Friday, February 29, 2008

This Week... BITCH!

So guys,

I know it has been a few days since I posted, but man I have been on the road!
And my marketing guy is on my ass to get back to work!

So last Fri night I was in Denver and gave a talk to a great group of guys there.
Super good turn out! As always, Thanks to Bandit/Synth
But also it was great to meet Pulse, Rayn and Flo...

Then on Sat I spoke to a HUGE crowd in Houston.
The Pua Lounge helped me put it all together, special thanks to Maximus, Hoppy, Gray Ghost and Hex, also good to finally put a face to a name with a lot of the guys down there.
There was also a pretty big turn out with the Houston Lair as well.

I would encourage everyone out there to check out the Pua Lounge especially if you are anywhere in TX. The cool ting about them is, they have really put together a good group of guys who are making this all work out to cultivate a Texas PUA community.

As for another forum being established out there….there has been some talk about one.
A few guys hit me, and a few other instructors from a diverse group of companies and asked them if they would post regularly on another forum.
The response has been good. I am in no way managing it, but from what I saw, it looked like it is going to be awesome. So when that come to fruition I will definitely link to it.

Now here is the thing folks…
I have some really awesome PodCasts about to post (I know I am haven't posted anything yet, but it is just ME here)

I literally could say that for the next three ‘This is the ONE you’ve been waiting for’

Also there will be an Audio section of my reviews on my webpage coming up.
This will be great! These are guys who have taken my seminars and some will be even during a live workshop.
I know anyone who has seen me speak knows how much I throw into teaching, but for everybody out there I want YOU to hear IT!
Also everybody out there can hear some of the guys out there who have my Stacks and who have taken a Work Shop with me! This is mainly because I am so proud of my students, I want you to hear from them!
Again… sign up it is for FREE!

Now I know my blog has been a resource for a while now…

and I want to keep it that way…
Next week there will be a huge post that I am putting together with Shaft breaking down How Subpersonalities and Frames work .
One of the things with Shaft is that all the Routine Stacks (might I add Rooster form Chicago Pulled in the SAME NIGHT within a week of getting his!) that sell so well were really developed with him and I sitting down and having Lunch and Dinner together over and over again. The first few stacks I ran by him to sign off on and he was VERY instrumental in getting them right.

So look for the post within a couple of days.
Should be some real MONEY information.

This will be a real introduction to someone who wants to know the basics, and have it all broken down.

As I have always said at my Lair Talks is that,
I am an open book.

I hold nothing back!

Any question that comes, I answer it to the best of my knowledge. And even over the phone and over in any product of mine… I am open to any questions someone might have.
This is because there is nobody who can teach the way I can. There will never be a shortage of people who need great personal instruction.
The funny thing is that with my Routine Stacks, literally other instructors went around the country getting some of my clients to let them see the Stacks, they would even walk around with recording devices to try and get more information about them.
Then when they realized that there was no way they would feasibly be able to replicate them, the other instructors actually paid for stacks, using other clients to get there hands on how I was making them work.

The funny thing is that those instructors could have very well just asked me. But that is the problem in the community, it is divided more by guys teaching this stuff rather than the people who just want to learn.

But here is the thing…

I want to meet everyone out there, and I am completely over worked!

So I am getting some help here, and anyone helping me it going to be just as committed as me!
So anyone who signs up for my list will have this opportunity…
Once a week there will be a live Phone Consultation for 25 guys. It will be a conference call and if it is successful we will do it TWICE a WEEK maybe even THREE times a WEEK!!!

To sign up, get on my LIST

It will always have a topic and it will be with myself or with one of the guys helping me out!

Anyway guys,
Let’s get this going!
Hit me up anytime over email…
or get directly with me at





Guys this is quite possibly the most impactive product that you can get!
And it is Newly Revised to make it easier to learn.
Here's what it is,
You give me a short synopsis of your life, and I turn it into 90 Plus Mins of customized material for you, that takes you from Opening all the way into Deep Comfort.
It utilizes the idea of framing, defining the identity and interaction you have with whoever you're talking to.

I believe it is the most efficient way to game. This is how the Dallas Crew of PUAs (Sinn Captain Jack, Shaft and Myself) would be able to get those 20min to 4 hour Lays.

If you are interested in reading about some of the methods in how I translate your life into solid material check out these blog posts.
theREDstack Post 1
theREDstack Post 2
theREDstack Post 3

The great thing about having a stack is that you don't have to think, you can go into a set and tell the story of your life, from the opener. Go out and game with better success than using canned material that has nothing to do with you.

The process is easy, I send you some information to fill out for me to build your profile and after you're done with that, give me about 10 days to build it. I send it to you in an email and you're set to go.

Click the Google Checkout Box Below to being the Process!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MMA and the PUA

Kind of a side note guys...

There is a book on MMA where I am featured in.

Check it out
Fighting For Acceptance

It is pretty awesome... lot's of Fighters interviewed who are actually good friends of mine.
I will let you guess who I am in the book, but it is a good read!



New Things to Come

Hey Guys,

Busy busy week!
I am about to go out to the Denver Lair to speak this Fri.
I am really excited about this one.

Synth has been trying to make this happen for a while.
They just had TD up there and there will soon be an on flux of guys coming through here.
I have heard a lot about the Lair for a while now.
Some really big names have been manifested there and I am pumped...

Then it is off to Houston on Sat.
These guys have got a good thing going down there and they actually gave me a few topics that they would like me to speak about, so it will be a really exciting talk.
Somewhat different than my normal thing.
Then Sat night in Houston there will be a select few of us going out and then doing a mini workshop going on Sun.
My goal here is to get The Austin Society, Houston and Dallas' ever changing community to merge and we could really communicate on a greater level. You knwo I got your back Vector, and will support whatever you are behind!

In Austin there are some really good dudes and in Dallas there have been some really good dudes, but nobody talk...and they should.

Then I am off to Vegas for my first Routine Stack Workshop.
I will also be dong some really cool interviews for my podcasts.
I will be putting out at least 3 in March alone.

So keep your eyes peeled.

Also on this blog I will begin a free Coaching Program.
I will tell you more about it later.
But as you know I have always had the attitude that my stuff sells itself. It has and hopefully will for a while.
But I am more than willing to put stuff out there for the guys that might not be able to afford a Boot Camp or specialized training.

This is going to start this week.
To really stay in the loop, sign up at

And email me anytime



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Routine Stacks and The Super Conference

Man it has been a crazy couple of days.


One thing I have noticed is that the harder I work more I love it.
Right now the demand for my teaching and the the demand for my routine stacks are out of control.
I actually don't know any other instructor that has worked a workshop every weekend for the past two months, while still doing lair talks and pumping out stacks.

I am booked every weekend for teaching live through April and at least once a week (sometimes twice) I have lair talks scheduled.

It is hard to keep up my blog and stay on top of the emails!

So here is the thing...
I am going to put a limit on my Custom Routine Stacks and so in the month of March I am going to stop taking in new orders.

I am putting them on HOLD!
The stacks right now are over 20 pages, completely tailored to your life and use a completely different and more efficient style of game than anything else out there.
The only thing is that I work really hard them and they are taking me about 3 weeks to finish!
Within a week of getting their stack 5 clients have gotten SNLs.
I have over 30 reviews of the stacks that speak for themselves.
And in the next week I will start posting the live audio reviews of some of my customers.
And live audio of my students and I debriefing among other things during live training.

There really can be no dispute at this point, there are very few instructors who have had the same results that I can bring.

So if you're interested in a stack, hit me up now, because in a few weeks there will be no more written... at least till I get caught up on them.

Now here is the next thing...

Last night Savoy gave me a call.
I am sure you have all heard that TMM is having a Super Conference coming up in Vegas in a few days.
I haven't been involved with them for the past few months but he mentioned to me that he wanted to add a 'surprise addition' to the mix.
This is kind of limited thing, and it is kind of only between me and Savoy.

And it will be a pretty amazing opportunity for anyone thinking about headed that way.

Because I am putting a stop to my Routine Stacks I am going to start doing a Routine Stack Seminar once a month.
It will be a 5 hour seminar limited to 10 people so that each guy who takes it will individualized attention. Each guy will get to walk away with the total package.
They will not only be able to walk away with a jam packed routine stack,

But they will also walk away with...

-Introductory to the New Model of Attraction

This is what gives my students the edge to surpass even the best instructors.
Totally different way to gain attraction and have it CYCLE and gain momentum throughout your set.

-Understanding of Frames
There is more to it than what you have read. Learn the difference between Passive and Active Frames, but also the ideas of Attraction and Comfort Frames. This is the theory put into practice. This is what made Captain Jack a Legend and made Sinn not only the leader of Day Game and Hired Gun Game but leader of Same Night Lay Game.

Eliciting Sub Personalities
This has been something that has been brand new in the community. In working to develop this I have consulted acedemics authors and a whole different group of people in the community. The idea of Sub Personalities was what actually inspired me doing custom stacks.
And it is what really makes them so pragmatic.

-Working the Delivery
This is the one thing all PUAs seem to let fall short. Anyone who has met me knows I am a master at delivery. That is the key to making it all come together. That is what makes me be able to cultivate attraction with body language alone, and elicit sexuality with facial expressions alone. But the thing is, that everybody has different highlights about their delivery.
I will personalize it to YOU!

-Using the Stack (Your 3 month Plan of Action)
Everybody knows I have follow up. I live for my students and it is hard to not be proud of every single one of them. But the best follow up, is to have every student you teach have a solid plan to lie by and get better by.

Now the first Custom Routine Stack Seminar I was planning to do with Zuzu in the Top Lair down in Orlando. But that one is not till the end of March...

But if I can get enough interest I will do the first one out there in Vegas and here is the kicker

you also get an entry level seat at the TMM Super Conference in Vegas!
Yes you get into the Head Start Program at the TMM Super Conference thrown in!

And here is the BONUS if we can get some guys to sign up for the Vegas Seminar
I will add a Extra Hour and a Half to the Seminar to breakdown Sexual Qualification!
Yes guys the Kung Fu Penis will be broken down live.
You have no idea how much people ask me about this. Every guy I teach wants to know how it works.
Literally 100% in all LMR situations can be taken care of.
It actually makes me lazy at game. With the KFP all I need is logistics to be handled and I can close em... every time.
Seriously, if LMR is considered to be an evolution trigger than I have found the evolutionary counter to it.

Guys, why keep spending money on Repetitive Attraction Material. I mean look what they have out there for you. If the ratio of time in game is 10% Attraction 85% and 5% Seduction how come everything they sell you is all Attraction a little bit of Comfort and almost no Seduction.
Here is the opportunity to take game to the level you have always wanted to take it!
True functioning Comfort and Seduction taken to a new level!

If you're up for the Vegas thing and want to see it happen email me ASAP, and I can get you all the details.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Changes with theREDmole

Hey Guys,

Right now I am on break in Scottsdale.
The guys I am working with here are awesome and we are really having a good time.
I will put some audio of what has been happening here up on my site later, but for now I kind of wanted to address this...

I have gotten a few emails from guys out there that are wondering about getting on my email list.
And let me tell you, I know what you mean about getting those bullshit marketing emails on a daily basis that are trying to sell you some 'Miracle Game Cure'.

But here is the thing, I get over 100 emails a day.
I am committed to answer them all and always will be.
But I find that I can stay in touch with everybody out there by keeping you updated on my list.

Also, and this is a true story,
In Nov. a girl I closed did a google search over some of the things I was saying to her while working for that close.
She found my Kung Fu Penis post. So for the past few months I have 8 new LRs that I have with held because of that.
But at the same time guys can learn so much from them.
I am always getting requests for them, but I would like to keep my LRs a little less public.

Another funny thing that happened was a student of mine had a girl google what he texted her and she found my sexualized text post.

Crazy man...
So I took the KFP post down.
But I want people to learn from my LRs too.
A lot of new stuff in terms of game in them. So I will only put them out there to people I know. I need them on a limited access site. The way to get on that site is to sign up on my list.

Any of you who have met me know I am not full of shit, I never hard sell, and I put myself out there in every genuine way I can.
So in the past few months I have become so overwhelmed with work due to high demand is I now have a marketing guy helping me out.

Here is the thing though, I will never be that guy spamming you with those bullshit emails.
It is a tool to get the word out to you guys.
It is a way of keeping my door open to you guys,
All you have to do is walk through

So have no worries... sign up. You will have access to my audio interviews, my LRs, and I will let you know my schedule, plus there is way more to come!

The last 2 Students I worked with last night told me after we were done...

'Look man, everyone can see that you're the most genuine guy out there. People can see the difference in what you do and what other guys out there are doing. Keep it that way, the community need to change, and you're doing it!'

So if you're interested in keeping up to date with me
sign up at

And as you know my email

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The PUA Community

Hey Guys,

So I just got off the phone with Priest and I am pumped!
We put out a really cool plan for some Inner Game Stuff I have been working on.
One of the first things I had to start with was how much all this travel and poor diet have effected my state of being. And if I am teaching I need to be at my best!

I gave him a call just asking for some advice on how to get in some better shape while being on the road and the guy came at me with a mountain of info!
The thing was that I couldn't write it down fast enough, and Priest so easily he made it work towards my lifestyle.

So this is the thing...
For the next 30 days I am going to be following a plan he laid out for me and we'll see how I feel. Should be interesting...
It is not just physical it covers all the bases, physical/mental, internal/external.

But aside form that Priest and I talked about the PUA community. This has really been something that we seem to hit on quite a bit when I am out talking at lairs.

There is much more than what we are seeing out there. Right now the community is prolific, but the instructors are stagnant.

People aren't interacting as much as they should and the forums are all refracted. People who have some knowledge aren't posting like they should be, and people who are new are going around in circles.

For the past few months I have been going out there and talking to anyone and everyone. The response has been HUGE. It seems like, in Boston everybody was telling, 'we were just talking about that...' but the funny thing is that in Austin, Dallas, guys in Houston, Nashiville, Florida, SoCal, Hawaii and just about everywhere...people were saying that same thing...'we were just talking about that...'

The thing is that for a long time I had the mentality in the community where it was all about competing with any PUA out there. I did well, I mean I was always able to hold my own even with the best of them.
We'd go out on Boot Camp and I'd pull SNLs, I'd pull the girls I set up last time from when I was in that city, it was easy.
Then I realized that I had to become a good teacher.

So I worked my ass off at teaching. I got so good at it that other instructors told me to mellow out because they didn't want to work that hard.

In all honesty I don't anybody out there that has as good a track record as me teaching. Every week I am making huge changes in people's lives.
I am not bragging, it is actually sad. I think I could improve in so many ways.
The shitty thing is that there are so many guys out there teaching that shouldn't be doing it. It is just cocky bullshit spat out online. I have been out with most of those guys and they really shouldn't be talking... One of them posted and LR about how he ditched his student to pull a girl.

Then I started going out and talking to the Lairs.
And there was always someone in those lairs that was racking up lays just like me but doing something different.
The thing that I learned about this stuff was that, if I wanted to be the best teacher, I had to learn to be taught too. I had to let my ego go and be willing to accept information with an open mind.
I started meeting guys like Doc Holiday and Saffron. I started hanging out with Dante in Austin, then I met the Goat there too.
And you have Merchant and Gone Savage in Austin who are raking up lays quicker than I can count... actually I don't know who's ahead them or Dante.

I remember there was a guy out there who just wanted a little bit of a push in the community. all I did was talk to him on the phone for 30mins and then he was off and running.
His name is Mayson and his blog is one of the more progressive ones out there....that phone call was just a few months ago.
Already he is getting up there in the community. He is helping as a coach on Doc and Saffron's Program up in Boston in a few weeks.

Then there was this other guy who really reached out to me from Dallas to try and build up the scene there. At the time there was so much bullshit politics involved in Dallas that the big names there wouldn't speak at the Lair. In fact we were not welcomed there. The actual head of the Lair Picked a Fist Fight with Asian Playboy and wrote posts about how he was better than Sinn and CJ. Every time I ran into him in Field I tried to talk to him, but he blew me off and would try and blow me out of set. But he sucks at game so he didn't have any luck.
But this guy Finesse really tried to build a bridge so that we could come back to Dallas and make it more of a community. One can not forget Vector and Twitchy either...

When I got into the community I worked my as of at this stuff and I hung out with some bad ass people too. But the thing was that, I was willing to listen and willing to change.
I threw myself out there in the fire, but I tried not to lose my head.

So there are some great links to people's blogs ...
Check out
Doc Holiday

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Leaving Trinidad

Hey Guys,

There is a lot to talk about...
I mean a lot.

Major changes, yet again.
I have some really cool stuff coming up and there is a whole bunch in the Community that is in the works.

I can' t let too many cat's out of the bag right now, but I am continuously amazed at how hungry guys are out there in making this thing something that is a bit more progressive.

I also would like to thank everybody out there that signed up for the first Podcast.
If you haven't go to and do so.
And actually I have gotten an overwhelming response from it so I many have not gotten to your emails in a few days, but as always I will.

This Month I will be Speaking in Denver on Feb 22nd and then on Feb 23erd in Houston.
Also I got some stuff coming up with Bishop's group in Indiana (there is a link to his site on my blog) and in Tampa/Orlando (TopLair) as well as Miami.
Chicago and Hollywood are in the works as well.

And let's not forget Chicago, that looks like it will be in the end of March.
From what I hear, there are guys out there that have really been kicking ass under the radar.
I am told of guys in the TopLair that pull double digit lays a month, and in Boston there is Doc Holiday and Saffron who simply astound me with what they pull off. Doc has the best Day Game out there and Saffron just pulled a Stripper in Vegas and then 20mins later after closing her laid another girl!
I know I have had 3 pulls in 2 days in Vegas, but 2 lays that quick and one a stripper!

The funny thing is that most guys who teach this stuff in some pretty big companies have an average of 2 lays a month.
That was something I never got. And the sad thing is they have game, but teaching-wise they really didn't have that down yet.

Got to go,
but keep those emails coming and I will get to them.
Also check out Doc's blog, and Saffron's (I don't think I have it listed on mine yet, but soon).

And if you listened to the podcast you know I want to have some people out there interview me.
I would really like some of the head lair guys out there to do it.
In the next couple posts I will put out my schedule I have so far of guest interviewers to come.
But for now Later!