Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Buying Some Time

Readers of my blog...

I am sorry I have not gotten to the emails in the past few days.
Super busy with work and working on some new 'game' theory.

It will all pay off in the long run.
I know I have a reputation for giving my all to those who want it.
And I will give it.
Just give me a few more days.

It is hard going out and experimenting on new stuff and working my regular job and keeping up with all the great questions coming in.

I will get to them all
no doubt.

And there is going to be some pretty awesome posts coming up.
Working on a lot of framing and carving out some new routes in comfort.
I don't know how confident I am just yet to start posting on some of my new integrations with
psychological theory and game, but that stuff is coming.
It is still at the point where I am not able to explain it as efficiently as I would like to, but it is coming.

So if you have hit me up with a question about routine stacks, one on ones, phone consults, or anything else, your answer is coming.



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Finesse said...

Hey man, I was wanting to to talk to you a bit about the colonization mentality you were referring to.