Friday, February 29, 2008



Guys this is quite possibly the most impactive product that you can get!
And it is Newly Revised to make it easier to learn.
Here's what it is,
You give me a short synopsis of your life, and I turn it into 90 Plus Mins of customized material for you, that takes you from Opening all the way into Deep Comfort.
It utilizes the idea of framing, defining the identity and interaction you have with whoever you're talking to.

I believe it is the most efficient way to game. This is how the Dallas Crew of PUAs (Sinn Captain Jack, Shaft and Myself) would be able to get those 20min to 4 hour Lays.

If you are interested in reading about some of the methods in how I translate your life into solid material check out these blog posts.
theREDstack Post 1
theREDstack Post 2
theREDstack Post 3

The great thing about having a stack is that you don't have to think, you can go into a set and tell the story of your life, from the opener. Go out and game with better success than using canned material that has nothing to do with you.

The process is easy, I send you some information to fill out for me to build your profile and after you're done with that, give me about 10 days to build it. I send it to you in an email and you're set to go.

Click the Google Checkout Box Below to being the Process!

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