Friday, September 28, 2007


Another problem, people get caught up in the ‘social climate’ and how to manipulate that. Those things are superficial.
Peacocking does get you opened, but it won’t build attraction for you unless it empowers your identity.
The attraction switch it gives off is not flashy colors and large top hats.
It might make you taller,
but the switch it sets off is it establishes social status ans identity.
Those can be worked in other ways.

If you’re a Magician, Rock Star, Club Promoter YES! If it is your style then do it.

But from an evolutionary standpoint Male Mammals DON’T do this.
Practically all male birds do this. We are not birds.
Seriously, no male mammals do this. Female mammals do and it is very important for them to do it.
Being well groomed and fit are more evolutionarily justified as an attraction switch than Peacocking. It does point out social status, but if that’s not your social status it actually DLVs you.
For instance, a 35 year old Doctor should look like the sharpest 35 year old Doctor he knows of, not like Musician.

Plus Peacocking does not get you laid. It takes a lot more than that.
Work on your comfort, and transitions to comfort, and you'll see more results.

Also I would have to say Peacocking is a trick that immediately gets someone attention. So guys who take courses get results they are not used to.
It shows immediate results.
Now if you have no game those results go nowhere.
So you're getting reactions rather than results.

So rather work on taking care of yourself and being well groomed, and you're good.


How I WASTE time...

So today I made it to
Southern California and was fortunate enough to make it into one of my friend’s massage parlors.

No not the ones where you get naked and the refugee asks you over and over again if you’re a cop, while trying to (literally and figuratively) milk you for that glorious tip.
It was actually a legitimate business, where you paid money and go a massage for an hour.
No “finishing off” as so well put in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

But for an hour I got to thinking, while a beaten down women vigorously rubbed my body.

I really enjoy the topics of Sociology and Psychology, which is actually how I got into this whole seduction community.

In fact I obsess about such things.

A few weeks ago I posted something that had to do with how we evolved socially and so our hardwiring or our switches have massive social triggers.

Why anybody would read it, I don't know. I don't want to reread it.
That's why I am writing this...

But I think it had something to do with this-
Man is a fairly weak living being. Our bodies are less efficient than other mammals, our babies need about 2 to 3 years of nurturing, we are slower than most mammals, and less powerful, and we take a long time to sexually mature.

In any case if you want to look at efficient life forms, look at Bacteria or Amebas.
If you want to talk about evolution and efficiency look at Sharks, they do take a long time to mature, but they have are super efficient predators and have six senses.

So Man has some advantages but a lot of disadvantages-
One- We have retracting thumbs and can throw.
Two- We have imaginations that seem to be very elaborate.
Three- We have massive social needs.

Now many animals travel in Packs, Schools, Herds… whatever you want to call them.
This is a huge advantage; it allows our weaknesses to be compensated for.
As a group we could allow those weaknesses to be hidden from our predators and the forces of nature.

All animals that have these qualities have consistencies in what they do. They have social hierarchies that exist from the wolf pack in Alaska to the Wolf Pack in eastern Canada. Their ‘customs’ are generally the same.

Same with Chimps and Baboons and all those Great Apes, and even us Humans.
But Like Chimps and Baboon we have large divides of varying cultures within our species.

One of the problems with humans is that we don’t consider ourselves as simple biological beings. We think of ourselves as something outside of that. We ingratiate our culture, customs, and individuality alone.

Now those things are all important and I am not saying that those things have no effect on humans or human interaction.
But a problem in how we live is that we don’t look at those things like Culture and Individualism in terms of our evolutionary paths and boundaries.
We have major consistencies within our cultures and individuality.
We like all things here are simple biological beings, that without socialization we fall apart.
And we fall apart in all of the ways our brains are mapped out to be.
That mean physically and emotionally.

So take this in terms of Pick up…
(and I figure if you got through all that you must be thinking why I went through all that crap to explain this)

All humans are desperate to be social and procreate. Our brains may have cultural boundaries to these things, but they are desperate for them too.

We evolved in small groups of people that were more Dependant on our instincts and small social circles than large cultural boundaries. Cultural boundaries became more defined with population growth.
In fact humanity is so predictable that population density and what happens within a culture can be mapped out extremely accurately.
Culture itself is a result of a certain level of population density.

Plus we were always in a tribal system until agriculture occurred only 10,000 years ago.
Our Brain’s evolutionary progress stopped about 100,000 years ago, and we stopped being apes 3 million years ago. So our brains evolved in an ever changing small group of people we were dependent upon.
So that is a long time without masses of people and cultural boundaries affecting the structure of our brain.

Therefore those cultural structures we all depend on are so easily over powered by attraction switches. In fact we place cultural structure so importantly because of our evolutionary needs to adapt to then safety nest of other people around us. But it can be bypassed very easily.

Everything in a man’s body (after puberty) wants to spread his seed, and everything in a woman’s body (after puberty) wants to make a baby. And it takes sex to do that!
It is necessary for the mental and physical well being of all to be social and spread the seed.

But now we have a big society, we have tons of people, we have complex social and cultural structures. But work within those frames utilizing our biological needs you have got an advantage.

You see human have to be social, and human beings will be social over rational any day. It is our benefit and it is our weakness.
It is in our benefit to have an open door in our psychology to change. But in a large population where consistency is so enforced, our brains are more than willing to be socially manipulated.
Now I don’t believe in running game to maliciously manipulate anyone. But I don believe in game to empower one’s self to the degree that all can see it.

But the human mind is extremely pliable. It had to be in order to be able to adapt socially.

Let’s look at histories of humanity.
When society got big enough to employ a government in order to hold itself together it had to have that government lead them.
When in society has government been beneficial to the survival of its individuals?
When a government exists it exists because there are too many people to be accounted for as individuals and they have to be seen as a whole, a group.
A government is the group of people as a whole, it cares not of the individuals that make it up, but about itself staying in tact as a whole.
Now our brains weren’t made to exist this way. But our brains do respond well to being lead. The alpha, the theory of the Bicameral Mind.
We have always been lead, and there has always been a need for a leader.
So government leads, and it has led all sorts of people to do stuff which might seem absurd. Especially when we are not a part of that group’s culture. But all those people who listened to Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot were all humans very much like us. I hate to say it but biologically and psychologically they weren’t too different. Even the leaders themselves weren’t too different. All those people were going with the flow. Some may not have believed in it, but it is more important to go with the group than to break from it.

So people can be influenced in huge absurdities, and tragedies.
In fact our minds are made to be influenced. Our minds, for survival, have made to be influenced and led.
But, we no longer have such threats, of our social anchors being up lifted. We have society constantly bombarding us.
We have constant interaction from billboards and limitless forms of media.
Our minds are capable of dealing with these stimulations, but were not made to process these stimulations.

Our conscious mind was only made to handle a few things at a time.
I believe the idea is 7, give or take a few.

We can only handle a social situation with a few people. That is why a 5 set (or more, when approached with new obstacle (PUA) will divide. You might even be able to argue that it would have to, in order to allow a social change.
But larger groups like 10 people need to be won over in completely different ways.
They need to be seen and made a whole. Rather a smaller group, can be seen as individuals.
So we are conditioned by society, but in a terribly overwhelming way. Again when population densities reach a certain height massive disorder comes. People’s happiness levels dip to new lows.
There are many solutions we try and come up with for this; religion, politics, drugs, material possessions, and the list goes on.
But we natural look for a social change to do so. But they are distortion.
Going to the club, bar, meet and greets, you name it are all just reactions for the lack of purpose in people’s lives. People in larger populations have way more access to different ways of life, but less of a sense of identity and self than people who come from smaller populations.
However, once a smaller population is integrated into a large one, there is the colonization mentality that sets in. But we’ll save that for later.

Now I am not trying to diminish our way of life, but it is not natural for our brains and it is not how they evolved.

Look at how we solve traffic, which we all love.
We sit in it everyday. Some of you may be luck and not have to deal with it. But how we solve it is by making larger roads (which in the process creates more traffic). We figure out other ways of mass transport. We create nicer cars, that have AC, TVs, Phones that you can take in your car, but traffic still sucks.
What did people do 20 or 30 years ago when traffic sucked then, and they couldn’t talk on the phone, or watch TV or connect to the internet?
They maybe listened to the radio. But some cars didn’t have AC.
With all the advancements we have come up with, we haven’t solved any problem. Our ways of dealing with it, have only created a bigger one.
No body has changed the culture directly. Now you can change from culture to culture (may be very difficult), but for the most part the idea of changing the culture so we don’t have to drive everywhere and have a different idea for making money than driving to a place of work in order to sustain life will only go so far. People won’t do it. Embrace their culture, as inefficient as it is to their death.

So how does this works for someone trying to influence people, well it works quite well.

First off, everyone is longing for real human interaction. Look at religion or self help or even this community.

If I could be fulfilled sexually form internet porn I wouldn’t go out. It gets better and better but it is still no sex. And I want real sex! The kind that makes babies.

But what humans can respond to most effectively are social situations within small groups. That is how they are influenced the easiest and that’s how we evolved.
And people are open to change. Now look these strings we are pulling on are not communicated logically. So we can’t communicate logically. We need to communicate subconsciously. But know; people need human interaction, people need social change, and people can only socialize as an individual in small groups.

Formulate to someone, and convince them to, live your way of life and they will die for it. Create their identity and they will follow you.
Our minds are meant to be led, but society over loads them, opening the door for a hand to go in and turn them.

All this while, getting a massage,
But really this is how game should be played. Get your theory down and establish applications based off of that. All one needs is a belief, faith and actions empowered by that belief to get huge results.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Q and A


Let me know if this Q and A stuff helps, also ask me questions about anything

This here is a really simple question I got from someone who
read my Blog.
This is the sort of question I had asked myself time and time again.
So I, myself, can relate with it.

It really is more than frustrating when you re trying your best to get good at this thing, I mean giving it your all, and nothing comes of it. You buy product after product and you got everything in your head, but still you're at home and alone.

I know it would be great if it all could be free, and you know what Myself, Sinn, Future and Captain Jack have a lot of info in our blogs. All for FREE!
But in all honesty it is had to learn from a Blog.

I believe it can be done, but there is a reason why we get paid as Instructors...
We're really good at it!
And it's worth every penny.

A TMM Boot Camp or One on One is the way to go, but I understand it is a lot of money.
In this email I am giving an outline that will help Student X out, get result, and be on a budget so that over time, he can get this thing down.

No matter how much training, a BC is always good.
When I sit in on one it is always super informative and I have sat through about 10 of them.

But this is a great Plan of Action in the meantime!



I've read The Game, The Mystery Method, and Magic Bullets. Why am I not internalizing this information? Maybe I'm asking for game on a silver platter but I thought maybe I should ask one of the best teacher of the mystery method.

What would you suggest I go for in terms of information? What did you read first? I guess I just don't "get it" I want to have a boot camp but I'm not 21. Do you do one on ones for 18 year olds?


Student X


Hey man, great question!

And thanks for the props.

Check it out man, there are courses for people 18 and up in
Canada. I would really recommend it.
Also an instructor and I (Braddock) are working on a College Campus
That might be something you're interested too.

Here is my story man,
I bought the Venusian Arts Handbook I bought some David D stuff and I
really read and listened to it like crazy. I Bought Magic Bullets,
and the list can go on.
I had spent about $1k on this stuff and had nothing happen. It all
made sense, I tried it a bit, but couldn't make it work.

It was so frustrating because the thing with it all is, that you think
to yourself...
'Man all these other guys seem to be making this work and I can't get
it! There must be something wrong with me!'

As much as it may feel that way I can assure you it is not you.
I have made people from all walks of life good at this.

The key for me was to get personal instruction.
I took a BC, I am actually about to post about my experience there on my blog.
It was like it all finally made sense. I just had to be forced into
set, I had to get criticism on my body language, I had to get it on
how I spoke. I had to get into that mentality of not being afraid of
women, that I had Sinn, Tenmagnet and Captain Jack to feed off of.
My BC was over $2k, really hard for me to swing. But I made it
happen. And looking back on it, I would have paid $5k for it.
That's how worth it, it was.

After that I practiced like crazy!
I went out minimum 4 nights a week, for 3 months.
I started to get pretty good.
It was at that time CJ took me under his wing and he turned the screw
a little bit more.
And then another revelation happened in game.
Now I am teaching non-stop.
And I am learning so much from just that.
That's why I love your question. You are asking the same thing I
asked about a year and a half ago.

I don't know anybody who has gone without personal instruction, that
was able to get this stuff quickly.
In fact something that might help me is, what's you're feedback on a
program that might help you. Like the College Campus program.
Also let me know where you live.

So knowing what I know now and what other things instructors have to offer, here is a bit more affordable plan!

Get some routine stack consultation online.
We all do it, and it really helps. You can get something that is tailored to fit you.
The best thing you can do is go out and do something consistently. Then you can build your calibration.

Also we can take a look at your style and identity through your fashion choices.
This is very simple, just send in some photos and we can give you a few pointers as to what direction to go in clothes-wise.

Also what I would recommend is getting some phone consultations in there.
Actually talking to an instructor over the phone can help tremendously!
There may be places where you're tripping it up verbally and be completely unaware.
Plus it is a good opportunity to pick our brains.

With the combination of those things you can spend a fairly small amount of money and do it over a period of time.

It is a great way to get your feet wet!



Monday, September 24, 2007

The Sexualized Text

There are a few warnings and descriptions I am going to have to go through before I post some of this stuff.

Number one
- posting this stuff in public is kind of a risk, but the truth is that I have gotten a lot of requests for it and I feel there is something that can be learned of it.
Number two- one of the reasons why this is so important is because the model of it is more complex than just vulgar or lewd. It is communicating on multiple levels with a woman.
Number three- This form of communication pushes it. You can always push your way in verbally, to instigate physically. But mainly one you have got someone to fit in the role ou want them in, it is fairly easy to get them back there.

Despite how over the top all this is the psychology involved in it should not be over looked.

Also the main thing I am working on now is taking my body language to a new level. I am working on reading (calibrating) my own sub communication receptors as well as communicating more with what I am putting off.
Using the right balance of normal social interaction as well as passive social interactions, like giving off body language that might imply sexuality is hugely effective.
Now this doesn’t mean you walk around grabbing yourself, it really is subtler than that. It takes practice. I need a lot more practice at it, but within the PUA community I am quite good at it. I will list some resources with this a little bit later when I have it down comfortably.

So in all of this I am going to post about a text message exchange that I had with a girl I have since closed.
I am very comfortable when I number close a girl that I will close her. I will try and go for the lay that night, but if it doesn’t happen that’s fine.
There may be logistical problems, outside obstacles, or she may not be ready. Either way if I get some rapport and a number I am fine.
Even an email address, I can pull it off.

So far I have closed 8 girls in the past 3 months with only texting or emailing them. I only talked to them on the phone right before we actually met again.
This example in particular is great because the whole text exchange happened in one day.

Here is how and why it works.
This to me is the most important thing.
The reason why this is effective, is because you are creating different roles for a person to communicate through. Here there is a huge fantasy area. But in any social interaction there are multiple things being communicated even when the intent is to only communicate one thing. So in a normal interaction between a PUA and a Target there is your basic Attraction stuff everyone knows about. Attraction is vitally important, but people obsess about it.
It is a part of the puzzle, but not the only part. Attraction can be very passive.
Now in that interaction you can be communicating with what you are saying and obviously doing, but there is much more going on with that.
The difference we see in boot camps where a student gets blown out and no more than 10 seconds later and instructor goes in and can open the set and hold it using the exact same opener, has to do with all that other stuff they are not so obviously doing.
The key is, that everybody has thoughts of sex, hate, love, pain, there is not too much diversity to the range of human emotions.
In fact I think it is something like; happy, mad, sad, hurt, afraid, ashamed... I may be missing one.
So there is always something like that to relate with.
But someone who is good at influencing people can work multiple things at once.
That is how this text works.
It breaks social etiquette, but that is because there is more leeway in the written form. Especially a written form that is so superficial as texting.
But let's say the PUA is there with his Target.
You have got to maintain that social identity of the target, by maintaining etiquette, but also pulling out those other identities on the target. Ones that might be more comfort bound, and others that might be more sexually bound.

This is really hard stuff to explain in just a blog.
But as I have said before
email me...

We offer very affordable routine stack consultations, even customized routine stacks, and probably the most common thing is a phone consultation.

Either way there is more to this text thing than just being a pervert, although that helps. And there is more than your routines than making them present a false self to a girl.
What myself Captain Jack, Sinn and Future teach is how to game. And how to game like us.
And we teach you to do it in a way that highlights you!

Text Dialog
from a few months ago...

So I am sitting in my Hotel room on Boot Camp and I am bored.
Sinn has always asked me about my odd phone/text methods and I have never recorded what actually took place. I would explain it, but could never really break it down well.
So here I am in Chicago, and a girl who I know from photography texts me. I don’t know her well. Haven’t had anything sexual with her ever. She’s a model and I know her through friends who I have shot.
Last week I closed a girl in Scottsdale with this same type of thing. She flew out from CA to ‘visit her friend’. But the whole time she spent time with me in my hotel room (sorry Captain Jack).
Basically here’s the deal, you are friends with a girl and you play a flirty sexual game with them.
Note how this dialog starts, just friendly. Then I add in a little sex, and she takes it and runs with it.
Once she opens the door I walk in big time.
The whole time I am framing her to be ‘my naughty girl’. No big deal, but I am push it.
The thing with pushing a bit too far, is because if you have rapport, if you have humanized yourself with someone, you can almost always recover.
And then I drop the major sex description.
Then I put her in a role.
Then I make her WORK for that role to add investment to the identity.
And always maintain the frame of her having to play MY game!

The funny thing is that this happened while sitting in my Hotel room, then getting ready to do the field part of the BC, and then during the intense sex part while in the cab with Future and Sinn on the way to the venue.
And then I ended it while at the bar in set.

Kinda funny, but here’s the entire unedited dialog. Just know you can push it!
But be careful, I am very good at this. And this is an extreme example of what I do. So take it easy with your texts, don't push it too hard, just a little at a time.

HB Model- Hey, when are you coming here
El Topo- Sorry I am laid up in a hospital bed
HB Model- What?!
El Topo- I have mercury poisoning and am stuck in a bed in AZ.
HBM- PERFECT that’s just how I like my men
ET- Don’t tease me I am totally sexually deprived, fuck you.
HBM- I too am Sex deprived. Too bad We’re not closer.
ET- You had to keep going…now I am going to have to think of you as I touch my cock.
HBM- WOW! How’s that for being honest!
ET- Fuck you
HBM- You’d like that. I am sure.
ET- Listen here HOOKER! Shot the fuck up, I am trying to get off!
HBM- Fuck you HOOKER TEXT Back!
ET- I will pound your ass woman! Shut the fuck UP!
HBM- Not into the whole ‘ass’ thing. But don’t make promises you can’t keep.
ET – You god damn HOOKER, don’t make challenges you can’t keep BIATCH
HBM- Don’t use the lord’s name in vain.
ET – Fuck you, I am a demon sex motherfucker, I will send your pussy to HELL
HBM- I am already in HELL. LOL
ET- Hell is nothing in comparison as to what I am going to do to you HOOKER!
HBM- WOW! What are you gonna do?
ET- Shut the fuck UP! You god damn HOOKER. Know your place!
HBM- I’m about to take a shower. So gimme some visuals.
ET- I am going to put you on all fours bitch and take you from behind. As I am shoving my fat cock into your tight pussy I am going to spit on your asshole, and prepare it for my cock. But before that I am going to grab the back of your hair and force my cock into your mouth and make you suck yourself off of me.
ET- Then after I am done with your mouth, I am going to throw you on your back and get on top of you. I will throw your legs back and go deep. I am not going to fuck you like those other guys. I am going to drive my cock all the way in till it tears past your cervix into your womb. The ridge of my raging cock will scrape against the wrinkles in your cunt. I will drive my dick around all of it. I will hit all your spots as my cock tastes every bit of your thick juices.
HBM- HOLY SHIT! No One could duet accuse you of being Shy! Christ. You just made me Blush. That never happens. ☺
HBM- Are you coming yet?


ET- You never get fucked that way dirty girl, do you.
HBM-You have NO Idea.
ET- I am not done yet, fuck you! It is now your turn to send me visual. You fucking HOOKER.
HBM- Anyways. Lets See If we bring some relief to my little sexually deprived sex demon.
ET- That’s not good enough BITCH, make my dick as wet as your pussy HOOKER!
HBM- Your hand still works right? Your hand can still get hard right?
ET- I have a hard cock and a hand but, that’s not what I told you to do. I want your fucking pussy to make me HARD!
HBM- So you can come! Let’s do it.
ET- Get to work HOOKER. You need to learn to talk dirty, or I’m not going to allow you to finish me off. You wanna make my cock come. You wanna make this cock yours…
HBM- Maybe ☺
ET- Fuck off…you’re awesome babe, but if you’re not gonna play I got to go.
HBM- Well… We’d have to definitely start out with you in my mouth. Slowly. I’d work my Tongue Around your head. Move Slowly towards the shaft. Until your entire Cock is in my mouth.
ET- and…
HBM- I’d repeat. Several times. But you can’t come like that. Not in my mouth. So just before you are about to come I’d remove my panties.
ET- Keep gong bitch, I have to shower soon.
HBM- Get off in the shower? I am getting off right her in my bed with you. Do you want Me to Stop?
ET- keep going, you owe me more…tell me about your little pussy
HBM- It feels so FUCKING GOOD. I’d ride You so hard. Pushing you farther inside me.
My pussy continuing to get wetter and wetter. Making it easier for you to slide in and out of me.
ET- Come on dirty girl, I know you can be naughty with me.
HBM- I’d Tie Your wrists to the bed post. Then I’d tie your ankles to the bed. Then I’d slide my soft Wet pussy Across your lips while reaching back to slowly stroke your cock. And tickle your balls.
Then I’d slowly turn around and gently guide your Cock Into Me From behind. Your chest against my back.
You lips close to my Ear so I can hear what you have to say to Me.
ET- You know I would put you in your place and make you do all sorts of bad girl things. I like to talk dirty, and I like you to be dirty to me.
HBM- How do I feel?
ET- When did you start thinking about me like this. How long have you been imagining my cock.
HBM- Send me a pic of what you’re doing right now.
ET- I can feel your sweat on your thighs as my shaft slides in and you of you. Your wet pussy is dripping down my balls to your asshole, you’re dripping more and more.
My cock is raging, you can feel my purple onion ready to burst inside your pussy. My head is getting fatter and fatter. What are you gonna do to make your cock cum baby?
HBM- I won’t let you come till I’m ready.
ET- Tell me love, tell me how you’re going to do it.


HBM- I want to feel your Tongue Inside Me. That’s my favorite.
ET- You want me to suck you, I don’t think you’ve sucked me enough yet. First I would have to lick up all of your juices so I can actually feel your lips. Your pussy is so wet and ripe.
HBM- Keep going.


ET- I am done, I want to cum HOOKER! You want my cock to CUM?
HBM- too much work, Typical. Whatever
ET- Shut the fuck up little girl, you don’t tell me what to do if I want you on your back that’s what you do. If I want you on all fours that’s what you do. I fuck you how I want to fuck you. And you don’t et fucked any better than me whore! Who makes your pussy this wet? Who’s cock can hold out this long with how tight you’re getting?
HBM- Are you gonna come for me?
ET- You have to earn my cum you fucking dirty girl. I dominate your CUNT, I need you to be really dirty for a little while in order to make me cum.
HBM- Fuck ME Easy the HARD!
ET- No you need to be real dirty, baby. You need to clinch up on me. You need to seize on my cock. You need to make my head pulsate bulging bigger and bigger in your pink little hole.
HBM- I’m gonna COME!
ET- I don’t want you to cum yet baby, I want you to come really hard for me , I need to feel your pussy drip all down my balls.
HBM- I will be good I promise, I am gonna come, what are you gonna do to me.
ET- Fuck you take your fucking hands off your pussy.
HBM- I came, I came so hard for you.
ET- What did I say! I am done. I will finish myself off elsewhere. Bye
HBM- No I don’t want to leave you High and Dry!
ET- Then you know what you have to do. You have to do what I say, you’re gonna have to be naughty for me. Real naughty.
HBM- Even better, how do I be your naughty girl?
ET- I just pounded your ass, now you have to pound mine you DIRTY CUNT WHORE! Now you dominate me, you fucking DIRTY BITCH!
HBM- You want me that way… I’d tie your wrists to the bed post. Then I’d tie your ankle to the bed, then I’d slide my soft wet pussy across your lips.
ET- Fuck you whore I already heard that one.


HBM- How do I be dirty for you, babe?
ET- You’ve got to rack my shit like a nasty fucking WHORE! I want you to get dirty like a nasty nasty girl.
HBM- That’s how you want me?
ET- Can you be that way, or do I need to text someone else.
HBM- I can be, I can be dirty for you.
ET- You need to do things for me I like, you need to do things you don’t normally do for other guys.
HBM- You wanna fuck my ass?
ET- Now you’re getting somewhere, I need you to violate me, and I need to violate you.
HBM- My pussy is still wet do you want me to get my ass wet with my pussy?
ET- Keep talking you’re making my cock rage!
HBM- Yeah is fucking my tight ass making you come! You like me from behind, fucking my ass?
ET- You fucking bitch, fuck my cock with your ass. You’re gonna make me CUM!
HBM- Come for me baby.
ET- Suck your ass off my cock!
HBM- Wat?
ET –You heard me! Suck your ass off my cock you dirty girl!
HBM- Stick it in my mouth, stick it my mouth.
ET- Say it whore, say it. Tell me you want to suck yourself off me! SAY IT, Make me CUM!


HBM- I want it I want your COME. Take it out of my ass and give me your come.
ET- I just shot my load so hard, baby. I just came so hard.
HBM- Did you come for me?
ET- I need to go babe, I am falling asleep. You wore my ass out.
HBM- But I want you here next to me.
ET- I can’t do that baby, I am tired and need to get some rest.
HBM- But I want to hold you next to me while I fall asleep.
ET- I am sorry babe, that’s not what I am here for.
HBM- Good night , call you tomorrow K ☺

Give this to your psychologist and let me know what they think...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Few Days out of the Picture

Sorry guys the past few days I have spent dealing with a
Crashed computer.
So I just started looking over emails and getting back to work.

Who says Mac's kick ass.
I have had this one for about 6 months and already the Hard Drive went on me.

In any case, I will start posting again and reply.

I am actually going to meet with
Shaft right now.
Both of us are named after badass movies.
when is a PUA gong to call themselves Visitor Q?

That's what I am waiting for.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

The RED Stack


One of the most effective things I teach all my students is how to
Build a Routine Stack. Not one that is from canned material, but one that is customized.
Canned material works, and it should be used, but at first people put it together all fragmented and inefficiently.
However, what if you got your start with a routine stack that had all the frames in there and transitioned within itself.

You could flow right from attraction, to comfort. All those frames would be in place for the type of game you would want to run and it would DHV you right from the start.

Also I am gong to start giving tutorials on how to develop routine stacks that are actually personalized and made to highlight your actual self and not some masquerading PUA trying to use peacocking as a form getting laid. Yes, it is a tool, but if your identity doesn't back it, it is not so great.
So I make students' identities shine in an Attractive, Comfortable, and Seductive way.
email me for more information on a custom stack.

So one of the reasons I wanted to do this is to put out there what works and what is efficient.
4 Months ago I had no routine stack. Then I saw Captain Jack and Sinn dominate by utilizing such strategic routine stacks.
But I never used in them, 1) because I can adapt to a lot of situations and 2) I have a lot of interesting stuff to talk about.

Here is the thing though...

That is great for having comfort, but that is also great to becoming someone’s friend.
I still got laid, but I would have to make that jump, you know those ones in between Attraction and Comfort, and Comfort and Seduction. And if I had a good stack that worked you into a set and isolation well I would have gotten laid much more.
Think of that you could have all those frames, built and set, so when you wanted to make your move it opens up for you.
With a proper stack you #1 have a script to rely on and #2 you are using a script that will for the most part write their script back to you.
Social engineering is key here folks.

It is my belief that if people studied
#1 the TMM model and got an instructor to break it down
#2 Studied the California Pimp
#3 Studied Alexyss K Tylor
#4 Kept up on social psychology and all the studies about sub communication
#5 And tested it out in the field consistently (like using a routine stack)

People from whatever background could be bad ass at game.
So with that being said….
Here is my stack, with my notes on it so you can NOT try and copy me, but BUILD your own.

My current routine stack…
(well maybe not now because I am publishing it)
And explanations as to why it works…

(at opener engage in touching, you don’t have to do it continuously, just begin it. For myself I just touch them on the arm and don’t escalate till I bait them into more comfort.

(in using direct, you need to carry it quickly into conversation, these openers won’t get you anywhere if you don’t jump threads right away.)

“Hey, you guys seem nice, are you friendly?”
“So where do all the cool people hang out?”


“Hey guys, I have got to ask you, my friend Michelle and I were here (or some other place, any place public really) he other night and there were these two making out in the middle of the walk way… (light tap on the arm) No seriously listen (I qualify them during the opener to maintain their attention, this is important, because if you can control their state then you can capitalize on that massively)
What I she always like this?
No but really they were like in the middle of the walkway. I like totally don’t get how people think that is like ok.
(Change state to something more intimate)
You know like when I was dating my ex-girlfriend, she is a dancer, we would, like to be together at places, and sometimes but we had a booth or something.
(access if the state change in comfort hooked and jump thread, if not back to attraction state and continue with opener and attraction threads)
Like seriously next time I see that I am going to go up to the guy and girl and give them a condom or something.

After in the group, usually within 30 seconds if I haven’t hooked comfort yet.

So how do you guys all know each other?
That’s cool, cause I am from Hawaii and I am not used to how people socialize here. I mean I have been here for years, but… (this almost always get an opening to comfort)

But if not I continue…

(build another intimate state with a little bit of excitement)
Yeah like you can tell a lot about people n how they carry themselves. Like you know my friend Molly is this just beautiful girl, she is just the perfect mix of everything, but the way she carries herself just exudes this lack of confidence.
(here make your state more quiet, from the heart… as if they can see it in your eyes)
And then you’ll know somebody that is not made up at all, not too much make-up and they’re just themselves, and they radiate.

You can keep going with but you can usually jump from there, but if you do want to continue….

Like I when I walked by you guys, just out of the corner of my eye I caught you guys and I kind of caught that vibe.
You know how you just kind of get that from people?

(here is the key to a transition, they should be done smoothly, you stack should script that, like everything you say should bait them further into your stack. At this point I have a lot of stuff going on. I have I am from Hawaii (get a reaction), I have DHVs of hanging out with my friends who are women. I have an ex that is a dancer. I have intuition about people that notices the ‘true beauty’ of people, and a slight cold read on them. So I can transition and build in any of those ways. So how do I want the night to go… am I looking for and SNL, do I want to go for a Day 2, Do I want a fuck buddy, do I want to try and find a girl that I can just have fun with and keep me company, or maybe I am thinking about settling down and want to find a girl I really like.
This is perhaps the most important part of HOW your game is played right here.
Right here, you should have attraction and slipping into comfort. But one thing Sinn brought to the community is that they all interact with each other. Attraction weaves through Comfort, and it even makes it into Seduction. They are cyclical, they are all prominent enough to be their own thing, but they all work with each other many times all three at once.)

So here is my qualification
(also at this point you should have social isolation within the group, if not it would not be impolite to isolate her)

“Hey you know what, you guys are cool, I can tell form just…
So what do you do when you’re not hanging out at (name venue)?”

Answer doesn’t matter,

“Wow, really. That’s actually really cool, my friend Ishtar does (name their answer) and he is like the most… together person I know. Like I am a Photographer, Like I have a cool job, and I get to travel all over the place, but Ishtar has got something, you know, something that I want. He’s like so grounded with himself.”

Ok, here is the thing; you don’t have to say you’re a photographer.
I have a job and skill that is normally ‘socially’ cooler than most people’s jobs.
The reason why I bring them up in their occupation is because it helps align my comfort. Then they are framed to play to me. Right now very lightly, but later it gets really big. Kind of like, what I do with my life is really beautiful and passionate, I will give you a taste of it, so you can se how beautiful it is. So now you see how important it is for me to do what I do, so you have to help me maintain it. So it will develop a Harem or Servant Comfort. See all that to explain, what a frame does. In fact you could incorporate that all into a cold read too to give them more identity with it.

So let’s say you have a job that is ‘socially’ uncooler than most people’s jobs. You can transition in many ways. But it is not the job that defines the interaction. Your job is not your identity, notice I don’t’ talk about my job I talk about my values. With that in mind here is an example if I were to get somebody who had a ‘socially’ cooler job.
“Wow, really that is amazing, you know when I was a boy I used to dream about that. (or let’s say is a female exclusive job, you should go into a similar story about how when you were young your friend, sister, mom, aunt dreamt of that of was that) Then you need to manufacture a story about it.
Transition into so when you were young did you always know how this was going to be?

For story telling, that is a whole art in itself.
And a massive tool for comfort.

But we will leave it there for now.
A stack that emulates this will easily get you into heavy comfort.
If I can get a girl to go this far into my stack about (10mins-15mins) I can pretty much tell where I am with her. I can tell if she is closable.

So there it is. There is actually more on comfort that I have to say, but there is only so much that I can write for the night.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New stuff and FAQs

So tonight I am beginning my new venture out with
Funny enough he is actually sick, so he may not come out but we are trying some new stuff.

Shaft is a really interesting guy. He's got the brains of a super human and every time I seem to meet up with him, we end up talking all night about new strategies of game.
We are really looking back into what people did in the past, and mix it with what is happening now.

Our main goal right now is to not go and open open open, or do anything in particular.
We are mainly trying to figure out more of the psychology of Pick Up.
We are going to try and screen specifically for certain triggers with women, and focus on disarming them.
This is a key factor in CJ and Sinn's SNL game.
They start right off the bat working the frames in and logistics.
It is a beautiful system.
Shaft and I are trying to do something similar out there, but more tailored to a wider range of women.

Tonight is the beginning and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post on it more.

Stay tuned!




Hey El Topo,

We started out in Santa Monica. PUA1 opened a two-set of women. Eventually, I came in to wing him because he was locked in and had been in-set for a while. He introduced me around, and we exchanged names. Apparently, the girls were accusing him of using lines from The Pick-up Artist show, even though the line he used never appeared on the show. He was talking with the blonde, so I took the opportunity to bust on the brunette about having nothing better to watch now that Sex and the City is over.
I kept two themes alive to string together our 20 minute conversation: 1) The Pick-up Artist, and 2) her Virginia background. Basically, I stayed in Attraction and played off of those themes to tease or neg her. For example, I’d accuse her of being from West Virginia and playing it off because she was ashamed of living in a house with a tractor, clothes line, and tire iron out front. I played the Five Questions/Five Lies game, but she wouldn’t play for a drink. So I set the stakes as a salsa spin. The game worked perfectly, as always, and I caught her twice. Two salsa spins. I even asked her how she and her friend go to the bar. They drove together, which is proof enough why opening mixed sets is best and why knowing logistics is important for same-night lays. Beyond that, I didn’t feel like kinoing her too much. I occasionally touched her should or hand, but that was it. I wasn’t attracted. Interestingly enough, despite all my efforts to keep her away from her friend so that PUA1 could do his thing and at least get a number, PUA1 wasn’t interested in his target and didn’t number-close. His girl left, so I took the opportunity to leave mine.

A little later, I tried to open a solo blonde who was pretty cute. She’d turned to go to the side and sit on a stool with her phone, but I opened her anyway. She had that fucking phone as a wedge to use against anyone she wasn’t interested in--all she had to do was play with it. Needless to say, she used it while I tried to use material. I started with the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine, and she just wasn’t having it. A smile, but then she was focusing on her phone. Annoying. So I played it off like I wasn’t from around the area and wanted to know a cool bar to go to. She wouldn’t jump through the hoop and gave a noncommittal answer. I pressed harder and shoved her through that fucking hoop so that she had to give up a name. Couldn’t understand the name of the bar she recommended, so I threw PUA2 at her to further cover my tracks and get the name of the bar. How far will I go to save face?

We bounced to another bar because Bar Z was far too packed in which to move around. I regretted going to the new place because we had to pay a $10 cover when we’d gotten into Bar Z for free. At least I found free parking. But that $10 was unnecessary and a total waste. It still irks me that I spent it when I know my budget is very tight this month. Anyway, I opened a two-set of girls. (Damn, I need to get back to the mixed sets.) One was blonde and cute, the other was Asian and cute. The Good Cop/Bad Cop opener worked better on the blonde. I stumbled through a transition that seemed to lose them, as they scrunched up their faces. I don’t remember what I said, but I saved myself and was actually talking to the blonde in isolation. The Asian girl left us alone. I decided for some reason to tell my DHV story about Highland Park. Near the end of the story, a friend from the group was looking like she wanted to say something to interrupt us, so I called her on it. Interestingly, the blonde came to my aid and told her group that I was a teacher and that I was telling one of my stories. She basically became my accomplice and helped give me cover so that it didn’t seem like I was hitting on her to her friends. That has to be some sort of IOI, right? So I began retelling my story, and I noticed the two-set had grown to a five-set of girls, and I was holding court, although I was not exactly locked in (we were standing in the middle of the room). But then there was an external interrupt by a mixed-set, and the girls lost focus on me and pretty much rolled around to the other two, which effectively left me in the dust. The rest of the time, I kept on helping other guys by pushing them into sets or encouraging them.


el topo's response-

Sounds good man. That is the kind of game you need to be doing.
You may not be feeling it, but it is.
First off your opener is only to open the group. Good Cop is kind of hard, but if you can make it work then make it work.
But even if they are not interested plow through. Your state switches will get you it.
Like if they are having none of it right from the start, be pushy, but in a smooth way.
"hey now, there's no need for that. So what's the deal, I just saw you guys having a good time and wanted to catch your vibe."
Any bullshit really so that they can catch your calm state.

As for PUA1 , 1) if anybody ever calls you out then let it go right by you. Who cares, 'I mean come on , really you actually think I am a pick up artist, you're giving me too much credit.' Then switch threads immediately.
2) you shouldn't be getting that. There is some nervousness that is being put off or some incongruence of some sort that is off. I never get that, I actually used to all the time in comfort.
The girls would say after about an hour or two of interaction if I did this all the time, picked up girls in bars.
I would just keep going
Then Captain Jack told me I need to show more weakness, more vulnerability. Now I never get it.
People just think they are meeting me for the first time, and having this amazing experience.

So here's you deal with the second set you told me about.
It seemed like the opened did its job. Like all openers you need to jump threads right away. But with yours you need to do it even quicker.
But it still worked. Remember it is only there to open the set. You need more customized openers if you want it to transition you into set better. But this will do.
So your story worked, but you need to be able to jump stories.
You need a stack of them that are deep, playful, and DHV you.
They can be different in how they move, but you need more.
As soon as the set merges like that you need to know the social dynamic of a 5 set or even a 4 set will divide. It will not be able to sustain. So at that point you will need to isolate your target.
Isolate her within the group.
When the blonde introduced you, you should have gone to her and negged her to her friends "is she always like this" then qualified her, "ok so you need to hear it twice, jezz, you drive a hard bargain. but come on it is your turn." Back to the group, "so how do you guys all know each other." Back to the blond while they answer, and ask her more intimately, "So you guy all know each other from (blank)? Wow, you totally give off that vibe...."
The main thing is that you were not controlling the social interaction. Had you been able to lead the 5 set and then immediately lead the 5 set into you isolating your target, you would have been fine.

So for you, you need more stories to thread and that's about it.
All the other stuff comes with time.
In order to build that social calibration you're doing the right thing!
You're going out and staying in set fro as long as you can.
Remember, we talked about forcing comfort.
Do that!
Lead them into that. Make it so they can't have a conversation with you for long without, getting personal and deep.
The other thing is although I bring up staying in attraction too long, it is not that big a deal. As long as you get into comfort that's fine. Once you get better at it you'll see how easily you can go through attraction.

Hope that helps


Monday, September 17, 2007

My Story

This is a post I put up after becoming an instructor with TMM.
I put it under endorsed products and they moved it to the discussion area of the forum.

I think it is important that not only do people out there see my success in pick up, but also the road I took.

The thing is I can understand the growing pains, just as much as the next guy.

My point in putting this out there was to show that anybody can do this.
I still believe that and until someone proves me different, keep em coming.
I have had a huge variety of students and they are all kick ass now!

Let me know if you can relate.
I love all your feedback



My Story- how I came to TMM Scottsdale BC 2006

So you might think it odd an instructor endorsing his own company, but I have gotten a lot of emails regarding how worth it is to take a TMM Boot Camp.

Right now I am in a really comfortable place and it is easy to talk about this stuff, but my story in learning the PUA skills was not some easy road.

I was 28 worked as a photographer, toured around the country for 3 years in the underground punk scene, and also had worked in the movie industry on and off throughout all that time.
I had a really cool background, but I was afraid to talk to women.
I would get girlfriends, but I would never get the girls I wanted, that I was attracted to. I got the girls, basically, that got me.

At the time, I had been working as a photographer trying to make ends meet. But really I brought the money in waiting tables.
When I heard about TMM the Boot Camps were $1700.
I was buying stupid product after stupid product. Here's the thing...
The products all worked, all the info was great. But at the time I doubted it, I didn't believe that if I just went out and changed the way I stood girls would act different with me. I tried it, but doubted. I tried it but held back. I tried it, and I didn't go full fledged.
So finally I saved some money up.
Unfortunately the pirce had gone up to $2150 by then.
Fuck man!
So I paid the $950 deposit for a BC in Scottsdale, AZ.
I had friends there that I knew from music, and I knew it was an easy town to freeload off of.
There's a community center there that you can shower at, there's a few bar owners there that I knew I could crash with. And just 90 miles east there is Tuscon which I have even more hook ups at.

I two days before the BC I had enough money to pay the remaining TMM balance of $1100.
I drove from Dallas to Phoenix and found the hotel we were having the seminar at.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I didn't have enough money for a room.
For the whole trip I had about $150 spending money.

By all mean I wouldn't recommend this for anyone.

I went to the first day of Seminar and took notes like crazy. I sat in the front. I was a bit of a smart ass, but Sinn changed that really quick.
It was Sinn, Tenmagnet, and Captain Jack...little did I know I did a BC with some of the best PUAs in the world.

So the first day's seminar was over.
The other students all had hotel rooms or lived in the area.
They all wanted to go eat, and I knew I couldn't afford the places they were going out to.
So I parted ways and went to my old friend's bar to get something to eat.
I could always get free food there.
He was a good friend.
When I got to the bar, I saw his manager there.
I was super happy to see him, but he did not look happy at all.
He told me that, the owner had just passed away.
This was sad news.
We went to eat. I was pretty broke, 3 days on $150 is not a lot.
After that, we parted ways and I went to the skate park to use their community showers.
I got my change of clothes and went to a Barnes and Noble and got ready to go out to practice my newly learned skills.

It was 9:45pm and we all met in front of a club.
The other students told me about how they had all met before and ate at some restaurant. They had practiced techniques and so on.
The cover to the club was $25...FUCK!
So now I was down to $125, just to walk into a place.

I was not drinking, in all honesty I couldn't afford it.
I got a juice and walked around.
Not all the students had arrived and the club was empty.
So I thought I would open up a set.
A two set, guy and girl.
I opened with tattoos.
They opened right up. They were on their first date.
Man I think I stayed on the opener for like 5 mins.
It was retarded.
But it did work.

It just went nowhere.

So then people started to how up.
The instructors said go open, and I did.
I opened like a motherfucker. But I would hit a dead point.
The set would all listen to me.
I would establish touching with all of them, I would transition, but what next...
I asked Sinn, 'what do I do here?'
He said, 'Lock in'
'How do i do that'
he twirled me.
I still had no idea.

I kept opening, getting in then hitting a wall.

I think that night I opened over 20 sets. I got a make out and two numbers.
I always got in the set but didn't lock in or isolate as much as I could.
I really didn't know how.

We left the club at 2am. Sinn went through a brief debriefing and we were gone.

I went to my car to try and get a hold of one of my friends.
No answer.
So I drove down I 10 and shacked up at a rest stop.
That is one good thing about AZ, is that is has plenty of rest areas. They are usually clean. But in the years I have spent on the road I have only had 3 bad rest stop experiences. 2 were in AZ.

I woke up at 8 am, to the sun beating down on me.
My truck was like an oven.
I went back to the bookstore and cleaned up and sat down and read.

I was tied and went over my notes form the day before.
But I was exhausted.

I had quite a few hours to kill.

I went back to the seminar and it was an even more enlightening day.
We learned how to lock in, to isolate, to move around our targets. And about 5 hours of more solid information.
Another student gave us all note pads to write on.
I still have it.

So we went out for night 2.
I showed up early. I felt I was on fire from the night before, so I wanted to open right off the bat.

And that I did...
but I was so nervous.
Two sets asked me if I was on blow. Two different sets!
I figure there's a problem with that.

So the wind was taken out of my sails.

But it was still early and the field part of BC had only begun.
I said I was early remember.

But still I was slow. I was not as on fire as the night before.
Captain Jack told me sometimes you have off nights.

Pretty much i just saw Captain Jack stand around,
I got into a set with a pushy Korean girl. She was touching me.
Then I saw her disappear with Captain Jack.

As you may know Captain Jack has been one of the most influential PUAs in my game, and that interaction pretty much sums him up.

He stands around and within 30mins he's leaving with a girl.

Another student was in set with two Latinas and i went to go wing with him.
The set was really open.
They wanted to dance so I danced with them.
A weak move, but my skills were virginal.

So I stayed in, and the other student ended up leaving because he didn't know what to do.
I didn't either, but the goal for the night and beyond was to stay in set as long as you could.
I just kept talking and tried telling stories of my life.
But luckily Tenmagnet came by and asked me where the target was.
I pointed to the one I like more and that's where the game started.

He moved them around with me, and coached me as we worked the set.
Fairly quickly he was making out with his girl.
I was not sure if I could with mine, but we both had that feeling of...'ahh, our friends are making out, should we?'

But I was too scared. Man if only i knew then what I knew now.
We ended up venue changing them and I finally kissed her.

We set up a day 2 and at about 4 am we called it a night.

Still ashamed of my not having a room, I went to my car, parked at the hotel and drove to the rest stop 24 miles down the road.
At 4 am nobody picks up the phone.

I slept in my car again knowing the sun was going to blast into my window in just a few hours.

This time, covered in sweat I made it to 9am.
I drove to the skate park, took a shower, went to another bookstore and cleaned up even more.

I tired napping in a park, but I couldn't sleep.
I had to wait it out for the Sun seminar.

I was a fucking Zombie, but I was there at 2, to start.
Again, another day of massive amounts of knowledge in 5 hours.
My wrist was actually soar from writing for 3 days.

Tenmagnet I was hoping to head back home and get some sleep on the road, but Tenmagnet had set up a Day 2 with the girls from the night before.
And there was no way I would not pass up another night out with the instructors.

So another night of no sleep.

To make a long story short Tenmagnet and I ended up pulling the girls and getting LMR.
I eventually laid them both a few months down the road.

I drove back home running on empty.
1000 miles in 15 hours straight.
I stayed an extra day and had to miss work on Tues because i was not back in time.

But here's the thing.
So many people say they can't afford a BC.
I couldn't afford it.
I showered at a public facility and slept in my fucking car.
It could have been a huge waste of money for me. I spent my last dollar to learn this stuff, and as I was driving home I realized it was the best thing I had ever spent money on.

It was the most worth it thing I had bought in years, if not my life.

So brothers out there, I am here to tell you, you can do it.
It is worth it, and it changed my life.

It is my goal to give anybody who is WILLING all the tools they need.

Despite where I am now, I have walked different roads, and I never forget where I came from.

If you're willing to make the sacrifices to become a master PUA don't be afraid to ask for help.
But if not, no big deal... life has so much to offer, but believe me I have lived a pretty full life, and I love my life as it is now!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


So as you may know I get a lot of emails.
I try and answer them all to the best of my ability, and sometimes I get carried away.
One thing I started to notice it that some of the same type of questions keep popping up.
Also I figure my answers (at times) end up being very thorough.
So I figure once a week I will post a few.

I figure that will help people more than rather write about myself, which of course I will still do.
Feel free to email me as well
I love to hear where guys are at, and even give me feedback on myself.

So here is the first one...

el topo,
See, I have lost something in the past week. Looking at my technique, I have skipped kino escalation and jumped from light kino, to "big" kino (like hugs and head locks), to trying to kiss the girl. I skip a lot of the in between and comfort/rapport steps. I've also started to feeling like I will never get good and that I am just not good looking enough to "get it". I know this is not true, but my fucked up inner child keeps waving it in my face, because that is my major self doubt. Or whatever one calls it. I've gotten the head turn three times in the past two weeks when I have been going for the kiss, no make-outs and no F-closes.

Your email did help. I think you have important insights that maybe I didn't recognize. Some of my sexual content is too much too soon and just in your face horndog. I've also stopped moving girls around. I'm good at locking in, tho.

I realize I am the only constant in my game and that my technique is the only thing to blame when an approach doesn't work.

Yo (student X)

The thing is man, you have experience with women. For guys who have had their fair share, it kind of slows them down at first.
Then it will make you really good. But it is that growing pain that gives you that low blow at first.

But the thing is, just keep at it.
Without actually seeing you in action, I can't see what's going on.
So keep doing it, and keep trying to see where the set went wrong.
Your comfort transitions don't seem to be hooking from what I read.
If you try to kiss a girl and she turns, recover... Happened to me Sat night.
All I said was,
'Hey, I am sorry I just got caught up in everything. But let's just talk, I didn't mean to put you on the spot.'
I immediately transitioned with what felt natural... 'Jezz, now I am all embarrassed (uncomfortable laugh) but you've felt that too, right... You know when you're just talking to someone and you get that feeling that you just want to... kiss them. God, I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable really, let's just relax and keep talking.'

It worked, made her relax and actually framed it a litte. Later, abot 10 mins later, I made out with her.

Either way, you have got to keep trying and be smart about it.
Don't fuck around in attraction too long. It is unnecessary. It might be fun, but it won't grow your game. And don't wait around for comfort, MAKE it happen. I used to wait around, and kind of guess when it might be time to move her or isolate her, or just start going in that comfort state. And then I realized I could force it onto women, you can do it by pacing her, by changing your tonality, and body language and facial expression.
I can move to comfort in set in like 20 sec to 5 mins. Sometimes it would hook and other times it wouldn't. But if I don't get into comfort within 5 mins then fuck it. I move on.
Unless she is really really hot, but 1) I can usually get it and 2)no girl is really that hot...

Hope that helps,


I have way more of these,
give me your feedback if this sort of thing helps.


Saturday, September 15, 2007


For the past week or so I have been deluged with teaching.
I in all honest love it.
It has been one of the best weeks.
I spent a lot of time with friends and women, hehehehe.

In any case, it has been great!
There are so many things I am planning to post. But one of the things was my emails back to students FAQs.
I figure something like that would be super useful to the community.

Also Sexual Chocolate gave me some insights on business and different styles of teaching.
Anybody who works with me knows that I customize people's game to fit them, rather than try and fit a stack of routines to a stranger.
SC added to it.
That is a post in itself.

And then there is Shaft (aka Double D). Man if we got Shaft, CJ and me all in a room together for a week, we could come up with some amazing stuff.
Shaft and I are already on it.

That is a post in itself.
But actually you'll hear more.
For the next month of so Shaft and I will be doing some research on utilizing new tactics.

It is a funny thing...
when I teach I tell my students that if I told you all the knowledge in my head at this moment that would be fine, because within a month I would have new material and theory.

That's how it has been.
It has been a great ride.

Another thing is my text game.
he last 4 lays I have gotten are not SNLs, but they are lays from meeting the girls for probably about 30mins max, number closing them and texting back and forth.
A few weeks later we set up a date. There is probably about a 10-20 min phone conversation where I convey i am a normal comfortable guy that likes a little drama (push pull).

Then we meet, and I have attraction and comfort run in sync. Mix in some sexual framing, escalate and close them.

The last two girls I debriefed said I got them attracted with the text messages, not at the initial meeting. I beg to differ. I think they were attracted, but the texting was such a different and out of the norm interaction that it built a framed and isolatory way of communication.
All the girls also said I could have put the moves on them quicker.
This is odd to me. I thought my calibration was good. Especially my sexual calibration.
But apparently not. They all said that they didn't think I liked them, and i should have kissed them earlier.
My Lays are all within 4 hours of the day 2.

I guess I need to watch more California Pimp.
It may be because of hanging with CJ and Sinn. The pulls and closes in SNLs move more strategic for that type of game, and my calibration might be off for my new text game.

Oh well go figure.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Upper Levels...

What a fucking pretentious title...
In any case this is mainly a post to get back in touch here.
been over a week.

I am back in California teaching at a BC with Savoy, Dahunter, and Braddock.
Great time and all those guys are awesome going out with.

The students are really great, good group.

Right now I am analyzing California Pimp with Sexual Chocolate...

wish you all were here