Tuesday, July 10, 2007

theREDstack Total Package

theREDstack Total Package-
A Combination of In Field and Phone Coaching - $2200

This might actually be the BEST deal in town!
You would get 4 x 30min Phone consults and you would also get the 2 days of Infield work all for $2200. That would normally cost somewhere along the lines of $5000, since you’re a part of theREDstack Alumni this completely changes things…

Here are the descriptions of both-

theREDstack Application Program

You will get 2 days of 8 hours in Field with myself and 2 other Students. This means that you will get a ton of Personal Attention and you will get 16 hours of it for $1750! Pretty much everyone that I know that gets amazing results. These are guys that are Attracting the women they want in their lives, being themselves. They don’t’ need to do anything special. They don’t’ need to dress up in crazy clothes or even go to clubs, they can walk around in any situation that they normally do and find, meet and attract who they want.

Here is what you will get in doing one of these weekends.

-For 2 days you will get 5 hours of In Field Work each day. This includes Daytime and Nighttime. It will be a Completely different approach to game. You will learn to make Venues work for you, learn how to game Bartenders, Waitresses, and whatever women you want. Each day you will also get 3 hours of Seminar time where I breakdown what would work best for you, and how to make your Stack work for you.

-You will get a Custom Approach to your Body Language- How you can use the way you stand and how you interact with a group to project sexuality. This may sound a little bit over the top, but literally every student of mine says that the Body Language stuff I show them is the most valuable part of their work with me.

-You will get a Custom In Field plan. If you want to Game in a Bar, Night Club, Street, Mall, or Online, we will map out an In Field plan for you, and we will work on it Live over the 2 days.

In addition to this you will also get theREDstack Booster Program

If you have theREDstack and want that EXTRA Edge with it then this is the easiest way to get yourself started in the Evolutions. theREDstack Booster program is designed so that you to take a weekly step by step approach to Using your Old Stack Material, Integrating the NEW Evolutions and Customizing it all to your life.
Here are some of the Highlights in what you will take from this program-

-Gaining Sexual Attraction- This is using your Openers, Negs/Teases, Qualifiers, Bait and Transitions to gain Sexuality from the beginning of your conversations. And yes it works in the Daytime.

-How to use theREDstack Rhythm- This is something that has always made theREDstack work so well for you guys. It follows a different pattern than anything else. It mixes Sexuality, Attraction, and Emotions all in a completely different and efficient Pattern that is much more efficient than anything else out there.

-Personalizing Delivery- This is quite possibly the most important thing that one can gain from any personal coaching…from me at least. It is not my job to have you Game like ME, it is my job for me to Attract women in the BEST WAY FOR YOU!

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