Monday, July 28, 2008

Wandering around in Orlando

So I should mention the Under 21 Convention, and I will...
I will tell you this though,
after walking away from lunch with Negatron and Fidelio, the Velvet Yoda pointed out an M.IA. song in the playing in the background.
Then i get an email from Double L up in Chicago about the same song.

I am up late and feel inspired to post it... don't know why, but here it is, and it sums up how I feel about this whole weekend... floating off into my own world while women are rapping and gun shots are going off. And I guess a little bit like The Velvet Underground and Nico according to Double L.

Fuck Yeah...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

theMentor Program

Hey guys, its Priest!

For those of you who don’t know me, I run The Sanctuary. It’s a politically free forum & Lounge with some of the best instructors in the industry answering YOUR questions. Come check us out at

Both El Topo and I come from similar backgrounds. He took his Bootcamp on a credit card and I took out a loan to take mine. We both remember how hard it was for us starting out. Consequently, providing clients with quality products at an affordable price, is something that we never get tired of talking about when we are together! That said, there is something that has been in the works for a while now. We wanted to offer something different! The problem is that students are offered very little in terms of variety… most seduction companies offer Bootcamps, phone consults, or ebooks… that’s it! And there is little to no follow up in any of it!

We wanted to offer you guys a program that was Quality, Customized, Affordable, and provided you guys with the type of follow up that other programs were missing!


It started out as a way for guys to have steady phone consults in a structured manner… but we’ve made some changes to that. We wanted bring consistency to our clients but still offer customization to each individual. The end result is a product that is more like a structured Bootcamp that you can take over the phone. But how do you make a customized product at an affordable price?

Here’s how the program works…

- Once a week, you will get a 45 minute phone consult with either El Topo, myself, or everybody’s favorite – Fidelio.
- Throughout the week, you have a program with exercises that are tailored TO YOU!
- In between your weekly phone consults, you will remain in constant email contact with the instructor of your choice.

This program can be tailored to any student, regardless of your current skill or where you want to be with women. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced… whether you want to have Same Night Lays, One Night Stands, Fuck Buddies, or Long Term Relationships… THE MENTOR PROGRAM is the most affordable, and the most effective way to do that outside of personal 1-on-1 training.

So how much is it?

As a promotional offer, THE MENTOR PROGRAM will start at $400 for the month of August. But as of September we will increase the price.

So for $400, you get the closest thing to a Personalized Bootcamp over the phone.
Just think 4 phone consults a week, and a solid assignment plan to get you where you want to be with women. Plus it is 1-on-1 and Private.

This is truly an incredible offer guys so make sure you sign up now! Remember, as of September the price goes up.

This is the cheapest, most effective program you can find outside of face to face instruction so take advantage of it!


PS- For a free 15 min Phone consult to see where you are at and to hear a sampling of how we might go about working your Mentor Program give Fidelio an email, and he’ll get you scheduled in.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Califonia Pimp and El Topo in Las Vegas

Hey guys,

This is something that the California Pimp (the man behind has been working on for a while.
He has been putting together some programs with my help in laying it all out.
I know it is short notice but tomorrow Fri, July 18th we will be doing a 2 hour seminar on some of the Methods he has been using over the years.

The Seminar is $50 followed by a Meet and Greet Dinner. Should be a good time.
To find out the info on it please contact 702-210-2816 to confirm your reservation and receive specific information regarding the seminar.

Hope to see you guys there.



Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Under 21 Convention- Orlando, Fl

July 24-26
And Additional Programs

Hey guys,

As you may or may not know, my friends Entropy, Doc and I will be at the “Under 21 Convention” in Orlando later this month. This is looking to be one hell of a convention with three days of key-note speakers such as Sinn, AFC Adam and Mehow among others. El Topo will be speaking the last day (Sat July 26th) and Doc and Entropy will be helping out with his presentation as well. For the younger guys who feel a bit left out because they can’t run bar and club game, this is THE place to be to learn about all of your available options and all of the unique ways you can develop your skill-set. Whether it be dominating during day game, or building a large social circle you’ll be getting the best and newest advice on the market straight from the gurus themselves.

So we wanted to take this opportunity to meet up with some guys down there and do some teaching. Entropy, Doc and I got together and brainstormed. This is what we came up with:

Day Game with Doc Holliday, Sunday July 27th
Limited to Eight


Doc Holliday will be the primary instructor for this seminar. If you don’t know, Doc is only 20, but his insane results have become the source of legend throughout the community. His expertise in day game is backed up from thousands of sets, dozens of lays and almost a year of teaching day game seminars in the Northeast.

Students will meet up Sunday afternoon where Doc will break down the basics of day game and give everyone a small stack so that they’re instantly ready to hit the field. We’ll do an hour of exercises and drills with personalized critiques from individual instructors and then we’ll head out to open sets. Expect at least three hours of day game at the most populated places in town with the highest value women. Instructors will personally watch you in set and break down your strengths and weaknesses, giving you ways to improve on the spot.

Day game seminars are hard to find these days, and when you do, they usually start at $1,500, if not more. Since this is a one-day program and we know most guys at the convention will be younger, we’re only going to charge $500. This gets you the seminar, a small day game stack from Doc himself, personal critiques and drills with instructors and finally three hours being pushed in-field. This is probably the only time we’ll run this seminar and you’ll probably never find a professional seminar this cheap ANYWHERE else.

theREDstack Seminar
limited to Six

For anyone who wants to know the secrets in how to build your life story into an unstoppable tool of Seduction, this seminar is for you! You can walk into set without even having to worry about what to say next, knowing that with everything you are talking about is building Attraction that NOBODY can deny. What theREDstack does, is it shows you how to be yourself, not using routines that are made up from some untold PUA, but actually be YOU while drawing someone in with the most mind blowing technique.

Give Me the story of your life and I will turn it into 45mins of SOLID GOLD material. You will never have to worry again about what to say.

This seminar will not only give you enough information for you to build your own stories, but also you will walk out of the seminar with over 45mins of customized material that is 100% yours.

theREDstack Seminar is only $750 for having this valuable knowledge, and will be held on Sun July 27th at 5pm admission is limited to 6 Student.

Social Circles and College Game Seminar,
Entropy and El Topo, Monday July 28th

Being under 21 demands a slightly different skill-set than classic PUA theory dictates and Entropy and El Topo will each be giving two hour seminars directly catering to younger guys.

Entropy cut his teeth perfecting college game. Being a college game and social circle natural before ever finding the community, Entropy comes from the unique perspective of breaking down what he was already doing for years. His senior year involved crazy escapades such as laying THREE GIRLS in one NIGHT and sleeping with graduate TA’s as an undergrad. Entropy practically BEGGED to stay in college by the time he graduated.

Get your notes ready, as Entropy breaks down how to “become the Van Wilder” of your campus. He teaches you how to network through house parties, organize your own parties and create a social circle so wide that you won’t even remember many of the people who say “hello” to you on campus. Find out what the secret currency of any college social scene. Learn the in’s and out’s of the Greek scene. And finally, learn how to leverage these social networks to sleep with multiple girls who are all friends with you AND each other.

Afterwards, El Topo will give a breakdown of how to build an Attraction Stacks geared towards day game. El Topo will focus primarily on the section most relevant for young guys: attraction stacking. Don’t know what to say after you open? Conversations going flat with the same boring interview questions? Topo will create small attraction stacks for everyone in attendance and then explain how and why they work. An Attraction Stack is usually about 5-10 mins of material that will get you from opening to number closing. All material will be based off your REAL personality and REAL life experiences.

These stacks are a unique, one-time, special value as they represent a huge chunk of his famous REDstacks. Topo’s routine stacks have been so effective and in such demand that he had to stop selling them for two months simply because he had TOO MANY CUSTOMERS. Don’t pass up on this chance to get in on what everyone else has been buying like there’s no tomorrow: personalized routine stacks, the real you, real attraction. Never run out of things to say again.

The two seminars by Entropy and El Topo by themselves will be going for $400. Since both these guys usually run up close to four figures to give seminars, this is a STEAL. We understand that most of you guys coming are younger guys and don’t have $900 to throw around to take all the things we are offering. So if you sign up for BOTH Sunday’s Day Game Seminar AND Monday’s seminar, it’s only $750. That’s right, $750 for an entire day of a bootcamp PLUS an entire afternoon of BRAND NEW, exclusive material.

You can sign up for any of these by simple clicking the links on this page or the links listed on the Right Side Bar of this page Under Orlando Programs.

For more information:

Doc Holliday’s Blog

Entropy’s Blog

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lessons of Life, Radio Clash, Wonderboy and Henry Miller

So there is a lot that is going through my head.
A lot in the past few weeks actually.
I want to write about so much of it.

I have two workshops coming up that will be in Dallas next week and Austin next month, they are Cheap and limited to 4 Student to offer a more personalized experience for those who can't afford something like a 1 on 1. Take me up on the offer, it will be an awesome experience.
For Dallas next week Click Here and for Austin in August Click Here.

There is a Workshop I am doing in Vegas this month with the California Pimp, go to or here to find out about it. Basically it is easy, it is a $50 talk where Him, Big Z and a few other PUAs, including myself will be talking about different models of Pick up, and lifestyle.

Also there is the Under 21 Convention in Orlando later this month. I will be posting about more of these later. But if you can make it to either they are both very affordable and they are both things that will be new information, not just from me, but from so many people.

Also Sinn has an Awesome product coming out and I am sad to not have seen Moxie off. He is an Awesome guy and one of the better PUAs I have met.

But really what I have been wanting to write about Radio Clash and Wonderboy.
In the past 3 weeks actually I have had numerous events that have opened my mind to so much more in terms of life perspectives.
the first has to do with Radio Clash.

Radio Clash has was on tour and I got to see his band play a few weekends ago.
He is someone that I had met and done some work shopping with a while back in AZ.
I went to his show and saw his band, which was awesome.
I used to play in a similar scene as him and it really brought back memories...
But the thing was that, within a minute or so of meeting with him I realized at how he was so centered in himself. It almost made me feel uncomfortable with how comfortable he was.
But that is the thing here.
He is living his lifestyle. That is the ultimate goal of not just game, but life.
I see so many PUAs, and Golden PUAs and very few would I actually want something from them.
Radio Clash, being a former student of mine, was the teacher for me in the past few weeks.

I have a great lifestyle, but I would be a fool not to know when to grow. that is what this thing is all about. We enter in it with getting good with women and a skill set to guide us, but very few achieve working that towards a lifestyle.
The ultimate goal is to have your Lifestyle eventually game for you not, a series of routines.

I am actually not doing the interaction justice in this post, but hopefully I will write more about it later.

The next was in North Carolina. That was a Great Lair. My 2 favorite Lairs I have encounters have been the two smallest. The VAC Lair in NC and the Indiana Lair in Indianapolis. But what makes them good is the complete dedication of every member. Babyface and Tech were my two contacts there in NC, and we had a terrific time!
Both night were awesome and I would mention all the other PUAs but I don't have their handles on me now. And actually there is a lot to write about. We had a blast together!

But way back when in Nashville I met Wonderboy. It was near Halloween time and at that talk I met a lot of Great people in Nashville. I know Johnny AMOG and Shine, but I also met Bishop and Wonderboy their too who have been very good friends along the way.
Wonderboy and I hung out a lot in the two days I was in Nashville in Oct.
He was just visiting and happened to come to my talk, but he lived in NC.
So when I was in NC I hit him up. He came down on Sat. night.
I was completely taken a back by him.
The guy again, was so centered around the wealth of his lifestyle, you couldn't help but see it.

I pretty much talked to him the entire night with Gentleman J (who traveled up form Georgia), until I started gaming pretty hardcore. But once again, here was someone who had internalized everything having his life build his game among other things.

Since NC, I was in California and met up with Radio Clash and a few other Former Students.
I met up with Rebirth and Prebirth (Rebirth's Brother, don't knwo his PUA name) and also another former student who has no handle but also a great guy.
And ti was the same thing with those guys too. It is a good thing to see that a lot of the direction people are going in. It teaches me more than anything.

Also the other thing was that the women we were surrounded with all those times were women we all wanted to be around. Even the one in NC who was the definition of a club girl had her place in it all.

But that is what this thing is about. You hear all this stuff about Social Circle, and not to talk too much shit, but from what I see being taught it is pretty much ripping off AFC Adam's stuff, but no PUAs I know have much of one.
I am very happy to have the one I have, which literally spans across the US and even further. Wherever I go I have a wealth of friends. Women and men. Some Women I sleep with and others I am friends with. That is what I wanted going into this and that is what I have.

I always tell people I work with, to have your goals in mind and never forget them. You may need to step away from them to get your skill set up and running, but you can't lose sight of what you wanted in the first place.

So that being said, I hope to elaborate on this a bit more later, but for now here are some clips that you might enjoy.

I know MunichHawk will.

These are some clips from the ultimate PUA. But really he was an Artist that loved women.
He is in his early 80s here and I hope I have hot Japanese women around me then too. I first saw this about 10 years ago in a Film group. The people who ran the group were telling me that Henry Miller was a better story teller than writer, which is bullshit, but just seeing him talk should make you know that he has some interesting sides to him, and a lot to do with game(if you wanna call it that).

It is part of a Documentary about him, that for years I have looked for. Good to see someone put it on YouTube! Watch it all if you're into it... you may find it boring but to each his own!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

theREDstack Part 2

The other night I sent out a post on my Podcast list (sign up on the upper right hand corner of my blog. Sing up I will be putting out another promotion out there this weekend!).
(Also make sure you scroll down later to take a look at the Lesson I included in this!)
It was announcing that I am about starting to take orders again for theREDstack!
It has actually been unadvertised for the past 3 and a half months.
But here is the thing with it, Fidelio and I are not quite done to the changes we have made. theREDstack got Immediate results for students with that Product and we want to get even better Results with the New Version.

The new stacks are very heavy on Attraction, but using the new ideas of Attraction, It was utilized in the original stacks but now it is thoroughly explained, with more uses of it making it more prominent.

Since I started teaching theREDstack Seminar along with new developments in game some awesome evolutions have taken place. And I will give some examples of this later in the post.
But the main things was that in theREDstack Seminar I build everyone who attends a basic “Attraction Stack”. An Attraction Stack basically gets you from opening into Heavy Rapport, and it begins your Framing, which I think is the most effective part of game.

Now some of the New Ideas in Terms of Attraction don’t use the older models as Attraction being a series of Steps or Routines. How I view Attraction is that it is an Attitude that only opens a door to the use of framing, other emotional reactions, and things like Subpersonalities. Once myself and some of the other Dallas guys started using Attraction in this way, we got way more efficient and consistent results.

When I started writing stacks, I used attraction in this way, and some found it confusing…but those that were able to make use of it got insane results. I have written over 70 of these and within a week 23 people (that I know of ) got SNLs.. That is Insane!

People don’t get those results from taking a Boot Camp. And not everybody wanted their stack to be geared towards SNLs. Remember thery are Custom to your life and your goals in Game.

So here is what I talked about in the email,
I had said that in the past 3 Lair Talks I have done in June (Boston, Detroit, and Charlotte) I had multiple guys tell me they would do anything to do a Boot Camp of a Stack Seminar but they didn’t have the money.
And it sucks to turn down a guy who has ambition but can’t afford the price.

So I decided for July I was going to offer a Shortened Version of the updated REDstack for a discounted price. Normally it is $750 and about 30 pages long, usually carrying you 90mins Plus in set. I have committed that I will only take 10 orders and in the past 30 hours I have sold 5.
You can sign up for them HERE and I will get in contact with you about them once you have signed up!

Now in August My new stacks will be ready and the price will be back up at $750. Yes, those stack will be longer and more thorough, mainly because I need to be fair to my past and future clients.
But this will be a great opportunity for those who have a little less to invest get something that has IMMEDIATE results and at a more affordable price.

Here is an Example of what I got in the last week where I implement parts of my New Stack to a Story a client gave me to look over.

Again if you are interested in getting in on the before they are sold out, Click Here!
They will sell out in the next few days!

Q and A

El Topo,

Using what you gave me from the stack info online I took this story from an Art Show I was featured at.
Can you tell me if I am going in the right direction or not?
I believe that what I created here is what you go for in your stacks. It is a DHV I never knew how to say until I read your stuff, let me know if I am on the right track.

Thanks in advanced,

T-Bone PUA

Here it is-

"It's funny you say that because in my experience often the most important moments in your life aren't what you think they're going to be.
For instance, I wrote this have always been an artist, doing paintings, right?

I don't know if you've ever heard that White Stripes song "Little Room," but he talks about the excitement of sitting in your tiny room, and you're working on something that you just know is great, you know it's really going to blow people's hair back and how magnificent that feeling is. Well, I always felt that way when I would begin painting something in my little room and this time it turned into this big thing.
And the first showing of it was -- God, it was massive. It was in New York and basically the studio took over Tribeca with all the commotion and after party.
But the thing is... my family is really fragmented. My parents had a really angry divorce that -- well, truth is I think they were both the love of each other's lives and even though the couldn't stay married they probably they never really moved from that relationship. So my parents can't really be in the same room together. And my brother and dad hadn't talked for like 9 years at the point. Couldn't invite family friends without my family feeling burned. And I was dating around in LA but nothing serious -- no one I wanted to fly to New York with me and share this major moment.

So the night comes and I'm in this hotel room overlooking Central Park in this city that nearly ruined me just a few years before. And I put on this suit -- I was so stressed about what to wear I found this cranky old tailor who actually used to make suits for Frank Sinatra and have him make me one. So I put the suit on and, well, it's perfect. Perfect suit. Perfect hotel. Perfect, perfect, perfect... so why am I feeling so weird?

So I end up going to the Showing of my Painting with my two Managers and my lawyer. They're amazing people -- they would each kill for me and actually have, in their way. But I was like, who am I really sharing this with? You know, my dad, when I would get my report card -- and in elementary school they don't give you As and Cs but things like "demonstrates skill" or "needs improvement." So my dad had this ritual like where we'd read through the report card and he's just read them off like, "class participation... DEMONSTRATES SKILL!" and so on. And that would be our joke for years to come whenever I did something well. So I really missed him not being there to look over at me and say, "DEMONSTRATES SKILL!" during that night.

You know, when you create something from yourself, and other or guests people look at it, see it experience it, and then they look at YOU and don't see what's on the canvas -- it's weird, because it's YOU up there, but no one sees you. All that stuff you thought up in your little room, well, there it is! They see the colors and the flow and interpret it all but they don't see you in your little room, right? So I looked at the who was next to me... empty ... No real family, no real friends... And there I am in my perfect suit on this perfect night and I was like, "Can we just get this over with?"

It's funny, though, amidst all that there was this one thing that happened. You know there was a lot of international press there the other artists. And, you know, no one really knows what I looked like. But somehow this girl -- young, maybe 24, great energy, great style, from some German Radio station or something comes over and knows who I am and does this small interview with me. And we finish it up and then after she turns her recorder off we have this... moment. Like a look passes between us. And do you know -- I know that you do -- but you know how there are certain *looks* you share with someone that can carry the full charge and intensity of, say, a 6 month relationship? It was one of those. Like when you're both really seeing the other person. And it happened as we were kind of walking away from each other. So after the movie I'm looking around for her to... I don't know what for. I guess I really just needed some kind of connection that night. But I was never able to find her. Maybe she had to go file her story. Who knows. But I didn't know then what I know now -- that there are moments, just seconds, sometimes, where you have the opportunity to magnify something with someone. And if you don't take it, you will never have that again. I'm not saying you'll be lonely for ever, but those exact circumstances -- that person, that lighting, that situation, that willingness, that intensity -- will never present itself exactly the same way again. And if you walk away from it you are walking away from it for good. Period. Which is kind of heartbreaking. But also very cool. For instance... you and me, here, talking... "

Hey T-BonePUA,

Sorry for getting back to you so late, but here is what I get from this story.

I think that you get the story telling part of this all. It is actually a pretty good NLP style thread but we are missing some of the FRAMES and Cycling and Maintaining Attraction in the story.
Very good emotional flow, but nothing is pushing and pulling back on the listener, nor Defining them. So you need add some structural technique in it.

I hope this helps!


Here are some frames you want to fit in your stories-
- Spontaneity
- Sexually Aggressive
- Being a Leader
- Takes Risks
- Non-Judgmental
There are more, but right now, you have a great story but no frames taking advantage of it all.

So pretty much all of the story can stay the same. You need 3 things to it.

-You need a beginning description of it(define the frame), which you have but you need to link it to them more.

-You need to use check ins and qualification to have them build more interest

-You need to define the ending a bit better (again you do this, but you can make all those emotions a bit more sexual). At the end the initial frame definition should have way more meaning by the story taking place, and the ending definition.

So let me give you a few examples of what I mean.
The story can start off by leading them with some sort of qualification, that will inspire a story in order to make that qualifier make more sense.

So you can ask or tell one of these

1-Let me ask you this, when did you last meet someone that changed your complete perspective on things?

2- I was wondering, you seem like someone who is close with their family?

3- When was the last time you let something slip through your fingers?

4- I can tell you are someone who has the best stuff happen to you when you go for what's in front of you.

Then based off of their reaction, you lead in to the story. You then need to say what the story is about. In this you need to define the frame you want before going into it. Then the story is just to give the frame emotional identity. Then afterwards you redefine that frame. So based on the qualifier you need to transition (you do this well, but I would do it this way).

for the first question you could say something like this after she answers.

'I mean that is one of the most important things for me, is when you meet someone you need to live for that moment. Actually it makes me think of this White Strips song....'

For the second one you could say...

'That is what I figured, I knew when I met you, you had that warm heart to that wild persona you have too. I mean I have always had kind of a refracted family. And it made me such an internal person. I mean it is almost like I still have my friends that are beautiful people and I consider them my family. But that is something that brings the best out of me, that side which can disappear into myself and that other side that loves to connect. And actually I think you are the same in a way. (she can acknowledge or not) You know that reminds me of this White Stripes song...'

For the third...

'See I have always been someone who has been spontaneous, but it can be a double edged sword.
Like with you there are two sides of you too. I bet your best moments are when you do step over the edge, and sometimes you slip but it can be worth it in the end.
There is this song by the White Stripes...'

For the fourth...

'For me I had to learn to actually be that way. I was not always someone who would go for stuff right off the bat. I think that is how I started writing... but that is how I can pick out people with that sort of crazy mentality to know when to jump, because I have to be around those people to get anywhere...hahahaha. But this is actually a funny story, you know that White Stripes song....'

So also you need some check-ins, to engage them more. This is a Juggler thing. And super effective. This is only one tool to Cycle the Attraction, but remember Attraction is just there to open the door for you, it is not really leading much, it is Baiting!

For instance, when you bring up the song 'little room', that is great but make it interactive.
So you could say something like, 'you know when you're a little kid and you have music that makes things, like what is one of those songs that brings you right back to childhood?'
After she answers then you can continue on.

The reason for this is because you need for them to emotionally interact in your experience as much as possible.

And the story is a bit long, but if you are in comfort with someone it shouldn't be a problem in terms of what logistics. You say you wouldn't talk to anyone at clubs about this, but do you only pick up in clubs? And you could say all this in a club, you would just have to keep maintaining attraction throughout it. We can talk about this over the phone.

But the meat of the story is good, but you just need it to have their emotions hook to the frames.
Now the frames at the end right now are that 'we are meeting now and we can't pass it up'. That is great but they could be so much more. Remember, if you start out with a frame then after they get lost in the story they can define the frame at the end of it.

So you can say something like...

'Like meeting you right now...but don't get any ideas, your wild side might be too much for me.'

'You know one of the things with you, is I don't meet people like this, even in a club. There is so much to a person that you get off when you first meet them. Like right now with you, I can tell so much about you, it is just when egos get in the way we see so many other things. I mean you have this totally cute side to you, but I bet that gets you out of more trouble than people give you credit for.'

'And so we my whole thing is when someone comes my way and I know they are someone I would like to meet, I go out of my way to make that happen. And with you there is so much more than what people know you for. I bet you intimidate most people, like I bet your last boyfriend you held back on him, right?'

Hope that Helps