Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vegas Audio and Video

Just a reminder about the Conference Call on Thurs with Jtime, Negatron and myself.

Read on if you want to know why you NEED to GET ON THE LIST now!

Alright guys I got some of the most insane Video and Audio from Vegas,
And even better, I got some totally fucking insane Audio from being off the plane after just 2 hours back home LAST NIGHT.

So I get home from Vegas, send out a mass text saying,
"I think of you when I masturbate"
(by the way, that gets a pretty consistent response, and it is good. Try it)
Pretty much every girl responds that I haven't closed.
The harshest response I got was 'That's original" to which I responded... "Don't worry baby it was a mass text you haven't made it to the 'original' status yet".

In any case, one of my Stripper friends texts back.
I go back and forth (could look in my phone, but it was literally 2 to 3 exchanges and nothing special).

She calls me...
I record the Booty Call, she's cool with it.
Drive to her place, start the audio...
You'll have to wait and see where I stop the audio...

But I still say Strippers and Porn girls SUCK in bed. I like sex, but not shitty sex.

So yeah sign up for my list. All my Strip Club Audio is being Edited as we speak Over 12 hours in Last month alone. This includes Pulls, Bounces, and in the Club dealing with their attitudes and all the other fun stuff.
Vegas and Last night's A/V gets edited this weekend. The Vegas Audio/Video is badass, and last nights is even better than that.

Also in Vegas there were a few interviews we did with some women about Sex and Relationships that I think you guys will like.


Also Jtime, Negatron and I are Conference Calling on Thurs. If you want to be on that call it is FREE for those on the List.
And Jtime and Negatron actually get laid and have their lives in order unlike most of these guys out there...

I just listened to this PODCAST of an instructor talking about going Sexual....what a fucking Pussy!
If you guys know who I mean tell him to get on my list, cause from what it sounds like I am not seeing it. What I got in store for you guys will Blow Pretty much anyone, any other PUA I know out of the Water.

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MEGATRON said...

Will this call be released as a podcast at some point?

I'm gonna be on a plane Thursday night.