Saturday, September 15, 2007


For the past week or so I have been deluged with teaching.
I in all honest love it.
It has been one of the best weeks.
I spent a lot of time with friends and women, hehehehe.

In any case, it has been great!
There are so many things I am planning to post. But one of the things was my emails back to students FAQs.
I figure something like that would be super useful to the community.

Also Sexual Chocolate gave me some insights on business and different styles of teaching.
Anybody who works with me knows that I customize people's game to fit them, rather than try and fit a stack of routines to a stranger.
SC added to it.
That is a post in itself.

And then there is Shaft (aka Double D). Man if we got Shaft, CJ and me all in a room together for a week, we could come up with some amazing stuff.
Shaft and I are already on it.

That is a post in itself.
But actually you'll hear more.
For the next month of so Shaft and I will be doing some research on utilizing new tactics.

It is a funny thing...
when I teach I tell my students that if I told you all the knowledge in my head at this moment that would be fine, because within a month I would have new material and theory.

That's how it has been.
It has been a great ride.

Another thing is my text game.
he last 4 lays I have gotten are not SNLs, but they are lays from meeting the girls for probably about 30mins max, number closing them and texting back and forth.
A few weeks later we set up a date. There is probably about a 10-20 min phone conversation where I convey i am a normal comfortable guy that likes a little drama (push pull).

Then we meet, and I have attraction and comfort run in sync. Mix in some sexual framing, escalate and close them.

The last two girls I debriefed said I got them attracted with the text messages, not at the initial meeting. I beg to differ. I think they were attracted, but the texting was such a different and out of the norm interaction that it built a framed and isolatory way of communication.
All the girls also said I could have put the moves on them quicker.
This is odd to me. I thought my calibration was good. Especially my sexual calibration.
But apparently not. They all said that they didn't think I liked them, and i should have kissed them earlier.
My Lays are all within 4 hours of the day 2.

I guess I need to watch more California Pimp.
It may be because of hanging with CJ and Sinn. The pulls and closes in SNLs move more strategic for that type of game, and my calibration might be off for my new text game.

Oh well go figure.


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