Friday, July 27, 2007

LR the Kung Fu penis strikes again!

I can still smell this pussy on my dick,
It is like sweet war prize.
All crusted up like an old scratch and sniff sticker, but better because it actually contains DNA, and it is on my dick.

It always makes me wonder before I lay a girl, ‘how the hell am I going to lay this chick’.
I doubt myself, but then I start escalating sexually and I realize all women are the same. If you can get them in a sexual state and maintain it, it is easy.

So the month of July has been an eventful one.
It is about 4am here in the DFW and I am finally back on the keyboard posting.

It has been a rough month. I think for the 26 days in it that have passed I have been teaching 22 of them. That along with the general disorders life seems to bring while being a PUA have kept me from anything other than work.

It also has worn me down motivation wise on all things, like posting.
And that sucks, because the best part about getting laid is not only shooting your cum on a chick’s face, but posting about it.

So tonight I am at 7 lays for July.
I will get around to posting them, don’t worry I am not going to allude to them like the someone here on the lounge, I will actually post them in detail (probably too much detail). I will break them all down but give me time.
They are all pretty bad ass and one includes the girl who got me into the game.
The HB Holy Grail! Also getting beaten up by a girl, bricks thrown through my windows, and getting bitches thrown in jail. I live a dramatic life…

But we’ll stat with tonight.
HB TP (tight pussy)

About 3 weeks ago
I was at Bar X with Printer, Captain Jack, Fidelio, and Shaft (aka Dr D). It was a work night for me and game night for everybody else.
The thing with it all is that I have been hanging around CJ too much, his subdued yet unbelievably efficient game inspires me. He basically sits around, opens a set here and there and then around 1:30am he finds his target and is able to pull her, then close her.

Sinn and I estimate that 1 out of 5 girls he approaches he closes. And 4 out of 5 that he closes is an SNL.

Then there is Sinn who is always at work opening, and get’s laid just as much but opens more sets. But Sinn also has the bathroom pull down pretty well, and that he can pull off in about 1 hour of comfort. The three times I have seen it, it was probably less than an hour.

I am lazy and learned from watching CJ so I emulate his method. I just need more time than 30mins to pull a girl. Mine is more like 2-3 hours. It makes me feel good because when I first met CJ his time was 4 hours.

But back to Bar X three weeks ago; Sinn was still obsessed with HB Photo/SCW so he was not to be seen. While I was with Printer this half asian looking chick kept catching my eye.
I kept my PUA aura happening and observed her all night.
I would push Printer into set, but he was getting frustrated. It wasn’t really sticking. His vibe was off, and if your inner game is off it is hard to recover.
He was reluctant with many of the sets so I told him, ‘I am going to go game’.

But still using the CJ method of sitting around as an excuse I just kept observing that girl.
She was my only target but I wanted to work other sets first, just to get over my AA. That’s the trap of teaching, you focus on students and don’t open enough.

Vector shows up with some chump that looks a Detective in a bad Porn.
The Cochise looking chump follows us around like a creep. That’s the shitty thing about Dallas, too many PUA fan boys.

During all this time I am still hunting down the HB TP.
Finally I see her coming. It looks like their group is about to exit.

I position myself in their way and bump my target.
It is about 12am.
She is receptive to the opening, and one of her friends stops with her. Vector occupies the friend.

I move HB TP to a few feet away.
I talk to her about her half asianess and smile.

Note – If you 1) lean back 2) body rock 3) act comfortable 4) smile 5) lock-in 6) position yourself so that the target back-turns the group, You can isolate. Easy as that. Body language can get you through attraction, just as long as you keep talking.

So she was in. So I moved her around that small area as much as possible.

Note- This is also key. Move your target in as many place in the club as possible, and you will gain deeper comfort without doing much other thn that.

Eventually I get her at a table.
Her friend comes and instead of Vector who is actually good, his douche bag porn detective comes in to occupy.

This fucks everything up. My girl likes me. She left her group to hang out with me. One of her friends stayed and this fucking chode lair puke (mind you the lair that wouldn’t let Sinn and I do a lair talk, but their shit ass members including the puke who wouldn’t let us do the talk follow us wherever we go) decides to test his new found skills.

So what happens is I realize I have to blow him out.
I stay in comfort with HB TP. I let the creepy lair guy continue. Me and HB TP make fun of him. This is good because she starts to get concerned for her friend and they girl code each other and go to the bathroom.

I walk with them there, and see CJ standing outside the bathroom. We get opened up by and HB and CJ isolates her right away. From what I saw, he was in good, but that night he ended up pulling and closing the rocker chick.
HB TP and friend come out of the bathroom. I go outside with them. The Chode lair puke follows, even though we back turn him. Vector follows too. I don’t get it. Don’t these people know, that a bunch of fans don’t help in PU, especially when you’re in comfort with a girl.

Anyway, he tries to isolate the friend and she visibly gets creeped out. So I see Fidelio and we talk to him.

Turns out my ride, Printer, and his ride CJ both bailed. Printer because his inner game was fucked, and CJ because he pulled the rocker chick.

So leave it up to Fidelio to keep the ball rolling. He is actually funny and normal, and does not freak anyone out.
So the bar closes and we need a ride.
Normally this is a tactic in set. You say to the girl in isolation,
‘I don’t know where my friends went, I guess they left and thought I know you. Can you give me a ride home.’

But this really was the case.
And the girls agreed.

But first we ate.
And this is where David D has fucked everything up. Too much cocky funny keeps our set stagnant. And that’s what happened. Fidelio is one of the funniest people out there. But in comfort I am trying to get their pussies wet not entertain them (I suppose they’re one in the same, but you know what I mean).

They drive me back to my car, and are actually willing to come inside the house my car is parked at, but Fidelio has to work in a few hours and I am pretty fucking tired too. So we leave it at that.

I text her
I call her

We set up a Day 2.
The Day 2 s are hard when you’re teaching everyday. But I squeeze hers in.
Pick her up, eat, go to my studio to drop something off.
This usually seals the deal, but she is reluctant to everything.
I pull out all the stops.
Heart-melters, DHVs, and touching. But nothing is there. Logically this lay is in place, but I am insecure. She is isolated with me around 1am at my studio with nothing else there. But I can’t pick up on anything, so I try and move in for more touching, but she is not responsive. I end the day 2

So now over a week has passed. She only remains in the text rotation. She is responsive to that, but no phone talking.

Tonight I get in a text war with her, and she says she’s bored. So I say lets hang out.
I figure I could give it another shot.

Again I pick her up and we eat. We go to shop for a TV for my studio, and end up at a lake. Again, scenario is high for sex. But she is iffy about any touching.
What girl goes to a lake with no one there at 12am.

But we are there for an hour and I try and make-out but she keeps stopping it.
I am done with it.
So I drive her back to her car.
It is about 1:30am.

She gets out and I get out with her. I walk her to her car and cave man her.
I start making-out, and as soon as she tries to stop I say,
‘ok forget it” and push her away.
The take aways in escalation are key.

She continues and I push her back into my car.
We keep making out, and move to the back seat.
Cars suck, but all she wants to do is make out.

So more take aways.
They are going nowhere.
I touch my dick and say ‘what are you doing to me’
I say things like, ;what’s wrong baby, you’re not comfortable with me.’
I say ‘come on horny girl, let’s just be fun for a little but, let’s be naughty.’

These things work and are directly from the California Pimp.
I start grinding her, and cavemaning her. I dry hump her and tell her I can feel her pussy through her pants.
I ask her how long its been since she’s been fucked hard.
Basically escalating physically and verbally.
She finally says, ‘let’s stop, but I am debating if you should come over.’


So we bounce to her house. We get to her room. We have our clothes on, but I start grinding her and verbally framing the situation. Her being a naughty dirty girl, and let’s have some fun.

Now mind you this whole time in the car I have been trying to force her into state by putting her hand on my dick. And she would have none of it.
But now in the bedroom, I have her in state. Now I command her to grab my cock.
She does it, and this is better because she willingly did it. I am all for stimulating sate, but the less you do of obvious stimulation, the better. And the more active choice one has the more committed they are to the state.

I pull out my dick.
Again forcing escalation of state. She still has her clothes on, but is really worked up.

I keep at her, and eventually get her pants off, by undoing them while I lick around her belly, going to her ‘specially no no spot’.

Another thing about the whole build up to this, is I am talking. I am saying things like…
‘you want to feel that cock’
‘what are you all wet for’
‘tell me you want my cock’
‘you want to make that cock cum (answer…usually yes) how are you gonna do that?

All this stuff really works well. Again, California Pimp style.

So I put the condom on and I fuck her.
I run Kung Fu Penis on her. She was probably only worthy of the Tai Bo Penis, but whatever.

And finally I make her work for me to cum. This is always fun, because you can pretty much get a girl to do anything, if you have the patience for it.

And there is a reason why she is called HB Tight Pussy, because she was fucking tight, with good control. Also she had a good shape to it too.
Women are more than their holes, but sometimes that’s their most interesting part. But their holes are pretty fun to explore either way.

Plus HB TP was good, She knows the ways.

And on that note I am at 7, hopefully 8 in the next few days.



Piven said...

Great read man. Persistance was key. I think I would have called it a day after the Lake. I guess it's good your me then.


Finesse said...

Im kinda curious who was the detective?

Big Tits Hunter's PUAS said...

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if you like to check it out

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Zachary said...

Ah yes, the creepy porn detective. He wrecked a set of mine before as well. Btw, he thinks he's a great PUA.

I'm at a bar on a couch with this girl, arm around her, and McCreepy walks by and I introduce him as a friend (fuck me, Im stupid)...but he just sits down and awkwardly attempts to either game her or wing me (he's so bad I couldn't tell which). Finally I blow him out. The girl was creeped out by him. Anywho, K-close.