Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Routine Stacks and The Super Conference

Man it has been a crazy couple of days.


One thing I have noticed is that the harder I work more I love it.
Right now the demand for my teaching and the the demand for my routine stacks are out of control.
I actually don't know any other instructor that has worked a workshop every weekend for the past two months, while still doing lair talks and pumping out stacks.

I am booked every weekend for teaching live through April and at least once a week (sometimes twice) I have lair talks scheduled.

It is hard to keep up my blog and stay on top of the emails!

So here is the thing...
I am going to put a limit on my Custom Routine Stacks and so in the month of March I am going to stop taking in new orders.

I am putting them on HOLD!
The stacks right now are over 20 pages, completely tailored to your life and use a completely different and more efficient style of game than anything else out there.
The only thing is that I work really hard them and they are taking me about 3 weeks to finish!
Within a week of getting their stack 5 clients have gotten SNLs.
I have over 30 reviews of the stacks that speak for themselves.
And in the next week I will start posting the live audio reviews of some of my customers.
And live audio of my students and I debriefing among other things during live training.

There really can be no dispute at this point, there are very few instructors who have had the same results that I can bring.

So if you're interested in a stack, hit me up now, because in a few weeks there will be no more written... at least till I get caught up on them.

Now here is the next thing...

Last night Savoy gave me a call.
I am sure you have all heard that TMM is having a Super Conference coming up in Vegas in a few days.
I haven't been involved with them for the past few months but he mentioned to me that he wanted to add a 'surprise addition' to the mix.
This is kind of limited thing, and it is kind of only between me and Savoy.

And it will be a pretty amazing opportunity for anyone thinking about headed that way.

Because I am putting a stop to my Routine Stacks I am going to start doing a Routine Stack Seminar once a month.
It will be a 5 hour seminar limited to 10 people so that each guy who takes it will individualized attention. Each guy will get to walk away with the total package.
They will not only be able to walk away with a jam packed routine stack,

But they will also walk away with...

-Introductory to the New Model of Attraction

This is what gives my students the edge to surpass even the best instructors.
Totally different way to gain attraction and have it CYCLE and gain momentum throughout your set.

-Understanding of Frames
There is more to it than what you have read. Learn the difference between Passive and Active Frames, but also the ideas of Attraction and Comfort Frames. This is the theory put into practice. This is what made Captain Jack a Legend and made Sinn not only the leader of Day Game and Hired Gun Game but leader of Same Night Lay Game.

Eliciting Sub Personalities
This has been something that has been brand new in the community. In working to develop this I have consulted acedemics authors and a whole different group of people in the community. The idea of Sub Personalities was what actually inspired me doing custom stacks.
And it is what really makes them so pragmatic.

-Working the Delivery
This is the one thing all PUAs seem to let fall short. Anyone who has met me knows I am a master at delivery. That is the key to making it all come together. That is what makes me be able to cultivate attraction with body language alone, and elicit sexuality with facial expressions alone. But the thing is, that everybody has different highlights about their delivery.
I will personalize it to YOU!

-Using the Stack (Your 3 month Plan of Action)
Everybody knows I have follow up. I live for my students and it is hard to not be proud of every single one of them. But the best follow up, is to have every student you teach have a solid plan to lie by and get better by.

Now the first Custom Routine Stack Seminar I was planning to do with Zuzu in the Top Lair down in Orlando. But that one is not till the end of March...

But if I can get enough interest I will do the first one out there in Vegas and here is the kicker

you also get an entry level seat at the TMM Super Conference in Vegas!
Yes you get into the Head Start Program at the TMM Super Conference thrown in!

And here is the BONUS if we can get some guys to sign up for the Vegas Seminar
I will add a Extra Hour and a Half to the Seminar to breakdown Sexual Qualification!
Yes guys the Kung Fu Penis will be broken down live.
You have no idea how much people ask me about this. Every guy I teach wants to know how it works.
Literally 100% in all LMR situations can be taken care of.
It actually makes me lazy at game. With the KFP all I need is logistics to be handled and I can close em... every time.
Seriously, if LMR is considered to be an evolution trigger than I have found the evolutionary counter to it.

Guys, why keep spending money on Repetitive Attraction Material. I mean look what they have out there for you. If the ratio of time in game is 10% Attraction 85% and 5% Seduction how come everything they sell you is all Attraction a little bit of Comfort and almost no Seduction.
Here is the opportunity to take game to the level you have always wanted to take it!
True functioning Comfort and Seduction taken to a new level!

If you're up for the Vegas thing and want to see it happen email me ASAP, and I can get you all the details.


Rooster said...

Are we doing the Routine Stack seminar on Tuesday? I'll be in Vegas all weekend and there at SNL.

Right Hand Man said...

Looking forward to your Toplair talk in Orlando

Right Hand Manifesto

Right Hand Man said...

Looking forward to your Toplair talk in Orlando