Monday, September 24, 2007

The Sexualized Text

There are a few warnings and descriptions I am going to have to go through before I post some of this stuff.

Number one
- posting this stuff in public is kind of a risk, but the truth is that I have gotten a lot of requests for it and I feel there is something that can be learned of it.
Number two- one of the reasons why this is so important is because the model of it is more complex than just vulgar or lewd. It is communicating on multiple levels with a woman.
Number three- This form of communication pushes it. You can always push your way in verbally, to instigate physically. But mainly one you have got someone to fit in the role ou want them in, it is fairly easy to get them back there.

Despite how over the top all this is the psychology involved in it should not be over looked.

Also the main thing I am working on now is taking my body language to a new level. I am working on reading (calibrating) my own sub communication receptors as well as communicating more with what I am putting off.
Using the right balance of normal social interaction as well as passive social interactions, like giving off body language that might imply sexuality is hugely effective.
Now this doesn’t mean you walk around grabbing yourself, it really is subtler than that. It takes practice. I need a lot more practice at it, but within the PUA community I am quite good at it. I will list some resources with this a little bit later when I have it down comfortably.

So in all of this I am going to post about a text message exchange that I had with a girl I have since closed.
I am very comfortable when I number close a girl that I will close her. I will try and go for the lay that night, but if it doesn’t happen that’s fine.
There may be logistical problems, outside obstacles, or she may not be ready. Either way if I get some rapport and a number I am fine.
Even an email address, I can pull it off.

So far I have closed 8 girls in the past 3 months with only texting or emailing them. I only talked to them on the phone right before we actually met again.
This example in particular is great because the whole text exchange happened in one day.

Here is how and why it works.
This to me is the most important thing.
The reason why this is effective, is because you are creating different roles for a person to communicate through. Here there is a huge fantasy area. But in any social interaction there are multiple things being communicated even when the intent is to only communicate one thing. So in a normal interaction between a PUA and a Target there is your basic Attraction stuff everyone knows about. Attraction is vitally important, but people obsess about it.
It is a part of the puzzle, but not the only part. Attraction can be very passive.
Now in that interaction you can be communicating with what you are saying and obviously doing, but there is much more going on with that.
The difference we see in boot camps where a student gets blown out and no more than 10 seconds later and instructor goes in and can open the set and hold it using the exact same opener, has to do with all that other stuff they are not so obviously doing.
The key is, that everybody has thoughts of sex, hate, love, pain, there is not too much diversity to the range of human emotions.
In fact I think it is something like; happy, mad, sad, hurt, afraid, ashamed... I may be missing one.
So there is always something like that to relate with.
But someone who is good at influencing people can work multiple things at once.
That is how this text works.
It breaks social etiquette, but that is because there is more leeway in the written form. Especially a written form that is so superficial as texting.
But let's say the PUA is there with his Target.
You have got to maintain that social identity of the target, by maintaining etiquette, but also pulling out those other identities on the target. Ones that might be more comfort bound, and others that might be more sexually bound.

This is really hard stuff to explain in just a blog.
But as I have said before
email me...

We offer very affordable routine stack consultations, even customized routine stacks, and probably the most common thing is a phone consultation.

Either way there is more to this text thing than just being a pervert, although that helps. And there is more than your routines than making them present a false self to a girl.
What myself Captain Jack, Sinn and Future teach is how to game. And how to game like us.
And we teach you to do it in a way that highlights you!

Text Dialog
from a few months ago...

So I am sitting in my Hotel room on Boot Camp and I am bored.
Sinn has always asked me about my odd phone/text methods and I have never recorded what actually took place. I would explain it, but could never really break it down well.
So here I am in Chicago, and a girl who I know from photography texts me. I don’t know her well. Haven’t had anything sexual with her ever. She’s a model and I know her through friends who I have shot.
Last week I closed a girl in Scottsdale with this same type of thing. She flew out from CA to ‘visit her friend’. But the whole time she spent time with me in my hotel room (sorry Captain Jack).
Basically here’s the deal, you are friends with a girl and you play a flirty sexual game with them.
Note how this dialog starts, just friendly. Then I add in a little sex, and she takes it and runs with it.
Once she opens the door I walk in big time.
The whole time I am framing her to be ‘my naughty girl’. No big deal, but I am push it.
The thing with pushing a bit too far, is because if you have rapport, if you have humanized yourself with someone, you can almost always recover.
And then I drop the major sex description.
Then I put her in a role.
Then I make her WORK for that role to add investment to the identity.
And always maintain the frame of her having to play MY game!

The funny thing is that this happened while sitting in my Hotel room, then getting ready to do the field part of the BC, and then during the intense sex part while in the cab with Future and Sinn on the way to the venue.
And then I ended it while at the bar in set.

Kinda funny, but here’s the entire unedited dialog. Just know you can push it!
But be careful, I am very good at this. And this is an extreme example of what I do. So take it easy with your texts, don't push it too hard, just a little at a time.

HB Model- Hey, when are you coming here
El Topo- Sorry I am laid up in a hospital bed
HB Model- What?!
El Topo- I have mercury poisoning and am stuck in a bed in AZ.
HBM- PERFECT that’s just how I like my men
ET- Don’t tease me I am totally sexually deprived, fuck you.
HBM- I too am Sex deprived. Too bad We’re not closer.
ET- You had to keep going…now I am going to have to think of you as I touch my cock.
HBM- WOW! How’s that for being honest!
ET- Fuck you
HBM- You’d like that. I am sure.
ET- Listen here HOOKER! Shot the fuck up, I am trying to get off!
HBM- Fuck you HOOKER TEXT Back!
ET- I will pound your ass woman! Shut the fuck UP!
HBM- Not into the whole ‘ass’ thing. But don’t make promises you can’t keep.
ET – You god damn HOOKER, don’t make challenges you can’t keep BIATCH
HBM- Don’t use the lord’s name in vain.
ET – Fuck you, I am a demon sex motherfucker, I will send your pussy to HELL
HBM- I am already in HELL. LOL
ET- Hell is nothing in comparison as to what I am going to do to you HOOKER!
HBM- WOW! What are you gonna do?
ET- Shut the fuck UP! You god damn HOOKER. Know your place!
HBM- I’m about to take a shower. So gimme some visuals.
ET- I am going to put you on all fours bitch and take you from behind. As I am shoving my fat cock into your tight pussy I am going to spit on your asshole, and prepare it for my cock. But before that I am going to grab the back of your hair and force my cock into your mouth and make you suck yourself off of me.
ET- Then after I am done with your mouth, I am going to throw you on your back and get on top of you. I will throw your legs back and go deep. I am not going to fuck you like those other guys. I am going to drive my cock all the way in till it tears past your cervix into your womb. The ridge of my raging cock will scrape against the wrinkles in your cunt. I will drive my dick around all of it. I will hit all your spots as my cock tastes every bit of your thick juices.
HBM- HOLY SHIT! No One could duet accuse you of being Shy! Christ. You just made me Blush. That never happens. ☺
HBM- Are you coming yet?


ET- You never get fucked that way dirty girl, do you.
HBM-You have NO Idea.
ET- I am not done yet, fuck you! It is now your turn to send me visual. You fucking HOOKER.
HBM- Anyways. Lets See If we bring some relief to my little sexually deprived sex demon.
ET- That’s not good enough BITCH, make my dick as wet as your pussy HOOKER!
HBM- Your hand still works right? Your hand can still get hard right?
ET- I have a hard cock and a hand but, that’s not what I told you to do. I want your fucking pussy to make me HARD!
HBM- So you can come! Let’s do it.
ET- Get to work HOOKER. You need to learn to talk dirty, or I’m not going to allow you to finish me off. You wanna make my cock come. You wanna make this cock yours…
HBM- Maybe ☺
ET- Fuck off…you’re awesome babe, but if you’re not gonna play I got to go.
HBM- Well… We’d have to definitely start out with you in my mouth. Slowly. I’d work my Tongue Around your head. Move Slowly towards the shaft. Until your entire Cock is in my mouth.
ET- and…
HBM- I’d repeat. Several times. But you can’t come like that. Not in my mouth. So just before you are about to come I’d remove my panties.
ET- Keep gong bitch, I have to shower soon.
HBM- Get off in the shower? I am getting off right her in my bed with you. Do you want Me to Stop?
ET- keep going, you owe me more…tell me about your little pussy
HBM- It feels so FUCKING GOOD. I’d ride You so hard. Pushing you farther inside me.
My pussy continuing to get wetter and wetter. Making it easier for you to slide in and out of me.
ET- Come on dirty girl, I know you can be naughty with me.
HBM- I’d Tie Your wrists to the bed post. Then I’d tie your ankles to the bed. Then I’d slide my soft Wet pussy Across your lips while reaching back to slowly stroke your cock. And tickle your balls.
Then I’d slowly turn around and gently guide your Cock Into Me From behind. Your chest against my back.
You lips close to my Ear so I can hear what you have to say to Me.
ET- You know I would put you in your place and make you do all sorts of bad girl things. I like to talk dirty, and I like you to be dirty to me.
HBM- How do I feel?
ET- When did you start thinking about me like this. How long have you been imagining my cock.
HBM- Send me a pic of what you’re doing right now.
ET- I can feel your sweat on your thighs as my shaft slides in and you of you. Your wet pussy is dripping down my balls to your asshole, you’re dripping more and more.
My cock is raging, you can feel my purple onion ready to burst inside your pussy. My head is getting fatter and fatter. What are you gonna do to make your cock cum baby?
HBM- I won’t let you come till I’m ready.
ET- Tell me love, tell me how you’re going to do it.


HBM- I want to feel your Tongue Inside Me. That’s my favorite.
ET- You want me to suck you, I don’t think you’ve sucked me enough yet. First I would have to lick up all of your juices so I can actually feel your lips. Your pussy is so wet and ripe.
HBM- Keep going.


ET- I am done, I want to cum HOOKER! You want my cock to CUM?
HBM- too much work, Typical. Whatever
ET- Shut the fuck up little girl, you don’t tell me what to do if I want you on your back that’s what you do. If I want you on all fours that’s what you do. I fuck you how I want to fuck you. And you don’t et fucked any better than me whore! Who makes your pussy this wet? Who’s cock can hold out this long with how tight you’re getting?
HBM- Are you gonna come for me?
ET- You have to earn my cum you fucking dirty girl. I dominate your CUNT, I need you to be really dirty for a little while in order to make me cum.
HBM- Fuck ME Easy the HARD!
ET- No you need to be real dirty, baby. You need to clinch up on me. You need to seize on my cock. You need to make my head pulsate bulging bigger and bigger in your pink little hole.
HBM- I’m gonna COME!
ET- I don’t want you to cum yet baby, I want you to come really hard for me , I need to feel your pussy drip all down my balls.
HBM- I will be good I promise, I am gonna come, what are you gonna do to me.
ET- Fuck you take your fucking hands off your pussy.
HBM- I came, I came so hard for you.
ET- What did I say! I am done. I will finish myself off elsewhere. Bye
HBM- No I don’t want to leave you High and Dry!
ET- Then you know what you have to do. You have to do what I say, you’re gonna have to be naughty for me. Real naughty.
HBM- Even better, how do I be your naughty girl?
ET- I just pounded your ass, now you have to pound mine you DIRTY CUNT WHORE! Now you dominate me, you fucking DIRTY BITCH!
HBM- You want me that way… I’d tie your wrists to the bed post. Then I’d tie your ankle to the bed, then I’d slide my soft wet pussy across your lips.
ET- Fuck you whore I already heard that one.


HBM- How do I be dirty for you, babe?
ET- You’ve got to rack my shit like a nasty fucking WHORE! I want you to get dirty like a nasty nasty girl.
HBM- That’s how you want me?
ET- Can you be that way, or do I need to text someone else.
HBM- I can be, I can be dirty for you.
ET- You need to do things for me I like, you need to do things you don’t normally do for other guys.
HBM- You wanna fuck my ass?
ET- Now you’re getting somewhere, I need you to violate me, and I need to violate you.
HBM- My pussy is still wet do you want me to get my ass wet with my pussy?
ET- Keep talking you’re making my cock rage!
HBM- Yeah is fucking my tight ass making you come! You like me from behind, fucking my ass?
ET- You fucking bitch, fuck my cock with your ass. You’re gonna make me CUM!
HBM- Come for me baby.
ET- Suck your ass off my cock!
HBM- Wat?
ET –You heard me! Suck your ass off my cock you dirty girl!
HBM- Stick it in my mouth, stick it my mouth.
ET- Say it whore, say it. Tell me you want to suck yourself off me! SAY IT, Make me CUM!


HBM- I want it I want your COME. Take it out of my ass and give me your come.
ET- I just shot my load so hard, baby. I just came so hard.
HBM- Did you come for me?
ET- I need to go babe, I am falling asleep. You wore my ass out.
HBM- But I want you here next to me.
ET- I can’t do that baby, I am tired and need to get some rest.
HBM- But I want to hold you next to me while I fall asleep.
ET- I am sorry babe, that’s not what I am here for.
HBM- Good night , call you tomorrow K ☺

Give this to your psychologist and let me know what they think...


Solace said...


Wow, just wow.

And I thought my sex talk was dirty, you just redefined my standards.

Post of the century for sure!

Cheers, Solace

Xtreeme said...

And I am known for having GREAT sms game...

Can you post what "level" of sex talk you had established with this girl prior to the sms's? I believe that may be really, really important

el topo said...

I had no sex talk with this girl before this text exchange. This is pretty common for me too.

Xtreeme said...

el topo sa...
I had no sex talk with this girl before this text exchange. This is pretty common for me too.

Cool. Then it means I will try this out asap.

Great stuff man.

El Topo Rojo said...

Be careful with it. As I said, I am used to maintaining this sort of personality. So i can pull it off, even though this girl hadn't had too many interactions with me before.
This is also an extreme example.
But good luck with it.