Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Q and A


Let me know if this Q and A stuff helps, also ask me questions about anything


This here is a really simple question I got from someone who
read my Blog.
This is the sort of question I had asked myself time and time again.
So I, myself, can relate with it.

It really is more than frustrating when you re trying your best to get good at this thing, I mean giving it your all, and nothing comes of it. You buy product after product and you got everything in your head, but still you're at home and alone.

I know it would be great if it all could be free, and you know what Myself, Sinn, Future and Captain Jack have a lot of info in our blogs. All for FREE!
But in all honesty it is had to learn from a Blog.

I believe it can be done, but there is a reason why we get paid as Instructors...
We're really good at it!
And it's worth every penny.

A TMM Boot Camp or One on One is the way to go, but I understand it is a lot of money.
In this email I am giving an outline that will help Student X out, get result, and be on a budget so that over time, he can get this thing down.

No matter how much training, a BC is always good.
When I sit in on one it is always super informative and I have sat through about 10 of them.

But this is a great Plan of Action in the meantime!



I've read The Game, The Mystery Method, and Magic Bullets. Why am I not internalizing this information? Maybe I'm asking for game on a silver platter but I thought maybe I should ask one of the best teacher of the mystery method.

What would you suggest I go for in terms of information? What did you read first? I guess I just don't "get it" I want to have a boot camp but I'm not 21. Do you do one on ones for 18 year olds?


Student X


Hey man, great question!

And thanks for the props.

Check it out man, there are courses for people 18 and up in
Canada. I would really recommend it.
Also an instructor and I (Braddock) are working on a College Campus
That might be something you're interested too.

Here is my story man,
I bought the Venusian Arts Handbook I bought some David D stuff and I
really read and listened to it like crazy. I Bought Magic Bullets,
and the list can go on.
I had spent about $1k on this stuff and had nothing happen. It all
made sense, I tried it a bit, but couldn't make it work.

It was so frustrating because the thing with it all is, that you think
to yourself...
'Man all these other guys seem to be making this work and I can't get
it! There must be something wrong with me!'

As much as it may feel that way I can assure you it is not you.
I have made people from all walks of life good at this.

The key for me was to get personal instruction.
I took a BC, I am actually about to post about my experience there on my blog.
It was like it all finally made sense. I just had to be forced into
set, I had to get criticism on my body language, I had to get it on
how I spoke. I had to get into that mentality of not being afraid of
women, that I had Sinn, Tenmagnet and Captain Jack to feed off of.
My BC was over $2k, really hard for me to swing. But I made it
happen. And looking back on it, I would have paid $5k for it.
That's how worth it, it was.

After that I practiced like crazy!
I went out minimum 4 nights a week, for 3 months.
I started to get pretty good.
It was at that time CJ took me under his wing and he turned the screw
a little bit more.
And then another revelation happened in game.
Now I am teaching non-stop.
And I am learning so much from just that.
That's why I love your question. You are asking the same thing I
asked about a year and a half ago.

I don't know anybody who has gone without personal instruction, that
was able to get this stuff quickly.
In fact something that might help me is, what's you're feedback on a
program that might help you. Like the College Campus program.
Also let me know where you live.

So knowing what I know now and what other things instructors have to offer, here is a bit more affordable plan!

Get some routine stack consultation online.
We all do it, and it really helps. You can get something that is tailored to fit you.
The best thing you can do is go out and do something consistently. Then you can build your calibration.

Also we can take a look at your style and identity through your fashion choices.
This is very simple, just send in some photos and we can give you a few pointers as to what direction to go in clothes-wise.

Also what I would recommend is getting some phone consultations in there.
Actually talking to an instructor over the phone can help tremendously!
There may be places where you're tripping it up verbally and be completely unaware.
Plus it is a good opportunity to pick our brains.

With the combination of those things you can spend a fairly small amount of money and do it over a period of time.

It is a great way to get your feet wet!



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