Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lessons of Life, Radio Clash, Wonderboy and Henry Miller

So there is a lot that is going through my head.
A lot in the past few weeks actually.
I want to write about so much of it.

I have two workshops coming up that will be in Dallas next week and Austin next month, they are Cheap and limited to 4 Student to offer a more personalized experience for those who can't afford something like a 1 on 1. Take me up on the offer, it will be an awesome experience.
For Dallas next week Click Here and for Austin in August Click Here.

There is a Workshop I am doing in Vegas this month with the California Pimp, go to or here to find out about it. Basically it is easy, it is a $50 talk where Him, Big Z and a few other PUAs, including myself will be talking about different models of Pick up, and lifestyle.

Also there is the Under 21 Convention in Orlando later this month. I will be posting about more of these later. But if you can make it to either they are both very affordable and they are both things that will be new information, not just from me, but from so many people.

Also Sinn has an Awesome product coming out and I am sad to not have seen Moxie off. He is an Awesome guy and one of the better PUAs I have met.

But really what I have been wanting to write about Radio Clash and Wonderboy.
In the past 3 weeks actually I have had numerous events that have opened my mind to so much more in terms of life perspectives.
the first has to do with Radio Clash.

Radio Clash has was on tour and I got to see his band play a few weekends ago.
He is someone that I had met and done some work shopping with a while back in AZ.
I went to his show and saw his band, which was awesome.
I used to play in a similar scene as him and it really brought back memories...
But the thing was that, within a minute or so of meeting with him I realized at how he was so centered in himself. It almost made me feel uncomfortable with how comfortable he was.
But that is the thing here.
He is living his lifestyle. That is the ultimate goal of not just game, but life.
I see so many PUAs, and Golden PUAs and very few would I actually want something from them.
Radio Clash, being a former student of mine, was the teacher for me in the past few weeks.

I have a great lifestyle, but I would be a fool not to know when to grow. that is what this thing is all about. We enter in it with getting good with women and a skill set to guide us, but very few achieve working that towards a lifestyle.
The ultimate goal is to have your Lifestyle eventually game for you not, a series of routines.

I am actually not doing the interaction justice in this post, but hopefully I will write more about it later.

The next was in North Carolina. That was a Great Lair. My 2 favorite Lairs I have encounters have been the two smallest. The VAC Lair in NC and the Indiana Lair in Indianapolis. But what makes them good is the complete dedication of every member. Babyface and Tech were my two contacts there in NC, and we had a terrific time!
Both night were awesome and I would mention all the other PUAs but I don't have their handles on me now. And actually there is a lot to write about. We had a blast together!

But way back when in Nashville I met Wonderboy. It was near Halloween time and at that talk I met a lot of Great people in Nashville. I know Johnny AMOG and Shine, but I also met Bishop and Wonderboy their too who have been very good friends along the way.
Wonderboy and I hung out a lot in the two days I was in Nashville in Oct.
He was just visiting and happened to come to my talk, but he lived in NC.
So when I was in NC I hit him up. He came down on Sat. night.
I was completely taken a back by him.
The guy again, was so centered around the wealth of his lifestyle, you couldn't help but see it.

I pretty much talked to him the entire night with Gentleman J (who traveled up form Georgia), until I started gaming pretty hardcore. But once again, here was someone who had internalized everything having his life build his game among other things.

Since NC, I was in California and met up with Radio Clash and a few other Former Students.
I met up with Rebirth and Prebirth (Rebirth's Brother, don't knwo his PUA name) and also another former student who has no handle but also a great guy.
And ti was the same thing with those guys too. It is a good thing to see that a lot of the direction people are going in. It teaches me more than anything.

Also the other thing was that the women we were surrounded with all those times were women we all wanted to be around. Even the one in NC who was the definition of a club girl had her place in it all.

But that is what this thing is about. You hear all this stuff about Social Circle, and not to talk too much shit, but from what I see being taught it is pretty much ripping off AFC Adam's stuff, but no PUAs I know have much of one.
I am very happy to have the one I have, which literally spans across the US and even further. Wherever I go I have a wealth of friends. Women and men. Some Women I sleep with and others I am friends with. That is what I wanted going into this and that is what I have.

I always tell people I work with, to have your goals in mind and never forget them. You may need to step away from them to get your skill set up and running, but you can't lose sight of what you wanted in the first place.

So that being said, I hope to elaborate on this a bit more later, but for now here are some clips that you might enjoy.

I know MunichHawk will.

These are some clips from the ultimate PUA. But really he was an Artist that loved women.
He is in his early 80s here and I hope I have hot Japanese women around me then too. I first saw this about 10 years ago in a Film group. The people who ran the group were telling me that Henry Miller was a better story teller than writer, which is bullshit, but just seeing him talk should make you know that he has some interesting sides to him, and a lot to do with game(if you wanna call it that).

It is part of a Documentary about him, that for years I have looked for. Good to see someone put it on YouTube! Watch it all if you're into it... you may find it boring but to each his own!

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Thanks for posting those videos, bro. That was one of the more interesting things I've seen in, shit, I'd say at least a fortnight.

Now I'll have to track down the full version.....