Saturday, February 9, 2008

Changes with theREDmole

Hey Guys,

Right now I am on break in Scottsdale.
The guys I am working with here are awesome and we are really having a good time.
I will put some audio of what has been happening here up on my site later, but for now I kind of wanted to address this...

I have gotten a few emails from guys out there that are wondering about getting on my email list.
And let me tell you, I know what you mean about getting those bullshit marketing emails on a daily basis that are trying to sell you some 'Miracle Game Cure'.

But here is the thing, I get over 100 emails a day.
I am committed to answer them all and always will be.
But I find that I can stay in touch with everybody out there by keeping you updated on my list.

Also, and this is a true story,
In Nov. a girl I closed did a google search over some of the things I was saying to her while working for that close.
She found my Kung Fu Penis post. So for the past few months I have 8 new LRs that I have with held because of that.
But at the same time guys can learn so much from them.
I am always getting requests for them, but I would like to keep my LRs a little less public.

Another funny thing that happened was a student of mine had a girl google what he texted her and she found my sexualized text post.

Crazy man...
So I took the KFP post down.
But I want people to learn from my LRs too.
A lot of new stuff in terms of game in them. So I will only put them out there to people I know. I need them on a limited access site. The way to get on that site is to sign up on my list.

Any of you who have met me know I am not full of shit, I never hard sell, and I put myself out there in every genuine way I can.
So in the past few months I have become so overwhelmed with work due to high demand is I now have a marketing guy helping me out.

Here is the thing though, I will never be that guy spamming you with those bullshit emails.
It is a tool to get the word out to you guys.
It is a way of keeping my door open to you guys,
All you have to do is walk through

So have no worries... sign up. You will have access to my audio interviews, my LRs, and I will let you know my schedule, plus there is way more to come!

The last 2 Students I worked with last night told me after we were done...

'Look man, everyone can see that you're the most genuine guy out there. People can see the difference in what you do and what other guys out there are doing. Keep it that way, the community need to change, and you're doing it!'

So if you're interested in keeping up to date with me
sign up at

And as you know my email


Finesse said...

I <3 U.

Surefire said...

Im that student. This girl in montreal googled some of the dirty shit I said to here and asked me who el topo was!

Parker said...

Audio LRs will help from text searching.

Not fool proof (since they can always be transcripted), but it's an idea.