Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks for the Conference Call! Some new Audio Coming OUT!

Hey Guys,

Conference call was GREAT!
Everybody on the Call I will be giving a personal call to this WEEK!

In other news we are going to be doing another Conference Call when I am in Vegas on Jan 29th.
This one will be awesome, and will be voiced mainly around Sexuality Early on in Set.


I have Audio of Last Week's conference call and I also have Audio of a Bad Ass Lair I did on SAT.

All this Audio is going out to my List in the NEXT 30 days!

In the meantime Captain Jack has been winning to me about how he can't approach...he gives me all these excuses about how he hasn't done his Voodoo New age techniques to give him the proper mental game to start Opening again.

We all want to see Captain Jack be good again and not some KJ...
As we all say, when he is ON he is HANDS DOWN the BEST PUA we have all seen.
But sitting on his ass writing, he is just a guy with some good information.

I will say this, maybe if he actually listened to what I teach he might have the balls to get out in the Field Again.

So Starting Feb 1st were are going to battle again.
Another Lay War...
I am gonna kick his ass for all of you to read about.

I will be recording all of the audio on my sets, I offered it to him and he replied...
"Dude, no props, I can't have you around me with a camera dangling around your neck like a perverted Jimmy Olsen"

I don't think I have EVER opened a Set with a Camera Around my Neck...
I seriously don't think I have.
I have done a shit load of that pre-game.

But I can be a Perverted Jimmy Olsen.
All I got to say is let's see if CJ will record the audio of his sets....
We'll see if he actually gets off his ass and goes out to game.


Nikki said...

I like the competitive spirit.

Competitions are awesome. Lets hear all about it when it goes down.


Sandros said...

Rock n Roll!