Tuesday, July 10, 2007

theREDstack Booster

theREDstack Booster-Phone Consults-

theREDstack Booster Program- 4 x 30min Phone Consults- $600
If you're interested in the Application Program or the Total Package Program just click on the links.

If you have the REDstack and want that EXTRA Edge with it then this is the easiest way to get yourself started in the Evolutions.
theREDstack Booster program is designed so that you to take a weekly step by step approach to Using your Old Stack Material, Integrating the NEW Evolutions and Customizing it all to your life.
Here are some of the Highlights in what you will take from this program-

-Gaining Sexual Attraction- This is using your Openers, Negs/Teases, Qualifiers, Bait and Transitions to gain Sexuality from the beginning of your conversations. And yes it works in the Daytime.

-How to use theREDstack Rhythm- This is something that has always made theREDstack work so well for you guys. It follows a different pattern than anything else. It mixes Sexuality, Attraction, and Emotions all in a completely different and efficient Pattern that is much more efficient than anything else out there.

-Personalizing Delivery- This is quite possibly the most important thing that one can gain from any personal coaching…from me at least. It is not my job to have you Game like ME, it is my job for me to Attract women in the BEST WAY FOR YOU!

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