Friday, February 29, 2008

This Week... BITCH!

So guys,

I know it has been a few days since I posted, but man I have been on the road!
And my marketing guy is on my ass to get back to work!

So last Fri night I was in Denver and gave a talk to a great group of guys there.
Super good turn out! As always, Thanks to Bandit/Synth
But also it was great to meet Pulse, Rayn and Flo...

Then on Sat I spoke to a HUGE crowd in Houston.
The Pua Lounge helped me put it all together, special thanks to Maximus, Hoppy, Gray Ghost and Hex, also good to finally put a face to a name with a lot of the guys down there.
There was also a pretty big turn out with the Houston Lair as well.

I would encourage everyone out there to check out the Pua Lounge especially if you are anywhere in TX. The cool ting about them is, they have really put together a good group of guys who are making this all work out to cultivate a Texas PUA community.

As for another forum being established out there….there has been some talk about one.
A few guys hit me, and a few other instructors from a diverse group of companies and asked them if they would post regularly on another forum.
The response has been good. I am in no way managing it, but from what I saw, it looked like it is going to be awesome. So when that come to fruition I will definitely link to it.

Now here is the thing folks…
I have some really awesome PodCasts about to post (I know I am haven't posted anything yet, but it is just ME here)

I literally could say that for the next three ‘This is the ONE you’ve been waiting for’

Also there will be an Audio section of my reviews on my webpage coming up.
This will be great! These are guys who have taken my seminars and some will be even during a live workshop.
I know anyone who has seen me speak knows how much I throw into teaching, but for everybody out there I want YOU to hear IT!
Also everybody out there can hear some of the guys out there who have my Stacks and who have taken a Work Shop with me! This is mainly because I am so proud of my students, I want you to hear from them!
Again… sign up it is for FREE!

Now I know my blog has been a resource for a while now…

and I want to keep it that way…
Next week there will be a huge post that I am putting together with Shaft breaking down How Subpersonalities and Frames work .
One of the things with Shaft is that all the Routine Stacks (might I add Rooster form Chicago Pulled in the SAME NIGHT within a week of getting his!) that sell so well were really developed with him and I sitting down and having Lunch and Dinner together over and over again. The first few stacks I ran by him to sign off on and he was VERY instrumental in getting them right.

So look for the post within a couple of days.
Should be some real MONEY information.

This will be a real introduction to someone who wants to know the basics, and have it all broken down.

As I have always said at my Lair Talks is that,
I am an open book.

I hold nothing back!

Any question that comes, I answer it to the best of my knowledge. And even over the phone and over in any product of mine… I am open to any questions someone might have.
This is because there is nobody who can teach the way I can. There will never be a shortage of people who need great personal instruction.
The funny thing is that with my Routine Stacks, literally other instructors went around the country getting some of my clients to let them see the Stacks, they would even walk around with recording devices to try and get more information about them.
Then when they realized that there was no way they would feasibly be able to replicate them, the other instructors actually paid for stacks, using other clients to get there hands on how I was making them work.

The funny thing is that those instructors could have very well just asked me. But that is the problem in the community, it is divided more by guys teaching this stuff rather than the people who just want to learn.

But here is the thing…

I want to meet everyone out there, and I am completely over worked!

So I am getting some help here, and anyone helping me it going to be just as committed as me!
So anyone who signs up for my list will have this opportunity…
Once a week there will be a live Phone Consultation for 25 guys. It will be a conference call and if it is successful we will do it TWICE a WEEK maybe even THREE times a WEEK!!!

To sign up, get on my LIST

It will always have a topic and it will be with myself or with one of the guys helping me out!

Anyway guys,
Let’s get this going!
Hit me up anytime over email…
or get directly with me at




Finesse said...

Dude, I'm freakin stoked that your doing the podcasts! If you need any help with them I'll help ya out!

Coolguy said...

Nice work bro....I met you at Denver and that was a cool presentation. Would love to help you out and spread your way. Just let me know when your gonna do teleconferencing....

Pulse said...

Great to have you, man!