with it no problem.
It takes me hours because it is customized to your life and identity.
I mean about 4-5 hours per stack. Anyone else offering that...


So after all that he replies to me with this...

"I didnt realise it would be an opportunity to sell me something, how naive of me! You should make that clear before people take the trouble to email you."

Now out of over 50 emails this was the only reply like this I have gotten.
But if this is a popular opinion then I will only post LRs on my blog and stop with any sort of teaching or instructional resources.

Let me know.
I do answer everyone's email personally,
so man if it is not clear now that I am open to ANY Questions and give an ANSWER back to them, and in that say I offer Routine Stacks and Phone Consults for sale no need to email me.

Sorry my free advice was not what you wanted,
but in reality (you know who you are)
if you're going to get this thing, you work it and take it on full fledged!
Keep at it, but no need for me to take the "trouble" in answering any more of your questions.



Truth said...

Whenever you do something as a public service, there will always be people who don't appreciate your efforts, or are cruel and callous. The worst case scenario I heard of was a guy who preached caring and understanding, and for his efforts got nailed to a cross. But seriously, 1 of 50 was selfish? Breaking your cherry hurts, but if you only get 1 of 50 in the future who is only as selfish as this guy, well don't take it as a reflection of you! :)

B#Sharp said...


The avaricious actions of this one guy do not reflect popular opinion. I took a bootcamp with you, and the extra effort you took to help me was above and beyond what your job asked you to do. You didn't have to help me, but you did and for that there's no doubt in my mind that you're the hardest-working instructor.
Your blog is one of my top resources right now for learning game. I'm sure everyone who reads it appreciates the info you give for free. A guy's gotta make a dollar too, though, so don't let anyone fault you for going about it in an honest way.