Monday, July 23, 2007

The Harem Theory

This is interesting…
I wonder.

Dahunter and I just ate massive food, and I am sitting on a chair in his unlit living room, as 8 other dudes sleep soundly on the floor.

What an opportunity!

I am ecstatic.
And of course I check my email, which only still gets it’s daily hate mail from those who find ‘what I do appalling’ (more credence for keeping involvement in ‘the community’ COMPLETELY secret!).

But what does one do??? One waits it all out. If only politicians knew this they’d be fine after pressing the red button by mistake. People get caught up in bullshit and love to live off of it.
As for me, whether I am on the right or wrong path, letting a reactive social movement define me is never a good idea. So I will shut up for a few months and let the gossip fall to my feet and walk over it.
Also being Alpha means I don’t go away. People’s problem with me, is their problem, not mine.

But here are my insights…
Life is beautiful, women are beautiful, everything is beautiful when you want to see it…
Things of beauty are to be seen as things of beauty.

So that is my game.
To me women have always been beautiful. I love having them around.
I love gaming them not to game, but I love gaming them to be around them,
to be around them and their beauty.

Now this again brings us to my ideas of harems and harem maintenance.

Game is something that people do for all sorts of different reasons.
If you want to meet the right girl, then do just that. Don’t worry about being a player, and having a bunch of women on your plate. If you are satisfied with the one you’ve found, then allow yourself to be.

But for me I have always been in a relationship.
From the time I was 19 to 28.
Not just one relationship, but 4 different ones. So if you have any reservations about being with other people, then forget it. It’s a waste of time.

And I have reservations, I want to fuck everyone. I want to get laid like a motherfucker. And since entering the community I have been able to.
But I still feel the need to be balanced out.

See, I love women. I love what they bring into my life. I just don’t love one woman.
And I don’t what a kind of relationships that I used to have.

So when I entered the community I had to be careful not to fall into the same patterns that I once fell into.
If I was going to have women in my life, I needed to have them in my life on my terms.
I needed to be a player in all sense of the word.
I needed to run my own game.
This doesn’t mean I am diminishing any woman here, I am just setting my frame with them ASAP.

And a lot like game this all starts with your initial frame.
By all means, I don’t want this to seem like some misogynistic rant about male empowerment.
It is about personal empowerment.
It is about not taking advantage of, but shaping a world around you that works for everybody in your life. That is what a leader does. And women will be lead if you’re the right leader.

So as soon as I figured that I wanted to be single and still have some consistent women in my life, I had to figure out a frame for them to fit in.

Also keep in mind trying to manage women is a problem, so you’ve also got to make so that they manage themselves to a point.

So when I get into comfort with a girl, I immediately start strong.
I put it out there, that I am a provider, a leader, but not ready to settle down yet.

‘My life is in transition, so it is just hard for me to be in the right place for anything deep right now. But how often do I meet someone like you, ya know…that’s just where I am coming from.’
Then continue on with strong comfort, but keep using take aways.


‘Ok seriously, this is too weird. What did I just tell you, I’m not ready for this.’


‘What are you playing me, I just told you that I can’t do anything deep right now.’

So it is the same thing as putting out hoops, but now you’re doing it in terms of them having a destiny filled comfort game. If you are going for an SNL, from my experience, you escalate here, and run your take aways through that.

For example

‘What are you doing to me, do you always have this affect on guys you pick up in clubs?’

The main thing is that you bait them, and then call them on taking the bait saying they’re putting advances on you, in regards to comfort and physical escalation. Do this all the way up to the lay.

Then continue the relationship like you’re their BF. If your comfort game is good, then this shouldn’t be a problem. But cut off sex. Only have it when they seduce you. And they will if you bait them properly.
It is a balance of maintaining attraction, and comfort, but not letting them continue to comfort.

Then there’s the jealousy thing. So if you have got multiples like me you have to think in terms of how a harem would work, or how a pimp would work.
This is an interesting phenomenon. And this deserves a post all on its own. My good friend Slim taught me this. He’s somewhat of a natural, and at one point pimped out women.

You’ve got to define every girl you’ve got going. They must all serve a role. First, once you sarge them they of course don’t know you have other girls or plan on it, but it is once again once you enter into comfort you define them

For me I will include a DHV story and integrate how I go out of town for work all the time, and it is too bad because I miss my dogs or my garden, or whatever.

Then I start talking about some thread with dogs, organic gardening, or whatever other bullshit. It can be cooking, decorating, some form of entertainments that she might partake in. It really doesn’t matter.
The key in it is to get her on a thread. Then making it happen.
Get them to serve you on it.

Then you build them up this way. You shape their definition. It is like you’re running attraction hoops, but making them work for it a little more.
The key to a pimp though, is that the girl is dependant upon him for their value.

For instance, when I go out of town I have a girl who takes care of my dogs, another who takes care of my plants, another who comes over once a week and helps me clean, and two who tutor me in languages. Also I have some them promote my photographic work through their jobs, by giving them a commission. Now mind you a lot of the time I do these things with them. Think of it like, I am so busy this is how we’re going to spend our time together. It all works as a DHV.

So for these posts about game and relationships, I would really have to say to the PUAs out there, have a relationship you want. Define it. If you’re questioning it, it’s probably not a good idea.
Take game as far as you can run it. Set it up right and you’ll get what you want out of it.

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Dawgy... just talked to our boy SC... said he had a great time with you guys... wish I could have been there.

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