Tuesday, July 17, 2007

theMentor Program

theMentor Program-

This is quite possibly the best thing aside from Live In person Training.
the Mentor Program is a series of 4 Phone sessions that take place over a month.
It is like having me as your Personal Coach meeting with me on the phone weekly and working over email, whenever you need me.

You will work with me consistantly every week via on the phone for about 30-40mins where we come up with your goals in game as well as your plan of action. It really depends where you want to take it, if you want to be the guy that is going for SNLs, or if you just need Relationship Management advice (Believe it or not Relationship based programs are my best seller with theMentor Program). Throughout the week you will email me your progress as far as how you are moving along. I will work with you over email getting you where you need to be with Game.

We literally cover a great amount of ground in just a month's time. Everybody that comes out of it is always revitalized with a new direction and perspective on themselves and their game!

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