Monday, September 17, 2007

My Story

This is a post I put up after becoming an instructor with TMM.
I put it under endorsed products and they moved it to the discussion area of the forum.

I think it is important that not only do people out there see my success in pick up, but also the road I took.

The thing is I can understand the growing pains, just as much as the next guy.

My point in putting this out there was to show that anybody can do this.
I still believe that and until someone proves me different, keep em coming.
I have had a huge variety of students and they are all kick ass now!

Let me know if you can relate.
I love all your feedback



My Story- how I came to TMM Scottsdale BC 2006

So you might think it odd an instructor endorsing his own company, but I have gotten a lot of emails regarding how worth it is to take a TMM Boot Camp.

Right now I am in a really comfortable place and it is easy to talk about this stuff, but my story in learning the PUA skills was not some easy road.

I was 28 worked as a photographer, toured around the country for 3 years in the underground punk scene, and also had worked in the movie industry on and off throughout all that time.
I had a really cool background, but I was afraid to talk to women.
I would get girlfriends, but I would never get the girls I wanted, that I was attracted to. I got the girls, basically, that got me.

At the time, I had been working as a photographer trying to make ends meet. But really I brought the money in waiting tables.
When I heard about TMM the Boot Camps were $1700.
I was buying stupid product after stupid product. Here's the thing...
The products all worked, all the info was great. But at the time I doubted it, I didn't believe that if I just went out and changed the way I stood girls would act different with me. I tried it, but doubted. I tried it but held back. I tried it, and I didn't go full fledged.
So finally I saved some money up.
Unfortunately the pirce had gone up to $2150 by then.
Fuck man!
So I paid the $950 deposit for a BC in Scottsdale, AZ.
I had friends there that I knew from music, and I knew it was an easy town to freeload off of.
There's a community center there that you can shower at, there's a few bar owners there that I knew I could crash with. And just 90 miles east there is Tuscon which I have even more hook ups at.

I two days before the BC I had enough money to pay the remaining TMM balance of $1100.
I drove from Dallas to Phoenix and found the hotel we were having the seminar at.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I didn't have enough money for a room.
For the whole trip I had about $150 spending money.

By all mean I wouldn't recommend this for anyone.

I went to the first day of Seminar and took notes like crazy. I sat in the front. I was a bit of a smart ass, but Sinn changed that really quick.
It was Sinn, Tenmagnet, and Captain Jack...little did I know I did a BC with some of the best PUAs in the world.

So the first day's seminar was over.
The other students all had hotel rooms or lived in the area.
They all wanted to go eat, and I knew I couldn't afford the places they were going out to.
So I parted ways and went to my old friend's bar to get something to eat.
I could always get free food there.
He was a good friend.
When I got to the bar, I saw his manager there.
I was super happy to see him, but he did not look happy at all.
He told me that, the owner had just passed away.
This was sad news.
We went to eat. I was pretty broke, 3 days on $150 is not a lot.
After that, we parted ways and I went to the skate park to use their community showers.
I got my change of clothes and went to a Barnes and Noble and got ready to go out to practice my newly learned skills.

It was 9:45pm and we all met in front of a club.
The other students told me about how they had all met before and ate at some restaurant. They had practiced techniques and so on.
The cover to the club was $25...FUCK!
So now I was down to $125, just to walk into a place.

I was not drinking, in all honesty I couldn't afford it.
I got a juice and walked around.
Not all the students had arrived and the club was empty.
So I thought I would open up a set.
A two set, guy and girl.
I opened with tattoos.
They opened right up. They were on their first date.
Man I think I stayed on the opener for like 5 mins.
It was retarded.
But it did work.

It just went nowhere.

So then people started to how up.
The instructors said go open, and I did.
I opened like a motherfucker. But I would hit a dead point.
The set would all listen to me.
I would establish touching with all of them, I would transition, but what next...
I asked Sinn, 'what do I do here?'
He said, 'Lock in'
'How do i do that'
he twirled me.
I still had no idea.

I kept opening, getting in then hitting a wall.

I think that night I opened over 20 sets. I got a make out and two numbers.
I always got in the set but didn't lock in or isolate as much as I could.
I really didn't know how.

We left the club at 2am. Sinn went through a brief debriefing and we were gone.

I went to my car to try and get a hold of one of my friends.
No answer.
So I drove down I 10 and shacked up at a rest stop.
That is one good thing about AZ, is that is has plenty of rest areas. They are usually clean. But in the years I have spent on the road I have only had 3 bad rest stop experiences. 2 were in AZ.

I woke up at 8 am, to the sun beating down on me.
My truck was like an oven.
I went back to the bookstore and cleaned up and sat down and read.

I was tied and went over my notes form the day before.
But I was exhausted.

I had quite a few hours to kill.

I went back to the seminar and it was an even more enlightening day.
We learned how to lock in, to isolate, to move around our targets. And about 5 hours of more solid information.
Another student gave us all note pads to write on.
I still have it.

So we went out for night 2.
I showed up early. I felt I was on fire from the night before, so I wanted to open right off the bat.

And that I did...
but I was so nervous.
Two sets asked me if I was on blow. Two different sets!
I figure there's a problem with that.

So the wind was taken out of my sails.

But it was still early and the field part of BC had only begun.
I said I was early remember.

But still I was slow. I was not as on fire as the night before.
Captain Jack told me sometimes you have off nights.

Pretty much i just saw Captain Jack stand around,
I got into a set with a pushy Korean girl. She was touching me.
Then I saw her disappear with Captain Jack.

As you may know Captain Jack has been one of the most influential PUAs in my game, and that interaction pretty much sums him up.

He stands around and within 30mins he's leaving with a girl.

Another student was in set with two Latinas and i went to go wing with him.
The set was really open.
They wanted to dance so I danced with them.
A weak move, but my skills were virginal.

So I stayed in, and the other student ended up leaving because he didn't know what to do.
I didn't either, but the goal for the night and beyond was to stay in set as long as you could.
I just kept talking and tried telling stories of my life.
But luckily Tenmagnet came by and asked me where the target was.
I pointed to the one I like more and that's where the game started.

He moved them around with me, and coached me as we worked the set.
Fairly quickly he was making out with his girl.
I was not sure if I could with mine, but we both had that feeling of...'ahh, our friends are making out, should we?'

But I was too scared. Man if only i knew then what I knew now.
We ended up venue changing them and I finally kissed her.

We set up a day 2 and at about 4 am we called it a night.

Still ashamed of my not having a room, I went to my car, parked at the hotel and drove to the rest stop 24 miles down the road.
At 4 am nobody picks up the phone.

I slept in my car again knowing the sun was going to blast into my window in just a few hours.

This time, covered in sweat I made it to 9am.
I drove to the skate park, took a shower, went to another bookstore and cleaned up even more.

I tired napping in a park, but I couldn't sleep.
I had to wait it out for the Sun seminar.

I was a fucking Zombie, but I was there at 2, to start.
Again, another day of massive amounts of knowledge in 5 hours.
My wrist was actually soar from writing for 3 days.

Tenmagnet I was hoping to head back home and get some sleep on the road, but Tenmagnet had set up a Day 2 with the girls from the night before.
And there was no way I would not pass up another night out with the instructors.

So another night of no sleep.

To make a long story short Tenmagnet and I ended up pulling the girls and getting LMR.
I eventually laid them both a few months down the road.

I drove back home running on empty.
1000 miles in 15 hours straight.
I stayed an extra day and had to miss work on Tues because i was not back in time.

But here's the thing.
So many people say they can't afford a BC.
I couldn't afford it.
I showered at a public facility and slept in my fucking car.
It could have been a huge waste of money for me. I spent my last dollar to learn this stuff, and as I was driving home I realized it was the best thing I had ever spent money on.

It was the most worth it thing I had bought in years, if not my life.

So brothers out there, I am here to tell you, you can do it.
It is worth it, and it changed my life.

It is my goal to give anybody who is WILLING all the tools they need.

Despite where I am now, I have walked different roads, and I never forget where I came from.

If you're willing to make the sacrifices to become a master PUA don't be afraid to ask for help.
But if not, no big deal... life has so much to offer, but believe me I have lived a pretty full life, and I love my life as it is now!


Twitchy said...

Great story! Just goes to show what a little dedication and perseverance can do for you.

El Topo has winged with me before and helped me with a couple of sets. He is the real deal!

Shenanigan said...

Dude, I give you HUGE props for all that, you had to go thru a lot of shit and I respect you for that. I'm in a position now where I don't have much money but soon enough I will make it to a BC. Read some of your FRs, good stuff man! Thanks for the inspiration!

Iceman said...

That is what it is all about, i am on my way up, and staying under the radar, all my skils right now are from experience alone, but have started some theory from books. Look out for me guys, good job on the hard work, nothing can replace that. Be cool