Sunday, September 16, 2007


So as you may know I get a lot of emails.
I try and answer them all to the best of my ability, and sometimes I get carried away.
One thing I started to notice it that some of the same type of questions keep popping up.
Also I figure my answers (at times) end up being very thorough.
So I figure once a week I will post a few.

I figure that will help people more than rather write about myself, which of course I will still do.
Feel free to email me as well
I love to hear where guys are at, and even give me feedback on myself.

So here is the first one...

el topo,
See, I have lost something in the past week. Looking at my technique, I have skipped kino escalation and jumped from light kino, to "big" kino (like hugs and head locks), to trying to kiss the girl. I skip a lot of the in between and comfort/rapport steps. I've also started to feeling like I will never get good and that I am just not good looking enough to "get it". I know this is not true, but my fucked up inner child keeps waving it in my face, because that is my major self doubt. Or whatever one calls it. I've gotten the head turn three times in the past two weeks when I have been going for the kiss, no make-outs and no F-closes.

Your email did help. I think you have important insights that maybe I didn't recognize. Some of my sexual content is too much too soon and just in your face horndog. I've also stopped moving girls around. I'm good at locking in, tho.

I realize I am the only constant in my game and that my technique is the only thing to blame when an approach doesn't work.

Yo (student X)

The thing is man, you have experience with women. For guys who have had their fair share, it kind of slows them down at first.
Then it will make you really good. But it is that growing pain that gives you that low blow at first.

But the thing is, just keep at it.
Without actually seeing you in action, I can't see what's going on.
So keep doing it, and keep trying to see where the set went wrong.
Your comfort transitions don't seem to be hooking from what I read.
If you try to kiss a girl and she turns, recover... Happened to me Sat night.
All I said was,
'Hey, I am sorry I just got caught up in everything. But let's just talk, I didn't mean to put you on the spot.'
I immediately transitioned with what felt natural... 'Jezz, now I am all embarrassed (uncomfortable laugh) but you've felt that too, right... You know when you're just talking to someone and you get that feeling that you just want to... kiss them. God, I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable really, let's just relax and keep talking.'

It worked, made her relax and actually framed it a litte. Later, abot 10 mins later, I made out with her.

Either way, you have got to keep trying and be smart about it.
Don't fuck around in attraction too long. It is unnecessary. It might be fun, but it won't grow your game. And don't wait around for comfort, MAKE it happen. I used to wait around, and kind of guess when it might be time to move her or isolate her, or just start going in that comfort state. And then I realized I could force it onto women, you can do it by pacing her, by changing your tonality, and body language and facial expression.
I can move to comfort in set in like 20 sec to 5 mins. Sometimes it would hook and other times it wouldn't. But if I don't get into comfort within 5 mins then fuck it. I move on.
Unless she is really really hot, but 1) I can usually get it and 2)no girl is really that hot...

Hope that helps,


I have way more of these,
give me your feedback if this sort of thing helps.


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CJ said...

Dude I've got to admit, that of all the pua blogs I've read so far CJ's is the best, but the more I read your's I think you're going to give him a run for his money. Especially your story about your first BC. And this post was great too...I'll finish reading your past posts and likely hit you up with a few questions. Use you as a resource, so to speak.

Rock on...