Thursday, September 20, 2007

The RED Stack


One of the most effective things I teach all my students is how to
Build a Routine Stack. Not one that is from canned material, but one that is customized.
Canned material works, and it should be used, but at first people put it together all fragmented and inefficiently.
However, what if you got your start with a routine stack that had all the frames in there and transitioned within itself.

You could flow right from attraction, to comfort. All those frames would be in place for the type of game you would want to run and it would DHV you right from the start.

Also I am gong to start giving tutorials on how to develop routine stacks that are actually personalized and made to highlight your actual self and not some masquerading PUA trying to use peacocking as a form getting laid. Yes, it is a tool, but if your identity doesn't back it, it is not so great.
So I make students' identities shine in an Attractive, Comfortable, and Seductive way.
email me for more information on a custom stack.

So one of the reasons I wanted to do this is to put out there what works and what is efficient.
4 Months ago I had no routine stack. Then I saw Captain Jack and Sinn dominate by utilizing such strategic routine stacks.
But I never used in them, 1) because I can adapt to a lot of situations and 2) I have a lot of interesting stuff to talk about.

Here is the thing though...

That is great for having comfort, but that is also great to becoming someone’s friend.
I still got laid, but I would have to make that jump, you know those ones in between Attraction and Comfort, and Comfort and Seduction. And if I had a good stack that worked you into a set and isolation well I would have gotten laid much more.
Think of that you could have all those frames, built and set, so when you wanted to make your move it opens up for you.
With a proper stack you #1 have a script to rely on and #2 you are using a script that will for the most part write their script back to you.
Social engineering is key here folks.

It is my belief that if people studied
#1 the TMM model and got an instructor to break it down
#2 Studied the California Pimp
#3 Studied Alexyss K Tylor
#4 Kept up on social psychology and all the studies about sub communication
#5 And tested it out in the field consistently (like using a routine stack)

People from whatever background could be bad ass at game.
So with that being said….
Here is my stack, with my notes on it so you can NOT try and copy me, but BUILD your own.

My current routine stack…
(well maybe not now because I am publishing it)
And explanations as to why it works…

(at opener engage in touching, you don’t have to do it continuously, just begin it. For myself I just touch them on the arm and don’t escalate till I bait them into more comfort.

(in using direct, you need to carry it quickly into conversation, these openers won’t get you anywhere if you don’t jump threads right away.)

“Hey, you guys seem nice, are you friendly?”
“So where do all the cool people hang out?”


“Hey guys, I have got to ask you, my friend Michelle and I were here (or some other place, any place public really) he other night and there were these two making out in the middle of the walk way… (light tap on the arm) No seriously listen (I qualify them during the opener to maintain their attention, this is important, because if you can control their state then you can capitalize on that massively)
What I she always like this?
No but really they were like in the middle of the walkway. I like totally don’t get how people think that is like ok.
(Change state to something more intimate)
You know like when I was dating my ex-girlfriend, she is a dancer, we would, like to be together at places, and sometimes but we had a booth or something.
(access if the state change in comfort hooked and jump thread, if not back to attraction state and continue with opener and attraction threads)
Like seriously next time I see that I am going to go up to the guy and girl and give them a condom or something.

After in the group, usually within 30 seconds if I haven’t hooked comfort yet.

So how do you guys all know each other?
That’s cool, cause I am from Hawaii and I am not used to how people socialize here. I mean I have been here for years, but… (this almost always get an opening to comfort)

But if not I continue…

(build another intimate state with a little bit of excitement)
Yeah like you can tell a lot about people n how they carry themselves. Like you know my friend Molly is this just beautiful girl, she is just the perfect mix of everything, but the way she carries herself just exudes this lack of confidence.
(here make your state more quiet, from the heart… as if they can see it in your eyes)
And then you’ll know somebody that is not made up at all, not too much make-up and they’re just themselves, and they radiate.

You can keep going with but you can usually jump from there, but if you do want to continue….

Like I when I walked by you guys, just out of the corner of my eye I caught you guys and I kind of caught that vibe.
You know how you just kind of get that from people?

(here is the key to a transition, they should be done smoothly, you stack should script that, like everything you say should bait them further into your stack. At this point I have a lot of stuff going on. I have I am from Hawaii (get a reaction), I have DHVs of hanging out with my friends who are women. I have an ex that is a dancer. I have intuition about people that notices the ‘true beauty’ of people, and a slight cold read on them. So I can transition and build in any of those ways. So how do I want the night to go… am I looking for and SNL, do I want to go for a Day 2, Do I want a fuck buddy, do I want to try and find a girl that I can just have fun with and keep me company, or maybe I am thinking about settling down and want to find a girl I really like.
This is perhaps the most important part of HOW your game is played right here.
Right here, you should have attraction and slipping into comfort. But one thing Sinn brought to the community is that they all interact with each other. Attraction weaves through Comfort, and it even makes it into Seduction. They are cyclical, they are all prominent enough to be their own thing, but they all work with each other many times all three at once.)

So here is my qualification
(also at this point you should have social isolation within the group, if not it would not be impolite to isolate her)

“Hey you know what, you guys are cool, I can tell form just…
So what do you do when you’re not hanging out at (name venue)?”

Answer doesn’t matter,

“Wow, really. That’s actually really cool, my friend Ishtar does (name their answer) and he is like the most… together person I know. Like I am a Photographer, Like I have a cool job, and I get to travel all over the place, but Ishtar has got something, you know, something that I want. He’s like so grounded with himself.”

Ok, here is the thing; you don’t have to say you’re a photographer.
I have a job and skill that is normally ‘socially’ cooler than most people’s jobs.
The reason why I bring them up in their occupation is because it helps align my comfort. Then they are framed to play to me. Right now very lightly, but later it gets really big. Kind of like, what I do with my life is really beautiful and passionate, I will give you a taste of it, so you can se how beautiful it is. So now you see how important it is for me to do what I do, so you have to help me maintain it. So it will develop a Harem or Servant Comfort. See all that to explain, what a frame does. In fact you could incorporate that all into a cold read too to give them more identity with it.

So let’s say you have a job that is ‘socially’ uncooler than most people’s jobs. You can transition in many ways. But it is not the job that defines the interaction. Your job is not your identity, notice I don’t’ talk about my job I talk about my values. With that in mind here is an example if I were to get somebody who had a ‘socially’ cooler job.
“Wow, really that is amazing, you know when I was a boy I used to dream about that. (or let’s say is a female exclusive job, you should go into a similar story about how when you were young your friend, sister, mom, aunt dreamt of that of was that) Then you need to manufacture a story about it.
Transition into so when you were young did you always know how this was going to be?

For story telling, that is a whole art in itself.
And a massive tool for comfort.

But we will leave it there for now.
A stack that emulates this will easily get you into heavy comfort.
If I can get a girl to go this far into my stack about (10mins-15mins) I can pretty much tell where I am with her. I can tell if she is closable.

So there it is. There is actually more on comfort that I have to say, but there is only so much that I can write for the night.



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