Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some News and going back to Vegas for UFC 94

So it has been a while...
hospital runs and working too much...

Swagger and my friend in the Caribbean almost got their wish...
I find it funny that someone in another country actually has a bounty on my head.
Kinda like status! My death is worth money to's that for a DHV?

But last weekend I went to the hospital...pretty fun stuff, I always like the hospital.
Everything is all good, I am still alive...for now.
It is funny cause, I can get pissed off about all sorts of stuff throughout the day, but when it comes to life or death I really don't mind too much.

I have already been there done that, and if I am going to live, I'd might as well do it well.
If not, well someone has got to set the man upstairs straight...I imagine I can give it a shot.

I have been off the internet for about a week and I have come to realize how hard it may be to call everyone of you guys on the phone.
What happens is that I call the guys and I end up talking to them for an hour and a half and then I still have another 100 people on the list.
So here is what I am going to do...
I am going to start scheduling the calls in blocks of 5 people.
I will send another email out this week about how to get on those calls.

Also I am going to start having 2 of my friends (Free Spirit, and Shift) scheduling some upcoming conference calls for theREDstack. If you have a stack I am going to be doing a month of Conference Calls limited to 5 people about the Stacks.
I will be mailing out the information for all this on my Get On IT!

Also I am going to do a Conference call this weekend with a few Surprise guests!

As for now, I am headed to Vegas to go to UFC 94, afterwards Me and Scotty from, along with Soco, Jtime and Algasim will be throwing one of the biggest after parties in Vegas this weekend at the Wynn...
Everyone will be there!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks for the Conference Call! Some new Audio Coming OUT!

Hey Guys,

Conference call was GREAT!
Everybody on the Call I will be giving a personal call to this WEEK!

In other news we are going to be doing another Conference Call when I am in Vegas on Jan 29th.
This one will be awesome, and will be voiced mainly around Sexuality Early on in Set.


I have Audio of Last Week's conference call and I also have Audio of a Bad Ass Lair I did on SAT.

All this Audio is going out to my List in the NEXT 30 days!

In the meantime Captain Jack has been winning to me about how he can't approach...he gives me all these excuses about how he hasn't done his Voodoo New age techniques to give him the proper mental game to start Opening again.

We all want to see Captain Jack be good again and not some KJ...
As we all say, when he is ON he is HANDS DOWN the BEST PUA we have all seen.
But sitting on his ass writing, he is just a guy with some good information.

I will say this, maybe if he actually listened to what I teach he might have the balls to get out in the Field Again.

So Starting Feb 1st were are going to battle again.
Another Lay War...
I am gonna kick his ass for all of you to read about.

I will be recording all of the audio on my sets, I offered it to him and he replied...
"Dude, no props, I can't have you around me with a camera dangling around your neck like a perverted Jimmy Olsen"

I don't think I have EVER opened a Set with a Camera Around my Neck...
I seriously don't think I have.
I have done a shit load of that pre-game.

But I can be a Perverted Jimmy Olsen.
All I got to say is let's see if CJ will record the audio of his sets....
We'll see if he actually gets off his ass and goes out to game.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Conference Call 7pm Eastern TIME

The Conference Call is tonight
7pm Eastern Time

If you are not ON THE LIST, GET ON THE LIST!

Those of you already on the list should have all the details.
If you still want to be on the call I will be sending out the info again in a few hours.

Just log in your name and email in the box on the upper right hand corner!

Talk to you tonight!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vegas Audio and Video

Just a reminder about the Conference Call on Thurs with Jtime, Negatron and myself.

Read on if you want to know why you NEED to GET ON THE LIST now!

Alright guys I got some of the most insane Video and Audio from Vegas,
And even better, I got some totally fucking insane Audio from being off the plane after just 2 hours back home LAST NIGHT.

So I get home from Vegas, send out a mass text saying,
"I think of you when I masturbate"
(by the way, that gets a pretty consistent response, and it is good. Try it)
Pretty much every girl responds that I haven't closed.
The harshest response I got was 'That's original" to which I responded... "Don't worry baby it was a mass text you haven't made it to the 'original' status yet".

In any case, one of my Stripper friends texts back.
I go back and forth (could look in my phone, but it was literally 2 to 3 exchanges and nothing special).

She calls me...
I record the Booty Call, she's cool with it.
Drive to her place, start the audio...
You'll have to wait and see where I stop the audio...

But I still say Strippers and Porn girls SUCK in bed. I like sex, but not shitty sex.

So yeah sign up for my list. All my Strip Club Audio is being Edited as we speak Over 12 hours in Last month alone. This includes Pulls, Bounces, and in the Club dealing with their attitudes and all the other fun stuff.
Vegas and Last night's A/V gets edited this weekend. The Vegas Audio/Video is badass, and last nights is even better than that.

Also in Vegas there were a few interviews we did with some women about Sex and Relationships that I think you guys will like.


Also Jtime, Negatron and I are Conference Calling on Thurs. If you want to be on that call it is FREE for those on the List.
And Jtime and Negatron actually get laid and have their lives in order unlike most of these guys out there...

I just listened to this PODCAST of an instructor talking about going Sexual....what a fucking Pussy!
If you guys know who I mean tell him to get on my list, cause from what it sounds like I am not seeing it. What I got in store for you guys will Blow Pretty much anyone, any other PUA I know out of the Water.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Some Words of Wisdom

This is like one of those things that you might get in one of those mass emails that we all know and love- but it is still good...and from a very good friend of mine.

Guys, let's sign up for that list!
Some important info is going out this week.
We have some really cool FREE and Interactive things this next month that you will want to be a part of!

But for now, here is what my buddy Rick has to say...

The thirst for love, the thirst for desires these are the root of suffering of your innermost feeling, if you want to extinguish this suffering, you should start by lowering or reduce these desires.
The practitioner should not seek after material enjoyment, but in the basic needs of living, these needs should be harmonized. For example: we shouldn't be gluttonous about eating, but this doesn't mean not eating at all, and we shouldn't be too fond of sleeping, but this doesn't mean not resting at all.

All things you will find, your heart can become attached to. These things then immediately become the master, and you are their slave because they manipulate you. Therefore the wise person can lay down all things, and not become attached to these things. He may use all things, but is not used by all things. Only then can he be the host, in other words he is the genuine master, and is not the slave. Most living things see satisfying their desires and doing things enjoyable as happiness; But Buddha see enlightenment as happiness.

Chasing after the sense of joy is just the same as getting excitement from an addicting drug, you might gain a short high but hidden is the endless damage. So the wise person does not get suck into the joy of sense.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's and my friend Nate

So this last month I am really not sure if I broke any records, but if I didn’t I came close. Pretty out of it lately and there has been lots of action.
In fact I told Shaft the other about a week ago I could probably break a record with lays this month. He at first agreed and then he went on to say,

“Who cares about that stuff. Look, if you hadn’t hooked up with CJ and Sinn you would not have not be in the community. You would have taken a bootcamp gotten what you wanted and lived whatever life. But you met CJ and you made it to be an excellent teacher, and you are better at helping people than most, but who cares about what the community thinks. Why prove yourself to it. Live a good life instead, but who cares about how many girls you fuck."

This made sense to me….
It is not that I don’t really care what the community thinks. And for those of you who know me, I am one of the few people out there who freely gives his time at lairs and whatever other venues there are out there. I like the idea of a community, but in order to be a good teacher I can not have the community shape me.
Nor can I expect the community to be shaped my me. The way I want to add to it is by helping who I can help and looking for whoever comes my way being a teacher to me.

So this brings me to my next issue.
In 7 days I got 4 new lays. I got them all within 7 days and I think I could have gotten a 5th last night, but life got in the way. So maybe after tonight it will be 5 new lay in 8 days. Pretty good.
2 of these girls are very hot. They are both Strippers and they both sucked in bed.
For me at least.
One was a hired gun, who also sucked in bed and the other approached me, she was good in bed. The frustrating thing is that I can usually make the girls that are bad in bed good, but I no longer want to put forth the effort. And this is why I am writing this. I have always like sex, but more sex isn't always the answer.

Back to the lays though.... I guess you could say (as Soco brags about) I close more than I open. All 4 of these girls opened me.
Either way it was a pretty good week, even month, actually a pretty good last couple of months. This has more to do with Inner Game than technique though. I have built up a life style I like and I have been doing the things that I the life so to speak. Captain Jack actually has a big rant about this.

But the more lays, don’t bring happiness. It is the happiness that brings more attraction. It is my sense of happiness with self that brings attraction. What pick up taught me, was just how to present all this in the best way.

Anyway, next week
I am going to the AVNs next week, I am shooting a bunch of models, and testing a shit load of models, some of them in Playboy, but really who the fuck cares.
One thing I know about models is they pretty much always suck in bed.
My point in this, is that I smoked ass this week.
In fact so have many of my friends. Jtime and Algasim both.
Sinn has too, the other night, when I was with the Israeli he was with a very unSinn-esque hottie. I guess he has laid a bunch of models lately too. She was more my type than his.
But I will say if we want to have a competition of models, I would think that it would be hard to beat me, since I kind of have a social circle of them.
Also in cold approach all I have to do is tell them what my next shoots are and it is a matter of logistics at that point.

Jtime and Negatron have helped me with, is living a good life. One of the things that I like about Soco, is what he does is make a lifestyle that he likes. There are a lot of women in his social circle, but that is the life he wants. I think the myth that we all buy into in this community is that we think that those MPUAs we all look up to have this amazing life.
So yesterday I was pretty out of it. I have actually closed a Stripper, then because the sex was so shitty, I called the Israeli to pick me up and had sex with her again.
How’s that for fucked up…
I got a ride home from the Israeli, she is for the most part a very nice woman, and has her shit together. Why she likes me so much I don’t know. But she has pretty much talked me into moving to Israel, telling me that Israeli women would love me.

I get home and my friend Nate calls me. Nate tells me he finally hooked up with this girl he has like for a long time. Nate is not a PUA, but knows what I do.
I tell him about my situation and he says,

“You know that one girl you brought down that one time, she was good for you.”

Nate has known me for my whole life pretty much.

“She is just your type. But you’re like this kid that got a new toy and now that toy has gotten old. You know you can get all these women and now you’re at the point where you’re bored with it. Getting another new toy doesn’t really work.”

I agree with him on this. In fact every PUA I know that is honest with me goes through a phase where they get really good, then they plateau. They will suck for months even, and then they get their mojo back. It is all an inner game thing really. The PUA community usually answers this by getting more ass, or trying to. Now I will offer a different answer.
But Nate is right, I gained nothing from having sex with all those strippers. I gained nothing from KFPing them. I only gain something from them if I like the life I am living.
Nate goes on…

“You need to use your superpowers for good not evil, why don’t you focus on stability and less ego. There is nothing wrong with getting laid, and there is nothing wrong with getting laid a lot, but if you are doing it to make you happy then that is bullshit. Happiness comes from detachment not attachment. Right now your identity is completely wrapped up in the Pick Up Community. When you started in it, it was fun to be able to meet and fuck all these women who you never thought you could. Then you were able to, and you got bored with it. You met some girls you liked, you pissed them off by being an instructor in it, or you had too many going at one time.
Then you started meeting all these people who were living good lives who you taught, and you changed. Since Oct you are getting laid like crazy again. Who cares, you have a ton to offer the world, I know you, use the super powers for good not evil.”

This is the thing with Nate…he is a wise man. I know a lot of wise men, and am very fortunate to have them in my life.
I always like it when I have someone in front of me who gives good advice. I always want to milk more out of them.
So Nate went on, and this is where I think everyone can benefit from this all.
He said,

“Look when you look at certain religions they have all these metaphors for being happy or unhappy. But one idea I always liked, was that if you were someone who had a broken spirit your whole life would revolve around dysfunction. That is all it could do. That dysfunction would manifest itself in many ways, none that would show your spirit is fucked. You might have bad people in your life, be in debt, have shit relationships, be a victim to the world.
But really you got to fix yourself first. Fixing yourself has nothing to do with what you have, it has to do with what you do. In your case, you are part of this world where how much you get laid gets you money. Now your motives are completely different from when you started this who journey. Like I said at first you just wanted to meet good women. Now you want to make money and prove yourself over and over again to who?
The thing is, because you have done it so much you have manifested a pattern in it. You know how to solve that pattern. And you know that pattern has nothing to do with women, that is how it is showing itself. But that is where you will have to start.”

In any case, this is what I have always liked about the people in my life.
In the Community and out of the Community, I have managed to build good relationships with people and have some pretty amazing moments to guide my way.