Friday, September 28, 2007

How I WASTE time...

So today I made it to
Southern California and was fortunate enough to make it into one of my friend’s massage parlors.

No not the ones where you get naked and the refugee asks you over and over again if you’re a cop, while trying to (literally and figuratively) milk you for that glorious tip.
It was actually a legitimate business, where you paid money and go a massage for an hour.
No “finishing off” as so well put in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

But for an hour I got to thinking, while a beaten down women vigorously rubbed my body.

I really enjoy the topics of Sociology and Psychology, which is actually how I got into this whole seduction community.

In fact I obsess about such things.

A few weeks ago I posted something that had to do with how we evolved socially and so our hardwiring or our switches have massive social triggers.

Why anybody would read it, I don't know. I don't want to reread it.
That's why I am writing this...

But I think it had something to do with this-
Man is a fairly weak living being. Our bodies are less efficient than other mammals, our babies need about 2 to 3 years of nurturing, we are slower than most mammals, and less powerful, and we take a long time to sexually mature.

In any case if you want to look at efficient life forms, look at Bacteria or Amebas.
If you want to talk about evolution and efficiency look at Sharks, they do take a long time to mature, but they have are super efficient predators and have six senses.

So Man has some advantages but a lot of disadvantages-
One- We have retracting thumbs and can throw.
Two- We have imaginations that seem to be very elaborate.
Three- We have massive social needs.

Now many animals travel in Packs, Schools, Herds… whatever you want to call them.
This is a huge advantage; it allows our weaknesses to be compensated for.
As a group we could allow those weaknesses to be hidden from our predators and the forces of nature.

All animals that have these qualities have consistencies in what they do. They have social hierarchies that exist from the wolf pack in Alaska to the Wolf Pack in eastern Canada. Their ‘customs’ are generally the same.

Same with Chimps and Baboons and all those Great Apes, and even us Humans.
But Like Chimps and Baboon we have large divides of varying cultures within our species.

One of the problems with humans is that we don’t consider ourselves as simple biological beings. We think of ourselves as something outside of that. We ingratiate our culture, customs, and individuality alone.

Now those things are all important and I am not saying that those things have no effect on humans or human interaction.
But a problem in how we live is that we don’t look at those things like Culture and Individualism in terms of our evolutionary paths and boundaries.
We have major consistencies within our cultures and individuality.
We like all things here are simple biological beings, that without socialization we fall apart.
And we fall apart in all of the ways our brains are mapped out to be.
That mean physically and emotionally.

So take this in terms of Pick up…
(and I figure if you got through all that you must be thinking why I went through all that crap to explain this)

All humans are desperate to be social and procreate. Our brains may have cultural boundaries to these things, but they are desperate for them too.

We evolved in small groups of people that were more Dependant on our instincts and small social circles than large cultural boundaries. Cultural boundaries became more defined with population growth.
In fact humanity is so predictable that population density and what happens within a culture can be mapped out extremely accurately.
Culture itself is a result of a certain level of population density.

Plus we were always in a tribal system until agriculture occurred only 10,000 years ago.
Our Brain’s evolutionary progress stopped about 100,000 years ago, and we stopped being apes 3 million years ago. So our brains evolved in an ever changing small group of people we were dependent upon.
So that is a long time without masses of people and cultural boundaries affecting the structure of our brain.

Therefore those cultural structures we all depend on are so easily over powered by attraction switches. In fact we place cultural structure so importantly because of our evolutionary needs to adapt to then safety nest of other people around us. But it can be bypassed very easily.

Everything in a man’s body (after puberty) wants to spread his seed, and everything in a woman’s body (after puberty) wants to make a baby. And it takes sex to do that!
It is necessary for the mental and physical well being of all to be social and spread the seed.

But now we have a big society, we have tons of people, we have complex social and cultural structures. But work within those frames utilizing our biological needs you have got an advantage.

You see human have to be social, and human beings will be social over rational any day. It is our benefit and it is our weakness.
It is in our benefit to have an open door in our psychology to change. But in a large population where consistency is so enforced, our brains are more than willing to be socially manipulated.
Now I don’t believe in running game to maliciously manipulate anyone. But I don believe in game to empower one’s self to the degree that all can see it.

But the human mind is extremely pliable. It had to be in order to be able to adapt socially.

Let’s look at histories of humanity.
When society got big enough to employ a government in order to hold itself together it had to have that government lead them.
When in society has government been beneficial to the survival of its individuals?
When a government exists it exists because there are too many people to be accounted for as individuals and they have to be seen as a whole, a group.
A government is the group of people as a whole, it cares not of the individuals that make it up, but about itself staying in tact as a whole.
Now our brains weren’t made to exist this way. But our brains do respond well to being lead. The alpha, the theory of the Bicameral Mind.
We have always been lead, and there has always been a need for a leader.
So government leads, and it has led all sorts of people to do stuff which might seem absurd. Especially when we are not a part of that group’s culture. But all those people who listened to Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot were all humans very much like us. I hate to say it but biologically and psychologically they weren’t too different. Even the leaders themselves weren’t too different. All those people were going with the flow. Some may not have believed in it, but it is more important to go with the group than to break from it.

So people can be influenced in huge absurdities, and tragedies.
In fact our minds are made to be influenced. Our minds, for survival, have made to be influenced and led.
But, we no longer have such threats, of our social anchors being up lifted. We have society constantly bombarding us.
We have constant interaction from billboards and limitless forms of media.
Our minds are capable of dealing with these stimulations, but were not made to process these stimulations.

Our conscious mind was only made to handle a few things at a time.
I believe the idea is 7, give or take a few.

We can only handle a social situation with a few people. That is why a 5 set (or more, when approached with new obstacle (PUA) will divide. You might even be able to argue that it would have to, in order to allow a social change.
But larger groups like 10 people need to be won over in completely different ways.
They need to be seen and made a whole. Rather a smaller group, can be seen as individuals.
So we are conditioned by society, but in a terribly overwhelming way. Again when population densities reach a certain height massive disorder comes. People’s happiness levels dip to new lows.
There are many solutions we try and come up with for this; religion, politics, drugs, material possessions, and the list goes on.
But we natural look for a social change to do so. But they are distortion.
Going to the club, bar, meet and greets, you name it are all just reactions for the lack of purpose in people’s lives. People in larger populations have way more access to different ways of life, but less of a sense of identity and self than people who come from smaller populations.
However, once a smaller population is integrated into a large one, there is the colonization mentality that sets in. But we’ll save that for later.

Now I am not trying to diminish our way of life, but it is not natural for our brains and it is not how they evolved.

Look at how we solve traffic, which we all love.
We sit in it everyday. Some of you may be luck and not have to deal with it. But how we solve it is by making larger roads (which in the process creates more traffic). We figure out other ways of mass transport. We create nicer cars, that have AC, TVs, Phones that you can take in your car, but traffic still sucks.
What did people do 20 or 30 years ago when traffic sucked then, and they couldn’t talk on the phone, or watch TV or connect to the internet?
They maybe listened to the radio. But some cars didn’t have AC.
With all the advancements we have come up with, we haven’t solved any problem. Our ways of dealing with it, have only created a bigger one.
No body has changed the culture directly. Now you can change from culture to culture (may be very difficult), but for the most part the idea of changing the culture so we don’t have to drive everywhere and have a different idea for making money than driving to a place of work in order to sustain life will only go so far. People won’t do it. Embrace their culture, as inefficient as it is to their death.

So how does this works for someone trying to influence people, well it works quite well.

First off, everyone is longing for real human interaction. Look at religion or self help or even this community.

If I could be fulfilled sexually form internet porn I wouldn’t go out. It gets better and better but it is still no sex. And I want real sex! The kind that makes babies.

But what humans can respond to most effectively are social situations within small groups. That is how they are influenced the easiest and that’s how we evolved.
And people are open to change. Now look these strings we are pulling on are not communicated logically. So we can’t communicate logically. We need to communicate subconsciously. But know; people need human interaction, people need social change, and people can only socialize as an individual in small groups.

Formulate to someone, and convince them to, live your way of life and they will die for it. Create their identity and they will follow you.
Our minds are meant to be led, but society over loads them, opening the door for a hand to go in and turn them.

All this while, getting a massage,
But really this is how game should be played. Get your theory down and establish applications based off of that. All one needs is a belief, faith and actions empowered by that belief to get huge results.

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