Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Under 21 Convention- Orlando, Fl

July 24-26
And Additional Programs

Hey guys,

As you may or may not know, my friends Entropy, Doc and I will be at the “Under 21 Convention” in Orlando later this month. This is looking to be one hell of a convention with three days of key-note speakers such as Sinn, AFC Adam and Mehow among others. El Topo will be speaking the last day (Sat July 26th) and Doc and Entropy will be helping out with his presentation as well. For the younger guys who feel a bit left out because they can’t run bar and club game, this is THE place to be to learn about all of your available options and all of the unique ways you can develop your skill-set. Whether it be dominating during day game, or building a large social circle you’ll be getting the best and newest advice on the market straight from the gurus themselves.

So we wanted to take this opportunity to meet up with some guys down there and do some teaching. Entropy, Doc and I got together and brainstormed. This is what we came up with:

Day Game with Doc Holliday, Sunday July 27th
Limited to Eight


Doc Holliday will be the primary instructor for this seminar. If you don’t know, Doc is only 20, but his insane results have become the source of legend throughout the community. His expertise in day game is backed up from thousands of sets, dozens of lays and almost a year of teaching day game seminars in the Northeast.

Students will meet up Sunday afternoon where Doc will break down the basics of day game and give everyone a small stack so that they’re instantly ready to hit the field. We’ll do an hour of exercises and drills with personalized critiques from individual instructors and then we’ll head out to open sets. Expect at least three hours of day game at the most populated places in town with the highest value women. Instructors will personally watch you in set and break down your strengths and weaknesses, giving you ways to improve on the spot.

Day game seminars are hard to find these days, and when you do, they usually start at $1,500, if not more. Since this is a one-day program and we know most guys at the convention will be younger, we’re only going to charge $500. This gets you the seminar, a small day game stack from Doc himself, personal critiques and drills with instructors and finally three hours being pushed in-field. This is probably the only time we’ll run this seminar and you’ll probably never find a professional seminar this cheap ANYWHERE else.

theREDstack Seminar
limited to Six

For anyone who wants to know the secrets in how to build your life story into an unstoppable tool of Seduction, this seminar is for you! You can walk into set without even having to worry about what to say next, knowing that with everything you are talking about is building Attraction that NOBODY can deny. What theREDstack does, is it shows you how to be yourself, not using routines that are made up from some untold PUA, but actually be YOU while drawing someone in with the most mind blowing technique.

Give Me the story of your life and I will turn it into 45mins of SOLID GOLD material. You will never have to worry again about what to say.

This seminar will not only give you enough information for you to build your own stories, but also you will walk out of the seminar with over 45mins of customized material that is 100% yours.

theREDstack Seminar is only $750 for having this valuable knowledge, and will be held on Sun July 27th at 5pm admission is limited to 6 Student.

Social Circles and College Game Seminar,
Entropy and El Topo, Monday July 28th

Being under 21 demands a slightly different skill-set than classic PUA theory dictates and Entropy and El Topo will each be giving two hour seminars directly catering to younger guys.

Entropy cut his teeth perfecting college game. Being a college game and social circle natural before ever finding the community, Entropy comes from the unique perspective of breaking down what he was already doing for years. His senior year involved crazy escapades such as laying THREE GIRLS in one NIGHT and sleeping with graduate TA’s as an undergrad. Entropy practically BEGGED to stay in college by the time he graduated.

Get your notes ready, as Entropy breaks down how to “become the Van Wilder” of your campus. He teaches you how to network through house parties, organize your own parties and create a social circle so wide that you won’t even remember many of the people who say “hello” to you on campus. Find out what the secret currency of any college social scene. Learn the in’s and out’s of the Greek scene. And finally, learn how to leverage these social networks to sleep with multiple girls who are all friends with you AND each other.

Afterwards, El Topo will give a breakdown of how to build an Attraction Stacks geared towards day game. El Topo will focus primarily on the section most relevant for young guys: attraction stacking. Don’t know what to say after you open? Conversations going flat with the same boring interview questions? Topo will create small attraction stacks for everyone in attendance and then explain how and why they work. An Attraction Stack is usually about 5-10 mins of material that will get you from opening to number closing. All material will be based off your REAL personality and REAL life experiences.

These stacks are a unique, one-time, special value as they represent a huge chunk of his famous REDstacks. Topo’s routine stacks have been so effective and in such demand that he had to stop selling them for two months simply because he had TOO MANY CUSTOMERS. Don’t pass up on this chance to get in on what everyone else has been buying like there’s no tomorrow: personalized routine stacks, the real you, real attraction. Never run out of things to say again.

The two seminars by Entropy and El Topo by themselves will be going for $400. Since both these guys usually run up close to four figures to give seminars, this is a STEAL. We understand that most of you guys coming are younger guys and don’t have $900 to throw around to take all the things we are offering. So if you sign up for BOTH Sunday’s Day Game Seminar AND Monday’s seminar, it’s only $750. That’s right, $750 for an entire day of a bootcamp PLUS an entire afternoon of BRAND NEW, exclusive material.

You can sign up for any of these by simple clicking the links on this page or the links listed on the Right Side Bar of this page Under Orlando Programs.

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