Thursday, July 12, 2007

Road Rash, sell out to the lifestyle

So gentlemen, what can I say, truly an adventurous few days.
I have been out with Printer working him on some advanced attraction.
I have 2 LRs to post, and have some awesome shit lined up.

Phoenix/Scottsdale is on the horizon for me, and a few days with Sinn and Captain Jack will do me good.

But here is a brief breakdown of what has happened in the past week.
I have been out 5 nights with Printer. Pretty crazy stuff. Each night is a success with me when you see a student grow. Our first night was a blast, he barreled through his AA and got into set. You could see the blood in his mouth. He was hungry for game.
The second night we took it outside of Dallas, and hooked up with a Brazilian Set that I knew from a month ago. We bounced them around. Dealt with a typical AMOG. Of course prevailed and I eventually got a lay out of it.

Then the third night we got into a club VIP style. Captain Jack and Sinn showed up, but got into set right away. Captain Jack ended up with an LR. Printer called it a night, and I eventually pulled three hired guns to my studio with a chode obstacle and eventually ended up with the disgruntled bartender and closed her. Somewhat of a fools-mate, but I was deep in comfort with one of the other hired guns. We'll call her HBPlayer. She was cautious that night and left early.

But last night Printer and I were out again, in a different city and ran into HBPlayer again.
I had and 1 hour day 2 with HB Body Builder and ran speed comfort on her. HB BodyBuilder is hot. I want her, but then of course I run into HBPlayer at around 11:30, and man she is good.
We played lock in war, and constantly trying to up one another.
She's good a game, and that just makes me want her more.

And I quote from HBPlayer
"I am like an 8 or 9 depending who's looking at me, but you talk to me and my value is a 10, so if you're anything less than an 8 fuck off."
So I back turned her, and told her, "It wasn't yet time to play games but we'll get to that."

The funny thing about all this bullshit is she wants me, it is just she's not as easy to crack.
I fucking want her ass bad though.

And so now it is today, Thurs. I spent the day with my HB Photo. I have been acquainted with her for a while, but today I hooked her, and Sat we have a day 2. I might have to move it to Sun because I may have to teach Sat, but she is super hot. In my book a nine. This is a different HB Photo than Sinn's. This one is super established here in Dallas, we'll see what happens

And really I will get those posts up there.


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