Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New stuff and FAQs

So tonight I am beginning my new venture out with
Funny enough he is actually sick, so he may not come out but we are trying some new stuff.

Shaft is a really interesting guy. He's got the brains of a super human and every time I seem to meet up with him, we end up talking all night about new strategies of game.
We are really looking back into what people did in the past, and mix it with what is happening now.

Our main goal right now is to not go and open open open, or do anything in particular.
We are mainly trying to figure out more of the psychology of Pick Up.
We are going to try and screen specifically for certain triggers with women, and focus on disarming them.
This is a key factor in CJ and Sinn's SNL game.
They start right off the bat working the frames in and logistics.
It is a beautiful system.
Shaft and I are trying to do something similar out there, but more tailored to a wider range of women.

Tonight is the beginning and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post on it more.

Stay tuned!





Hey El Topo,

We started out in Santa Monica. PUA1 opened a two-set of women. Eventually, I came in to wing him because he was locked in and had been in-set for a while. He introduced me around, and we exchanged names. Apparently, the girls were accusing him of using lines from The Pick-up Artist show, even though the line he used never appeared on the show. He was talking with the blonde, so I took the opportunity to bust on the brunette about having nothing better to watch now that Sex and the City is over.
I kept two themes alive to string together our 20 minute conversation: 1) The Pick-up Artist, and 2) her Virginia background. Basically, I stayed in Attraction and played off of those themes to tease or neg her. For example, I’d accuse her of being from West Virginia and playing it off because she was ashamed of living in a house with a tractor, clothes line, and tire iron out front. I played the Five Questions/Five Lies game, but she wouldn’t play for a drink. So I set the stakes as a salsa spin. The game worked perfectly, as always, and I caught her twice. Two salsa spins. I even asked her how she and her friend go to the bar. They drove together, which is proof enough why opening mixed sets is best and why knowing logistics is important for same-night lays. Beyond that, I didn’t feel like kinoing her too much. I occasionally touched her should or hand, but that was it. I wasn’t attracted. Interestingly enough, despite all my efforts to keep her away from her friend so that PUA1 could do his thing and at least get a number, PUA1 wasn’t interested in his target and didn’t number-close. His girl left, so I took the opportunity to leave mine.

A little later, I tried to open a solo blonde who was pretty cute. She’d turned to go to the side and sit on a stool with her phone, but I opened her anyway. She had that fucking phone as a wedge to use against anyone she wasn’t interested in--all she had to do was play with it. Needless to say, she used it while I tried to use material. I started with the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine, and she just wasn’t having it. A smile, but then she was focusing on her phone. Annoying. So I played it off like I wasn’t from around the area and wanted to know a cool bar to go to. She wouldn’t jump through the hoop and gave a noncommittal answer. I pressed harder and shoved her through that fucking hoop so that she had to give up a name. Couldn’t understand the name of the bar she recommended, so I threw PUA2 at her to further cover my tracks and get the name of the bar. How far will I go to save face?

We bounced to another bar because Bar Z was far too packed in which to move around. I regretted going to the new place because we had to pay a $10 cover when we’d gotten into Bar Z for free. At least I found free parking. But that $10 was unnecessary and a total waste. It still irks me that I spent it when I know my budget is very tight this month. Anyway, I opened a two-set of girls. (Damn, I need to get back to the mixed sets.) One was blonde and cute, the other was Asian and cute. The Good Cop/Bad Cop opener worked better on the blonde. I stumbled through a transition that seemed to lose them, as they scrunched up their faces. I don’t remember what I said, but I saved myself and was actually talking to the blonde in isolation. The Asian girl left us alone. I decided for some reason to tell my DHV story about Highland Park. Near the end of the story, a friend from the group was looking like she wanted to say something to interrupt us, so I called her on it. Interestingly, the blonde came to my aid and told her group that I was a teacher and that I was telling one of my stories. She basically became my accomplice and helped give me cover so that it didn’t seem like I was hitting on her to her friends. That has to be some sort of IOI, right? So I began retelling my story, and I noticed the two-set had grown to a five-set of girls, and I was holding court, although I was not exactly locked in (we were standing in the middle of the room). But then there was an external interrupt by a mixed-set, and the girls lost focus on me and pretty much rolled around to the other two, which effectively left me in the dust. The rest of the time, I kept on helping other guys by pushing them into sets or encouraging them.


el topo's response-

Sounds good man. That is the kind of game you need to be doing.
You may not be feeling it, but it is.
First off your opener is only to open the group. Good Cop is kind of hard, but if you can make it work then make it work.
But even if they are not interested plow through. Your state switches will get you it.
Like if they are having none of it right from the start, be pushy, but in a smooth way.
"hey now, there's no need for that. So what's the deal, I just saw you guys having a good time and wanted to catch your vibe."
Any bullshit really so that they can catch your calm state.

As for PUA1 , 1) if anybody ever calls you out then let it go right by you. Who cares, 'I mean come on , really you actually think I am a pick up artist, you're giving me too much credit.' Then switch threads immediately.
2) you shouldn't be getting that. There is some nervousness that is being put off or some incongruence of some sort that is off. I never get that, I actually used to all the time in comfort.
The girls would say after about an hour or two of interaction if I did this all the time, picked up girls in bars.
I would just keep going
Then Captain Jack told me I need to show more weakness, more vulnerability. Now I never get it.
People just think they are meeting me for the first time, and having this amazing experience.

So here's you deal with the second set you told me about.
It seemed like the opened did its job. Like all openers you need to jump threads right away. But with yours you need to do it even quicker.
But it still worked. Remember it is only there to open the set. You need more customized openers if you want it to transition you into set better. But this will do.
So your story worked, but you need to be able to jump stories.
You need a stack of them that are deep, playful, and DHV you.
They can be different in how they move, but you need more.
As soon as the set merges like that you need to know the social dynamic of a 5 set or even a 4 set will divide. It will not be able to sustain. So at that point you will need to isolate your target.
Isolate her within the group.
When the blonde introduced you, you should have gone to her and negged her to her friends "is she always like this" then qualified her, "ok so you need to hear it twice, jezz, you drive a hard bargain. but come on it is your turn." Back to the group, "so how do you guys all know each other." Back to the blond while they answer, and ask her more intimately, "So you guy all know each other from (blank)? Wow, you totally give off that vibe...."
The main thing is that you were not controlling the social interaction. Had you been able to lead the 5 set and then immediately lead the 5 set into you isolating your target, you would have been fine.

So for you, you need more stories to thread and that's about it.
All the other stuff comes with time.
In order to build that social calibration you're doing the right thing!
You're going out and staying in set fro as long as you can.
Remember, we talked about forcing comfort.
Do that!
Lead them into that. Make it so they can't have a conversation with you for long without, getting personal and deep.
The other thing is although I bring up staying in attraction too long, it is not that big a deal. As long as you get into comfort that's fine. Once you get better at it you'll see how easily you can go through attraction.

Hope that helps


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