Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some News and going back to Vegas for UFC 94

So it has been a while...
hospital runs and working too much...

Swagger and my friend in the Caribbean almost got their wish...
I find it funny that someone in another country actually has a bounty on my head.
Kinda like status! My death is worth money to's that for a DHV?

But last weekend I went to the hospital...pretty fun stuff, I always like the hospital.
Everything is all good, I am still alive...for now.
It is funny cause, I can get pissed off about all sorts of stuff throughout the day, but when it comes to life or death I really don't mind too much.

I have already been there done that, and if I am going to live, I'd might as well do it well.
If not, well someone has got to set the man upstairs straight...I imagine I can give it a shot.

I have been off the internet for about a week and I have come to realize how hard it may be to call everyone of you guys on the phone.
What happens is that I call the guys and I end up talking to them for an hour and a half and then I still have another 100 people on the list.
So here is what I am going to do...
I am going to start scheduling the calls in blocks of 5 people.
I will send another email out this week about how to get on those calls.

Also I am going to start having 2 of my friends (Free Spirit, and Shift) scheduling some upcoming conference calls for theREDstack. If you have a stack I am going to be doing a month of Conference Calls limited to 5 people about the Stacks.
I will be mailing out the information for all this on my Get On IT!

Also I am going to do a Conference call this weekend with a few Surprise guests!

As for now, I am headed to Vegas to go to UFC 94, afterwards Me and Scotty from, along with Soco, Jtime and Algasim will be throwing one of the biggest after parties in Vegas this weekend at the Wynn...
Everyone will be there!

Hope to see you there!


Sandros said...

Hey man,
Hospital is just off time for yourself,which is ok dude.

I'm just Glad you're back man!

I will send my bolivian army to hunt them down like scarface lol.

cool man...

Fawn said...

Swagger, you are too chicken shit to show yourself, but if you are who i think you news for you man...NO pick up skills would get YOU lay hot chicks :(
You should save your time working on your look instead of butting in other people's business

Bruce Bruce said...

Nice blog I have been reading for awhile! Love the KFP!
Can't wait for saturday night UFC 94!